Pete Randall's obituary and details of death

Pete Randall's obituary and details of death - AIKEN STANDARD AND REVIEW— T*« On/» Ntwtpaper...
AIKEN STANDARD AND REVIEW— T*« On/» Ntwtpaper Publish In Atom County- WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 15,1941 .mem Hh« ;'/., XDERFUL D VY TO BE MC:H, STILL ._ MY ma •?<- to m\ bedside th.U most c\eijone ha 1 -. 01 i-. going tn . . Now 1 bet the c)uckenpo\ i-, going to be mad with d"' >o much pul>\ to the Flu -VII my Coulees of in' in' cnnplcicU togged tip ,iml m\ onlj <,jontacta_aic with. .Kin. »f unich I h.ui' none . . Mh>- BI'«MC Phillips, .1 o' (>„ i hi N'eu Voik 'lime-, i-> aiming thi= moining loi -itii Mr. and Mrs. Albert S. \Villeox who will entertain for her u.i'i i luuieoi' Ml and Mi* G M.itculloch Millei ale pa^s,1 pa^s,1 si-Jit \j-it in No\ \oik .mil aie expected to .nine at Jo\ Cot- gc Mioit'v All- I \\eicll ha-, lejomcd hei i.Uhei Thomas iLu'iCoiA ioi i \'-it 'Mi C'aik \vho ua> M-itmg with them de- ji.nud 101 Nc \ \<uk on ~>und<u Gioige lUdc Claik ha-- depai ted -M 1 -—Ma'-'iiM l!ii"<'!' i- viMttn.r m tlic Hast %\hcio "li.iniid In lit' daughiii Mi- Sln.>lin Smiih who \\ai ( •i,->iid.n- Mi >'id Mi- Ja'iu- ti .lonn-on ot Dnioit ^> ,\ i K 'o iv cup 1'ilwoiili Coctasri. lo> inolhei "ea-on H"1>1) Ot 1H II d'l-,1 ,1'L >1 IMll'-f A lT<-t lOJTCtliel r-llOOt ~i,rn'i., .ii'i' .u. lO'iiobik'- -tried lollmn eaiH "L i - u ,<!' i n't- llu i -nu 'i A\ ill gathi. i . in n_ i'n- wciA i'on \cu ^ 01 k 10 oc_ctip\ .intuir M i «, Mi- .1 I'Ltli'U l>\ei = ID .^t is n r f\ I'.i Lti o..i u,n tncn (.oltajre- !-H 10 1 lO! 1(1.1 UllOtl tilLll ILLlllll ttie\ •K< i Mi» lohii ^'Mi im \ Mauin ot tihmlon A 10 \ ' .. i tlii 'ii Kubeu \ Mikini i- in \i\\ Yolk II IlobiiiMiii Hull \vill .111 \i <=lioul\ tu uicupv Siotlie Lea L0tt.isr<_ uluci -K ha- !<.i-ut i«i tin- -c i%n Ml and Mi- Chalk's HeiMj. Me' <", of. Convent Nt-*\ ,K'n\ an. in New AoiU i\ hi i e thev .UL xi-Hi'ig uc oic .11 ts,n.r in \iki-n to OLLUP\ then -cottage, for the bi,i->on I>,iM(i Mohii/r vsas the ^in-t spcakoi on I'ue-sda\'a ladio liro"ram ove- \\RD\\ . Hi- -ubjcct wa-, Aiktn Tennis —10]—\r~v-.—- M' -—M.ii -h ^1 o u i- llCII. '• l VM" a tO(. i\ this sii a: 1 an!, \ 111- I L'LL v no u -i.a'.o' u\! i Mi ig blights In Sports THE FIRST MiEE'Hffh OF THE AIKEN DRAG HOUNDS WILL be held Saturday, according to an announcement by the Hitchcock Foundation. •'The-muetind will start at Formata School at-ll':30. The next meeting wilKbe the radge Race Track on Wednesday. On Salurd««< January. 2ft, the meeting will start from tho Horse Show Ground/and on the fallowing Wednesday, Gamekeeper's Lodge, Mrs. Sc'ymmir Knoxjind \Miss Dolly von Stndu will'serve .as-joint masters of llu) hounds this sc^i- MISS CLAftJDIA. PHEL'PS l^rTKNDIN'C THE.l'.Ml GKORGIA" Field Trials-slated for the srreater\pari of this week at Waynesboro, Ga. Miss 1'helps had two of her HoVicrun Plantation do;rs entered in the two members event!--. Hosncrun • Circu-i Milligan and Homerun Lady Mary. These trials will .In-•followod on January 20 by the Continental Continental Fii'ld Trial? at Thoma.--yi!lt'. Gn. -...'•. .-."•'' TWO' : 'lO-Kf)l:M'l AI.I.-.ST.Vi; MATCIIK.S \V1I.L I-'KATURK- Till:: -special :M-mtl!id hoxiii;_'' card tn in- pre.-'i'iiti'd ill the 'municipal auditorium auditorium .ln.-rv i!»morrow (Tlunvday •• night for ihe lii'iii'l'it r>:' the National r'ight liifantih- l'a!-aly.-i.--'i:ainpaign. . fiarvey (l.c!';y) young, Parris IslandV .sensai imial mariiii: wc!u-rweight • and "Wild Hill" Khineharilt, Chai'lnito. N'.'C!. veteran,._will jinx'' up in'th.". 1 I'ir^t main event. 'Muck IViiUind, f.Jri-pr light\yvight aiifl Ki<l Xichol.soii, a ncw- coiiicr to local fight circles who hails from llendersonvilli', X .C. will match wallops in the second. lO-rouiulcr. K. O. Carvin, a -favorite with local fans will scrap Gordon Hall, A.shcvllli!; N. C. middlewi-ight in a six-round preliminary. . " •' : -> >%5.