Muldrow Fire 1926

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Muldrow Fire 1926 - The worst fire known iii the history of Muldrow...
The worst fire known iii the history of Muldrow occurred last Friday night when the Wondeflaftd theater caught - on fire. Six business houses in the j)rinciple business section of Muldrow were burned to .the jground before the .fire was under control.. inunediately after the fire started local B^en got the town fire carts and. hose into action but the hose had nof been used, in years and ^fis so rptten that they could not stand the •water pressure and a call was sent to \ the Fort Smih ana Sallisaw fire departments departments for aid, Fort Smith fjrd department soon arrived, but all o:^ the city water had been wasted by the rotten hose ancl a call was sent to Fort Siiiith immediately by fire com- niissioner MiUer and a truck with a water pump and 15,000 feet of hose was rushed here. The pump was placed placed at the Paw Paw Gin company's pont and the firemen got into action and soon had the fire under control, Sallisaw fire department arrived with hose which was of no use until the water pump had arrived, however the efifcient work on/ the part of their fire boys was a great factor in getting getting the ffte under control. The loss i^ estimated- at $65,000 TheJUJoreiaficTbuilding with the N. E Painter, store. Spencer Pennington shoe shop and Joe Shermer undertaking undertaking establishment, the Wolf and Mayer buil<^g with the Wonderland theater, the Brown building with the Brown and Sons general merchandise store, the Blackard building with the W. D. Blackafd^and^Son general mer- (ihandise store, PaJ&Brrbmlding-with the John R. Parker general merchandise merchandise store. Masonic touilding the lower floor belonging to C. A. Woods in which Fred Leach had a general m^i-- chandise store and the upper floor was the Masonic hall. • A hay bam belonging to R. C. Hays was burned with a loss of several hundred bales of hay. Ware houges belonging to Ray Brown, W. D. 'Blackard and Sons and John R. Parker jffiere-burned-with-^- loB^s of 'farming impltoents. Hundreds of people came to Muldrow Muldrow during the fire afteralarms had teen sent to Sallisaw, Fort Smith and surrounding communities. S e v eral hundreds of dollars worth of goods were Saved from some of the stores after it was seen that the fire could not be gotten under control. Fred Leach had no insurance on his stock and he saved almost the entire stock, although he suffered a great loss from thieves that night. Mrs. N. E. Painter had no insurance on her stock of goods, and saved only a small part of them. Considerable amount of goods were stolen that night by the worst kind of thieves known in the world, those who plunder stores, homes, etc., during during storms or fires, these kinds of thieves were busy that night here and the city marshal had to put on extra force to keep t^em from carrying awf y all of the stock saved. The Noble Bryan drug store, Wirt Lewis barber shop. Dr. Collins office and the ^Mabray Hardware were all endangered by the fire which would have burned the entire South side of town ha(i it not been brought under control.. ' I JMULDROWHRE STORY AS PICTURES The picture above was taken Saturday Saturday morning after the disastrous fire that occurred itt Muldrow last Fridajfc^ night. The firs' began in the Woixderiajid theater building, vfhich is the .second building on the left of the pictur^. The ffre •ys'as g:otten un- KJer. coiityol at tj}!» two s&ry Masonic • building, which saved the rertiaipder of the block xfnd probably the entire south side of town. ' RltTES SfEWLONG DISTANCE , • PLAN . buildings were destroyed, ' Local residents remained on th^ scene until rain, for which they had been hoping began to fall. They found it a tragedy that, while a heavy cloud j Oklahoma City, Sept. 30.—The new had been seen approaching ever since distance schedule which goes into the beginning of the fire and which | effect October 1, offers several n^w promised salvation, it hung suspended I features which will be of great ad- overhead and flot a drop of rain fell until the fire was under control. Then it came in' a deluge, soaking the salvaged salvaged goods and ruining bedclothinj? and furniture which had been dragged into the streets when residences were threatened. Spectators who had spent vantage to users of long distance service, service, according jo lhe-gfineiaiL .BMHM ^ge* of the Southwestern Bell Telephone company.. "The foremost of these advantages," he stated, "is the extension of the .,, _ V. , , . " 1 'collect call' privilege, or reversal of more than 5 hours watchmg the con-! , , . , , ^ j.