Painter City Corruption 26July1887

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Painter City Corruption  26July1887 - - - Ike the - - of of - is - set is bat or are...
- - Ike the - - of of - is - set is bat or are the is of of redress, of is the one in Or the of a the of of - the - S. a the it because, ot extraordinary will one the will this the derangement and is for So. to "OOKSIIECIAL BTKIET' Gome to the front in Defense of the North End - The jail matter is just unit attracting considerable attention, and it ought to do so, because it Is T matter of both public and private Interest. 1 find tht the people are divided according as they are individually interfiled on this ssib. ject. The question nf consolidation wa the absorbing theme list spring, and we were promised In New Town that if we would vote for it, and work for it, that, not only the jail and court Uvu - e. but that all the public buildings .that were to be established In Springfield in the future, would be centrally located. and that, as one united citv of twenty ; ive thousand people, W WOU'.d rapidlV grow, and soon be the second city in tho state; that we would have no more rivalry between Old and Xew Towv We were told that in consideration of us Toting for eonolid.vion thai Old Town had agreed to this. At fir - 4 we objected to it, and among onr reasons was, that we would lee our posto, but we were toid that there would be ao chanpe in that matter, and perhaps there will not be. Our public speakers oa the North Side Slid publicly, that we had everything to gain and nothing to Jose by cousurtdation: that Oid Town wa "tired of local strife and wanted a rest. We. hesitated iu the matter, for the Hob, J. U, IVung told tts - pub'y and privately, thai it would not do; that it was the worst tf lng that New Town could do. but e did not believe hint. We thought he was a politician and hail some end to subserve, subserve, or that be had some private pique at some one about the square in j Oid Town. Hot we tind now, after it is too late to make amends tost j the colonel was right. He told us be knew those id I 4Sih fellows around the square woukl hacg oa to rvrythir.g they have ia old town, and pobi'.e everything we have over here, il we did bot go slew. And alas! alas! when it was too late to uke the Colonel s advice, we see that it is just exactly as the Cukws'l presiicteJ. Why, sir, about two months ago, after after we had raised aSjut fiftjea thousand thousand dollars as a d&ration to aid ia securing securing an opera hone. to be baih near the epic mills oa Bonaville street, a howl went np from the oid mo backs around - th public square, such as would have disturbed the saioU in pur - ratorv. TVs mi i "W will have an opera house near the square." A tb - scriptioo paper was started at a mass meeting, held ia the Board of Trade building, and it was astonishing how some of the old tigbt - nsted fellows that Colonel Doling bad warned ui about. subscribed. - Mon who cer. ex pa to operas, and who would not go if one was bciit on the next block to them, subscribed from two hundred and fifrv to one thousand ' dollars. The result wa as onr lot was a little too snort tor our ou:.a.r:, ana as it was not pract. vu in nua buildinz, we thought w h ! htt !rt t ap aliitie: so. as we were running the risk of losing all we were puttier in our house, provided those old "tieht - fists" went oa with theirs, to r.ioli.'r thinrs a utue we abandoned: the spice nuiis lot and went down into old town and hnn.'ht a lot. and we are eainv to tmild an opera hoc there, - and don t son forget it." Whatnrrt? Aft - r we wer t to o onaerstooa as sarins " promised and it was peoerallT DBdr - t standard of individual attainments stood that the jail and court boose were j of the court is not hijfh. Their legal to go on Cenu - r street, and that the leaminjr and judicial experiencea are. Uoffc lot on thecorner of Kbbers..n av - I beliere. in most instance, greater to - m and Center street bad hem bomrht d.iT than rer before in the history of for that purpose, another bowl more hideous than the former one has been raised by th old town croakers. IVy offer a lot over there free, and threaten to enjoin the conutT einrt. so I have bees told, and flop or d' lay theni in carryiog out an enterprise that we were led to Ivlierc was fixed and settled in the election of our present county court and sealed by consolidation. And, sir, since the reading of opinion to the county court in that private room, the treasurer's office, writu n by Blackstone junior, wc have been made to stand np and If this is progres I don't want any more of it in mine. I wish I had takes the colonel's advice. What has become of tLe boom that consolidation was to bring? We was told by real estate dealers to vote for consolidation and they could sell our property for us at advanced figures. We were advised to boy property on Boonvilie and Campbell streets and on Kobuerson avenue as near t enter as possible and that if consolidation carried we could sell in ten days and double our money, but oh! where are the buyers? buyers? Where is that car wheel manufacturing manufacturing company that Capt. Davis talked about so glibly, that was going to rent or build two hundred bouses for oerstives to occupy, provided consolidation consolidation carried? Alas! it too, like the other phsntoms has gone pllnimTiDg. In a word where are the good fruits of consolidation that were to accrue to new town by being tied on to that old poky community nround the public square? By tne way, has Horace Lhi - mars returned from tsaratoga and Niagara Niagara Falls? Why, aonie of our old standhys bsve gone back on us. Parties owning large IricU of land northwest of the woolen mills are no longer loyal to ("enter and Boonvilie streets, but want the Jail awsy ovpron Campbe ll or Main streets. And I hear that some members of the countj court are getting a little shaky and arc not like to pan out as far north as was promised. I had no idea that th old niossbacks were as sensitive as they seem to be about that .sacred .sacred old spot "the public square.'' I