-«>- -y * ^f t^~ ^ ^ - 1 * ' * <• -^e>. -•>' , '< ^ ' ,<"\~ **- *-^V'-'A£i „ ••'' ,,, •' -v t tin; AND TME LITTLE C'SCU'TS —Remember Seabrscuif, mighty all-time high winner of the American turf He was retired last spring, but here he is at northern California ranch of his owner, Charles S. Howard, with some'of his children. Stake king is now 7 years old. j. A. MCELMURRAY TAKEN BYDEATH Final Riles For Beech Island Planter Held Yesterday Afternoon Afternoon Sports In Short BT ELARBEE DAIRY SCHOOL TO BEHELDFRIDAY Dr. C. G. Cushman to Have Charge of the Discussion at Belvedere Belvedere The third KC.ssion of ihe Dairy School for Aikeri'-Edtrefielci Coun- -ty Dairymen will be hold at Helve-' tiere School on Friday, January January 17, bejcinninj; at 7:110 I'. M., according to F. \V. Cork-y, County A<?cnt. The be discussed this time will "The Production of Feeds", Mr. Corley said. This will include a discu.sKiwi of such things as seedbed preparation, soil treatments, treatments, amount' and' varieties of .snecl for permanent pastures and annual 'jfrazinK crops. in producing and harvestinj.? hi«h fluidity hay and sihi^c and the production production of .home-Brown.economical feed will also be discussed. Color slides will bV used in connection with the discussion. Dr.-C. (j. Gushman, Kxtcnsion Dairy Specialist, will, have charge of this disciif.sion. This eession ishouid be of interest to all livestock livestock farmers Mr. Corley adds. FOR RENT—Five rooms and bath.- Private entrance. Conveniently Conveniently located. Apply H. S. l.ybrand, 1-141 Park Ave. Phone n4fi. Jan. 15 np. F" FELIX 'Of BAR HARBOR NEW YORK CUSTOM TAILOR AND FURRIER Will Open Soon AT COLLETON AVE. and WHISKEY ROAD James A. McElimirray, fi- 1 !, p'rpm- i he i it- resident of Recch Island, and widcly-knhwn planter died at an Augusta infumary Satuidav moining at 3 40 o'clock aftei an illness of one week. Funeral service's were held at the Beech Island Baptist church, of which he was a member, Tuesday Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock. The Rev. E. C: Sheridan and the Rev. Guy Hurlbutt officiated and interment interment was in the Hammond cemetery cemetery at 15«ech Island. .Active'ipallbcarers, air nephews of the deceased were Robert McElmurray, McElmurray, Roy McElmurray, Edward Edward McElmurray, Jr., Ben Swain McElmurray, Jim Cook and Edward Edward McElmurray. Honorary pallbearers were deacons deacons i'f the Beech Island Baptist church; trustees of the Downer Institute. J. 0. 'I'.atc of Sumlcr; J. II. .Moody ol' \VarrenviHi'; Thomas• W. Davies of Columbia; .1 .K. Parker, Sr.. of Langlcy; \V. P. \Vhcat of Modoc; .l.:L. Steed of laek.Kon; B. \V. Ci-oslaud. f). I!, is'in, F. \V. Corley, -. (llairu (>ss. J. \V. (iilliam. .Jr., .1. M. ii'vnicy, fl. L. IJigford, J. M. iiiHon, William Johnson, all of A:ikcn. R. B. Ounhar, Thili]) Livingston. Paul H. Dunbar. I). R. Morgan, John B. Hill, A. !>. Atkinson. William William Dobson, John Carey Lamar, fi. T. Uansey, Gerrard Fowkc, Robinson Foreman, 'Jesse Swancey, J. M. Thompson, Uowdre Morris, Drew Morgan, Jim Pryor, Hay no Lamar, all of Beech Island. F. F. Dunbar, Bibb Lyon, E. J. Lyon, Walter Smith, H. Hal Hill, R. B. Mealing, Bright McConncll, Or. .1. H. Butler, Dr. Righton Robertson, Robertson, all ftf Augusta; C. C. F. Hammond, Judge Webb and A. C. Murray of Kathwood. Mr. McElmurray was a native of Beech Island and had lived there all his lite. He was chairman of the board of'deacons of the Beech Island Baptist church, a member of the board of trustees of the Downer Institute, formerly a member member of the Farm Loan hoard, and a Mason and Shriller. The deceased is survived by his wife, Mrs. Charlotte Let: McEl.