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gunness reward - - FAT HEADS 0FJAP0RTE Council Will Offer a Big...
- FAT HEADS 0FJAP0RTE Council Will Offer a Big Reward Reward for the Capture of Belle Gunness THE WOMAN IS DEAD 1 So 1hi Coroner and the Doctors Are All Thoroughly Agreed WILL DIG SOME MORE In the Expectation of Finding Other Bodies In the Ruins of the House LArORTE Ind fclay ll - The La Porto city council tonight will offer 8000 reward for the capture of Mrs Belle Gunness or any of her accomplices accomplices This Resolution will be passed In spite ot tho fact that the Gunness farm is outside the limits The council council will also try to bring tho city and county officials together Tho progress progress of the Investigation at present Is being delayed by the political war between Mayor DarroW and Chief Cochrane and States Attorney Smith SEARCH CONTINUES The Gunness Farm Is Still Productive of Interesting Relics LAPORTE Ind May llEvldence that Andrew Hengallne victim ot Mrs Gunness murder passion had a terrible struggle with his slayer before before he died was found today Dr J H W Meyer reported to the coroner coroner that he found In Helgallnes clenched right hand several brown curly hairs The fingers of this hand bad been cut off at the knuckles showing an effort had beed made to take the hairs out before the body was buried Whether these hairs were Mrs Gunness or Ray Lampheres is not known Lampheres balr is curly and dark brown Mrs Gunness Dead The authorities are now generally accepting the theory that Mrs Gunness Gunness la not alive but perished In the fire Sheriff Smutzer has found in the ruins the key to the safe deposit vault which Mrs Gunness rented the day she made her Will and made a deposit of 700 In the bank He thinks this strongly Indicates the it oman Is dead Additional evidence along this line is the discovery of the metal frame of a womans pocketbook containing several gold coins melted and clinging clinging to the frame Thlsinay have been an additional effort on the womans part to throw the authorities off their guard but Smutzer helleves that If she wished to do that Mrs Gunness would have used silver Coins as they would have answered the purposeaa well Today Loul3 Schultz the former Klondike miner employed to wash out the debt Is in the ruins as miners wash out gold continued his work He Is looking1 for additional evidence that Mrs Gunness died In the fire She had several porcelain teeih which would not have been destroyed by the fire x The Loouaclous Grocer J S Mlnnlck grocer declares that Mrs Gunness and Ray Lamphere met in his store on the afternoon before the Gunness house burped Mrs Gunness Gunness bought coal oil and Lamphere tobacco tobacco Mlnnlck declares hat Mrs Gunness eyes weie red as if she had been crying Lamphere did not speak to her and the two left the store going In opposite directions Andersons Yarn CHICAGO May ll - George Anderson Anderson of Tarkio MO one of the few men who In answer to matrimonial ad - - vertlsements went to Mrs Gunness home at Laporte and lived to tell about It arrived In Chicago today on his way to Laporte He believes that a chance awakening In the night saved blm Continued On fas Nine THE BALTIMORE CONFERENCE TODAY THIS WEEK WILL WITNESS some highlV INTERESTING FEATURES BALTIMORE MdMay 11 - Thls week will be one of the most eventful of the present session Of the general conference of the Methodist EdIsCodjI church and today wlll he one of the most important oi iue weeK vnargcs against tour bishops will be heaid and their standing for the next four years will depend upon the outcome of the hearing The most sensational event - will be the consideration of tho charges preferred preferred by Rev George A Cooke ot New York against Bishop David H Moore of Portland Ore BIshon Dan iel A Goodsell of Boston Bishop Wil liam i McDowell oi Chicago and BlBhop J F Berry of Buffalo Cooke charges the bishops with mal - admlnls - tratlon Thev crow out of rulings on FffJjLcblJCooke hasreferrgd against prominent ueinoqists lnciua - fog nev Dr J M Buckley of New York Chancellor James R Day of Syracuse university and Prof Borden P Bowne of Boston university The alleged mal - admlnlstratlon of the four bishops Is said to lie in the tact that they did nof rule correctly when charges against the men were laid before before them At the last session of the New York conference Cooke charged that Chancellor Chancellor Day in criticising President Roosevelt bad violated one of the general general rules of the church which inhibits inhibits uncharitable and unprofitable conversation particularly speaking 111 of magistrates or ministers THE BONNIE