Mattamuskeet Drainage District

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Mattamuskeet Drainage District - d?rl "The d'ithiriins I., d r . f zt at tt bc...
d?rl "The d'ithiriins I., d r . f zt at tt bc ndar Vir 3. . .The. i t 2 r ioo,oobUGnr;apacn ii. Jkd in -:IIYKpH -:IIYKpH COMITY RECIiA,IED FOB CUIiTTVATION: Pull-f3fn fis-tulae, .Within . a . comparatively -.short -.short feats of the continent will be com-nleted com-nleted com-nleted and 100.000 acres of the rich- rich- tland-4n-4heaUre-coun tland-4n-4heaUre-coun tland-4n-4heaUre-coun tland-4n-4heaUre-coun tland-4n-4heaUre-coun tland-4n-4heaUre-coun tland-4n-4heaUre-coun be ready fforv the. plow and protected for! attjtimej agai)dt?cropj fau Hyde county, knownf or years as the "pgypt ot Nortli Carolina sath'e.' treme .: eastern county -of -of the state, and for generations . .Mattamuskeet lake has;' undisturbed, . stood in the way of the proper drainage and consequently consequently the proper cultivation of land lying around this shallow, body of water, which stood- stood- actually below below the' level ef the sea. I One of the most interesting documents documents of this period is . the report made to the hoard of drainage com missioners ; , of - the Mattamuskeet drainage district by the chief , consulting consulting engineer, Lawrence Brett, of Wilson. Mr. Brett briefly and yef clearly presents to the board the condition condition of the Work and states in the opening paragraph, "the work of draining Mattamuskeet lake is near-ing near-ing near-ing completion.'" Already 50,000 acres of land surrounding the lake is in cultivation, drained and - at the insignificant cost of $2.50 an acre and this drainage tax payable in ten annual -installments. -installments. No wonder the 580 farmers, who own this land are happy. One of them remarked recently tnat he had made a crop last season, the value of which paid his entire drainage tax, and in addi tion $500 more. than he had ever made off the land before. J The Mattamuskeet drainage .dis trict was organized for the purpose of draining the lake and adjacent lands, the entire Acreage included in the district being 100,000 acres, of which almost exactly one-half one-half one-half , was included in the lake itself. This lake was 15 miles long and the greatest width is six miles. Much A. "l V i r i -a -a - ul me cuitivaiea iana tnat was in cluded in the district outside the lake itself has been in cultivation for over a hundred years and is far famed for its fertility, out because ot the fact that the only drainage was into Mattamuskeet lake, a body of water below sea level, the land was at many seasons under water and useless. j -: -: '".','''' Mattamuskeet lake was a shallow Doay or water, its depth ranging from four to six feet, the bottom of the lake being two feet below sea level..' The -drainage -drainage - problem required required the shutting off of all watei from outside the boundaries of the district, the construction of a system of canals to collect the surplus wa ter and convey it to a specially con structed' basin. There a pumpins plant is to lift the water and empty it in an outlet v canal which will in turn convey the water to Pamlico sound on the south. Two great divi sions of the work resulted. The canals canals were to be dug and the pumping station erected. During the past two years a large force of men have been busy with these two gigantic tasks and the work has been done principally by contract. ! The work of excavation was done by immense dredges and work was done on five types of the excavation at the same time. The outfall canal, the reservoir, the main collecting ca nals, the main lateral canals and the boundary canals all of these were being dug and are now completed. The outfall canal is eight miles long and leads from th Till mnintr nlonf xr fc " o r'taui to the sound. It is 70 feet wide and has a deDth below km lovai n w feet at the upper end and eight feet at the lower. This gives the canal always sufficient water 'for lVht draught boats and barges. The banks on either side of this canal are eieht feet above sea level. This canal is primarily a great trough into which is to be emptied the water from the reservoir, the water gathered by the canals from the land of the drainage district. This canal is also used as a convenient means of transportation and has in fact carried a considerable amount of freight since its comnlfi- comnlfi- tion. All of th .UMViiiiii j iui tilt; pumping station was brought in by way of the canal. There is a hasin o c n j. uv long, U0 feet Wide anrl dock space for the unloading of coal and other supplies, and ample space is provided for the" barges, while both banks of the canal itself will be available for purposes of loadine. produce and othe'r freight. Only one bridge crosses the canal and this is a Scherzer rolling lift steerbridge, which cares for "traffic and at the same time does not interfere interfere with navigation. The reservoir is 4,000 feet long, 80 feet wide and 1 3 feet deep. It is the connecting i teen mf .nir pi, 3 vide j jl n? .ffotl: 3V 1 - i'X'hn'-hrAn i'X'hn'-hrAn i'X'hn'-hrAn riW Mvex AJrrtif ot ' -Wrf'v-to','V5ermit