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MDD - OF III. SWAMP 10 Mattamuskeet .Drainage Dis-...
OF III. SWAMP 10 Mattamuskeet .Drainage Dis- Dis- trict Is : Largest Under-taken Under-taken Under-taken in World. - DISTRICT EMBRACES ABOUT 100,000 -ACRES -ACRES Practicability of Drainage Is Assured Valuable Trucking Lands will ' , Bo Made Available -.',.- -.',.- -.',.- T" 15 E Best liver and bowel cleanser and stomach regulator known. - Col. J. P. Kerr, private secretary to Governor Craig, who has, been si.end- si.end- ing some days in Asheville. has given The Gazette-News Gazette-News Gazette-News the following interview interview about the drainage of Mattamuskeet Mattamuskeet lake, in which project Col. Kerr is interested: 'The interest in the reclamation of wet, overflowed and swamp lands in North ' Carolina has received a great impetus by reason , of the closing of all contracts for the' construction of all the work on the Mattamuskeet drainage district in Hyde- Hyde- county. This is the largest drainage district ever undertaken in the United States, in fact the largest ever " undertaken in the world, where pumps are to be used in keeping the land dry after the work of reclamation has been completed.' The ' district embraces 100,000 acres, 60,000 of which is now covered by. the waters of. Mattamus keet lake in Hyde county., . "The dredging and pump contracts on this great enterprise were signed up, and the time . began running against 'the contractors on. the. sixteenth sixteenth day of July, last. The dredging dredging contractors are now working a large force of men at ' Belhaven . in the construction of four dredge boats to be used on the work of constructing constructing the canals of the district. All of the work of the district is to be completed completed In 30 months from the sixteenth sixteenth day of last July. The dredg-Ingtract dredg-Ingtract dredg-Ingtract calls for the removal of about 3,500,000 cubic yards of earth. This means the construction of approximately approximately 85 miles of canals, ranging ranging In width from 60 feet on the bottom bottom down to four feet When completed completed these canals .will have a ca pacity sufficient to carry off all the water that will fall on the district up to approximately .one-half .one-half .one-half an inch of rainfall in 24 hours. These canals all converge upon a basin near the center of the district, at wh'lch point the pumping plant will .be .', erected with a capacity for lifting 2000 cubic feet of water per second from the collecting basin and discharging it into, an outfall canal running from the pumping site to Pamlico sound. a distance of nearly eight miles. This means that these pumps will handle 15,000 gallons of water per second, or about one billion and a quarter of gallons in 24 hours. This construe tion guarantees safety against Rny rainfall ever knowii in the coastal section of North Carolina. "The recent unprecedented wind storm in eastern, Carolina, not only did this enterprise no harm, but It positively demonstrated the lmpos- lmpos- Get a 10-cent 10-cent 10-cent box. Put aslde--Just aslde--Just aslde--Just aslde--Just once the Salts, Pills, Castor Oil or Pugdtive Waters which merely force'' a .passageway through the bowels, but do not thoroughly thoroughly cleanse, . freshen and ' purify these drainage organs, and have no effect whatever upon the liver and stomach. . . Keep your "insides" pure and fresh with Cascarets,- Cascarets,- which thoroughly cleanse the stomach, remove the un digested, sour food and . foul gases, take the excess bile from the liver and carry out of the system all. the conutipated waste matter and poisons in the bowel. - A Cascaret tonight will make you feel" great by morning. They work while you' sleep never gripe, sicken, sicken, and cost only 10c a box from your druggist. Millions of men and women take a Cascaret now and then and ' never have Headache, Biliousness. Biliousness. Coated Tongue, Indigestion, Sour Stomach or Constipated Bowels. - Cas carets belong in every household. Children Just love to take them. VAPOR TREATMENT FOR COLD TROUBLES Am now used In all hospitals. The vapors are inhaled direct to the spot witnoui injuring nm internal internal remedies. The vapors are con fined ' YICKSpTuSALVE so that they are released by the heat of the body wnen applied o xno mmw and chest One good rub will relieve sibility of difmage to the lands of this district by storms and tides. During the recent storm no tidewater came nearer than three miles of the dis trict. 'It is now certain that this enter prise will mark but the beginning of land reclamation in the' coastal region region of North" Carolina. .The, Jons L. Roper Lumber company, which owns hundreds of thousands of acres of land iiv this section, tias recently employed employed C. G. Elliott, late chief of the drainage bureauvJn the department of agriculture in Washington, and this means that this company intends developing Its holdings in land extending extending from, Currituck to New Hanover Hanover . counties. ' The Roper Lumber company owns about 10,000 acres of land Inside the Mattamuskeet dis trict.- trict.- . - 'Lawrence Brett, president of the Brett Engineering company of Wil son, has been selected as engineer of' the Mattamuskeet district, and put his force to work staking out the' canals on October 16. . . . . "The - inland waterway extending from Norfolk, Va., to Beaufort, : N. C, which the Tanked States govern ment is now constructing, win run through the northwestern edge of this district, thus giving easy access to the most desirable water transportation transportation possible. It ' Is also' believed that by the time this drainage is completed completed a railroad will have been con structed from Belhaven or some. other point on the Norfolk Southern rail way or the Atlantic Coast Line into this district. It is known that , several several parties are endeavoring to get control of charters and rights of way looking to the building of this line. "It is believed that the lands of thLs district will open up 'the most desirable trucking land to be found along the whole Atlantic seaboard. They lie within a few hours of. Nor folk by either water or rail, i The season is from 10 days to two weeks earlier than that of Norfolk. . The proximity or the gulf stream makes damaging frosts very rare', after March, and the nearness to the great populations of the east will make this section of rsre value as a trucking section. , " ' "It is expected that ' experimental crops can be put out on this land by' the spring of 1915. A the soli la made up of the washings from . what has long been considered the richest lands in North Carolina, the possibilities possibilities of production are believed to be almost limitless." . . .

Clipped from Asheville Gazette-News20 Oct 1913, MonPage 10

Asheville Gazette-News (Asheville, North Carolina)20 Oct 1913, MonPage 10
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