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28 dec 72 2 - Open Monday & Thursday 'Til 8:30 2502 N. 7th...
Open Monday & Thursday 'Til 8:30 2502 N. 7th St. • Phone 252-3434 A CBS AFFILIATE 5:45 MEDITATION 5:50 FARM AND RANCH 6:00 CBS NEWS/HART 7:00 CAPTAIN KANGAROO 8:00 PHOENIX SHOW— Adam Byrd; McClintock Hiqh Chorus; Kodak Teenaqe Movie Makers Contest. 8:30 NEW PRICE IS RIGHT 9:00 GAMBIT 9:30 LOVE OF LIFE 10:00 WHERE THE HEART IS 10:25 CBS NEWS/EDWARDS 10:30 SEARCH FOR TOMORROW 11:00 KOOL NEWS WITH CHUCK DIMOND 11:30 AS THE WORLD TURNS 12:00 GUIDING LIGHT 12:30 EDGE OF NIGHT 1:00 CBS NEWS SPECIAL— "President Truman's Funeral Covoraqo" Interment ceremony. 2:30 JOKER'S WILD 3:00 PONDEROSA—"The Magnificent Adah" with Ruth Roman as a performer performer whosa intentions are mis-interpreted by the Cartwriqht sons. 4:00 PHIL DONAHUE—Dr. Thomas Harris explains transactionfll analysis, the theory behind the best seller "I'm OK, You're OK." 4:30 MIKE DOUGLAS—Co hosts with Eddy Arnold. Guests, Carol Lynley, star of "The Poseidon Adventure," and humorist humorist Leo Roiten. 5:30 CBS NEWS/CRONKlTE 6:00 KOOL NEWS WITH BILL CLOSE—Joe Douqherty, weather; Bill Denney, sports. 6:30 TO TELL THE TRUTH 7:00 CBS NEWS SPECIAL— "Whatever Happened to "72," an innovative look at the too news stories oi the past year, featur- inq Walter Cronkite and a qroup of junior hiqh school students. Included will ba both national and international events, sports, continuinq problems problems such as drugs, pollution pollution and power shortages, shortages, music, films, television television and who might be the newsmaker of the year. The students will make their personal selections selections for top story of '72. 8:00 CBS SPECIAL—The Peabody Peabody Award-winninq drama "J.T." which focuses on a small black boy hovering between delinquency delinquency and responsibility responsibility in a city qhetto. 9:00 CBS NEWS SPECIAL— "The Elusive Peace," an examination of the problems problems of achievinq a last- inq accord in Viet Nam and a look at the issues stalling neqotiations. 10:00 KOOL NEWS WITH DAVE NICHOLS—Joe Dougherty, woather; Bill Denney, sports, 10:30 CBS LATE MOVIE—"Dr. Fdustus," the film version version of the Christopher Marlowe classic about a scholar who sells his soul to the devil with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. 12:30 KOOL LATE NEWS WITH DAVE NICHOLS 12:45 I LOVE LUCY—"Lucy Gets Homesick." On the eve of littla Ricky's birthday birthday Lucy qets homesick and wants to call home. THURSDAY ON NOSES AROUND Bill Redeker digs behind the scenes for NEWS 12'S investigative reports. 3:30 LOST IN SPACE 4:30 HOGAN'S HEROES 5:00 NBC NIGHTLY NEWS 5:30 I DREAM OF JEANNIE 6:00 NEWS 1 2 SIX O'CLOCK REPORT 6:30 TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES Two contestants face psychiatrist's psychiatrist's couch. 7:00 FLBP WILSON Petula Clark, Redd Foxx and Roy Clark are Flip's guests. 8:00 IRONSIDE The Chief takes a course in professional dcg training training when previously efficient guard dogs fail to attack. 9:00 DEAN MARTIN Dean welcomes Ernest Borqnine and O. C. Smith. 10:00 THE RAY THOMPSON NEWS With Frank Peddie, weather and Ted Brown, sports. 10:30 THE TONIGHT SHOW Johnny welcomes Marilyn Home. 1 2:00 NEWS 1 2 FINAL REPORT Rod Talley Report 12:1 5 MOVIE 12 "West Point Story," starring James Cagney. KTAR'TV 12 A Cc ill Coriib»K;r/ ( .n/iiiiii«iii ,/;*vas l.r»fxM,tlioii ..... ^ "•' "' ' ..... '

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