- x t. t.- .ji viT r,i. charges, to include station-to-station flagration hurned to shelter. But „ ^ ' L, L, ... n i. calls; Formexly this practice was al- there wan httip Rl<»«>n At ttarxm Oot. J The Wj)nderland theater where the fire originated is Muldrow's only play house. It has a seating capacity of 360 and it is estimated there were approximately approximately 75 persons in the theater to witness a picture when the fire broke out. Suddenly a spurt of flames shot out from ;the operating j^flonpi where Amos Rogers the operator was wdrk- ing. The audience quitjkly moved for. for. ward and were out in safety before , the /fire -had' spread.; ia ' second door from the north,comer of the bu^ness-block* Buildings on the south side caught f|reiahd ^t) the titai ,the maEonirhaU was in flames the north building.'burstiout^into a mass of,fire. Wjben the town pump was broken .and effort to,-iobta^in/vwajfcei; from the well hadfailed.the volunteer there was little sleep. At davm Saturday Saturday they were again on the scene, reinforced by visitors from other towns who came to witness the devastation. devastation. The fire block was roped off from traffic while plans were made for demolishing theinick walls of the two story building left anchored anchored to an insecure foundation, and which without the support of the skeleton of the building became a menace. A crew of workmen from the Southwestern Southwestern Bep'Telephone company was set to work to wreck the hall. Formerly this practice ^ lowed only on person-to-person calls, and anyone wishing to. have the charges for the dall reversed would have to pay the higher person-to-person person-to-person rates. After October 1, advantage may be taken of the lower station-to- station rates. This will mean quite a saving to those who are accustomed to placing collect calls, particularly to the traveling salesman who galls his home office daily, and to the boy or girl away at school. This privilege will be allowed on all calls, whether jplaged djiring the day or during the evening reduced rate periods. Another change mentioned by th» gfnera,l manager is the addition of ME«CHANT TO REBUILD A rebuilding Program will start one and one-Half^'hours to the evening a-rxA v »k «4. 4.1--.' iL i_ _„J J Ji --X- - i . Mary Katherine, the two-year-old infant of Mrs. Homer White, died at the fam^y home Sunday afternoon at 6:00 o'clock from ah attack of typhoid fever. '^'hje child had been ill for a few week^ Tntpr""'T'<^ w°°— mfl-^" i" Ht" Ti 'H'i! cemetery where fimeral services were held. Mary Katherine was survived by her mother,, Mrs. White, her sister Geneva, and brother, Homer, Jr. —0 / > • SURPRISE DINNER soon and most of^ the merchants and reduced rate period for. station-to- business men will rebuild with larger station calls. On October 1, reduced and better buildings than before. Sev-r^te period for sta;tion-tp-station calls eral of the merchants are now back starts at 7:00 p, .m. when t^ere is a in business. W. D. Blackard and Sons ^discount of about 25 per cent-of the have opened up vdth a stock of goods day station-to-statiOii rates. This per- in the A. A. Hicks building across ,iodlast3 -iintil8:30.-At 8:30-p^m. a the street from where their former reducedVrate period begins and con- store was located, Fred Leach has tinuesi until 4:30. a. m. During this purchased the Dr. John Breedlove period there is a discouiit of appro?' building and has his stock of goods imately 5.6 per cent of the day rate, there John R. Parker has rented one While,the old midnight discount per- of the Toler buildings and has opened iod is discontinued, this new schedule, up a stock of goods. ^with its earlier starting houjr and : 0 ~" . ^ longer duration, will b& 3^^^ HUNDREDS VISIT MULDROW TO y ?i4 ^nt to the public and will enable VIEW RUINS the telephone ^ company to give bet,^ bet,^ • '] •. , ter and more rapid, service. • Muldrow was the host