Officials arrests in rum case

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Officials arrests in rum case - YEAB-NO. 140. QALVESTON, TEXAS, FRIDAY, AUGUST...
YEAB-NO. 140. QALVESTON, TEXAS, FRIDAY, AUGUST 28, 1925. ESTABLISHED 1842. FFICIALS INDICTED IN RUM PLOT ard Coal Mining to Suspend Negro QmftoBar 0/ CMitoms Wfth AND ADOPTION CHECK-OFF FAILS FFORT TO GET WAQE BIND THREE OVER AFTER DICKINSON Press. PHILADELPHIA, Pa., Aug. 27.--A suspension in the hard coal 1 was called tonight y John L. Lcwig, president of t h e ' Mine Workers of America. suspenison was called because the miners were unable to the operators a 10 per cent increase, adoption of the equalization of wages for day workers and various other which they made conditional to renewal of the WBKC con- Aug. 31. FARM IS RAIDED Under bonds running as high as $6,500 each, Tony Ciucchia, it. R. Megna and C. A. Hirt.were bound over to the grand jury yesterday afternoon by United States Commissioner Brantly Harris 1 on charges growing out of the seizure and destruction yesterday at a Dickinson poultry farm of one of the biggest distilling plants ever, discovered In this section and allegations of bribery by prohibition | Battled Ed officers who conducted the raid. order involves a walkout of 158,000 men, -of whom about; ,,,, ,, . . .. . . . . . , , . probably be left in the mines for maintenance work, suchL ,,. So extensh-e was the apparatus that eight men, all prohibjtion prevention of flood ins and cave-ins. officers from Qalveston and Houston worked six hours operators and the miners were deadlocked at a mornlnK in destroying out ot mash. Faee* Three Charges. Tony Clncchln Is charged w i t h attempted bribery, transporting and possessing liquor and o p e r a t i n g a | still. He was remanded on all charges, bond on the bribery comp l u l n t being fixed at 15.000, on MIIKLOTIS SH.INSH under 16.000 bond, while Hlrt. said meeting the terms to govern the maintenance work. The miners that tho f u l l number of men be used as in times of normal and that these men be retained during the emcTKency without eifher reduction or replacement by monthly mon. operators, on the other hand, had wanted the right to skele- forces where practicable. meeting adjourned without decision at 5:30 p. m. to resume tomorrow morning. snarl had never come up before for discussion between tl-c but was brought up by the miners this year because of transporting nnd possesulng, $1,000. alleged had occurred in suspensions In the past. nn1 °" lho other charge. $500. ', Mr-gnu I* charged solely w i t h at- Tr*l or Urd-r. j ~ - ~ ~ """ ~ i trintHeii b r i b e r y jinii was placed order follows: Aug. 27, 1925. officers and members of j i o n s of Districts Nos. 1, 7 | -Minn Workers of c a : and b r o t h e r s : iiKrccnieiit b e t w e e n h r a c i t e operators and mine expires Aug. 31. 1315. Your charged w i t h the h l l l i y of m a k i n g a now con- boon unable to arrive at o r K t u n d l n g a f f e c t i n g wages of employment to be a f t e r Aug. 31. 19IC. There, mi-iiibi-rslilp in Districts anil 9 Is advised that no c l being In off«ct. a nu«pen- i n i n g w i l l a u t o m a t i c a l l y :·'. mllnlgbt, Monday, I9!. tbo question of maln- romuliilng at work dur- suspension, wo xulvlun that i n s t r u c t l o n x w i l l be Is- membership ns soon. OA, covering t h i s subject conBiimmated w i t h t h e r o p r o - of l!to oper- bold yourselves in ye,.«erUQyj plant, chopping copper tubing and pouring! Liquor, Liquor Everywhere, as Crowds Thirst Kven Mother N a t u r e wept for snr- u - w !.; Hi.- sljrht imfoMoO b»fo'- !i«r ryes yesterday morning on tli- \ve.