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 - was his Glen of at the on 3 RELIGIONS...
was his Glen of at the on 3 RELIGIONS (Continued From Page One) ing. Most of our foreign born ac quaintances came from Roman Catholic countries, they bring strange customs, languages and are Roman Catholics and we harbor a ELIJAH hatred towards them. against the Irish dated to before "Some of the prejudices rise out m a. m, l i i M 1L - J. vJ. J - 1 - A M A 1 A. I Civil war days, tie aiso citea tne oi me inauuuy w unaersuina ui ji, retired teachings of the "Know - Nothings" I ncn is tne mast sacrea service oi ness man who claimed to stand for light, the Rman Catholic church, the Hemphill, Hh - rt HiioHnn nnri frooAnrn of wnicn is sung ana saia in candidate nrmeiMenoa hi if. whlrh ha1 Ait BTI Latin. Because we cannot under - I terdav ideal hatred against the foreigner tan? language we cannot un - pital . o I Hereto rtrt V aartri H ron ttiav malra I ' and the Catholic. i t" v.. iur scverei Coming to the present age, Rab - ci . . ' ,t Mr. Klux Klan which called for "Amer - , p V u ce K f jZ , Dallett. a,.o me ClOSea COmmumon, Which Lhnn!. I iva vi omcuvouo auu l nrr tVincA nilmaJ a c TTtran I took claimed it "was no dumping place 1 Chuu - Thif closed fcad.enly v - i rBrwi i.r i Bryn "nT tatau. to - SLtt and white Gentile, Protestant and na - tlon the same M though we were UrTduat of at Mo - three win uvui, "If patriotism is measured by hate of foreigners then Capt. John B. Trevor, former Intelligence Intelligence officer in the World war, is Patriot No. 1." the rabbi said as he referred to Trevor's interest interest in legislation directed against foreigners. The speaker said he was glad the antl - Semltlsts did not domi - ?.ar!?? ee.Un? f".e.COm.! degree. Shortly forge county, In 1871 Gas until Chester nnt th ffni'Prnmpnt rtnwn fhrmiffh the years for, if they did. many individuals, a source of blessing t "a never would have been in Potts - 1 iim. . lartf,cU . a rep - nation. amonjr them Dr. Einstein to say all manner of things about them." A fourth prejudice, the speaker said, arises out of our own personal relationships. "We have met Roman Catholics. We forget he is a Roman Catholic until he has done something to rile or harm our lives and from then on he's no good. The Rev. Schmoyer also said Evangelical Christians did not understand the supremacy of the Pope as he traced the rise of the head of the ancient church to the present day. Wtimk Ills') ts - vA tAMhMA MAM I and whom he pronounced the greatest .. . .117 "f ani?.ers . I J li.l 1 V . I feed, nem phia He ties m years. men " ho MM 'thaf wo , ... - scientist since aac wewton. must knock down. People do not Chester I Ir clng he refuted the charges know hv the h iVv - pnmon I Snfrer" iii. . . - m t. r i - j ..ww viiu i,n i W1l IUObt tac rteas ana torn i rthnii nAAmA ho,,. moi I , j v - - i , m . . . - .. . i w w. u, i w ut u uai s m i h D. P15" lnf "Jf Mumte5 8t&S8 we hatred for them. These prejudices and lborn in rtlgn lands. He said I are imarlnarv Rnd rin not nt fKi - the P roslr ana owaer erethe deDest 'd wLsest thln;int? of I wnipmlnn was I rn ln America. He also read I pe0plei.. . James road "gures oi u - man tagar MOOVer. I it. ..u.i it.. ... jj . . I u - iu.i i I Hu mic uuicuvc w - w cuw umiKe vim. moo. changes foreigners were criminally inclined present and remarked that twice as many Dor - nauve corn wniies were arrestea as ioreign oorn persons, of The Rev. Schmoyer, who spoke on - Anu - cainoucism. said he he A. niCO died it was suf believed prejudice was the result result of "interest and pride In one's own heritage." "I am a catholic, he admitted rather to the surprise of the audience as he said, "I confess I believe in the Holy Catholic church and then explained that the word catholic had attached to it a glorious heritage which em braced the whole of Christianity. "try to understand the things the Roman Catholics believe. All through the ages where Christianity operated the Roman Roman Catholic church has made men and women useful citizens in every land. This great movement, movement, better organised than the Protestant, advances in a great cause, decidedly Us own. May It be said, and true, in the Roman Roman Catholic church Is a bul wark of Christianity that has been In the forefront. James Mickie, Mrs. of the is a Funeral BERTHA Ammon terdav Mr. and dore, church, by the in ClOfiinor tne Rev. Rrhmnvor I v. hllHed a H o 1 1 on era t H o f mm aim Amity shall honor those who o to Ood AmityvlUe But I want to Uke un te nrH - 1x1 hl way, the Jew to his I BUI X Want MJ va&e UP Uie prei - I I Kf riser .. ji .1 j. j. i i.i a v iixi u. dm . ine rtoniKn un nij m. Sunday. iT. !SS.Sff ZZ and the Protestant to his nraver Rhoads, the v" ."""A" rIrtr.....r11 meetine. Brown. Bat - v Tt SiLe Li Wt y!mff Current events included the Brit - doing I .k.f I a. uuuv t mwmiui!iovouu I ... ..i.. j i. j I merits. a new Junior high school movement Phoe - 1 day afternoon at his home at which would revolutionize school in nrnvor street, and T.lnrnln tvntw wnrlr wt nn or, a I late ago. Phoenixville. Interment will be the Supreme court Issue in respect North Fri - made in Morris cemetery. I to a constitutional amendment. I agea

Clipped from
  1. The Mercury,
  2. 24 Feb 1937, Wed,
  3. Page 7

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