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Scranton Republican, 29 Feb 1928, page 1
THE CABGEST MORNING DAILY CIRCULATION IN PENNSYLVANIA' CUTSTOB fl? PHILADELPHIA 1ND PITTSBURGS THE WEATHER Cloudy, warmer in southeast southeast part of state, probably rain; Thursday cloudy. Yesterday's temp., Max. 40, Min. 21. Boost Buy Burn 'Anthracite vmhtun ESTABLISHED 1867 VOL. 142, NO. 51 jSpI1 SCRANTON, PA., WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 29, 1928 TWENTY PAGES PRICE TWO CENTS Hew K llllllIWMJf BREAKUP OF SOLID SOUTH THREATENED Dry Leaders Will Urge Democrats There to Bolt Party If Smith Wins Nomination For President Demand Clear - Cut Prohibition Planks By Both Parties Drafting of McAdoo and Third Party Is Discussed WASHINGTON, Feb. 28 (A.P.). Two movements - one designed to put a damper on the presidential aspirations aspirations of Governor Smith of New York, the other to force both the Republican and Democratic parties to toe the mark on prohibition in the coming campaign got underway underway here today under the direction of a group of dry leaders. ;, The offensive directed at the two BISHOP TALBOT FUNERAL TO BE mDTHURSDAY IN BETHLEHEM 3ody of Revered Protestant Episcopal Clergyman Will Be Laid at Rest NEW YORK. Feb. 28 (A. P.). Kt. Rev. John Gardner Murray, bishop of Maryland, Maryland, and presiding bishop of ;he Episcopal church, will attend the funeral on Thurs - :lay atternoon 01 the Kt. Kev. i Sthelbert Talbot, bishop Of i a. . n . n Bethlehem, Pa.. W liU UIcU ast night at Tuckahoe, N. V., it was announced today. The services will be at Beth - ehem. T3,w t,.,. ,..,,i,i ne of those here for today's Bishop Murray succeeded : general meeting and a leader in Bishop Talbot in the office of ' arrangements for the Florida con - irpsidinrr bkhnn j ference is C. A. Upchurch. North pre&iaing oibnop. Carolina State Superintendent of the Anti - Saloon league. He minced MANY FROM THIS SECTION TO ATTEND .. . , , Practically every Episcopal clergy - 1 nan from Scranton and vicinity rill attend the funeral of Rt. Rev. Ethelbert Talbot, retired bishop of 'he diocese of Bethlehem Thurs - fte diocese of Bethlencm Thurs - ; Sy in Bethlehem. Services are to . jsy in Bethlehem. Services are to e neia in ine rro - auiearsi 01 uie ativity, in which the late beloved lishop preached and read the rit - lals of the church for more than hiity years. Beginning today the body of the lead prelate wili lie in state with - n the cathed'.a! walls. Kt Kev. "rank W. Stern'tt, bishop of Beth - .hem, and Rt Rev. John Gardner .lurray, bishop of Maryland, and ?isho Talbot's successc as pre - iding bishop of the chuich in merica. will te in charge. Will As. - ist at Service. Among those assisting !n the ser - icc will be Very Rev. D. Wilmot (Continued on Page Four) STUNT AVIATRIX HAS MIRACULOUS ESCAPE AS SHE MAKES LEAP arachute Gets Tangled in Plane, And Pilot is Forced to Land With Daring Maid Hanging to Under Carriage of Craft. ST. PETERSBURG. Fla., Feb. 28 ..P.). Jeanne Durand, 18 - year - id stunt aviatrix, miraculously escaped escaped serious injury and perhaps leath here this afternoon when her .tternpt to set a new world's para - !hut Jumrj went awry and her pilot vas forced to 'land with Miss Dur - nd hpnging from the plane. Leaping into space at an altitude rf lii.OOO feet her parachute be I conference in which representatives of thirty or more national temper - a n c e organizations participated. Resolutions were adopted demand ing clear - cut prohibition planks and standard bearers genuinely dry. Call Southern Conference. While the meeting was in progress progress plans ware disclosed for an Anti - Saloon League conference next month in St. Petersburg, Fia., in which friends of prohibition in nine southeastern states will be invited to have a hand. At that time. in charge of arrangements predicted, predicted, a counter - offensive against Governor Governor Smith will take definite form. While reluctant to discuss for publication what will be done, they generally forecast a discussion that would include the advisability of urging Southern Democrats to boit their party in the event the New York Governor is nominated at Houston. Thn n nniniiinJ ... .....A. - ., il, nil nuiiuuui.i;u Hill uur in reeional meeting at St. Petersburg is t0 canvass the prohibition situa - anil Pfif rf thn Ticciccirni hnr q political airing also is regarded as inevitable by expected participants. The conference, which will continue for three days, will begin March 4. Will Oppose Smith no words in predicting that south - : ern dry leaders will go their utmost to keep the Democratic presidential ; nomination away from Governor Smith, and in the event of his nomination, nomination, to work against his