1926 Mrs Eugene Marinan Campaign continues, SanBernardino CA

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1926 Mrs Eugene Marinan Campaign continues, SanBernardino CA - SAN BERNARDINO DAILY SUN. THURSDAY, APRIL 22,...
SAN BERNARDINO DAILY SUN. THURSDAY, APRIL 22, as After of a the during saved had be received of J. out the the they men every estimated his they allow up rose the laJre two new the the four In was a and the He 25, estranse-ment he j Only 19 Days Left to End Of Big Vote Period in Race For Dream By THE CAMPAIGN MANAGER Candidates in the race for th "Dream House" and the big, handsome, handsome, speedy cars have reached the urn, maneuvered themselves intf position for the final go and from now on to the close of the big vote period. 10 o'clock, Monday ni?ht, May 10, will be battling for supremacy supremacy under whip and spur. Last Chance for Big Votes Ten o'clock, Monday night, May 10, is positively your last chance to enter subscriptions and secure the maximum number of votes allowed for each subscription.- subscription.- Ten o'clock, the night of May 10, marks the end forever of the extra special ballot of 125,000 votes given for each new year's subscription. Never again after this time will It be possible to get the full voting power on subscriptions. This is fair warning. If you entertain any desire desire whatever of being declared the winner of the "Dream House" or one of these splendid motor cars to be awarded In just a few weeks, do not fail to turn in every available sub scription to your account before the closing of the first period. Not to do so simply means that you will have to Increase your ef forts during the remainder of the race to make up for lost ground. A few long term subscriptions now may be the very ones needed to "cinch" the biggest of prizes; they could hardly help but win one of the larger awards. The crucial test Is now at hand. If you ever intend to do anything big In this race, do it now, Instead of being in second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth or ninth places (or farther down tha list). Get tip at the top and stay there. Now Is the time to make reasonably certain of the rrijes you most desire. desire. Remember, 615,000 votes are allowed on every three-year three-year three-year aub. scription for The Sun and 413.000 ferthe Telegram these last few days while when the second period starts they take a big decrease. And after the close of the "second period," there is still another big decrease tn the number of votes given for such subscriptions. These are the days to get busy the work yeu do this big vote period DISTRICT No. ONE Will include aJI participants residing In the territory lying east of tha center line of F atreet In tha City of San Ber nardino. The "Dream House" will be polls the highest vote, but one of the there are active participants wtll be Mrs. S. L. Anker Mrs. Katherine Alvarado Mrs. Maude S. Bell Mrs. Bella Boulden Mrs. Addle Bishop Mrs. Vera Clark Miss Eleanor Ferguson Mrs. A. R. Goldman Mrs. Florence Hoope Lurene V. Kemper Mrs. W. F. Lorentren Mrs. Jessie Mansfield Mrs. Eugene Marinan Mrs. William F. McCarthy C. C. "Spark Plug" Mcintosh Mrs. D. R. Meek Mrs. Grace Morrison Mrs. A. Neuman M!ss Emma Mae Neff Mrs. R. C. Pierce 968,100 Mrs. Alfred Parsons 5,000 Miss Irma Persinger 1,404,300 Mrs. Retta Peters 821, S00 Ralph Robinson 344.200 Miss Helen Stepanek 1,009,100 Mrs. M. A. Showalter 512.100 Miss Lulu Simpson 5,000 Miss Virginia. Scott 1,001,100 Mrs. F. J. Stevens 9S1.600 Arthur Schaefer 974.400 Franklin Thompson M00 Mrs. t'red Warner 11.400 Charles A. Tates I,004 DISTRICT NO. 2 DISTRICT NO. TWO Will Include all participants residing la las territory lying west of the center line of F Street In the City 01 San Bernardino. Bernardino. "The Dream House" will be awarded In this district provided It polls the highest vote, but one of the cara and as many cash prizes aa there are active contestants will be awarded in this