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 - , t j I Brick! Brlek! Parties wanting brick can...
, t j I Brick! Brlek! Parties wanting brick can hnvo their wants promptly supplied by leaving their orders at the office of Gibson & Henderson, Mines and Stock Exchange, Globe, Ariz MINERAL APPLICATION NO. 195, UNITED STATES LAND OFFICE, Phoenix, Arizona, October 20, l'JOC, Notice is hereby given that Tho Commercial Company u corporation, by W. S, Sultan, its attorney in fnct, has made application for patent for tliu Lime Lodge lode, survey No. 2272, situated in Globo Minintr district, Gila county, in Sec. 25, T. 1 N K. 15 E,, described as follows: Heginning at Corner No. 1 whence the S. 1 Co . Sec. 24 T. 1 N. It. 15 E., G. & S. it. U. & M. bears N. 7 (leg. !!9 mm. W, KI7.5 feet; thence S. 00 cleg. 01 min. E, 578.87 feet to Cor. No. 2, thence S. fe! dog, 37 min. W. 1385.4 feet to Cor. No. 3, thence N. 00 deg. 01 min. W. 598.15 feet to Cor. No. 4 on the enst boundary ol North Globe townsite, running thence S. 89 deg. 3G min. E. 1385.2 feet to Cor No. 1, the place of beginning. The Amended Location Notice is on record in Book 12, Records of Mines, at page 131 County of Gila, there are no known adjoining claims. MILTON It. MOORE, Register. First publication Oct. 28, 190G. ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION OK Globe Whoattlelds Mining Company Know All Men By These Presents: That, we, Fred C Booth, J. Thornton Price. Claud W. Lightfoot, and N. G. Nolms. all of Gila county, Arizona, do hereby associate ourselves together for the purpose of forming a corporation under the laws of the Territory of Arizona, and for this purpose, we do hereby declare and adopt the following articles of incorporation: Article 1. The names of the incorporators are Fred C. Booth, J. Thornton Price, Claud V. Lightfoot, and N. G Nelms; the name of this corporation shall be and is Globe-Wheatfields Mining com-' pany, and its principal place of acting business shall lie at Globe, Gila county, Arizona, at w Inch place the , meetings of the stockholders and , directors shall be hold, provided that branch oflices may be established at , other points within the Territory of Arizona to be selected by the stock-' holders in meeting assembled, and at such places any and all business may be transacted necessary to the carrying out of the purposes of this incorporation. Article II ; The general nature of the business to be transacted by this corporation is to buy, sell, bond or mortgage mines and mining property, and to work, operate and maintain the same; to acquire, by proper conveyance, all real estate necessary for the purposes of its business, either in or out of the Territory of A izona; the erection and maintenance of works, mills and smelters necessary for its purposes; to engage in and carry on the business of treating, smelting and refining copper and other ores and metals; to construct all necessary buildings, roads, and tramways for ths carrying out of the purposes of this corporation;and in general to do and perform any and all acts and things necessary for and incidental to the objects aforesaid or in anywise connected therewith. Article III. The authorized capital stock of thi3 corporation is and shall be one million dollars, which said capital stock shall be divided into one million shares of the par value of one dollar each, and when issued shall be fully paid and non-assessable. Article IV. The time of the commencement of this corporation shall be the date upon which these articles are filed in the of fice of the county recorder of Gila county, Arizona, and a copy Ihereof filed in the office of the territorial auditor of Arizona; and its termination shall be twenty-five years from and after the filings aforesaid. Article V. The affairs of this corporation shall be conducted by a board of five directors, elected annually by and from among the stockholders thereof. The first annual meeting of the stockholders for this purpose, and for the transaction of such other business as may properly come before them, shall be held on the first Monday of October, 1907, and annually thereafter on said date. The officers of this corporation shall consist of a preside t, a vice-president, a secretary and treasurer, and a general manager Until such board of directors shall have been elected, the following named persons, who shall become owners of shares of stock herein before qualify irg as such, shall constitute the board of directors of this corporation: Fred C. Booth, J. Thornton Price, James II. Lightfoot, Claud V. Lightfoot and N. G. Nelms. The president of said board, when elected by the board of directors, shall also be the presiding officer of all stockholders' meetings. Article VI. The board of directors shall have power to fill all vacancies in said board, or in the offices of this corporation, and until their successors are elected and qualified such board and such officers are hereby empowered anil authorized to do any and all things necessary to the propt r conduct of the affairs of this corporation. Article VII. The highest amount of indebtedness - " "" '' mm or liability to which this corporation may at any time subject itself shall be and is.hereby fixed at the sum of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Article VIII. The private property of the stockholders of this corporation shall be exempt from liability for tho debts thereof. In Witness: Whereof, We, the incorporators aforesaid, have hereunto set our hands and seals this 21th day uf October. 