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Lifesaving service - NEWS, SATURDAY, : | i ««·:' ! \vho Ueo. was-...
NEWS, SATURDAY, : | i ««·:' ! \vho Ueo. was- the Turk the bui ud- subdivision add o certain hlock considerations loi A. W i l l - iiarkley, bad k n i f e huri. two none a company's of for the the at at - t h e information the is he Cincinnati Southern rabbi THE LIFE SAVERS. i-UEY WEXT TO \VUUIC AT JIIU- JlitiUT UN '1I1K SEASON. SOMETHING OF THEIR DUTY. The- Trip of n Bottle From the **f Alabuuiu lo KUJ.S Uay--lli- H*tern at S*-u. Tho active term of the Hfe-saviiiK s^r- vk-« cunmu'iiL-cd at l- oViivk lasi nlK"t. Kor two inuiiths tho .surftnrii hu\v IMM-U off duty, it beinff a s» -i\son of tin- yt-ar ·wht-ii t h n e is imi-i or nothing for to do. The eighth, or jruU distr'vi. 1s in charge of Captain William A. HutchiiiK--. There are efjjht stations In the dhnrirt, embracing lorty-niiiv surfmen mid u captain for c-ticli. Tin.- station ki-epers are a.s follows: Oalvt'Ston. Capiain I'Yr.vanl lliiinrs: Sun 1-uly. Captain Jolianu It-jtrt;- Jcr: Sablnc Pas?, Captain J o h n l!Hon; lasco. Captain John I?. Akvii; uluria, Caplain Andrew Rasmusson; Arausas Pass. Captain Edward While; Hrn/.os, Captain John Flynu: Santa Rosa, Fla., Captain Robert Hroiulbent. In the Hfi'-riaviiiK service the »urfn»L-n principally Scandinavian.-!. They are usually sailors wtio can not t j u l t e quit and yet want to live on land, so they saitsfticilon in tho service. Six in«-n art; employed at the Galviistmi station. Thustf ·uhu signed articles oi a y n i-nuMU yi-sir-r- day art* Martin Toms.-n. rharSt/s and Carl liorg'TSon oi last MCCSOIV^ i-n-w, uiul Oliu' ivierscn. Alt-x M M M S C I I ttml Uura El!::uv,m, who an- r.t-w nn-n at t point. Peterrfen. however, ha.s ho.-ii in i he svrvlco sine*! 1!*3, tuiil ha served in nearly every station in the Uistnui. PM« articles of agreement for surfMit.-n are lii'twet-n ihi 1 surf RICH ami ilu; keeper 01 r- station. They ayrc-e. for the .stipulated wages to enter into the life-saving service for tho term expiring J u l y 3], sooner dlschrtrgeil. and to repair 10 Urn siution and reside there until the conclusion of the conn-art term, unless soo un- discharged, "and during ail that time, the utmost ct' our power and nhiHiv. respectively. to discharge our -· \vral duties as required bv law ami the. n-gnlations tho life-saving service, and to comply and be subjtct to such rules and discipline as are or may be esiublished for government, and in everything to be conformable and obedient 10 the lawful commands of the nfnccrs who may, from to lime, be placed over us. "·Ynd we do hereby further covenant agrct: to hold ourselves subject to any proper cull, by signal or otherwise, for service at any shipwreck or to assist any vessel In distress; 'or to rescue or assist any person from drowning-, dur- portion of said term not embraced in the 'active season,' provided we are within Available distance, and at such times to do our utmost in saving lite property, and to hold ourselves subject said regulations, rules ami discipline of the life-saving service, and to the lawful commands of the officers placed over us. "And we do further covenant and each for himself, that in case he shall or neglect to perform any of the. stipulations, or in case he shall fail in duty or desert or leave his post of or absent himself therefrom during the active season, without leave of absence obtained from tho proper authority, to forfeit whatever wages? may be due or to him toy reason of tills agreement his services thereunder at (he time of failure or neglec.. or desertion or absence without leave., or shall forfeit suclj part thereof as the general superintendent of the life-saving service shall, in his discretion, determine, and any sum that may due to the keeper or the station mess board may be paid to said keeper or the party acting for the station mess, the cae'may be. · "The keeper of the station, for ana behalf of the I'nilcd States, covenants agrees to and Trfth the parties who severally signed their names, and each them, respectively, that the parties shall ue paid, in consideration of their services. at the rate named; during the 'active season.' while actually employed, and ?3 euch occasion of service at a wreck, or each day employed In saving and protecting property therefrom at times not embraced In the 'active season,' payable such times and in such proportions' as are or may be allowed by uiy proper officers of the treasury department of tha United States. · "It is further agreed by and between ·parties to this instrument that it shall bind the government beyond the time which congress shall have made appropriation adequate to its fulfillment." se they o me a n , said yesterday, his ruddy face glowin iwilh pride.- He Is always active In the service, and watches every station with care of a" true superintendent. He is urctting one thing, however, and that that the Pensacola- station house come near going to join Davy Jones in the recent hurricane down that way. It is badly wrecked Itself, and the new, life-saving crow will have., something to do in repairing it. o n a e q u a e o s m . Captain Hutchings has a very creditable en-ice. "I was up in Washington, and they told me I had one of the best,"

Clipped from
  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 01 Aug 1896, Sat,
  3. Page 5

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