-l | to be owner of the Hcd Wing P o u l - ] c n d dump. Mother N a t u r e \va? :ic.l to put our policy w i t h re- maintenance work I n t o ef- as possible after re- conlentii. committee will con- exercise every I n f l u e n c e to a b o u t , if possible, a general w h i c h w i l l mean K i i b p t a n - for the a t i t h r n e l t i - m i n e l l i-ndrnvor from l i m e to you f u l l y advised as to u a t i o n . Wo hope t h a t tho ut- w i l l lw- exercised membership and the i:ff«rt« I* Asirrre. KXAtUlXS DT THE TOOT AMD MOWTH BBEASE FMHT ADOPTED By Artnoclftted Prec*. Houston Tex " day today. Aug , eB For old try Farm, one and a half miles south of Dickinson. Is charged with conspiracy to violate the national prohibition act, possessing and m a n u f a c t u r i n g liquor and possession of property designed to m a n u f a c t u r e liquor. All this la embodied in one charge, and he wu» allowed bond In i..e sum of 91.000. All three made bond nnd were released. · The Dickinson raid, which netted two copper stills of 250 gal- c n l y one to put on a fac«s o.« n i l spectators who happen?1 to d r i f t by shed a tear, and a numt-cr muot k n o w n their grief In well- was ft rn;ed phra.«es. The occasion li.o destruction of 8,963 bottles of assorted liquors by t h e U n i t e d 5!tates customs service. There were botllos of the ciu.ii.'.-st champagne, cognac. Bleardl r u m . gin. wines of French v i n t a g e -- ,, . Ions each, followed the seizure here! potables from humbler dlstlllcrlos i n i ··nrly Wednesday n i g h t on Avenue I| b.-ickyards of American citizen.'. Rc- of two automobiles and fourteen rardless of their m a n u f a c t u r e , or thn gallons of whisky. of the men tbe clutches of the government. Moreover, hundreds of additional cattle have been marked for slaughter, .principally b«cau»e some Pasadena residents have been obslruct- the fight ago lust lh« foot and mouth disease In that v i c i n i t y by kcopini; tlu-ir rows penned up all day mid I v t t i n g Uioin out ai nlghl to graze. They scattered In all 'dl- iuuliui*A /juu* Lu« .luttij. Kujly. in 27 _\fony t n h e n Into custody lit t h i s t i m e wen: In tbe bronsts of prospective J.ur .... " j subsequently released, ohnssrn, the work of dcptru-.cijn' "· mimiess j iJ ot h bribery complaints nro n l - went on. Hoiwle was In , Irged to have hinged upon this en- T h e . l i q u o r wus the accumuln.'Ion high hopes they had caused to arise Sheriff and Others Charged With Being in Huge Liquor Conspiracy TWO MEN DIE IN QUNFIQHT WITH SHERIFFS POSSE By Ass6rlated Prepfl. Kingfisher, Ok., Aug. 27.--Two men, believed to have participated in the robbery of the bank of Na- vlna this morning-, were killed today by a sheriffs' posse and a third man was captured In a battle on the killings. None of the three was injured. Receiving: news of the Navlna robbery, the officers started In the direction of Navina In n large car. They met the small car carrying the three men on the highway without .stopping:. The officers then turned their car highway eight miles northeast of j around, passed the other automobile here. I and halted in the road ahead of the None of the men had been idenli- o r c o m i n P men. -·!«,i »i.i. n -f,,,,,,,,,, ft, ,, . j The sheriff's men dismounted from .led this afternoon. The captured t h e l r car w , th r , flc , ,,, th(l|r , )ands man refused to talk,, although he was being- questioned -by county officials find detectives. Navina is a small town In 1,/ogan County. A. C. Block. Kingfisher County s h e r i f f ; Clay Oakley, u n d - r sheriff. and the other party opened fire. The dri\-er of the small car wns I killed by the first fusillade and another wns shot to death soon afterward. The t h i r d man escaped from the car unharmed nnd r n n ' f o r near- Mid . . . . . ....... - - - - j the mornlne they were driven home, j 2CO-iallon coppor stills mounted on Thn q u a r a n t i n e Ibis to headquart Dr. Marlon Imrs. In charge of the f i x l i t against the slock plague for tin.