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Vampire 2 - Frequently, grazing horses are found in the...
Frequently, grazing horses are found in the Argentine, in the morning, with their shoulders covered with blood, where vampires vampires have been sucking, and a Dr. Blythe tells how one farmer had to give up raising chickens and another pigs because they were sucked to death oy vampire bats. The true vampire bat is confined c clusively to South American and tropical countries. The bats of the United States never attack either animals or human beings. In the United States there is a huge sucking bat, sometimes called a vampire, vampire, but which is known to science as the "false vampire," because it is harmless and lives entirely by sucking the juice of fruits. In countries where there are real vampires, vampires, it has been a source of mystery why people did not awaken when attacked. - Popular superstition has attributed it to magic or to the idea that some insidious , sleep - producing poison was injected by the creature. The real facts are these: The upper front teeth of the vampire are enormously large and raror - sharp, flat and in shape obliquely triangular, like small guillotines. The vampire, properly speaking, does not bite its victim. With its sharp, flat front teeth, it merely shaves off a thin portion of the skin, inflicting a wound similar to that occasionally caused by a razor when shaving, and practically painless. painless. The vampire then applies its lips to this wound, which is little more than an abrasion, and by .suction keeps up a constant constant flow of blood. From this source the blood is drawn through an exceedingly narrow throat - too narrow for any solid food to pass. The vampire bat consequently dies if it connot obtain blood. There is not the same excuse for human vampires, who, unfortunately, also really exist. They are insane, or semi - insane people though they may be normal in other respects who have a mania for sucking or drinking human blood. It is fortunately a rather rare mania, but the police records of almost every country t show a few cases. The most famous modern case is that of Fritz Haarmann, in Hanover, Ger many, about which columns have been written in the newspapers during the past few months. He is a true vampire, scientifically scientifically speaking. He lured no less than twenty - seven youths into his clutches, tore , their throats open with his teeth, like a wild animal, and literally sucked their blood, aiterwaras murdering them. The most famous case of a real human vampire in past history is that of the beautiful beautiful Countess Bathori, who lived in Hungary about three hundred years ago. It is absolutely authentic and the court records of her trial are still extant She was a true vampire, and also a believer believer in magic. She was rich and owned a castle, which had a mysterious and evil reputation in the neighborhood. Over a period of several years young and beautiful beautiful peasant girls of the neighborhood - disappeared and were never heard of again. Finally suspicion and fear of her caused

Clipped from The Springfield News-Leader11 Jan 1925, SunPage 22

The Springfield News-Leader (Springfield, Missouri)11 Jan 1925, SunPage 22
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