Scranton Republican, 15 March 1928, page 3

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Scranton Republican, 15 March 1928, page 3
THE SCRANTON REPUBLICAN, THURSDAY, MARCH 15, 1928 TO BE AIRED TODA CONTRACT MINING DIS Ji PUTE WILL DEMAND " SYSTEM END IN PE1AJIINES District Board to Confer With Anthracite Conciiliation Body at Hazleton MAY PAVE WAY FOR END OF MINE FEUD LYNCH FINDS GREEN RIDGE SLA YER IS INSANE JSeeing Across the Continent By Wire. NAB SLAYER OF DOCTOR IN M'GARRAH TO CALIFORNIA'S HAVOC IN PICTURES GOTOFARVIEW CITY THEATER P.lseting to Be Open to Press, so Far as Pennsylvania Grievance Is Concerned Demands for the elimination of contract mining at the workings of the Pennsylvania Coal company, opposition opposition to which has been a prolific source of trouble in the internal affairs affairs of the United Mine Workers for many years before it culminated in a bloody feud in the Pittston section, will be presented today at Hazleton by the district executive h b board to the anthracite board of onciliation. Conference Important No indications hae been given as to what the attitude of the conciliation conciliation board will be to the demands. demands. That the conference is extremely extremely likely to have far - reaching results is generally conceded, as the contract system is in force at the workings of many other companies. It may pave the way for a lasting peace in the Pittston section, where the dispute over contract mining is hottest, particularly in Local 1703, where Alex C?.mpbell conducted a fight against the system which ended in his death at the hands of hired gunmen on the night of February February 28. Three other men have been killed in the feud Peter ("Reilly") Saudargas. murdered with Campbell, Thomas Lillis, shot on "lis way home from a union meeting meeting and Frank Agati, for whose killing three members of the insurgent insurgent faction are awaiting trial on charges of murder. The meeting will open at 10 o'clock in the city hall at Hazleton. Hazleton. It will be open to the press so far as the Pennsylvania case is concerned. Since the meeting Is a regular monthly gathering of the conciliation board, a number of other grievances .will be taken up. Committee From Local Local 1703, the storm center of the contract mining dispute will send a committee of four to the conference. conference. The local numbers more than 1,400 employes at the No. C colliery of the Pennsylvania Company, Company, which has been idle now for several months. Thomas Kennedy, international secretary - treasurer of the United Mine Workers, will attend, attend, together with the entire district district executive board of District No. rc tr v; oi Hi It is expected that A. K. Morris. vice - president and general manager of the Pennsylvania Company, will also be present. The conciliation board is made up of three representatives of the onerators and three representatives of the United Mine Workers. Majoi W. W. Inglis. of the Glen Ald'en Coal Company, is chairman. The other operators' representatives arc George B. Hadesty. of the Philadelphia Philadelphia and Reading Coal and Iron Company, and Jesse B. War - rincr. of the Lehigh Coal and Navieation Company. Pvinaldo Caoellini. Andrew Mattev, and C. J. Golden, presidents of Districts 1. 7 and 9 represent the United Mine Joseoh Kameniskey Confesses Killing Jessup Physician in His Office (Continued from Page One) and I'm not a bit sorry that I killed him." Kameniskey explained that about two months ago through the State Department of Labor, he was assigned assigned to a school in Philadelphia to study the barber trade. He said he was obliged to give up the job because he was "too nervous to hold a razor." After leaving Philadel - ) phia. he spent a short time in Har - i risburg and Lancaster and then j went to New York. In the latter I city he ran low of funds and re - ; turned to Scranton a week ago i Monday. His first act was to go to Jessup and draw $128 out of the bank. : Last week he spent much of his i time in company with a girl in ! Wilkes - Barre. lie was in Jessup on Monday. It was that day, he said, that he definitely made up his mind to kill the doctor the following day. A date with a girl in Wilkes - Barre, he said, was responsible for postponing postponing the killing for one day. Kameniskey showed no sign of regret for the killing. He said that he had intended to give himself up at the court house after attending the Capitol. He said he knew he would be caught, but figured that he could see at least one show before surrendering. While being questioned in the sheriff's olfice. Kameniskey smoked several cigarettes and apparently was unconcerned over the tact that : his end might come in the electric ; chair in Rockview within a shore i time. He made no attempt to con - i ceal any of the facts in connection i with the killing. I Kameniskey s right foot was in - ! jured three years ago while he was employed by the Winton Coal com pany, investigation revealed that ; the bones of the foot were so badly : crushed, that