election. ! Southerners because of tehir gen - eral adherence to the Democratic Dam. hp said ... nartjP11,arlv rnn. cerned about the selection to be : made in Houston. He added that ! while dry leaders in that section 'n - I fonrt trt rfirorf their ficrht nrimarilv iMt New Yorks gSvernV theJ, aso are hostile to Governor Ritchie. of Maryland, and Senator Reed, (Continued on Page Four) of TOT SHOOTS SELF WITH HIS DAD'S REVOLVER HARRTSBURG, Pa., Feb. 28 (A. P.). Paul Rahn, four - year - old son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rahn of this city today shot himself in the chest while playing with his father's revolver. revolver. He was removed to a hospital hospital in a serious condition. It was the child's third trip to a hospital, one; when he was struck by an automobile automobile and once for a hernia operation. operation. came entangled in the plane. She was unable to disengage herself but managed to swing up and hold on to the under carriage. After the plane had landed it was found that she had fainted. She was rushco to a hospital, where she quicklv recovered, recovered, her only injuries bein slight bruises about one arm. She left the hospital after an examination. examination. REPUBLICAN'S PEN ARTIST SKETCHES DOUBLE KILLING B7 WW i i ... M TOM' fyi !i Iff ' s J ffLAtAi union iCf 01 it I iSSf 1 ,JctSSHS INTO TKBt i zwkm : ro scMNrow route iq J mm mjm m m m m m m a tm m m COl'RSE TAKEN BY MURDERERS BEFORE AND AFTER CRIME J j FRENCH FLIERS HOP TO PACIFIC ON THURSDAY I Expect to Start Cross - Country i Flight Then, Planning Stop at Detroit FORD WILL BE HOST TO RECORD MAKERS Japan Coal of Famous Airmen When They Sail Away From San Francisco MITCHELL FIELD. N. Y.. Feb. 28. (A. P.). Dieudonne Costes and Joseph Lebrix. French four - conti conti nent fliers, announced today that they will start Thursday on a one - stop flight to the West coast. They will take their plane by boat to Tokio. fly it back to France, and then make plans for an attempt to fly from Paris to New York. They will hop off Thursday morning for Detroit, where they will be the guests of Henry Ford until Saturday, when they will leave on a 'non - stoi flieht for San Fran cisco. They plan to sail next week for Japan. The French filers said they would not use their present Breguet plane, which has flown about 70.000 miles, but another one of similar design, for the trans - Atlantic attempt. VIOLENTQUAKES ROCK CALIFORNIA I Oil Fields Nears Bakersfield j Shaken By Series of Earth Tremors BAKERSFIELD, Cal.. Feb. 28 (A. P.). A series of earthquake shook the oil fields on the outskirts of this city tonight. One of the shakes was accompanied by a roar resembling resembling an explosion. Reports from those communities north of there said there were eight or nine shocks The shocks began shortly ftfter 7 o'clock with the rattling of doors and increased like a violent windstorm, windstorm, the final shock being accompanied accompanied by a roar like a tremendous tremendous explosion. BREAK FROM JAIL BERWICK. Pa., Feb. 28. (A. P.). - Charles Wolfe. 15. and Ralph Tittle, Tittle, 18. committed to the lockup late today after admitting several burglaries, made their escape within within two hours. Police said the locks had been broken from the outside. Dies at Age Of 135 Years HAVANA. Feb. 28 (A.P.). One of Cuba's oldest inhabitants, inhabitants, Senora Manurla Scpint Vcrgara, passed away today at the age of 135 years, at her home at Central Fideucia, Santa Clara. The deceased was the founder of the Fidencia sugar mill, and until a few years ago enjoyed good health and took an active interest in business affairs. LINDBERGH FLIES TO ALBANY TODAY Great Welcome Awaits Lone Eagle When He Reaches Capital City ALBANY, N. Y - , Feb. 28 (A.P.). The capital city of New York state, which consistently refuses to become become excited over its own notables or the visits of others, tonight was stirred to an unusual degree of enthusiasm enthusiasm over the prospect of entertaining entertaining Col. Charles A. Lindbergh Lindbergh tomorrow. Although the young colonel's program program calls for not more than two brief public apnearances, with an utter absence of pomp and cere mony, the city entered wholeheartedly wholeheartedly into the spirit of the occasion and made ready to accord on these two occasions a vociferous welcome. Colonel Lindbergh is expected to reach here at 12:30 p. m.. in the ctbin plane bearing his St. Louis backers and Major Thomas G. Lanphier, flight commander at Selfridge Field. Mich. He will be taken at once to the capitol to be officially welcomed to the state by Gov. Smith. He will then retire to his suite at the Dewltt Clinton hotel for lunch, and at 2 o'clock will visit the capital again to attend attend a legislative