- murray; one son, John Edward McElmurray; two daughters, Miss Helen J. McElmurray and Miss Julia L. McElmurray, all of Beech Island; four brothers, E. W. Mc.Elmurray, R. L. McElmurray of Beech Island; J. R. McElmurray, f Augusta, and H. .H. McElmurray of Hepzibah, Ga.; two sisters, Mrs. Walter Blakeley of Beech Island, and Mrs. Herman Cook of Aiken. The sponsoring of this week's fight program by the Fight Infantile Infantile Paralysis Committee is certainly putting a-worthy cause back of the card and all the local John Q. Fans should make it a point to help fill the hall . . . We are alto reminded when >peaking of polio of the part that di*ea*e hai played in the live* of athlete*. Glenn Cunningham, the great miler of all times had an attack of it as well as burnt limbs but overcame them all to'become the king of distance runners. . . Columbia Columbia Lou Gehrig had to give up bateball because he suffered from an attack of it . . . .Georgia Coleman, Coleman, a United States Olympic Diving Champion in 1SKJ6 fought off one attack of it but succombcd tu a relapse . . . Sport fan* above all other* thould want to ..fight thi* disease thai ha* robbed the sport fiejd of some of its greatest performers ... Polo it already under way at Camden and Pine- ; hurst and an overflow crowd saw j BOXING EVENT FOR POLIO BENEFIT First of a Series of Be- -jief its to be Boxing Tomorrow Night The first of a series of benefit affairs to be sponsored by the National Defense against Infantile Infantile Paralysis Committee will be a boxing show Thursday night at 8:30 in the city auditorium. Main event on this all star show will be a 10 round bout between between Garvey Young, the Fighting Fighting Marine of Paris Island and Wild Bill Rhinehardt of Charlotte. Both of these fighters have boxed here before and were crowd plcas- crs. The semi-final will also be a ten rounder with Buck Pcnland of Greet 1 , S.C. meeting Kid -Nicholson -Nicholson of Hendcrsonville, N. C. K. 0. Garvin .a . big local favorite from Wagener will meet a newcomer Gordon Ball of Abbeville Abbeville in a six round watch. Thu card will bu opened by two good four round bouts. ROTARY WHEEL •Tom Brooks arid his-Rotary In- foiin.Uion Committee will bo in chaise ot the meeting this week Rotiirians are lookiiie; forward to the lecttiic they die sponsonng by Piesident (iieen of Cokei College College in the Citj Auditoiium, Fii- day, J.inu.uv 17 at S o'clock. \\eiU'- mcctini; will be jnit on by the I'ilou Club. The liohnl of Directors had a nii'itiiiLr la-t Ihuibclaj, at the humt ol Hen Jving Langley Citizen (Continued from page one) uas iepoilcd n lo ha\e seen Mi Randall by the track's and shouted to the engineer, but it was too late. By the time members of the crew were able to get back to where, he was sitting, Mr. Randall was dead. Funeral services for Mr. Randall Randall were held Tuesday afternoon afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Granitc- ville Baptist church. fThe Rev. J K. Lawton and the Rev. Robert Ussery conducted the services and burial followed in the Warrcn- ville cemetery Mr. Randall is survived by his wife, Mrs. Mae Gleaton Randall; four daughters, Mrs. Grady Cato of Warrenville, Hazel Randall, Myrtle Randall and Mildred iRan- dall, all of Lang-ley; three_ sons, Austin Randall, Ollie Randall and Bobby Randall, all of l>angley one sister, Mrs. i Clark Fonts of Warrenville; Warrenville; two brothers, Dennison Randall of Warrenville and Robert Randall of Macon, Ga., and three randehildren. , 'An was held yesterday ifternoon, Coroner Tom Tarvcr leported that the coronet's verdict was rthnt "-the deceeasod-'eame to- his death by being unavoidably hit bv'an exlia fiei^ht train " ._ WHAT7UO WHEN THIS HAPPENS, PHONE US and Well Print Some For You In A Hurry!! A Year of Accomplishments the game between those two teams Camden last Sunday . . . 11 was five weary'iitd ' men who played till! high school.i:i v the si-co.nd- half, last Fri(!:;y" Inn ihey wi-ru .-till uble lo give a. good account fit themselves ... It teems a shame to see., that wonderful basebaU field and., equipment . 'going., to waste there in Eustis Park . . . One would thiiik that in tiiu Sports Center Of The South that would !)