district. Mrs. Frances Balrd 950,100 Albert Bottlno 1,421,400 Mrs. F. R. Beltz 131,100 Mrs. A. B. Btckford 5,000 Mies Edna Brlggs , 5,000 Miss Ernestine Carter 1,006,100 Mrs. Leora, DeWltt 401.6OO J. W. Dodson 5,000 Mrs. W. L. Dickson 5,000 15. H. Edwards 496.400 Mrs. Evelyn Eddy 918.600 Mrs. Florence Howell 5,000 R. T. Jones 5,000 P. S. McClarren 5,000 Mrs. Henry Mayer 1,014,200 Mrs. Ben Myers 6.000 Mrs. Jessie Musgrove 901,600 Mrs. E. P. Minner 958,300 Mrs. P. J. Osdick 991,600 Ward Rlmmer $44,400 Mrs. C. V. Riley, Jr 961,200 Mis. Nina Russell 651,200 Mrs. F. W. Schwalm 926,500 Mrs. A. C. Schaub 641.400 Oliver M. Shaffer 5.000 Miss Frances Webber 935.300 Mrs. Myrtle Yates 511,400 DISTRICT NO. 3 DISTRICT NO. THREE Will Include those participants residing in the cities of Colton, Uedlanda and Ontario. The "Dream House" will ba awarded in thla district provided It polls tha highest vote, but one of tha House and Cars counts and piles up votes mighty nulck. It's Up to You The only thing that w II keen you from winning Is you yourself. If you enter the campaign determined to be successful, you will be. It's up to you entirely. If you want the "Dream House" or a big, handsome, high powered, expensive motor car or hundreds of dollars tn cash we think you do get Into the campaign campaign today. Send In your nomination nomination blanks at once today. If you can spare the time, come down to election headquarters yourself yourself this afternoon or evening. Find out all about the campaign, how to get votes, what Is necessary to get them and then go after one of the biggest prizes. Vote Schedules Soon Decline The present big vote schedule will continue until the night of May 10, and all subscriptions received at this office before 10 o'clock will count. And subscriptions mailed, with remittance to cover, which are postmarked not later than 10 p. m., May 10, will count on the first pc. rlod vote schedule. The big vote schedule will positively be discontinued discontinued at that time In accordance with the rules and regulations, and wtll never be repeated or extended. The big vote scheduled won't wait for you you'll have to jump In and take advantage of It while you can. And It's mighty Important that you do take advantage of it if you want to land one of the big prizes. 100.000' Extra Free Votes Understand that with every $15 worth of subscriptions turned In you will receive 109,000 extra free votes In addition to tha regular votes on every Individual subscrip tion. These ar the days that subscrip tions count most votes for you. They will never count for as many votes again during the campaign. The re sult of jour race your auccess or failure will depend almost entirely upon what you accomplish during the big vote schedule period. Make the big vote schedule wlrt for you begin in earnest today. Following la the new standing of candidates: awarded In thla district provided it cara and as many cash prizes as awarded In this district. 116.400 8,000 T0S.4UO 924,600 963,300 981,300 979,400 902,600 106.300 .,. 8,000 987,800 1,006, S0O 1,001.200 29,800 145.S0S 455,600 996,100 5.000 845,500 cars aud aa many cash piif.es as there are active participants will be awarded In thla district. Lloyd H. hrown, PadlandS '. 5,000 Mrs. Mae Dunniway. Redlands 906,500 Max A. Dunlap, Hollands 202,400 Mrs. Hal Gorbelt, Ontario , S51,100 .Mrs. E. W. Jan-alt, Jan-alt, Jan-alt, Colton .'' 