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Jacob B Snyder - .fx (X "The Square TV Toe AH. KsUWIrtied April...
.fx (X "The Square TV Toe AH. KsUWIrtied April 21. 1884. lub!lihe! at THE TRUTH FTTB - X.ISHIXQ HOCSE, SCRANTON. PA. Every Wertc - Day Afternoon by THE SCRANTON TRUTH PUBLISHING COMPANY. I A. WATRES President EDWIN T. FERRIS, Treasurer and Anriitant to the President JOHN E. BARRETT Editor J. O. SHERWOOD V. - Prea't R. W. JORDAN.... Manager JAMES F. MITCHELL.. ..News Editor THE SCRANTON TRUTH Is deliv ered by Carriers for Six Cents a Week. Mail Subscriptions Twenty - five Cents month; Three Dollars a Tear. Address all communications to THE SCRANTON TRUTH PUBLISHING COMPANT, Scranton, Pa, 16 PAGES. SATURDAY, MAY 20, 1905. REPUBLICAN STATE TICKET Treasurer J. Lee Plummer, Hollldays' burg. Judges of Superior Court - Charles E. Rice, Wilkes - Barre. James A. Beaver, Bellefonte. George B. Orlady, Huntingdon. The National Association for the Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis, has Just concluded a two days' session in Washington. The evidence present ed to the convention resulted in eon firming the belief In the efficacy of the open air method of cure which has been adopted in all the leading sanitorlums of the country. New Jersey courts of Justice do not seem to possess the requisite amount of imagination in order to make effect live the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde the ory of defense In murder cases. Secretary of the Navy Morton has determined to ask the President to al low him to leave the Cabinet on July 1 It Is known that President Roosevelt and Secretary Morton are not in accord on the question of railroad rate legis latlon. Notwithstanding this difference of opinion upon a question which he deems so Important, President Iioosevelt Iioosevelt entertains a high regard for Secre tary Morton, and is anxious that he shall remain in the Cabinet until Sep tember 1. The evidence of President Robbins of the Armour Car Lines Company, before before the Senate Committee on Interstate Interstate Commerce, reveals the existence of a more complete monopoly in the transportation of perishable fruits and vegetables than anyone believed was possible. President Robbins admitted that hlB company had twenty or thirty exclusive contracts with as many railroads railroads by which the latter were prevent ed from accepting any freight of that class unless they ship it in Armour cars No wonder that this evidence led Senator Senator Klkins to remark that the "Ar mours seem to have all the advantages and none of the responsibilities of common common carriers." The teamsters' strike I ake Strike in Chicago has not been Settlement, compromised, and it haa not yet ended. Negotiations Negotiations looking toward the settlement settlement of this trouble have been pending pending for many days. It now looks as though light could be seen at the end of this dark tunnel, but until we are in the daylight the end of the tunnel tunnel has not been reached. Scarcely a day haa passed that the newspaper offices throughout the land have not heard "the strike is ended." Every newspaper guards with 13 - inch guns its good name for honest reporting, and it has been a difficult task to avoid falling into the error of printing one or another of these fakes. ' NAVAL BATTLE IMMINENT. CAPTAIN MAHAN. who is ton - ceded to be the foremost authority authority on naval tactics and strategy strategy in the world, is of the opinion that the long delayed sea fight between the Russian and Japanese fleets will be fought sometime between May 20th and 23rd. His reason for believing so is founded on the recent reports that Admiral Admiral Rojestvensky's fleet is now proceeding proceeding north toward the Balangtang channel between Luzon and Formosa. According to press dispatches Rojestvensky Rojestvensky left the protection of the Annam coast on May 14. From the direction in which his ships were sailing when last seen It is believed that they are headed for the open Pacific Into which they must enter through the Balangtang Balangtang channel unless they materially change their course. The semi - protected waters of this arm of the ocean offer the best opportunities opportunities for the manoevreing of torpedo boats of which Admiral Togo has a great number, and Captain Mahan therefore believes that the Japanese admiral will make his attack there. His reason for believing that the time of the attack will be between May 20th and 23rd Is that the full moon will remain remain until the latter date, and that Admiral Admiral Rojestvensky will make all dispatch dispatch in order to pass through the channel before the