190(1. Freii C. Booth, Seal J. Thornton Price, Seal i Claud W. Licit i foot, Seal N. G. Nelms. Seal. TlM)IMTnVilP Alll'fifJA ) ' County of Gila. f BS Before me. J. M. McCollum, notary public in and for the Countv of Gila, ' Territory of Ari.ona, this day personally appeared Fred C Booth, .1. Thornton Price, Claud W Lightfoot and N. G. Nelms, perse nally known to mo to be the persons wluse names are sub- i scribed to the foiogo'ng instrument, and each of them acknovv lodged to mo that he signed the same for the purposes and consideration therein expressed. Given under mv hand and oflicial seal this ltb day of October, 1900. J. M. McCollum, Seal Notary Public, Gila County, Arizona. I My commission expires August 28lh, 1 1909. I Territory of Arizona, i , a j 1 ss County of Gila, f I I, W. I). Fisk, county recorder in and for the County of Gila, Territory I of Arizona, do hereby certify that the i above and foregoing contain and constitute a full, true correct copv of ( Articles of Incorporation of Globe-Wheatfields Mining company, as the same appears on record in my office in Book 1 of Corporation at page ; that 1 have compared the same with the original record, and that the same is a true transcript and of the whole thereof. Given under my hand and seal of office tlus 25th day of October, A. I). 190G. Seal W. D. FisK, County Recorder, Gila Countv, A. T First publication Nov. 25, 1906. ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION -OF- Whallcy Lumber Company Know All Men By These Presents: That we, William Whalley, Anna Whalley and William E. Whalley, for tho purpose of incorporating ourselves 1 under tlie laws of the Territory of Ari-Izona, do hereby adopt the following I Articles of Incorporation and declare: First The names of Ihe incorporators are William Whalley, Anna Whalley and William E Whalley; the name of I said corporation shall be Whalley Lumber Company, and its principal place of ' transacting busmeis snail be at Globe, Gila county, Arizona Territory. 1 Second The general nature of the business proposed to bo transacted shall be the manufacturing, handling, j buying, selling and dealing in all kinds I of lumber, hardware, lime, I ment, roofing, paints, oils and any and ' all other kinds of building material I whatsoever, and to maintain yards, j warehouses, stores and establishments andeq ipment therefor. Third The amount of capital stock ' of said company shall be fifty thousand dollars, to be divided into five hundred 1 shares of one hundred dollars par value each, which stock shall be issued from time to time by the Board of Directors , for money, goods, property or services, upon such terms as said board shall i direct, and when so issued to be fully paid and non-assessable. I Fourth The corporation shall com-, mence business immediately upon the filing of a certified copy of its Articles of Incorporation with the territorial auditor, and it shall terminate twenty-five years thereafter, i Fifth Tho affairs of this corpora-! tion shall be conducte d by a Board of ! Directors consistmir of three stockhold ers, who shall be elected annually on I the first Monday of April of each year, i and until their successors are elected and qualified the following named stock-i holders shall constitute said Board of 1 Directors, to-wit: William Whalley, Anna Whalley and William E. Whalley. 1 Such board shall adopt by-laws, point officers and agents and have sole i i and complete charge of the entire ' ness affairs of this cor oration and control over emplovcs thereof. I Sixth The highest amount of debtedness to w hich this corporation shall at any time subject itself shall be $25,000. i Seventh The private property of , the stockholde s shall be forever exempt from corporation debts. In witness whereof the said parties have hereunto set their hands this 9th day of November, A. I). 190G. William Whalley. ' Anna Whalley. i William E. Whalley. i Territory of Arizona, . " County of Gila. f 83' Before me, George It. Hill, a I ublic in and for tho Baid County of Gila. Territory of Arizona, on this day personally appeared William Whalley, Anna Whalley and William E. Whalley, I known to me to be the persons whose names are subscribed to the foregoing instrument, and acknowledged to me that they executed the same for the purpose and consideration therein ex- ' pressed. Given under my hand and seal of I office this 9th day of November, A. I). 1 190C. Geokoe It. Hill, Seal Notary Public. I My commission expires Jan. 21, 1910. I First publication Nov. 11, 1900. -

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