Story from page 3/16 of the 20 Jan 1928 issue of the Scranton Republican

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Story from page 3/16 of the 20 Jan 1928 issue of the Scranton Republican - FRIDAY, JANUARY 20, 192S RUSH SUSPECTS TO JAIL...
FRIDAY, JANUARY 20, 192S RUSH SUSPECTS TO JAIL TO PREVENT RIOT (Continued frontpage Threel Hale and Police Lieutenant James Price, of this city. Pugliese and Bel - were on their way to this city early this afternoon before Dr. Michael Murphy had concluded the rjost - mo. am lion ot the murdered man's boC - . Discovery of Body The body of LUlis was found opposite opposite 186 East Railroad street. Browntow n. at 1 :30 o'clock by James Golden, of Gardner street. He notified notified Sergeant Thomas Reddington and a detail of police of this city, who were investigating a report that shooting had occurred in the city proper. Going to the scene Reddington Reddington identified the body as that Lillis, and notified Wyoming barracks. Troopers Knight, Frick and Brown were assigned to the case and with Deputy Coroner Charles Burns removed the body from the scene. A special police officer who was detailed to watch outgoing passenger passenger trains, reported at police headquarters at 1:47 o'clock that two men carrying suit cases boarded the west bound train for Rochester, N. Y. Chief of Police McHale, notified notified the Sayre . authorities, and Le - hipi Vf'lev d - i3ctives p"d police took Bello and Pugliese off the train when it arrived in that city. Chief of Police McHale and Lieut. Price left immediately for Sayre when notified of the arrest and returned with the prisoners. When the 11:47 train pulled into the Valley train shed on Water street, a crowd of two hundred spectators had gathered. County Detectives Richard Powell and John Dempsey. State Troopers Knight, Frick and Brown, a"'i Sergeant John Connors and a d'tail of city police formed an escort for the suspects suspects as they were taken to City Hall a half block away. Their, confinement confinement at City Hall was short as Countv Det"ctive Powell and Chief McHale. following a consultation, decided to transfer them to Wyoming Wyoming barracks, for fear of an outbreak outbreak in the citv. Two automobiles were required to move the deta'l and prisoners to the barracks. At State police head - ouarters tonight Captain WiUaim A. Clark announced tbat no confession confession had been ni"de by either of the two susnects. The trooDers are continuing their investigation. ' The location of the murder early this morning is near the scene where Sam Marranca made his sensational sensational dash for liberty last June while State troopers were making house to house search for him. Active in Union Affairs The authorities attribute the brutal slaying of Lillis to his activities activities in trie miners' union. Lillis in 1920 was treasurer of Local 1703. which cemnrises the nr'ners of the No. 6 colliery. Pennsvlvania Coal Comnany. end was also an active member of the general grievance committee. When A'exander Camn - bell. at that time chairman of the general grievance committee, was elected International Board member. member. Lillis was elected check - weigh - man - Late? when CaniDbe'l ws defeated defeated as International Board member member and was elected as check weighman at No. .6 colliery, the company officials are said to have ignored his credentials. Campbell had been without any official position position since that time but continued his membership in No. 6 local. Recently Lillis, who with Campbell Campbell was one of the organizers f the general grievance committee became became active against the officers of the local union. On Wednesday night of last week when Local 1703 neld a meeting the insurgent block ousted the old corps of officers during during a stormy session and elected a new corps of officers with Sam president. Following the meeting the district board of tne United Mine Workers at Scranton refused to recognize the new officers stating, that the procedure of election was illegal. In the meantime notices were posted at the mines of the No. 6 Colliery that a .special meeting was to be held Satirday night for the purpose of elect ig a check weighman weighman and check docking boss. At this meeting Alix Campbell was elected to the position of check weighman. The meeting was attended attended by miners ind laborers of No. 6 and the choice of Campbell was almost unanimois. Packed Mreii" Then a regular mecU.ig of No. b Colliery was held last night in St. Aloysius' Hall, Sam Bonita, who was elected president last week and whose election the district offli ia s declared was illegal, presided. The hall was jammed to the doors, the officers finding it necessary to occupy occupy seats on the stage. During the course of the meeting a discussion discussion arose over what action the miners would take in the event that the company officials refused to recognise Campbell when work was resumed at No. 6. A motion to have either been made or seconded by Lillis was to the effect that if such was the case the miners miners would not resume work. The meeting adjourned and Lillis, after being seen with various groups of mine workers in the central city, left for his home about midnight. Statements in the afternoon papers to tli effect that he had accompanied accompanied Mr. Campbell to his home on Railroad street are without any foundation, Mr. Campbell stated. Shot by Two Men - The theory of the authorities that Lillis was waylaid and murdered by two men was verified tonight when Dr. M. J. Murphv announced the finding of his post mortem which he conducted at the Pittston Hospital. One .38 calibre lead - jacket bullet had been fired at close range behind the right ear and was found imbedded in the skull. Another bullet which entered Li 'lis' back between the shoulders, penetrated penetrated the spine. It was u .32 calibre lead missle. The two shots in the muscle of the arm were .32 calibre. Tom Lillis was well known in this city as well as Browntown. He was born here forty - nine years ago. He was member of St. John's Catholic Catholic Church, the Holy Name Society and the Y. M. I. He is survived by his mother, Mrs. Nora Lillis and the following brothers and sisters; James and' Anna, of Browntown; Mrs. John Koan. Mvs. RonT Moran, of this city, and Daniel Lillis. Lillis. of Avoca. The funeral will b held Monday morning at 9 o'clock. A requiem mass will be sung in St. John's - church at 9:30 o'clock. Lillis will be buried in St. John's cemetery. While the murder of Lillis was the principal torjio of conversation on the tongues of persons gathered in the various business places of the city, state troopers under the direction of Captain Clar't. were at wor' - checking no statemoiits made by Bello and Pueliese. Both men admitted thpy attended the union meetin" and when onesMoned bv the Btitho - 'Mps 'as to thpir hasty exit from Pittston stated they were ming to Rochester to seek more - ndv ennloymert thn is avil - phle at th m'ne. Both are employed employed at No. 6 colliery. J38 pionthlv pavtrpnts of $10.00 pflc'i at 3 ner cent will return $1,672 i. Te same payments made on n Npw CWm account returns 2.000.00. or $''27.86 morp. Now is the time to start in the 52nd sorips, row npenine. Assets over $3,000. - 000.000 New Oitizpns BHldinc and Loan Association, sni Ced - r pvenue. H. J. Zeigler. nresidnt; V. C. Hes - singer. secretary. Adv. Dickson City Come in and 1st us give y a demonstration in the new Ford Car. Dippel Bros. 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  • Story from page 3/16 of the 20 Jan 1928 issue of the Scranton Republican

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