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Boston Post Nov 21, 1895 - NOVEMBER 21, .1895. THE POST FIRST IN MORNING...
NOVEMBER 21, .1895. THE POST FIRST IN MORNING SALES.'; niii J ' J t 0 4 for the RECORDS y - Olftim Hade Up Party closed result ts history of I the State on the there had of several wards as v: .19' ...110 ..ri4 62 ... 88 9 ....234 Ill . ..U' 64 ft 121 ...... Si 88 .v.427 78 - . ..m....rl ....17S . .t 147 .214, 384 .......4... si some extra office, Beard of that at on the a safe in would be registration the State 3427 names 'Close of election. On elty election the total 147.837. voters has 11,628 on the only 188 of 12,794, Olara in Killed. WOUNDED, Honrs Troops and Taldes ; S0.Passengers Havana, tonight ftiaeoo General ta Clara. The Span loss of 809 Navarre. escaped have been also state Gomes Suares Val - i hours, the troops, seri and killlnr HARRISON. MoKinley ; ; y' - ' Sk - Th .Renubli - feature of Charles the speakers Morrison. been engendered. remarks the Republican victory in Republican Hexrieon. ahewted. lidKinlvf3 came me ell right evidently mends. JO, Bubear race. The fouled He iMnV. by only which ws ,e Ml TICKET Representative Krebs the Riri&and THE REPUBLICAN ALDERMANIC CONVENTION. Total number of rote 841 . 800 if 88 280 . 235 . 228 , 205 180 , 136 i 115 !rii2 Horace 0 Allen - Ferlle a Bjnr . Charles T. Witt . Edward W Presho SothP. Smith . Charles E. Folsom Charles H. Bryant e, f r - klohn H Colby .. e William Berwin William H. tott . Oscar C. Emerson William G. Ball m a in 87 62 33 0 4 . ' FraniHs E Park Charles P Anderson The soten highest on ths list were declared the nominees Erery one of the present hoard, was renominated except Chairman Sonford, who was not a candidate. Oscar C. Emerson who was an avowed A. P A. candidate received received a small vote. John H. Colby, candidate of the municipal reformers, fell hy the wayside and WllUam Ber win who was to bring the Hebrew vot ers of the city to the support of the ticket, suffered a similar fate. . - 'The 'aidermanlo convention of the Re - putttlcan party last evening was the most lively affair which has been witnessed in connection with city politics for years. : At times it would seem that there would certainly be a bolt, as a protest against the State ticket secretly prepared by the present members of the board, which was carried through. - This "gang ticket," as it was Designated, Designated, . was strenously objected to, and without avail, the combination being too strong to break. The friends of William Berwin of Ward 17 appealed In vain for place for him on the ticket. The convention convention was toldr that he was a tower of strength among the Hebrew voters of Boston, but the Oia ponuiane who now control Bepubttcan politics In the Board a iMarmAti fcftrl AO nllimS to Skat's With anybody but themselves, andglota - 8mltfa. an astute Republican from Ward a v , y ( CQHVEKTiOH W DETAIL 5onutwg the Gas di date aflata Besnlt of the ,..,..n iJT, v, - It was 8:32 o clock when Senator Isaac Hutchinson called the convention to order. Major W. H. Oakes of Ward 4 offered the name Of. Henry & Dewey Of Ward 21 as temporary chairman, and he was elect ed. 'The chairman then offered the name of W. I Sears as temporary secretary, and Mr. Frank H.. Briggs of Ward U that of James T. Reynolds of Ward 11 as assistant , secretary, ., Both napies were accented. - . ' - . . w w. Davts or ward si proposed that a committee of eleven should be appointed by n. il..r .nUiwii wi iii - Ii ml li iii;h 'j'j the chair te collect and sort ballots. The president appointed the following delegates: delegates: William W. 'Davis, 31 1, Frank H. Blaney, 1: Andrew P. - Fisher, 2; William P. Bryant, 8: Howard Ruhl, S; Lawrence H. Hoey, 8: Henry A. Foster 10; Samuel Sterne, 11; Channing W, Martin, 18; Samuel B. Courtney, 18? A. Glendon DyarSK, ' The committee on credentials reported that 341 delegatoe were entitled to be present, of which number 840 had reported. J. E, Mullen of Ward moved to make the temporary organisation ' permanent, and this wae adopted. n , - ? Cbarlee & Tafts of ward M moved that nomination speeches be dispensed with. Tme ralsed a great outcry ana wua voices reiterated the word. 