Scranton Republican, 6 Aug 1928, page 6

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Scranton Republican, 6 Aug 1928, page 6
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INC DAMAGE Three) to have flash - , on his pump and he grasped a the home Leggetts lightning side of slight signal Dickson An alarm North the scene with ; No. home on afternoon short circuit at the much place had yesterday told of lightning. a heavy around reported the only home The The as the through Fire was extinguished Rinaldi according Moscow visited by night. afternoon lie adjoining Lake, out at through was quit as far damage in caused 5 (A.P.). storms after and communication INSURGENT LEADER IS SEEKING PEACE , (Continued from Page Three) calling it for the purpose of securing the necessary recognition from the coal operator. We hope to secure this recognition . by peaceful means. We think we can. "In your letter you declare that the public in District 1 will endure another period of terrorism such as they endured endured a few months - ago when the 'two factions of mine workers of this city were at each others' Ihroats.' We heartily agree with you in that wish but you - must agree that the reign ol terrorism was npt of our doing bui had its beginning in the contract mining system the thing we are pledged to eliminate from tlielistrict. "The men responsible for the terrorism terrorism are the men that the rank and file of District 1, which we represent, repudiated. We have made our sac - riiices throufeh the loss of our most stalwart adherents shot down In the streets of Plttston. We cannot and will not abandon our antagonism to the thines that Alex Campbell, Peter Rellly and Thomas ;Lillis fought for wnne mey uvea. "There is no disposition on the part of the present officers of District 1, of which I am president, to impose further suffering and privation on the necnle of Plttston. This suffering and Lprivation are not of our doing. It was in existence years Deiore we were eietreu to office. "Hithertofore there were no great endeavor on the part of the public and public officials to' stamp out this privation privation and suffering. Men were. shot down Indiscriminately in Plttston and there was but a perfunctory protest from the officers of the law. But now that we are working out our own salvation salvation In our own way there seems to be a disposition to' intervene in an effort effort to hamper our efforts. "We agree with you that a general strike will act as a further hardship on the workers of District 1. We sincerely sincerely hope that the strike weapon will not be necessary. But if the rank and file, so orders a general strike will result. result. - - . , ''I'm but spokesman for the 81 locals in our movement. There is nothing personal in our movement. We are the United Mine Workers and by the constitution and the by - laws of our great organization, the majority rules. "You state that the 'public' will hold you and your associates responsible responsible and they will not hesitate to expose you before the bar of public opinion in event a general strike is called. And again I repeat that this matter is not personal., My associates, and myself are ready and Willing to answer for our actions if the majority of locals direct a general strike. "As to the submission Of our dispute dispute to a court tof law, I bsg to advise advise you that we are preparing to do so. These things take time and we are not being hurried into a situation upon which rests the welfare of our followers and upon the welfare of the United Mine Workers. . "We respectfully ask the public to bear with us a bit longer. , We, I think, are working toward . a real solution of the trouble in the miners', union here. We can do it Dest witn - in our own ranks without the interference, interference, well intentioned, or otherwise otherwise of outsiders. We have conducted ourselves since the election, as law abiding, peaceful citizens of the United States. We will, I hope, continue to do so without the necessity of being threatened or intimidated, And we will not Jeopardize our standing before before the eyes of the public by resorting to unwarranted violence regardless of the despicable set of circumstances that has taken root in District 1. "Again allow me, Mr. Mayor, to advise you that my associates and myself are Just as interested in the peace and prosperity of this district as you are. We are not responsible for the previous privations of the rank and file here. We are only interested interested In the cementing of the miners into the organization that John Mitchell intended it to be. This can bs done best within tre United Mine Workers. , Sincerely yours, Frank McGarry President, District No. 1, United Mine Workers." v The model Next is , - MiMafi UOUiCU way through "Beggars uncouth, world, and sound - effects picture is a box - car Even silence, the an Interesting popularization of was a instance, was heard Blasco novel, "Mate Ingram of the unearthed Naples, Antonio picture, fell composition to Hollywood. for him on interested, one of compositions studio radio began asking that a making Many a long a day after few have out. Lew lunch suit in at seven years "soup and the test. San Norfolk are the States that tattooing.

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  • Scranton Republican, 6 Aug 1928, page 6

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