600,100 Mrs. Ben KronUe, Ontario 312,400 Miss Belle Larmore, Redlands 905,800 Mrs. Blanche Martin, Ontario 5,000 Robert B. Miller 518.200 Mrs. Fred Palmtag, Redlands 69C.500 Mrs. Helen I. McDaniel. Colton ' 816,100 Mrs. W. T. McElro.v. Colton 912,100 Mm. J. B. Mc e. Ontarlc 200.SOO Mrs. Jessie Maglll, Colton 904,100 Peter G. Mcher. Redlands 174,100 Mrs. Alpha Raynor, Colton 919,100 Mrs. R. M. Ray, Redlands 700,100 I'aul I.. Swisher, Redlands 217,400 Mrs. Walter K. Sims. Colton 905,300 Miss l.lly Soares, Colton 68,100 Mrs. Hilda Wllley, Redlands 900,300 Mrs. Rolla L. Whitman, Redlands 5,000 Mrs. A. F. Wade. Redlands 529,600 DISTRICT NO. 4 DISTRICT NO. FOUR Will include those participants residing In any of the territory not listed in D.strlcts Nos. One. Two and Three. The "Dream House" will be awarded in this district provided it polls the highest highest vote, but one of tha cars and as many cash prizes as there are active participants will be awarded tn this district. Mrs. Charles V. Bell, Upland 9S6.10O Mrs. D. S. Brown, RialtO 9S6,10u Mrs. R. H. Coombs, Banning 1,006,500 Alfred Brown, BloomlngtOn 612,300 Mrs. Ethel Black, Bloomlngton 116.200 Mrs. Tracy Cooper, Needle 1,024,500 Miss May F. Connor, Barstow 816,100 Mrs. F. W. Clooney, Ludlow 1,009,800 Mrs. Stella Ross Carter, F.tiwanda 984.400 Mrs. G. E. Davenport, Yucatpa 890,300 Mrs. lva Poppctt Demaree, Vlctorvllle 1,016,800 Mrs. Bruce Drummond, Beaumont 28.100 Miss Lorene Emery, Fontana 5,000 Miss Alda-Jane Alda-Jane Alda-Jane Elliott, Rlalto 841,300 H. C. Hagy, Highland 1,022.100 C. E. Harlow, Loma Linda 5,000 Mrs. Jack Lee, Fontana 216, 00 Mrs. R. P. Micallef. Fontana 9S5.500 Mrs. Jessie Mack, Bloomington iterman r, Mack. Motor A Miss Glcnna Raub. Del Rosa Heirhts Miss Olive Snell. Rlalto Mrs. Mary Stewart, Motor A Mrs. Chester Thomas, Motor A, Rlalto Mrs. Grace E. Thompson, Victorvllle Mrs. Charles Warren, Motor A Mrs. Chester Harris, Oak Glen L 57,185 AS Redlands Woman Says Services Services Not Worth Anything Like Such an Amount Lawsuit in which the law firm of Janeway, Beach & Pratt of Los An-geles An-geles An-geles Is attempting to collect a $7185 fee from Mrs. Genevieve C. 3. Cochrane, wealthy Redlands worn-an, worn-an, worn-an, opened before a jury in Superior Superior Judge Benjamin F. Warmer's court yesterday. The law firm charges that Mra. Cochrane has refused to pay for services rendered her over a period of months during the litigation attendant attendant with the settling of the million-dollar million-dollar million-dollar estate of her late father, father, who died In Minnesota In 1925. Mrs. Cochrane, in defense, asserts that the services performed by the law firm were not of the value of bill. She li represented by Attorneys Attorneys U. F. Lewis of Redlands- Redlands- and Swing A Wilson of San Bernardino. Attorney Raymond E. Hodge is associated associated with Janeway, Beach & Pratt In tha suit. The jurors are: Roy Stewart, Ernest T. Shay, R. J. Bowman, E. W. Kohlstedt. J. a. Stuart, O. L. Emery, C. W. Wilson. J. W. McCrary, Fred E. Ward, v A. Spauldlng, S. S. Edwards ana Charles M. Servatlus. The case will probably continue for three days. OPERA HOUSE ITERS FEE THOMA MEIGHAN In a Paramount Picture with Lila Lee THE NEW KLONDIKE Story by Ring Lardner Scen Taken in Florida Matinee 25o Evening 35o Children 15a COM INS NEXT SATURDAY AND SUNDAY Revue De Luxe CLEVER CLASSY MISSES ( PEPPY MUSIC BRIGHT SONGS SNAPPY DANCING BEAUTIFUL COSTUMES PLAN TO SEE THIS ACT OPERA 5 -Tcr 916,300 5,000 910.400 5.000 981,300 Avenu SS6.400 996,100 921,200 998,300 Rooming Houses Offered Today in Classified Pages '21 Velie six roadster, a beauty, $95 down. Cottage for sale, $150 down, balance $20 per month. Wa have two or three good rooming houses for sale. Well located; making good income. For Rent Large downstairs front sleeping room. Five dollars reward for re turn of brown bag containing papers of value to owner only. These ads with their ad dresses, along with hundreds or other Interesting offera, appear in today'a classified section. Elephant In the British museum has tusks nine feet long. They are aa large aa an aching tooth. Read tha Classified. "The Sea Beast" Is Coming to the WEST COAST THEATRE Monday, April 26 2 MORE DAYS 2:30 7:15 9 s

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  1. The San Bernardino County Sun,
  2. 22 Apr 1926, Thu,
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  • 1926 Mrs Eugene Marinan Campaign continues, SanBernardino CA

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