hearint on the state's aviation program, the primary primary object of his second visit to Albany. FRENCH RAISE TARIFF PARIS. Feb. 28. (A.P.). France's new tariff bill was adopted by the chambe this vening 403 to 74. The duties on some American imports imports were increased, others lowered, lowered, but in general they are considered considered satisfactory by the commercial commercial staff of the American embassy. JAP AIR ACE KILLED WHEN PLANE CRASHES TOKIO. Japan, Feb. 29. (A. P.). (Wednesday). Dispatches from Nagasaki today said that Yukichi Goto. 28. Japan's leading pilot for a trans - Pacific flight, was burned to death when he crvhed In a test flight near Nagasaki. Lieutenant Okamura and Pilot Ulchl Suwa were seriously injured. MAYOR WALKER TRIES TO AYERT TRANSIT TIEUP Calls for Conference of Those Involved in Interborough Squabble Over Discharge COMPANY OFFICIALS BETWEEN TWO FIRES Members of Rival. Unions Threaten to Quit Work, Putting Putting Bosses in Dilemma NEW YORK, Feb. 28 (A.P.). Mayor Walker refused to take no as an answer today in his efforts to aeri a strike on the city's prin cipal sucway ana elevated lines. Representatives of the Amalca mate; Association of Street Rail way hmploye3. and A. F. of L. or. ganization. have threatened to call a strike unless the Interborough uapia reinstate several or its mem bers discharged from the service. Officials of the Interboroujh's comoany union nave tnreatened a strike if the men are reinstated Suggests Meeting. Mayor Walker suggested a conference conference in his office of representa tives of the Amalgamated and the I. R. T. The Amalgamated agreed, but Frank Hedley, president of the I. R T.. refused in a letter received by the mayor today. Declining to accept this refusal as final the mayor wrote Hedley again today urglnu him to mediate. "I still believe It to be "our duty and mine." he wrote, "to co - operate with all the force, with all the en - fluence at our command, to avert a strike on our rapid transit system." Fight For Increase. While the labor dispute was In progress the I. R. T. took another steo in its fight to raise the fare from five to seven cents. In United States District court it obtained an order directing the city and the Transit commission to show cause whv they should not be restrained from preventing the increase. The ordr was made returnable March 8. Mayor Walker said he had been informed that there will be no reply reply to his last letter to Mr. Hedley until tomorrow. He added that he would not oer - mit anv such "comparative triviality" triviality" as the question of reinstatement of the discharged men to tie up the transportation facilities of six million million people. APPOINTED BYFlSHER HARRISBURO. Pa.. Feb. 28 (A. P.). Oovernor Fisher today announced announced the appointment of Patrick F. Lengan as alderman for the Forteenth ward, Wllkes - Barre. The appointment of Samuel Miller Miller as .lustiee of the peace for 8woyersvllle. Luzerne county, also was announced. VICTIMS RIDDLED BY BULLETS FROM AMBUSHED AUTO Alex Campbell, Leader of Insurgent Miners in Pittston, and Peter Reilly, Checkweigh - man at No. 6 Colliery, Sprayed With Lead From Shotguns and Revolver As They Proceed Home in Automobile After Visiting Visiting Benito in Jail Car Used By the Three Assassins Is Found Abandoned in Moosic Crime Latest in Feud Over Agati Murder Taking bloody toll for the murder of Frank Agati, mine union organizer, two Remington pump guns and a 38 caliber Smith and Wesson rained bullets into a Hudson automobile on East Railroad street, Pittston, at 5:05 o'clock last night, riddling the heads of Alexander Campbell and Peter Saudargas (Reilly). ' The killing was donr from a Peerless seven - passenger sedan, which pulled up beside the other car opposite No. 86 on East Railroad street, by three men. The Peerless sedan was found abandoned on Scott street, in Moosic, at 5:40 o'clock. Three men, muffled to the chin in overcoats, were seen to jump out of the car and board a D. & H. freight train. Scranton police are cooperating in the hunt for the killers, which is under personal direction of Captain William Clark, of the State police. The killers are believed to have been hired gunmen, imported imported in the mine feud, whose casualties swelled to four last night with the double murder of Campbell and Reillv trill .1 J Instantly Killed. Campbell and Reilly were killed instantly when the gunmen, two of whom were lying in the bottom of the car, rose to their feet and swept their victims' car with a stream of lead. Nine bullets entered Campbell's Campbell's head and a like number that of Reilly. The Hudson car was .literally sprayed with lead. The men fired In unison, sweeping the car with bullets. Even the