nigfeU berem 4ark. When last reported Admiral Rojeet renakra fleet consisted of forty - two ahipa. Such a large number of Teasels must necessarily be scattered orer broad expanse of ocean and any strar - flera wll offer splendid opportunities for .attack to Admiral Togo's torpedo Boats and swift cruisers. Darkness aa effective ally to tbe attacking fleet In naval warfare especially if much dependence dependence can be placed on torpedo Doata. Xt will be the part of wisdom, therefore, for Admiral Rojestvensky to strain every effort to get oat into the open ocean before the moon begins to wane. In Scranton and 11 a. . jiianKsionr. every other city of C. D. Simpon. Northeastern Pennsylvania Pennsylvania the news published exclusively in the first edl Hon of The Truth yesterday that Mr. C D. Simpson had miccessfully negotiated negotiated the sale of rich properties In . - New Mexico, was received with pleasure, pleasure, for thousand sof persons In this part of the State were Interested, and no man is sad when "he takes a profit." SAVE HAHNEMANN HOSPITAL. T Is proper to call attention again to the deplorable condition in which the finances of the Hahne mann Hospital are at the present time. On Monday the directors of the Insti tution will have to decide whether to close its doors or to continue it good work on a larger scale. Unless the sum of 117,000 is forthcoming by that time the hospital must be abandoned Hahnemann Hospital has been la existence for eight years. During that time It has done an Inestimable amount or good in Scranton. A crisis has now been reached in its affairs. Including the State appropriation of 115,000, which must be obtained before before June 1 if at all, there are now available for the purpose of erecting a new building about 155.000. Seven leen mousana dollars more are required required in order to construct such a building as the institution needs. This amount must be raised by public subscription subscription and at once. The site for the new building has already been provided. A plot of six excellently stiuated lots is available whenever the necessary funds for building purposes are at hand. It is impossible to believe that the generous generous and charitable people of Scranton will compel this noble Institution to close its doors for the lack of only a small fraction of the sum of money that will enable It to expand Its usefulness usefulness immeasurably. Only $17,000 of this total amount of $72,000 needed for building purposes remain to be raised. If the time was not so short there would be no doubt about the ability of the directors to raise this amount and there would - be no occasion for this pressing appeal. But the money must be obtained at once, otherwise the State appropria tion will be forfeited. It Is to be hoped that the necessary amount will be subscribed by Monday and that Hahnemann Hospital will enter upon a new career of usefulness. Throughout Christen - All Hall to dom, churches whose John Knox, cornerstones of faith and government are founded upon Presbyterianism will to - morrow revere the memory of John Knox, Presbyterian patriot. The day upon which John Knox was born Is not known. History tells us that It was "in May, 1505." There are facts which lead to the Inference that he first saw light about May 20, 1905. Hence the governing bodies of all Calvinlstlc denominations have set apart May 21. The public observance observance of his birth is something of an Innovation in America. All hall to John Knox. DOXT KNOCK. HE Scranton Base Ball Club re deemed itself yesterday. It has shown. Its friends and admirers, who were beginning to lose faith in its ability to keep up with the fast pace set by the company it is in, that it is made of the proper stuff to win games, and will win them, if only fortune is pro pitious. It is too early in the season to pass harsh Judgment on the club. Only twelve games have been played, and there is plenty of time in which to re trieve all the losses that have been In curred. The Scranton team may yet stand at the head of the League. The owners of the club are doing all that Is in their power to strengthen it, and they deserve encouragement rather than harsh criticism. criticism. Don't knock. TO PRESERVE THE !X)ItEBTS. ECRETARY WILSON, of the pe - partment of Agriculture, to which is assigned the Forest Reserve Service, has formulated a set of regu lations designed to develop a corps of rained government foresters. The For est Reserve Service has been placed un der the protection of the Civil Service aws, and promotion therein can be at tained only through merit. Original appointments appointments thereto are made from the list of