Texans soft -- editorial on ODaniel and old folks vote

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Texans soft -- editorial on ODaniel and old folks vote - Texas As Political System Soft As Taffy And J...
Texas As Political System Soft As Taffy And J ust About As S weet And Sticky' By JAY FRANKLIN My Uncle George says that he can’t understand understand why anybody should be surprised by W. Lee (“Pass-the Biscuits-PappyD O Darnel's big vote in the Texas primary. “Didn't you get onto the fact that Texas politics politics is run by a bunch cf softies when you took Jack Garner for a ride on the third term in 1940?” he asked me truculently. I said that I had never noticed anything particularly particularly love-like or downy about Texas politi “That's just because they i hats and talk Howdy-stranger victim of Heigho Silver! and the the most timid state in cians. but tm *n< wear ten-gallon lingo. You're a films Texas is just at the v * Just look at ’em. ’ he said warming to his theme. “They don't dare let the Negroes vote. They don t dare let the Mexicans vote Thev don't dare pay high usages. They don't dare pay low wages. They say “Remember the Alamo! but they don t dare keep Maury .Maverick in Congress. They re rootin', tootin’, shootin’ two-gun galoots, but they started Prohibition for us and they're aL1.avs getting soft about the old folks at home— what ha* votes and aims to get pensions while the boys a, e off fighting the Nazis." I objected that, to my best recollection, the statistics showed that more Texans per capita had enlisted in the armed forces of the United States than those of any other States east of the Mississippi Mississippi and north of the Potomac River. “That s just my point* my Unde George chortled. “Texas as a people is all right. Texas as a poll Leal system is as soft as taffy and just about as sweet and sticky. When they hit Hqjly w ood they look like regular he-men, but when they vote, they pick the man who gives them a combination of “The Old-Time Religion” and “The Barrel- House Polka.” They say it with Hillbilly Bands and the Good Book, at the polls, and Lee O’Daniel is just smart enough to figure it out that with all the boys and girls in Texas away at the wars or black-balled at the ballot-box. gramma and grandpa will vote for three square meals a day, a couple of parables and some corny music on the slide-trombone." “Then you don’t think,” I asked my uncle, “That Texas is going in for defeatism, appeasement appeasement or isolationism?” “My Uncle George laughed. “Texas? Fighting Texas? Defeatism in Texa ? Why not? When the only people your State laws allow to v ote are well-healed and in their sixties, aren't they going to want to have everything all nice and quiet in their old age, tax their grandchildren, if any. get it in the neck? Surr they’d make a deal with Hitler, if Lee O Daniel dressed it up nice in Bible talk, just so that the Axis dfdn't interfere with old-age pensions pensions or start radical talk about letting Negroes vote or paving labor more than ten cents an hour. After all didn't Martin Dies come from Texas?” Suddenly an idea struck me, “How Is it, Uncle George," I asked, “that you know' so much about the Lone Star State? Did you ever spend much time there'5 Did you ever set foot in Texas, for that matter?5 ’That.” said my uncle, “is neither here nor there. I i ever set foot on the moon, either, but that dor n't mean I don't know when the moon shines, does it?” 9 gave pessimism "If we news of everyone approaching.' complained. Ain't trustworthy war job already require If we is ours tolerate “gently aside." Wonder when successes defeat. More but the engineers be True better wmn t your your Hull Vichy — way him.

Clipped from Valley Morning Star16 Aug 1942, SunPage 4

Valley Morning Star (Harlingen, Texas)16 Aug 1942, SunPage 4
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  • Texans soft -- editorial on ODaniel and old folks vote

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