the farm drainage, , hV boundary I .. : . ,A empty- empty- in to the- the- main -iateraL -iateraL canals, and in turn into the reservoir., y : al excavation of over 4,0 0 0,0 0 0 cur tal r icjU fyajrdsfrrearthy astrequired and of , tliis canal abouit t a, 5 00000 cubi yi(rds $k cbpl'ete;ewoic: not yet complete is that of the boun-daryf boun-daryf boun-daryf canals, pn. the ? west and inorth- inorth- west sections of: the district. - , . The ; pumping: station. is . of the latr est type of construction. The pump; room is 200 feet long and- and- 32 feet wide and the '; boiler room is 100 "feet in length and 37' feet wide. Both of these rooms are set on concrete concrete -foundations -foundations and this; in turn rests upon piling driven to refusal. The buildings are of brick and steel construction and covered with red tile. The windows are in steel sash and "set with prism glass.- glass.- In the boiler room are four vertical tube boilers set ' in two batteries. These boilers are 400 horsepower each and the super heaters deliver the steam to the engines at 2 5 0 degrees super heat. In the pump room jare the Lentz tandem compound automatic engines and each engine is connect ed with 48 inch twin centrifugal pumps, which divides the plant into eight units of two twin pumps. , In the engine room is installed the other machinery, including '.V a r 25 horse power turbine electric lighting unit. There are the cranes, swithboard and all other necessary: equipment, in- in- cludingj power drives for the gates in the discharge lines from the pumps. The pumping plant at its full capacity capacity will handle 1,000.000 gallons of water a minute. .With this plant 'the water in the . collecting and lateral lateral canals will be kept to, a maximum maximum height of seven feet below sea level. This will give complete drain age to all the lanxi of the district and create sufficient artificial fall so that all surface water will be quickly, re moved. The pumping plant will have sufficient capacity to take three- three- eights of an inch of water from the entire area of the district every twenty-four twenty-four twenty-four hours. From experi ments made with a small area, it is estimated that the pumping plant will not have to be operated over fifty days in the year at its full ca pacity In many respects the Mattamus keet drainage pumping plant "yill be the largest in the. United States and is probably the most complete .that has ever been constructed. Eve'ry modern device has been installed pt the land included in the drain age district, 50,000 acres is in 580 farms and this land is charged with $2.50 an acre for the improvement anu me- me- iarmers are allowed ten years in which to pay the tax. The, remainder of the land 50,000 acres originally covered by the lake it self, is now the property of a corpora tion the New Holland Farms, in corporated, and D.'N." Graves, of Bos ton, is the president of the company. Several leading North Carolinians are interested in the company, among them Col. J. P. Kerr and Mr. C. A. Webb, both of Asheyille. It is the purpose of the corporation to interest interest a high class of home seekers to settle on the land after the completion completion of the draining of the lake. The first work on this gigantic proposition began two years aso'and long before the time for the begin ning of work 'for the cron of. 1017 the last bit of work will have bon done and Lake Mattamuskeet will be only in history. Carranza Lacks Sound Sense. Carranza and his secretary of war do not seem to get it through their neads that we are not invading their country unless they choose to make our operations an invasion. We have simply sent a punitive expedition in to the country to capture Villa Tt may have taken longer than we ex- ex- pected, for which the lack of Car-ranza's Car-ranza's Car-ranza's co-operation co-operation co-operation is chiefly re sponsible, and we may have had to penetrate further intn rha than we intended. But we taken no towns, erected no fortifications, fortifications, and done nothing to indicate xnat our purpose is conquest: noth ing to suggest that we are after any- any- tumg out the destruction of si bandit bandit chief who is in rebellion against Carranza. If Carranza and bbregon had sound sense they .vould assure ineir people that we were in Movi by their permission and-to and-to and-to extermi nate tneir enemies, and when that was accomplished they would ask us to retire, and we should do so. In denouncing us as invaders. nw is confessing the imnotenre r de facto government. a I CO " link between the two main collecting! CoDTe's Croup ana Pneumo- Pneumo- auu is otso a airect outlet for veujr ior an cold trouble, two main lateral canals. ;j Th It's liquid: Ton rah it m. 4 u collecting canals are each ten miles j to eUere InstonUy, you get " ymr uu lueH- lueH- wiatn; runs from 75 . uutm dr. ieet at the juncture with the reser voir V 25 feet at the district boun- boun- . Cal32crft9 to TZm Patriot.

Clipped from The Greensboro Patriot24 Apr 1916, MonPage 2

The Greensboro Patriot (Greensboro, North Carolina)24 Apr 1916, MonPage 2
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