BRIDE OF A BURGLAR BOLD INDIANA BOY8 NOVEL METHOD OF SUPPORTING THE GIRL HE MARRIED IN A 4 HURRY NEW YORK May lt - The romance of a candy sales girl and an Indiana farmers son recehed a severe shock today when the bridegroom ot a week confessed he had to resort io burglary to provide proper clty - fashloned support support for the fair young bride who won his heart as she sold him taffy The candy sales girl bride went back to her parents In Williamsburg and Harry Upson the ambitious bride groom went to jail Upson was found under a bed in the home of Davld Remson on East Forty - ninth street In Flatbush He bad a revolver and a steel Jimmy In his pockets - The valuables valuables ot the household had been collected collected In a pile Upson said he left his home in Indiana - fell weeks ago Ue met his bride a week ago and tbey were man led the samo day by a Brooklyn Brooklyn alderman SOCIALISTS QUARRELINQ BUSIEST MAN IN INDIANA AT THE PRESENT TJME Wi rji isVwifikiiiiiiiLiiiB Hffflsfi hWWm diHHsiiiiiHi 8b MpBsiiti HHsIHbHsbHI ifflpSHnSV ItiiiiiH9liHm wBlHHIsK CORONER CHARLES 8 MACK Of LaPorte county who holds Inquests Inquests on the bodies exhumed at the Gunness murder farm Opening Session of Convex tion Marked by Violent Outbursts HOT PERSONALITIES Are Freely Indulged In - by the Ho tile Delegates to the Convention Convention A WIDE OPEN SPLITJ Will Probably Occur Before the Con ventlon Is Much Older SOCIALIST CONVENTION HALL CHICAGO May 11 Conservatism won Its first victory in the socialist national convention today but by the scant majority of one Incidentally the proposition to tack the national socialist movement as a tall to the kite of the Western Federation Miners was rebuked In a stormy session session in which personalities were tree ly Indulged And after this battle smoke cleared away the delegates ent Into another clash on the question question ot rules which eclipsed tbe first and resulted In a motion being made that Delegate Bdwln W Davis oi Pennsjlvanla beexcluded because he declared certain leaders bad preference preference hecause tbey were advertised by the capitalistic press This motion the chairman rcfiiRpd to entertain amidst a fusillade ot crlos of gag rule this Is not Russia Russia etc But the ruling prevailed The conservatives v on their fight on a proposition to send a congratu latory message to the Western Federation Federation of Miners it being referred tq the committee 6n resolutions by a vote of 94 ayes to 93 nays It was admit ted on all sides that this means the nomination of Debrtnd the adoption of a conservative platform as well as the carrying - through ot the original program ot the leaders The proposition proposition to compel the candidates for president and Ucc president to poll two third vote In order to be nominated nominated was finally defeated and a maJor Itv rule adoDted after a sennatlonaV debate during which Delegate DavisS criticised the leaders saying I demand demand that all delegates be heard have no personal feeling here but I think the obscure should have Just as much to say as those who have the capitalistic - fteim to advertise them He got no further but was howled down while delegates moved that h be - required to apologise or bo excluded excluded from the convention Delegate William Simmons editor ot the Chicago Chicago Socialist led the fight to either exclude Pavls or to compel him to apologize but the chair by vigorous use of the gavel managed to Inform the delegates that he would not entertain entertain the motion Delegate Hanford of Kew York was Continued on Page Nine BARON LONG Arrested in California on a Decidedly Serious Charge LOS ANGELES CalMay ll - Baron II Long partner of James Jeffries and secretary ot the Jeffries Athletic club with Gordon B Rlggln his private secretary secretary were arrested Saturday afternoon afternoon by United States Deputy Marshal Franklin on advices from Kew York charging the two men with the use of the United States malls to defraud WOMAN WHO MAY FIGURE IN GUNNESSMYSTERY SBBBHBBMfe sssssssrBsjrr wibbbbbHsV I bbbbH JutSBL 4iWbJ VwMHbIbbbM 1 IB I BBliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiV jKsL f li jeBveSoBsiHBBHBliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiVv I 111 HBiiiiiiiiiiiiiiV i iw t - VJ ImKy 1 I tyE v i 4r 4 S vjbbbBbbBbBT fi 1 sV ifc1J4iiW Bessie Wallace Also known as Bessie Conklln of Michigan City Ind 8he was Ray Lampheres sweetheart and Is thought to be able to give valu - bejBrdjiniefarito wner oy nim

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  1. Fort Wayne Daily News,
  2. 11 May 1908, Mon,
  3. Page 1

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