cligibles who have passed the required examinations held in accord ance with the provisions of the Civil Service laws. These regulations are indicative of the growing sense of importance with which the government regards the arlous problems connected with the preservation of existing forests and the nerease of the timber area. The vig orous prosecution of the land frauds, which have been perpetrated in the Pacific Coast States, is another indi cation of the same sentiment. In many instances vast areas of valuable timber timber land have been fraudulently acquired acquired by Individuals and corporations by falsely representing it to be barren and unproductive. The government has acted none too soon In the matter or protecting tne country's supply of standing timber. n many parts of the country the de struction of the forests has already produced produced a disastrous effect on the pro - uctiveness of large areas of heretofore fertile land. The courses of what were once navigable streams are marked dur - the greater part of th year only by a bed of dry stones. The time has come when scientific forestation must supersede the wasteful destruction that has produced these disastrous disastrous effects. Timber culture must hereafter be an Industry of increasing Importance. . There are many sections ef the country which still contain large areas ef forest, but there are others in which the timbered area has been reduced reduced far below the minimum of safety necessary to insure continued fertility and an equable climate. The Forest Service of the Department of Agriculture Agriculture Is engaged In an excellent work, and It Is to be hoped that the plan of reorganisation adopted by Secretary Wilson will Increase Its efficiency. AFTERNOON ECHOES. HE Allied Arts Association, of T Brooklyn, has struck a cruel blow at Miss Phoebe Snow, the beauteous young woman who so rapturously sings the praises of the "Road of Anthracite." Miss - Snow was made by the society the plaintiff In a. mock trial for breach of promise against an unchiv - alrous defendant who testified that he was afflicted with temporary insanity when he proposed marriage to the plaintiff. The jury, with an utter disregard disregard for Miss Phoebe's feelings but with an evident desire to deal out even - handed justice, found the plaintiff guilty guilty and sentenced her to spend six months In Hoboken. The defendant and all his witnesses were found guilty guilty of insanity and sentenced to the Insane Insane asylum. Real estate in Dalton and the surrounding surrounding country is enjoying a verit able boom. Lots 100x200 that last year sold for $300. now bring $450, and are In constant demand. Dalton Is one of the prettiest towns in Northeastern Pennsylvania. It is supplied with ex cellent spring water, and an electric lighting plant will soon be Installed. There are six trains dally running in each direction, between Scranton and Dalton on the Lackawanna Railroad, and another Is expected to be added soon. Besides this method of quick transportation to Scranton, the resi dents of Dalton are forming great expectations expectations of the Improvements that will follow the completion of the Nortn Scranton Railway, which has purchased the franchises of the Dalton Street Railway company and expects to have its line finished In a year. Some of the handsomest homes In Northeastern Pennsylvania are to be found in Dalton and in its Immediate vicinity. One of the most Imposing residences is that of E. L. Fuller, who has expended more than $100,000 on his beautiful property between Dalton nd Lily Lake. Close by is tne at tractive home of C. S. Woolworth, upon upon which the owner has recently ex pended more than $25,000. Other handsome residences are owned by H. Sharer, cashier of the Scranton Sav - nga Bank; Henry Ives, cashier of the People's Bank: James P. Dickson, Colonel A. B. Blair, T. J. Foster, tor - mer Sheriffs A. B. Stevens and nan - riolnh Crinnen. Dr. Price. F. M. Francis, H. N. Dean. Clarence Balen - tine, and many others. As will be seen in the above list, many or the summer residents of Dalton are prom - nentlv engaged in the business and nrofessinnal life of Scranton. where the management of their affairs calls them each day. The Lackawanna Railroad offers a cheap and conven - ent means of transportation between their homes and their offices, selling a ixty - trip monthly ticket for b.ii. These advantages make Dalton one f the pleasantest sites tor nomes any where In the vicinity or Scranton, which explains why there is such a boom in real estate there at the pres - nt time. : Douglas H. Ward, son of the late udge W. (J. Ward, is proving a very fflcient court