* bureau of animal Industry, ordered a "drag" through the town n n d surrounding open country today. counter. Among other thingH. o f f l - ' o r "'e pusi four or f i v e your:!. cer« arc holding n.OOO In cnsh. j "' af declared to be one of Hi" J I I I R _ ,, , . . * ' . , fmn \ ', (Slates. At present bootleg prices Following tbo t a k i n g of the i w o : , h ( . | ot w o u l d urlluf ,,, lilo ,,,,,^1,^,.. automobiles, Prohibition Agents W. I hood of »H)0.ftOO. There were, t h e »· D e h r e n a n n a Fred It. W«lptunj Docket fjqakn. quart bottle*-S..M !,» went J lo--f*»iT1ctnM5n'!aUO MUM 1 lllC|Sevofaf Yn':*dneoii' hair-gallon jrgs d i s t i l l i n g plant. Hlrt. reputed owner I The labels, all bearing the tnnir -f of tin- p o u l t r y farm, was b r o u g h t ; liquors of tin- rarest quality in by- here yesterday a f t e r n o o n f o l l o w i n g ; gone d;iy.». on somo bottles Iciiic M! the. .destruction, of the slllls a n d j o i i l of place when a glimpse of I h u other paraphernalia. [r.ontents revealed n o t h i n g .-noro ~" " ' I t w i i , l b i m eoiurvil water. The liquor wa« loaded on t a n k s orn.wo.i from the United Si.-ifj» i m y a t Furt C r o r K e t t and conveyed A FOUR-FOOT'.EEL wrapped Itself around the neck of Florence Murray, 17. of Lynn, Mass. She would have strangled but -for the aid of a youth/ Before the col guvu up Uie f h j b t . l t b i t ' 1 - ' - '~ -· '· · -· kiiocY' ·"·-··- officers renorled «li I brlck mt rt| ce charcoal-biirnlng'fur- b officers reported all nnceil p , ch f l l r n l M h r d w l t l ) t w o l l i : t w i n . l ^ i ^ i . . . · _ _ . . i . _ t * ( _ . » . _ _ . , i . . ' » . Hi- hadn't h«-urd how were p l c k r d up by th many cows line of cow- f i f t y - f o o l h a l f - I n c h copper roll* mill tu the woxt end d u m p , l.EOu-callon cooling barrel. In ad- tcroes w i t h sledge hammers, d i t i o n , t h e r e were SO fifty-gallon barrels «.f mash, or a p p r o x i m a t e l y ·1,700 gnllotis of mnsb; a ton of charcoal. 1,300 pounds of sugar, COO pounds of bran, 250 pounds of dried Iron OF burs nnd other tools m a d : short j work of It. it wan necessary to i · m n k e six lends in order to desi.oy fnan vrem'it all o f . t b r liquor. Members of t h e i i W ^ Jaui "V crew of the U n i t e d St.nt»s coast' boyn in t h a drag, but he k n o w th"re "Prlcotx, a nigh pressure bun,I pumpj K ", a n J r u U o r (Vmanche were de- ul.I be a good many. ..-onncoted w i t h slxly foet of two-l"" 1 '*" t o g u a r d the trucks as t h e y Inch rubber hose that pumped mush !"'*"' '^ ""'' r way from the barge of- be a good many. Pasadena Is now the danger point. MADE BY RANQEHS AND COUNTY OFFICERS. from the menh barrels to the stills. · nd a two and one-half horsepower flee to tin- dump. The l i q u o r destroyed yesterday nnd I/, (i. Mclntosh, c i t y marshal. My a mllo before ho wns ovorrakon «ere responsible for the capture a n d |nnd captured. Fishers Who Drowned Had Been Drinking, Testimony Purports; Captain Is Held That the captain and members of the rrcw of the schooner Madeleine had been d r i n k i n g before the start of the trip Aug. 12, on which two men were drowned, and that several of the crew were In an intoxicated condition ns the boat left, wus tho trend of evidence given In the preliminary hearing of Captain Marcus Briindt, master of the schooner, before United States Commlsvloner Brantly Harris yesterday. - V .. l -**i'n ; EWfidt.wgj^iMind o££T to ^^TfvflWnTtrr an u j i i r y under ~it|6bl)' l»'tfnl'.vii a charge of violating sec- lion 282 o f ' t h i ' | $10,000 PAID FOR THAT PUB. POSE IS BEING HELD AS EVIDENCE. By Associated Jr«n. New Orleans, La.; Aug. 27.