driving wheel of the Hudson was shattered and broken off. The rim of Campbell's hat was ragged with bullet holes. The shooting took place in front of the home of Joseph Piccula, 86 East Railroad street. Dozens of persons saw the shooting, and saw the Hudson, with two dead men in it, go crashing into a tree in front of Joe Trippl's store at 90 East Railroad street, while the Peerless car roared east, turning off at Hedrick street and speeding north through Browntown, passing by the scene of the murder of Thomas Lillis on January 19, which opened the carnival of killing in Pittston and Wilkes - Barre. Visited Bonlta in Jail The murder was reported to the Pittston police at 5:12 o'clock. Every available trooper, policeman and county detective in the district has been turned out on the case. Campbell and Reilly, (as he is generally known) left Pittston at 1 o'clock yesterday for Wilkes - Barre. In Wilkes - Barre they visited the county jail and talked with Bonita, Mendola and Moleski, the three men charged with the murder of Frank Agati on Feb. 16. They (Continued on Paee Nine.) DOOMED MEN DROYE COUNTY SLEUTH HOME Before a barrage of bullets wiped out their lives last night, Alexander Campbell and Peter Sand rgas (Reilly) took Coun - Detective Powell to his home in Kingston., that official stated last night. Powell stated that the two doomed men nicked him up at the Luzerne county court house In Wilkes - Barre after (their visit to Sam Bonita, Mendola and Moleski, held in the county Jail for the murder of Frank Agati, district organizer. ' The county detective said that up until the time Campbell and Rely let him out at his home in Kingston, he saw no c - r following them. Before they left for Wilkes - Barre yesterday afternoon, Campbell and Reilly went through the foreign colony olicltlng funds for th defense defense of t.e three alleged slayers slayers of Agati. Thayer Is Lone Man To Get Honor PITTSBURGH, Pa., Feb. 28 (A. P.). Richard N. Thayer, of Scranton. Scranton. Pa., was the only student to graduate with "highest honors" at the mid - year commencement exercises exercises of the University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh today, when 121 degrees were conferred. WAITS CENTURY FOR RIDE IN AIRPLANE Woman Past Hundred Year Mark Goes Sailing With Pilot George Haldeman ST. PETERSBURG. Fla.. Feb. 28 (A. P.). Mrs. Catherine Fenton. of Jamestown, N. Y., and St. Petersburg, waited 104 years to take her first flight In an airplane, but when she finally made the experiment experiment this afternoon she said she enjoyed it very much. The centenarian's face was all smiles when she alighted from an airplane piloted by George Haldeman Haldeman after a delayed blrtnday flight whi'h she had planned when she mssed her 104th milestone la.t month. Her daughter and Bob i Smaller, president of the local Aero ciud, accompanied her on her living venture today. FIFTEEN HURT WHEN MOB BATTLES WITH COAL MINE GUARDS Rioters Stage March on Non - Union Colliery And Many Are Beaten in Melee; Tear Bombs Used To Disperse Crowd. STEUBENVILLE. Ohio.. Feb. 28. (A. P.). Calm prevailed tonight at the Dorothy mine of the Youghlo - gheny and Ohio Coal company, where fifteen men, including nine guards, were injured last night in a demonstration by alleged union miners. In addition to wounding fifteen persons, the rioters, said to have VICTIM ALEX CAMPBELL WILL TAKE UP COAL INQUIRY AT WASHINGTON EARLY IN WEEK Senate Committee Is to Start Hearing of Testimony After Getting Renort WASHINGTON, Feb. 28 (A.P.). The taking of testimony testimony in the Senate investigation investigation of conditions in the central bituminous field where union miners have been out of work for nearly a year will be started next week, it was announced today today by Senator Watson, Republican, Republican, Indiana, who heads the committee of inquiry. The subcommittee of five, of which Senator Gooding. Republican, Republican, Idaho, is chairman, returned here today after a five days' trip of inspection In the Pennsylvania fields, and will make its report upon the arrival of one of Us members, Senator Wagner, who went direct from Pennsylvania to his home In New York. Will Give Undints. This report will contain the findings findings of the sub - committee on its inspection inspection in the Pennsylvania district district where officials of both the (Continued on Page Four) numbered about 500, wrecked tfa company houses and smashed windows windows in others. The march on the shaft, near Robins. Ohio, was said to have been started as a result of report that thr mine would be opened today with non - union workers. Reports Reports said that upward of ISO non - ( Continued on Pne Four)

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