crier. He is the third nd youngest court crier since the cre - A DREAM. BY JOIIN COURIER MORRIS. (Respectfully Dedicated to Hon. J7. AT. Edwards, President National Eisteddfod Association of America.) I dreamt I heard a goldfinch trill his strains of sweetest lays Just like the lays the goldfinch trilled in Wales of former days; I also heard a black bird sing sweet songs of charming tales, Just like the black bird used to sing in merry little Wales. I dreamt I saw these pretty birds in yonder verdant neia Enjoy a fill of rarebits sweet from clover's richest seed; I saw them leave in joyous glee for other fertile dales, Just as they did in halcyon days In pretty little Wales. I dreamt I heard great Shelly's bird, the prince of merry larks. Rehearse in strains divinely sweet, His songs of richest sparks, And linnet proud of pretty voice rehearse rehearse his sweetest tales. Just as he did in days gone by In lovely lovely little Wales. The birds have gone, the scene is changed and charming is the sight. Of woodlands rich and stalwart oak, and. elms of wondrous height; A glorious range of purple hills, and miles of matchless dales, A scene that stirred my heart and soul to love anew my Wales. spacious grounds of pleasing which fair charms, through rivers flow, saw Dynevor's princely home of nroud historic elow, Where brave Sir Rhys, a knight of old, defended Cambria s right. And waged a war on Saxon wrongs, which won for him nis ngni. castle rare of relics rich, jroud fortress of Ihe oast. Grand monument of man's great skill. decreed fore er to last; To last, it seems, while waters flow, or sun its rays to shed On grounds of sweet and hallow'd past, where sleeps tne warrior aeaa. Beyond where flows a charming stream, renowned in angiers lore. I dreamt I saw the Cawdor's home for hundred years or more. But once, forsooth, the home of Steele, of soul - insniring prose, Whose rose is Just as sweet this day as finest now that grows. lVow comes the prettiest sight of all sweet vale of verdant green To me, more beautiful in charm, than anything 1 ve seen; Those lowlands rich, in length and breadth, as far as eye can see, And countless squares of orchards rare, with fruit on every tree. atlon of the county. Bin the late J. B. Snyder, was practically the first crier, as the first appointee e a rew days after reeefviBc the ap pointment For nearly a quarter ef a century nr. Snyder set a hUcn stand ard of efficiency, which many agreed would he difficult to maintain. When death removed this faithful servant from his post, few of the members of tne oar looked for a successor wno could approach him In capability, and the majority was ready to be satisfied wtin a crier half as good. But Mr. Ward, who has a dignified mien and a full, round voice, almost as robust as Mr. Snyder's, has upset all calculations calculations by performing the duties of the omce in such a manner as to produce produce the general impression that the best traditions of the position are be Ing maintained. So far no word of adverse criticism has been heard of Court Crier Ward's work; on the con rary. he is dally In receipt of compliments compliments which might turn the head of a less modest young man. HEN AND WO U Eft Levi D. Barr, the minister of the Quakers In Los Angeles, married two divorced persons the other day and had to make public confession and ask forgiveness at meeting next First day. Count Michael MIchaelovitch Bars! moff, commander of a Cossack regi ment in the Russian army, has ar rived In Portland, Ore., to represent the Caucasian provinces at the Lewis and Clark Exposition. President Thwing. of the Western Reserve University, declares In a magazine magazine article that "the community is learning that it Is not the buildings but the men which constitute the essential essential force of an institution for training college students. Governor Douglas, of Massachusetts, Massachusetts, has named Mrs. Ella Lyman Cabot, one of the most prominent educators educators in the East, to be a member of the Massachusetts State Board of Education. Education. Henry Caldwell Robinson, Just appointed appointed superintendent of the Boston and Maine Railroad, climbed to that responsible position from the humble station of apprentice In the machine shop. Congressman Hull, of Iowa, and Congressman Wadsworth, of New York. Jointly own a fine farm In Virginia, Virginia, a short distance down the river from Mount Vernon. Former Interstate Interstate Commerce Commissioner Yeo - mans, also of Iowa, was interested in the agricultural venture, but recently he has withdrawn, leaving his two partners, to carry on the business. They have a comfortable residence fitted