to hundreds ; BenigeL s^d ithe-abpye.;;chaftg0s^c6mr and hundreds of visitors Sunday, who hJned'^yW came here from all over the county points, which are ^Igo effective, pc- Snd many distaMf.pJ»tots to view the tober li will .effect a gatidng.of. ap- thi& disastrous fire. This was Proi^ one of the worst fires that ever hap- users of Oklahoma. pened in this county. The cityiofficials ' • :—b^—^ '-—. arid the people of MuldEOWJ^re indeed ^W MARKET OPENS UP grateful to thp Fort'Smitkand'^^^ . , ^ ^ —- lisav^ |ire: departitpientsfor their splen- ~ Morgan Newman has opeped ,iip' a j.rom uiB wen iiBUittiieu.wie voiu «Twer j di^ service and t)J6y saved the south nevS taeat mar%t iji the buUi^n^ facr workers,' then turned thefr efforts to side of tlie tovra iciffiag iSie x^r^ thle ;W<- T« ^^New aetting out merchandise 'in the build-' that liwepl; the main business district joiifectionary. Morgan has an up to tags. / C' . , Ithe town. • A,.J.v:.. ^ AU;i^yareh0iU9e8i!'hay .'barn8 .iwnd:Out _ inriiatnga, located til rear of tt^e'store ' Readrjiur- " ' / A surprise 6 o'clock dinner wa; given at the home of Mrs. Ethel Levy Tuesday for Mrs. D. B.- Ford I» honor of her birthday. A pink anc white color schemie was used on the tables. A big cake with Candler was the centei :Piece or the table Misses Edna Newman, Bonnie .Sher° mr, Kathleen Faulkner, Ethelyne Ford and Ella Hinson assisted wilb the srvhig. The' guests were Mr and'Mrs. Noble Bryan, Mr. and Mrs. Whorton Breedlove, Rev and Mrs. A H Ogle,- Mrs Joe Shermer, lfcs.JRoy Ivey of Mena, Mrs. J. H. Pollock or Westville, Mliss Dana White, Mr and Mrs. D. BL Ford, Mr. Claud Foi-c Mr?. CaUie PiveWllet and Mrs. fitise!; Levy, y; ^ ,; 4- NEW FILLING STATION CM)IN6 R^lph and Bob: Dooley have been busy during the past few days bUild> •ing their new filUhg'Station in the west side of town-on-thfe Albert Pike "highway. The boys have a dand^ location location and (are making a nice little filling station tliere. It is to be known as the p^Groy^; Filling Station. They will b&-open for business within the next few days.. THANK; YOU. BOYS -' - X;.take;thi&''methodv?of .thtfflMng:^ fine, gentlemenly young nien yrbo sfo ',]dhdly-v;^nd'^bravBlyl;; assisted ^'.^m^ fighting-'^f^» and kei &ping, my he™? from, bejijg dest^yed by^*;i1xat swept the' 'tiv ^iness cUsWct o^- ,J<[ul-'; ,drow .last, CTjii?:. idghlC-' • ' -V.' .',7" 'J Mrl-And'rMsV^ iPay vVJ'aieife^ o£-'Ffcii Smith spent Saturday' Jfete^'l^es^ tamJiy.^ ' ' PRIZE WINNEgis ANNOUNCBD FOR R6LAN» FAtR Anounnci^mentwaa'made on Tuea<\ day 'of thI^N:vireek by the officials in charge of the prize J winners who carr 11 ried off honors at the Roland td^aDj*fi ship fair,.held in the High - School building ^t Roland on September ;22. The Pair w^svpronoUnced by visitota. as the mdst subcessful held in the eastern section of the eounty since statehood, and the judges vret^ high in praise of th eexhibits and'the shoWmg made in all lines; J'.v H. DodsOn, superintendent of the. Bol^d schools served as general chairman! • The prize winners announce are as follows: \ F*ulCry White Leghorn Pullets—0. Efurd. first; 0. Efur, -second and O. Efurd third. Barred Barred Rocks—A. Klinginsmith.. first; A. Klinginsmith, second and Chas. McCormick, Jr., third. Buff Orpingtons—Mrs H. A. Mannan, Mannan, firts White Leghorn—.(old) A. Klinginsmith, Klinginsmith, first; Eugene Wood, second. White Leghorn, hen, single exhibit —J. L. Speir first and second. Bfack Minorcas—Mrs. W. Mayfitld first. Bronze Turkeys—S. C. .Chambers first Ordinary turkeys, single .exhibit- Mrs H. A M^nnan, frist and second White Pekin Ducks— J. E. Dillender, Dillender, first, Reid Cropa Whiter Com, IQ earsTrrJ. M . C Wood first; J, E.'VV'oQdy, secondhand C.W.'Prie*. third. " 'Yellow 'Com, 10 ears^. M. 6; Wood, first. Cotton, 10 bolls, Acala --J. E. Can first.,-.., ., Sudan Grass, bundle—Pauline Bridges, first. Milo aize, bundle, Pauline Bridges first. CONTRACTS FOR BOAD B tG WILt BE LBTrllf he' lording s to h:diymatit»i of • themibOTt.;;I%e-^if^^ noit begin on the roiai^u^l all of title to the rigbt-of-w &y^W 'beto *fK' cured. The new toote?