physicians concluded I that the only way to save his life j was to amputate the foot. This was ! done, the operating surgeon being j Dr. J. W. Lyons. Dr. Kelly, as physician physician for the coal company, was j present and subsequently looked I after his interests in adjusting Kam - I eniskey's compensation claim. Dr. ! Kelly had been treating him almost continually since the accident. Kameniskey. Kameniskey. it is said, has on numerous occasions threatened to "get" Dr Kelly. Jessup was in a high state of excitement excitement throughout the afternoon. Authorities were fearful that if the slayer were cantured in the borough violence might follow and they took every precaution to prevene it. Under Under the direction of Sheriff Davis and Burgess Lawler scores of homes and known haunts of Kameniskey were searched, while police in Scranton Scranton also kept a sharp watch on railroad railroad stations for the slaver. Patrolmen Patrolmen Joseph Sewack, Angelo Giam - betti and John F. Lallv. of Jessup, and Chief of Police William Kelly, of Archibald, aided in the hunt. Autopsy Conducted Deputy Coroner Maurice Finkel - stein and Dr. F. R. Simpson, J. J. O'Connor, O. Leopardi and Lavelle conducted an autopsy on Dr. Kelly's body at Sweeney's morgue in Oly - phant. The autopsy revealed that one bullet severed a main arterv near the heart. While Dr. Kelly's coat showed that two bullets ha a j ivv I - ' XS8 ' BEACH r ' ' " . : ; . NTA . ' 'V"V . - " : Somber aftermaths of the which the torrent swept. Here is a NICHOLSON CLOSES 10 YEARS SERVICE AT ASBDRY CHURCH Green Ridge Pastor Expected to Leave Here at Close of the Present Year Santa Clara river flood in California, map of the Southern California region done by flood, caused by the breaking LAST DAY FOR FILING INCOME TAX RETURNS Today is the last day for filing income tax returns - While no last - minute rush is expected at the federal building, most of the returns for this section being in, the clerical force of Internal Revenue Collector David W. Phillips will remain on duty tonight tonight until 9 o'clock to take care of late - comers. All returns must be filed by that time. The penalty for wiiful failure to make and file a return is a fine of not more than $10,000 or imprisonment for one year rr both. In addition to this :.'5 per cent of the amount of the tax is assessed. Taxpayers making wilful false or fraudulent returns are subject subject to $10,000 fine or five years imprisonment or both and arc assessed 50 per. cent of ihe amount of the tax. ELECTRIC RATES MAY BE ADJUSTED Planning Ccmmss!cn's Special Special Comir.! - !::. SutnVts Report Report Probe to Date T.irt drmr.tic consumers of electric these. At the left is a band of rescue in which scores of lives were lost aud of the St. Francis dam. 900 TO ATTEND IRISH DINNER N SATU All Attendance Records For St. Patrick's Day Banquets Will Be Broken This Year Reception Committee to Greet Governor Fisher To B;.stg Executive's Flag. workers patroling the district over millions of dollars' property damage RDAY 1: F Dr. W. M. Lynch, superintendent of the Farview Hospital for the Criminal Insane, and one of the leading alienists in the state, in a report submitted to District Attorney Harold A. Scragg late yesterday, declares that Russell P. McGarrah, who killed his wife, Dorothy, at their home .on Capouse avenue, March 4, is insane. With this report in his hands.;, District Attorney Scragg will now petition court to name a commission to inquire into McGarrah's mental condition. Should the commission's report coincide with that of Dr. Lynch, the way will be paved to commit McGarrah to the Farview hospital. Dr. Lynch was engaged shortly after the killing by the district attorney attorney to examine McGarrah. He made two visits to the county jail and on each occasion spent several hours with the prisoner. Dr. Lynch is firmly convinced that McGarrah, who is thirty - four years old, is not of sound mind. McGarrah stabbed his wife to death. Several hours after the killing, killing, McGarrah gave himself up to his pastor, Rev. J. W. Nicholson. He has since maintained that he did right in killing her. soeciai of hosie 55c (3 pairs, 1.50) purchase from Wilson Brothers . . . new neat self figures . . . broken stripes, disfinct color harmonics . . . blues, grays, greens, lavender shades . . . lisle and rayon at 55c . . . imported novelty lisles "at 95c... both special NOW! SECOND BOMBING SUSPECT RELEASED Michael Deriggi, 47. of 116 Hennessey court, West Scranton, Scranton, arrested Tuesday as a suspect suspect in the Cioni dynamiting case, was ordered released last night bv Captain of Detectives A. J. Reilly. Jimmy Ottonc. 43. of 122 Hennessey Hennessey court, arrested with De - iggi, was freed Wednesday afternoon, afternoon, but the latter was held until the police could check up on his movements here since he came to Scranton from Pittsburgh Pittsburgh a short time ago. Munich is the capital of Bavaria. s (3 pairs, $2.75) 1 !! eiiinsr ry 95c

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