up there, with electric lights and other fixings unknown to the ordinary farmer. F. M. Cockrell, Jr., son of ex - Senator Senator Senator Cockrell. is the inventor of a sugar cane cutter that promises to - revolutionize revolutionize revolutionize the sugar planting industry of the South and at the same time to make its inventor a millionaire. His machine will do the work of more than a hundred men. It cuts, strips and tops the cane and is pronounced by experts who have seen it in operation operation a wonderful machine, that will mean as much to the sugar cane Industry Industry as did the cotton gin to the cotton business. TEA TABLE GOSSIP. Boyce What makes you say that woman is so inconsistent? Joyce She gave her husband a smoking jacket for a birthday present and won't let him smoke in the house. Philadelphia Telegraph. Knlcker So your wife went to the country to study Nature's book? Bocker Yes, and from the size of her hotel bill it must be among the six best sellers. New York Sun. "Remember the fable of'the hare and the tortoise," said the slow man. "I've thought about that." answered the impulsive friend. "I'd rather be the hare, anyhow. He was in a fine posl - Those miles and miles of hedges thick, on which wild roses grow, And daffodil3 and daisies fair of white and yellow glow; Those clover fields in purple bloom, long miles of yellow corn. And leagues of pretty gardens rich, all bright as gldrious morn. And then I saw "Sweet Grongar Hill," well - known for period long, Where Dyer wrote his graceful verse, and lived in loving song; No prettier lines on subject rich, nor verse of greater skill, Were ever penned by poet great, tha i Dyer's "Grongar Hill." Most charming lines of lights and shades, and just as smooth In blend. Like rainbow hues of glorious charms, to us enchantment lend: A fitting spot for bard to dwell is Dyer's "Grongar Hill." Where flowers sweet in lustrous bloom, the air with fragrance fill. A vision now that greets tny eyes, for charm and perfect grace, There's none more beautiful, I know, than this enchanting place; A spot where clouds and storms ne'er meet sweet home of maidens fair A paradise of gracious peace, where love now rides the air. Those matchless meads of gorgeous lawns, where Nature dwells in glee; Those mansions fair of glorious past which grace the famous lea; Those blossom'd brows of mountains high, and glens of fairy tales; Those dreary rocks of stories wild, not yet all lost to Wales. Those shady glades where lovers . roam, to read each other's heart. Where none but silent trees would know how lovers play their part; The radiant sun and brilliant sky, soft Zephyr's balmy breeze, And music sweet of Towy's stream, which flows through Myrddln's leas. The birds returned and sweetly sang "Fair Land of Gladsome Dreams," And "Home, Sweet Home" and "Happy Wales" for me alone, it seems; It was Indeed a soulful treat, as birds in splendor shone, TjP hear their sweet and charming trills, and strains so pure In tone. I woke 'mid scenes of glorious past, those scenes I knew so long, On Cambria's land of bardic charms, and home of blissful song; Farewell, proud . land of happy homes, farewell, thy charming dales; Farewell, old churchyard nn the hill, farewell, my dearest Wales. 1 Moo to get beta on another race." Washington Star. Mr. ones. I called to ask yon to Join our church." "I'd like to Join, parson, but can you wait a few .weeks.? That ahem! excuse excuse me, my new automobile isn't running running yet Just as it should go." Houston Houston Post. "Why." answered the inquisitive person, person, "do you think the world is growing growing wiser?" "Because of a statement I read in a newspaper to the effect that lobsters are getting scarce," answered the student student of cause and effect. Detroit Free Press. She "And the reason you are so late getting home you were struck by a trolley trolley car?" He "Yes (hie), that's It, dear." "Were you frightened?" "No (hie), didn't even fhie) take my breath away." "No. I notice that !" Yonkers Statesman. THIS AND THAT. It is said that the people of Tangier received King Edward so enthusiastically enthusiastically because It was raining on the day of his arrival. The country had been suffering from want of gain, and the Moroccans thought he had brought it. Eight hundred Paris butchers made an excursion to London recently and stayed five hours. They were cordially received. Such excursions are fashionable fashionable now. on account of the entente cordiaie. Several hundred London sewermen recently paid a day's visit to Paris. In addressing Highlanders who placed wreaths on the memorial cairn at Culloden on the occasion of the anniversary