was astonished at the recital of your correspondent. Old Mossback, in regard to the trials and tribulations through whiclit hey had gone in trying to save old town from drying up after the location location of the depot at new town. Your correspondent seems to cast very serious reflections npon snrne of our citizens for their efforts in securing the depot at its present location. But they were simply looklug out for their own interests. interests. They took time by the forelock, and offered inducements to the railroad company whil you old, poky fellows were asleep. The inducements were accepted, and those, men made fortunes, fortunes, and so did the railroad company, company, and that is wka is th matter with you fellows. Von old chaps don't know the potentiality of what ia called boodle," but yoa will havw it to learn if you aope with our old boy ha - boys. Your correspondent very pathetically refers to those who followed th stars and bars and never got back. I am aorrr for them. too,bahe demonstrates what a "modern schemer" can do when surrounded by a sleepy old set, such a' lived In Springfield at that time. Did Mossback acknowledge on thing that is true, and that is that new town forced them to build the Metropolitan Metropolitan hotel, th opera house, wagon fe Mory. cotton factory and store houses, and that their merchants were forced through fear to build those tine blocks of brick hoasea that he admire so much, and ther is no queatioa but that ,1.. t f ,1. L'nu Artn V L.M i. .T - Biaue lm lowa - " 11 u DUUI WHJ5W ftpieuu.u IK'Ut u HI1H D yoa refer, but we made yoa do it, hs, ha. ha! and yoa ought to thank us for it, and set up, and lot as carry out our corrupt scheme of removing ttaj public public buildings to Center street. We are willm; to b fair with yoa in this mat. ter. Yoa can keep the public - spikra for opca air coBcerta, and Jake Painter's Painter's shop, but we are going to seU the court house and city lot, and with th proceeds build us a respectabl city kail oa th 1'erk.ins lot. We will issue two hundred thousand dollars ia county county bonds and build a court bouse oa Jo troll's lot that will be a credit to SpringaVM eoasolxlased. Th peopl of sew town, and all the country people people are solid with us on this proposition proposition ' - and don't yoa forget is." CoMWEBllal. Sthkct. Cummiin Kust go Back - S V. sar Among the passengers landed'Tr&ni the steamer Aochorl.a recently were Matthew'Cumnungs.hU wife and children, children, from Scotland. Cu turnings was bouad for Flemiagsburr, Ky., where be was to go to work on the farm of W.A. SuJderth, 1 wealthy planter, at oo per month. landing at Castle Gardea he was detained until Collector Magone could decide whether or aot hi oaaa came under tlie Contract Labor law. Th collector decided that he was aot exempt, exempt, and yesterday habeas corpo proceedings proceedings wer begun by the Aachor Line steamer company for Cusamingt' release. He was takea to court and remanded to th car of th custom house oujcers antil the United States court convene oa August 4. Meao - tinx be aad his family must lhr at Castle Castle Garden under stureillaaca of a custom custom ofrioarr Th Eiprstn Court of T - Day, Probably bod cf th jasticea sitting upoa the bench of ta Scpiwma Court to - day will leeve as deep a mark on the institutions of onr country, and they certainly have not so greatly eUstia - guhed taemselve in other Branches ,j tl -;, usxif. ,J th - ir . , . , . ... prvurt" wjri uaia uuui. out i tisuivTa that th be oca baa never keen tuiett bj jurists of sorh rren aquipmeiil as tbow nuw oomprisinjf the Supreme Court fur dvalinf with tb qantiooj they tT to pass upon; or of equal ahilitr to get through soocssftillr with the rreat ot - tmiinea taal yeanr atxia Its T to their docket. And I do Bts , the court, and there certainly has never been a time In the last eenturr when the decisions of the Supreme Court have bees lees frequently questioned taaa I bow. Z. L. While, in the American j Magazine - AS EPTjnDC - A Violent Tana of Cholera Krbos at Belknap. Belknap. Iowa, Prostrate the Viola V . Comsanitj - A Mais Matauat ot tlx The It by Llia( Mnraaat f the Tvwa. Last summer w had an epidemic in tys community ia th form of cholera morbus. Nearly every man. woman and child was prostated by it, and it seemed to be a very violent form. We tried every naedicina ws had or could tind without relief - I then went to Ot - tumwa and Blake. Brace A Co.. wholesale wholesale druggists, advised me to take home Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Diarrhoea Betnedy. I done so and distributed distributed it, and it it gave relief immediately, it worked like magic. I ordered more of the remedy at once, and nid it during during the day at my store, aad at night at my home. I sold as much during the night as I did during the day. The people here can not say enr.ngh ir. praise of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhnra Remedy. J. H. Heli.wio, merchant, Belknap, Iowa. Sold by J. i. Boas, 827, St. Louis street Dr. Wm. J. J'onley who is also a druggist at Elk Point,' Dakota, says: "Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhira Remedy has given the best satisfaction of any medicine in the market." market." Sold by J. F. Boas, 37. St. Louis street. Boarding and Day BohooL The Young Ladies Seminary of Springfield, Ho , will re - open on the first Wednesday in September. The principal will be ia the city after July 1, and will be pleased to enmmnuicate with those wishing to enter their daughters. Address MlSS T. II. UOIXIDAT. Consult your owa interest awl see Cunningham & Son for fencing, crest - ng, etc We all smoke tho Little Hoacker, the boss ten cent cigar of the towo. Look out for Bruiser hs is made of straight goods and smokes freely costs .ri rsnts. Offers able East, all At made trains East; Francisco, with Kansas and direct Jacksonville. Chattanooga, Little upon or to Kansas relative 4. Jss T I M. U. r. Oar sd Wt Steiil r rrr Paid J. p. B. A. tt. S. Jobs Jos. A. M. J. In ON t

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