-Walter L. Cohen, negro controller of the customs for the New Orleans district; Dr. L. A. Meraux, sheriff of St. Bernard Parish, aud thirty-two others, including Alonzo Patterson and Arthur Battistella, alleged heads of a gigantic rum ring, were indicted by the federal grand jury here late today on charges of conspiring to violate tbe national prohibition act. The indictment specifies a single instance, in which it is charged that Cohen, Sheriff Meraux and the thirty-two others.conspired to transport 4,250 cases of liquor from Havana, Cuba, to New Orleans between June 1 and Aug. 10. Advised on "Safety." Cohen is Involved by allegations that he was consulted by heads of dcrson went overboard and rescued .lohnso'!, Jaron testified, adding that he thought the sailor had gotten both of the men. Efforts to resuscitate Johnson were made while tho schooner put about and continued the search for Chrlstofcrson. E. J. Klllott, engineer on the Bay Towing Company tug Miraflores, testified t h a t . the schooner rammed them In an attempt to get close enough to tie on for a tow. He testified that upon the arrival of the two boats' at the wharf that two mb'n ' J W . ono'mtin asleep on a. coll rope, while the captain was in tin Intoxicated condition. He could not t on 2*2 of the penal oodo declaring recall the condition of the remaining t h n "on or about Aug. 12 b o n g a member of the crew.' In reply to a captain of the s~ hooner Madeleine, question from CapUln Hrnndt. El- ·"-·---" --··· Inattention i.i| Holt declared Unit Captain Bran ; aohoum-r to be WttM incoherent and that he slur toxlcuted. crew, bled in m o v i n g about the schooner. luch misconduct I ,, ,. ,. _ . . .nd John John- Couldn't T»lie M.c. did negllgenlly and by inaltentlon l u j i i o t t u c i ared t l m t Captain Brandt h.s dutn«j,.puriiui. lli. ; aohouu«T to bu W1 i.i incolierciu and that he stum- navlgatca by an Intoxicated, c r e w . ' · · · · and ax a result of Crls Christoferaon and son lost t h e i r lives. Charles Jnros. a member of the the rum-running conspiracy on the movements of customs crafts; that he advised mqn when and how it would be "safe" to transport liquor from tbe Cuban capital Into the United States. Progress of the alleged conspiracy is traced from early June, when Battiatella is said to bav« gone to Cuba to purchase a »b lumen t of liquor which the indictments charged was shipped to "rum row", abroad the schooner Paulina B.^Moshor. CuMi Paid to' Dry Agent. That thp principals involved believed they were buying "protection" for their traffic is indicated Charles Kchwlchow, mate of Uii'l by a c "arge that $10,000 was paid tug. who wns in command at t h e ! to Patrick Needham, a with the understanding,,. .,,,,,, .,, ha «.,_»j ,, »" U was to be turne( l over to · . . . * , . . _ « u , f A i i n i . i i ^ i i \ « T W t l l C C**-IIUUllTM I er. which hailed them. He testified! 0 - D - Jackson, federal prohibition lhat at the time the schooner was i director for Louisiana ' TWs crew, testified tlmt he boarded t h r i t l m o . testified that the tug was go- agent vonsi-1 tit Pier II) about 5:10 p. in.. I 1 "" 1 ou t l n t o t h c roads to a steomor and that he suw one botlle of liquor' when they first sighted thc ,on the boat. Ho f u r t h e r testified that the crew hnd been d r i n k i n g earlier Hi the day. The schonoer was piloted hy tbe e i i p t n i n u n t i l they passed Fort Point, nnd then he took thu wheel, nnd was there when the two men went overboard. He testified "nictate knowing t h a t there was n n y trouble j " aboard .the schooner. He declure-,1 that upon thc return of thc tug that (Continued on Page 6. Column I.)

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