anniversary of the battle recently. T. Napier Napier said "the Hanoverians" had now ruled for 200 years, and he thought they should "make a graceful bow and retire." retire." A volcanic eruption at St. Vincent once threw a cloud of dust against the wind to Barbados, a distance of 100 miles. The deposit fell for twelve hours over the entire Island, attuning ALWAYS BUST Summer Footwear for Every Member of the Family Tan Oxfords and Shoes, all sizes, A to E White Duck Oxfords and Shoes the comfort you get in our sum mer Oxfords and Shoes makes an extra value you also save to 4 on "every pair in wear the largest assortment assortment of up to the min ute Oxfords and Shoes ever displayed m Scranton Please come and be fitted now. Lewis & Reilly 114 - 116 Wyoming Avenue Open Saturday Evenings When your roof needs painting insist upon having Arco Elastic Carbon Paint if you want a black color, or the JAVA if you want a red. They are not the 35c kind; they cost $1.00 per gallon, and you are getting something worth spending spending the time to apply. Guaranteed Guaranteed to wear five years when applied according to directions. THROUGH TRAIN SERVICE TO CALIFORNIA AND ALL PRINCIPAL! "i POINTS WEST .VIA Union Pacific SHORTEST ROUTH FASTEST TIMB ' SMOOTHEST TRACK Electric Lighted Trains Dally INQUIRE AT R. TENBROECK, G. E. A6T., 28? Broadway, Now York. II Gunsler Bros. I Successors to Gunster & Forsyth R I 325 - 327 PENX AVK. I (r W A MT 'E ED iooo young men to open savings accounts with us. Small accounts ; given the same consideration as large. ' ; y County Savings Bank 6 Trust Co. 506 SPRUCE STREET. , crrosiTt C0C1T BOUSE. E.I. duPont de Nemours Co; Oi Pennsylvania.1 ' !S5 MINING POWDER DEALERS IN SPORTING POWDER, HIGH EXPLOSIVES AND ELECTRIC GOODS. OU 935 - 2, 9W - 2. Htw Th 2M. 401 Connell Building, EfMtlTOIB, UBMlliiUtpilllII All - WDQIfc J. I. QUICK, 130 Washington Ave - a thickness of nearly half an inch. Its estimated weight Was therefore nearly 2,000,000 tons. Luminous shrimps have been discovered discovered by the Prince of Monaco in the course of his deep sea fishing in th Mediterranean. They live at a depth of 1,109 to 1,500 fathoms and are studded with small phosphorescent spots, 'which light their way through the gloomy depths. A distinguished French physiologist YtitT ta tulnf fW.lrotn for l7inTnnia. with Tliirli 1 tiava bien artlirte'l f.rovor twenty years "V - " 'f tlit('j(' - n - ii have cim me mor relier than any ntner reinedr I have ever trie!. I iil certainly rcjommenil tti"ni to niy iriends M MiUg all tuoy ar. represented." TUoi. Gillard. Elcin.IU. .Peasant. Palntable, Po.Tt Taut Onod. Do flood . " v r .i'lfn, U oaken "r Grip', l'.'e, l'",r. 5l)c, Never in built. 'J'h. eemm'8 tablet stamped C C C. uuarauteeii CO cure or yuur money back. Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or N.Y. 597 OTAL SALE, TEM MiLLlOa BOXES (J SPRING ISQ3 O FOR. SALlmY MATT BROWN, HOTEL JERMYN BLDG Not only up - to - date, but a day ahead. E. ROBINSON Sons' LAGER BEER BREWERY Hannfootartii f Old Stock PILSNER No, 435 to V. Seventh St, SCRANTON, PA. Old 'Phot ui - L Kmw Tkaae, m 3 :JffiP K $m? Haft 3 SCRANTON, PA. has discovered that tobacco impairs tne powers of the auditory nerve. He ad - vis persons who have shown, any tendenc y toward deafness or irt whost ancestry any such tendency is discoverable discoverable absolutely to eschew thweed. The famous Ferris wheel, which has done duty at two expositions as it" attraction, attraction, is to be wrecked withMyna - mite thus closing its history. II whs first erected in the Midway, at Chicago, in 1S93 and later was taken to - summer summer garden in Chicago, moving second second tin?f t this city in lOOt. - CJIicago Kecord. Herald. ; 'Tj Brazils exports increased B2jMn.nno gold in 1M4. "f this. $4,400,000 ws for coffee. The coffee planters got about $10 000 000 more for their crops, than in 1H0.1. American capitalists are scouring Brazil for profitable Investments. Thy are buving tramways and other lurzo properties freely, besides securing larga slices of Brazil s vast land area. I i! Lames Fabric Gloves We Open To - day Magnificent Line of f'Silk' f'Lisle' and I ''Milanese Suede ) Gloves In I Black, White, Grey, Mo'ltj and Champagne. Latest stitching and clasps, in both Foreign and Domestic makes. Elegant new line of Xeek Kuchiogs just opened. - .V,4 30 HI tic Stamps Willi lirst dollar ,.Kwliae, auf :. Uy ami Momlajr. f0 r - K : Heldrum,v" Scott a Co. rfleldrum, Scott & Cih 26 Wyoming Ave.

Clipped from The Scranton Truth20 May 1905, SatPage 6

The Scranton Truth (Scranton, Pennsylvania)20 May 1905, SatPage 6
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