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what newspapers print, divorce, marriage - Looking at Life liy .EKICII HKANDKIS In Delhi,...
Looking at Life liy .EKICII HKANDKIS In Delhi, Iowa, Mrs. Margaret McConnell died a! the age of 81, For 26 years she has kept a light burning in a. window of her home, keeping a promi.se she had made her son, Claude, when he wenl away to (lie first World war. The light was to guide him home. Claude died in 1018- but. Mrs, McConnell kept the lighl burning - -and it shone when she passed away a. few days ago. Oh, J know, lots of you will say that's sentimcntalism and all thai sort of thing. Perhaps it is. But. I think I here isn't a mother on Ibis earth who doesn't keep a. light shining for every one of her children who has gone a.way. My mother-in-law is very, very ill. She isn't expected fo live. A few days ago she had a stroke, When she came back into her mind, she asked my wife: "Does Fred know aboul my being so sick?" Fred i.s her son who died 15 years ago—yet he is always in her thoughts, and, thus, the seemingly foolish question, "Does Fred know about my being sick?" was a perfectly natural thing for a mother to ask. It in a peculiar fact thai mothers think- most often and most poignantly about the children who have died or gone away. There is an old lady I know who had 11 children. Two died and nine are living near her. She loves the nine, but it'.s the two who have gone (hat she always talks about. They were model children, she says, they would, be great men if they were alive today, they would not have done some of the things her living ones do. There isn't anything new I can tell you about mother love. It seems that everything [hat can be said about if has been said more eloquently by far than 1 could clo it. But you won't mind, will you, if 1. make just one. little suggestion. I think I have a right !o make it: because it is based on own experience. Don't take mother love for granted. Don't treat it lightly. 'Don't consider it a cheap possession or even somclhing that may, at times, become a bit of a burden. Mother love is a priceless Ircas- ure. It is the one love that is entirely unselfish, the one love that will never die, the one love that is as divine as anything on carl.h can ever be. I know because when I had it my further comment,' at least from me. "In regard to the statement that infants should not be fed from a cup, 1 should like to tell you of our experience. "After a severe fever when my little girl was six months old I was unable to nurse her. An older doctor suggested feedings from a cup. Although rather hard to do at lirst, she thrived and gained weight.? 'We held the child in our laps and turned the cup towards her as you would drink from if yourself. There is a .sucking motion and if the child is exceptionally hungry she nearly pulls the cup from your hand." A friend of mine. Dr. D. M. Frix.gen, who is the "eompleaf pediatrician" and qualifies as an authority because he brought his two children up on cup drinking and has a picture of them at the age of six to show bow healthy they are, teaches all hi.s students, so he tells me, to train mothers to teach babies to drink out. of a cup rather than a nursing bottle. There arc several advantages, the most, important, being that it teaches them to eat. Thus there is no hiatus at. the time when the baby begins to take more or less solid food. Besides there seems to be a more regular alignment of teeth in Iho cup drinkers than in the bottle .suckers. That some changes are made in the month parts from too vigorous sucking is evidenced by another letter received from Toronto. '"I have a little son of three and one half years of age. He ha.s never lost the nursing bubble that appears on the upper lip of babies. He was weaned from the breast, at seven months and on a bottle for two months. Will this have to be removed, and if so in what way?" I am assured, again by Dr. Friz- gen, that these sucking pads all go away in the course of time although he says he has seen some persist even to the fifth year. Gels lOnough Milk Contrary to expectations and pre-suppositions the baby who drinks from the cup does not spill most of the meal. He gets all he needs, as is shown by weight gain, practically universally found in cup drinkers. I didn't appreciate it. It camo too easy, it, was too cvcry-day. But now there is something missing that no other love can ever replace—that wonderful feeling of security and that place lo lay your head in perfect trust, and peace whenever you feel like a lost boy again. (Copyright, 19<M, Syndicate, Inc.) King Features

Clipped from
  1. Naugatuck Daily News,
  2. 06 May 1944, Sat,
  3. Page 4

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