|ttl?v Mrow is by Breedlove street w^i^* passes the school -btiilding. •. Contracts Contracts are nownbetag vle^irfisp- the construction of teA milis of road west of Sallisaw towards'Vian. • - • " rO'j' ' . . PftOCLAMATION first. Redtop, bundle—J. E, Carr, Jr. first. Cowpeas, peck—Mrs. D. W. Shamblin, Shamblin, first. Art Work Best work ni Pastel, Lois Dorcas first and second.. Vegetables ,, Best Peck sweet potatoes—Mrs. D W. Shamblin, first. Best dozen Tomatoes—Mrs. J.) K iCarr, first. Best half-dozen -pods Okra—Coral Inez Smithi-first. eBst dozen ears Popcorn—Mrs. D W, Shamblin, first. Best dozen large Peppers—Mr^. Al Hie Price, first. z W. .Shamblin, first. ' Fruit Plate Apples, J..E. Dillender Ist and second; Mrs. J. K. Carr, third. ^ Plate Fears—Jettie Wood, first; Lois Richu^is, scond. Canned Fruit • .B^ax Lot canned fruit— Jewel ;Speir, first; Mrs. D. W. Shamblin, second and Mrs. Belle Climber, third. Fancy Sewing 5-Pieoe Display—JLois . Dorcas, first, Trixie MayfieM, second and Beulah Hardie third. . /plain Sewing / 8-Piece Display—Mrs. D. W'- Shamblin, firtfc , Quilt Ediibit Display Qiiilt,' Mrs.. ^Alice Hardte? first; Baptist ' Ijadies second; and afefl: Lydia Smith, third. . :^!^:;iw;^tv^v.-/;:j:.....u;,:i•:j .,Q :it;^^^• ^:,rA • CARD OP THANKS, We wish to enqtress our heartfelt thanks to our friends and neighbors louring the illness'and death of ou^i i dearly beloved baby.-: ^OV ,81 B 6,.- t ^fUdlfei iiieih for: the beautiful fiocali ;«^er-n |Si0ed'r Mrsi,, Myrtle/"Whljte vanf chiliclren. State of Oklahoma, Executive Department. . . H,;. The annual toll taken by fire In tte destruction of both property and bo- man life, is so stupendous and appad|> ing as to demand the atteniaon f]f every worthy citizen. It seems 'io |ifr difficult to interest the general ;public ;public in the subjfect of fire preventicfft and yet it is to be doubted if, theis' is any other humane -or ^onomk: question question that so direc .eiy affects jQitt-; safety, and prosperity \f ourlcitizenr ship. ship. The needless destruction of property property and life by fire, presWs a probe - ^ llem for deliberation* that may wilt challange the thought of every gctpd i citizen. Satisfied withtthe -prot ^ectianr of insurance, the average citisf ^n^d^ ^ noif stop to consider the^ nuiiab^''of lives that tare st(«»:ificed annnalty^tijl fire, that, Qoujd'have T )een pre^reiiritei nor the enprmous destruction of propi 'jj erty that" Wiist bfe. «a&d^^^^ Fire prevention shouId ^jbS -t?^»i^'^?^^^^^^ period of study in our pubtitf scltooli^ and if we can teach our children the -.^ & lesson of carefulness, we will have contributed more to their future wet- «| fare and happiness than we can Well jomprehend. And slnTiP thi" if? m-^f^^ cational enterprise, it must begli^ in the home, where all education begins; It would be an easy matter fin & father or motrer, in the, daily conversations conversations of the family around the fireside, to refer to and ttwell on the dangers of fire. ; v Our ministers of the Gospel are consecrated consecrated to human welfare and vancementr ancl there Is no place they can touch us more au( than by inculcating in sermon and monstrance, the folly of needless midt; •. •<» 1 . . •. • ........... ..... f.. . sinful waste. .Every.state in the Nation ia confronted confronted with this same problem. Pii^^ waste has now become a menace t« the safety of the Nation. The presiA. ' dent of the United States vnll issue »Y proclamation urging the^people to de^ ^ vote the entire week from jOctober »; ; tp 9 in an organized etffftt to .stem., the tide of destruction. - The'Cover- ^ noVs of all the States will join jn ttae; : great movement.' ' , t. .*i Therefore, I hereby,.'designate'1 week of October 8 ;t0 ;9t^6 ,»8"^t ]?reventaon'Wee£, an^IWreliy <soxa^J!J,, the people of eveiy cbnBn \initrtoti^" /J up this fight to ;'oyeec<!(toe?^im6iflWf to our safety andiprospwiig^. :, ' rActing-Oi ^vemor of 0 R, A. SNEED, Secretary of State.'. Mrs. E. E .v Jtfabnw ,-*r --Trrs • with a birthday iMH ^y. in. BOTO«?"<^^ her little ^on, Jack Patton 's, taaxH birtlid^>@Saturday Se&eslunenti| were served to. the £DUOWUI9, l«ttte| gnestsi JMoy Rebecca Newman, Maty < 01iv^i[4yes, Helen and Rita SOT^I and Jack Paxi»a< I Tuesday aftontoon The occaslor was m honor of W K'a birthday Refreshments were served fo tlie fol lowing little gueat^' Uftttoe NtiU Bdna Lee Poitiu^. '*''^|Iis>":!Beii^ Jane BlroiNn etlii

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