<• a liu-i.v place., . . Nuff Said For Now. . . REQUIEM MASS FOR MRS. R. W_LAWTON Beloved Woman Diet—Last Rite* ' Held on Monday. Requiem mass for Mrs. Ix)uise Buhre Lawton, 61t, who died suddenly suddenly Sunday were held from St. Mary's Catholic Church Monday inorninK at 10:;tO conducted by the Rev. George Lewis Smith. Interment- followed in 'Bethany cemetery. 'Mrs. Lawton is survived by her husband,-Ralph W. Lawtnn; three daughters, Mrs. (Icorp;c Lenj;, Mrs. Leo Hayes,,.both of Aiken and Mrs. John ,M. Sikes of Augusta, Augusta, (!a.; five grandchildren, one sister, Mrs. J. B. Dingfclder of Pittsburgh, Pa., also survives. Mrs. Lawton was a native of Charleston bill moved to Afken some thirty-six years ago. She was a faithful member of St. Mary's Church and had a wide host of friends who mourn her passing. Mrs. Lawton had been confined confined to her bed for the past week but her death was unexpected. Mrs. Bob Marrett of Anderson, Aiken Committee Continued from page 1) old the' purpose of Oie -gathering nut reviewed accomplishments .of the defense council. .Gen C. I". Sum moral I, president of The Citi- l(jl. s])oku from 'the standpoint :>f .military defense .-mil declared that "South Carolinians, always loyal and i<a,trioitic, would continue continue to be so.'' H. M. Edwards, council member from Columbia, told how new industries industries could be financed, and Ernest Patton of Greenville, president president of South Carolina Bankers' association, said local bankers-in the state had been authorized by. .he Federal reserve board to survey local needs and to make available information as to methods of financing financing new industries and manufacture manufacture of materials. Director He.vward Mahon, Jr., of the defense council said his organization would give full cooperation cooperation to local committees in thoir efforts to secure new industries. industries. Dr. William P t . Jacobs of Clinton, Clinton, council chairman, said the meeting's purpose was two-fold: "First, it is to interest outside industry in the natural resources of this state, and, second, it is to interest the people of South Carolina Carolina in their own industries. "We want our own people awakened awakened to these resources. We want them to know these resour ccs and- to invest their own, hard- cHiiicd cash in the development of the resources.' 1 Doctor Jacobs said that a major South Carolina problem was thai "We too long have been -depending -depending upon other -people." His /point FEATS^pOWER CHAMPION BOXER OF ANCIENT GMECE, SCORED 14OO CONSECUTIVE Vbult-wm EVERY START WITH 6@$Q EXTRA PUT MUSCLE INXbUd Mtflbft The year just ended was a record record year of general telephone expansion in the South. Millions Millions were spent to expand local local and long distance facilities and other millions were expended expended for preparedness projects. projects. At the same time, the numerous and varied governmental governmental and industrial emergency* needs were filled promptly. Nearly 300,000 new telephones telephones were installed and about 180,000 taken out, making a net gain for the year t>f more than 110,OOO. Sixty-eight new- central offices were buitt and put into service. Twelve of these were new exchanges While fifty-' six replaced manually operated, offices with the newest type dial equipment.- Rural sections also shared-liberally in this program. The jjross expenditures for new construction and replacements replacements exceeded $<fo,ooo,ooo. It was a year of outstanding accomplishments achieved under under exceptional conditions. The thousands of telephone men and women responsible for this work are justly proud of the results. They begin the new year confident in their ability to meet the future telephone requirements requirements of this fast growing section section of the nation. SOUTHER n BELL TELEPHORE flno TELEGRfiPH company -WHEN IN AUGUSTA— TAUHJ TAVCDU VISIT THE 1UWN lAYtKJl Weitern Stealu, Chop., Seafood A Specialty ' Private DiaJB( Raom* Phone 2-2317 For Reservation OPEN DAY AND NIGHT Tap Room im Connection FOR SALE Lots on Powder House Road in | City Limits

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