Summary of RC work from 1943 cont.

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Summary of RC work from 1943 cont. - OR RED CROSS HAS (Continued From Pa^c 1) I find...
OR RED CROSS HAS (Continued From Pa^c 1) I find me, | secletary of the JumO r Red Cross ! .reported that 6,851 students m the tj have become members of Tunes the Jumor organization The num- I Mappln ·· ber is smaller than in pre\ lous j but ] because of the smaller number of ( l t d j hap|students m the schools, principally pe red the high scnools Mrs Henry M. ( "You don't i eported that 25 of the nurses es graduated from four classes U a s when jou j during the last vear -were active I and ^ an aadltlonal nu rbes aide vou M1£T- i ,,,,. , " , I who was U ained in California LS also old 'helping in the county The aides "i served 4054 hours to Decembei 1 facing ing Aiuoiix their bcivice was w o i k in college mlminrj d i u u i g gup « dwuic pet home | 1,225 1'fv of Blood Plans are underway to hold each month at the blood donor sta- j tion no * f o r the count that I nsk Raaford Lippy Blood Donoi S e i v ! an . , new nuists aide class m April Mis, DPducnm Schaif said Four to six aides help l o j a year. An valuables SIZES k tires g odd . U's chairman i eported that 1225 ' pints of blood had been given so b countians A concentiated diive to secure new volunteers to g H e blood will«be made during the com- ing eai with much of the blood, given this year coming fiom l e p e donors A total of 2475 appoml- nient caids were dining the \eai seat to donois broke Stvcn hundicu and two w t - i e irjecU-d for colclb O l l R I I X J ^ O I I S T i l l |l W i r )18 1 ) 1 1 - ' on who f j i l i d io au:» n tu tlu u appuin'ineiito I I M Lipp p i n , e d tlit t u n i i i u its vvoik in Reeling the 30 ofti and helpus connected with and "loud bank and 100 to ! r 2 donoi s The Jumoi H'd CLASSICAL £ * . h c 1 equipment when the mobile blood i j donor unit comes to Gtttjsbuig | ' Other Keporli, i Mis C William TV'·on and Mis j f e c l i n f icpoited that in addition I the COO women who took the Home ! S t k ".M i Nuising couises last June Leach"iS I in the high schools of the couru.y , i , u i h a v e been giving home couises to the school girls during n i the pi("-ent school v e a i M rs R s Sabj canteen c h a n (' I ith l i\ itli i )' r^ st. i 1 a n d ^OU p i.niK - l ^ i J)i u n i l i ulib f i d c pnnl o n s i t r i i n i . ut Hi .t . nl l)iit nil Ii n alioM v i i k IKO ^iio- 1 JO Ml) anil 1M'- O pounds r c w . s mi r d is t h i s iiopulai p i l - n i l i :^|the aimed foiccs through the man i c p o i t e d that ov ei 800 of work had been given bv chuich rountv- and othei oigamzations in piepaung and .setvm^ the food foi the blood donoi sessions All high school home econom'cs teachers have been authoi i/.cd to leach the nututioii couiM' sponsoied bv the Red Cioss c.intecn committee and two classes have btcn sl.ntcd Dr J Waltei Colcm n, ch.ui man of the and Hospital committee committee lepoited that complete babeball and sottbaH outfits had been given to ncarbv camps and hospitals of ',0 and K a«o Maiket of h 8 ' 2«V, SHV* geneiosltj- of the local f u i i i u u factoues and that a numbei of ai tides including games plaj'inf, cards, pU7/.les, ladios chaus and davenpoi ts had been foiwaided to camps and hospitals Mrs Earl Bowcn rcpoi ted thai 11 staff assistants tiamed duiiiT, the la-st seveial months would begin helping with the blood donoi pio- grarn starting in January. Harry L Snyder piesentcd tae | treasure! "s report Paul Spangler and J Elmei Mu.ssclr.ian \veie named named as the auditing committee WRKCTORS TO MDEf.T A « i ti'iuoilai't meetirtg of t'e bo»T'l of rtiioc'o'-'- of )'-e 'c-a' Chamber of Conurerce was an-1 pounced today lor Morda/ evening at 8 o'clock in the Chamber offices In rfv

Clipped from The Gettysburg Times31 Dec 1943, FriPage 7

The Gettysburg Times (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)31 Dec 1943, FriPage 7
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  • Summary of RC work from 1943 cont.

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