'No, uo." .,., lumtaBaWATTViS kRBBS; ' T. H. Krebs, Jr. of Ward 17, en rising to oppose the motion, was called to the platform by an almost unanimous demand. He said he and his friends did not pro pose to be governed by this attempt, at boss rule and he did not think that South Boston would agree to such a proceeding, aloud Tories ef "Right, right") He pointed out how wards - xs. If and 18 had contributed In no small measure te the victory of Mr. .Curtis, and declared that these wards had as much intelligence as any others tn the olty and oould not be Ignored. He declared he wae there hot only In the Interest of his friend, woo had previously carried the ward, but also In the interest of Myor Curtis. He declared that the statements of the Democratic party that Mayor Curtis had built up a machine wae untrue, but Instead he had given the city an honest and able admin - Iftration of which all might be proud. But what an answer to these Demo - eroJHa charges would H be, he asked, if the delegates were eeiled upon to swallow swallow the slats whtoh tt was proposed to thrust deem tiielr ttiroatsT How would that help Mr. Curtis at the poUe. It would , drive from tbe ranks, - he said. Demoerata who were ready to join the ranks. Some f the people proposed In the combination offered ,' he asserted, could not afford - to alto w critlotem on their acts of the past, end their deeds had been described by the press of Bos - Met wliow although ' they had been elect - jen wy noneet' Kepnouoam aave gene bococ on their own mends, as a number. m Cries Out Against Its Infamy. of lest year's Legislature, ' the speaker said he had something to do with the amendment of the city charter and was very closely connected with some of the friends of the Mayor. Two men, who are candidates for aldermanio nominations, nominations, said they desired to have the confirming confirming power taken from the Mayor and said if the bill went through It would be necessary if the Mayor wished to appoint men he would choose for him to trade and bicker. - - - '"J' - He was told that by Inen who were as close to the Mayor as his brother, If he had any. Xi was well known that these men met Aldermen Lee and Lomasney at the American House, and plotted there to defeat the Republican Mayor, and yet these mervOme up for indorsement here against men who stood higher and better In the party than themselves. The delegates of the convention, he said, had little knowledge of the several candidates, candidates, but If one man nominated another, another, he must know who he speaks about The Democrat, he asserted, was ruled by the boss, but the Republican, never. (Applause.) (Applause.) He appealed to the business men and not to the politicians, who had only Selfish interests to serve. ' . He asked what was the use of the cau - ousT When they . had elected a 'man In caucus, he considered that ought to rule, and be objected to be led as sheep te vote for people of whom they knew nothing. (Cheers.) "Are you going to be led up In this way to the ballot box by an Infamous combination? he asked. (Loud cries of "No!" "No!" ..... .w. - He advised hie hearers if they had men In their wards who ft ad Oeen tried and wete true to vote for them and allow none - te take:wwy their , Americanism. EDWARD1 W. PRESHO. (Loud applause. V He assured the meeting that there were other matters which rt would be interesting for some of the slate candidates to explain, but he Would not Indulge In personalities. One ef the candidates, however, In 1894 voted on a measure ' which f Mayor Matthews vetoed, and when it came back again he changed his Vote and the mugwump mugwump sheet, the Herald, "commented on the fact, as did the Journal. He asked if they were ready to - vote for men who had been untrue to their thrust; and declared declared that he felt they had pot so far forgotten their manhood, . 1 ; At the conclusion of the gentleman's speech there was a great noise of cher - Ing, hand - clapping and whistling. ... MB. CURREY OF WARD 80. " . , j Mr. Currey of Ward 89 opposed the resolution resolution and said if the integrity of the Republican party was to be preserved it would not be by the ruling of conventions, conventions, hy an unseen power. (Cheers) i i FIGHT FOR FRBJB 8PEBSCH, ' Mf. Atherton Of Ward 21 moved that Hie secretary call the wards numerically and that a representative from each ward be allowed to make a speech of five min utes duration. The proposlttatt feeing put to the meeting, meeting, the president declared It to be lost. Isaac B. Allen ef Ward 18 doubted the Vote '" - iH - - . . . , The president said, although the time had gone by for a doubt to be properly raised, he would allow it, and asked for a rising vote. This created e, terrible hubbub In the " hall, many refusing to rise, and while some called out, "Rise, rise," others answered, "Shut up." After the secretaries had counted the vote the ohatr declared that there were US for and 188 ogainst, and so declared against nominating nominating speeches. ' - v - - . Mr Wlggtn of Ward 20, as a parliamentary parliamentary right, demanded that when a vote I Wae doubted it wae necessary to eall a rou or Tne warns, ne appeal ea xrom tne decision of the chak. . ' The chairman then asked for a rote Cn hie ruling, end on a vive voce vote deolared that he was sustained. PROTEST AGAINST BOSS RUI4S, 1 Mr. Krebs then rose and aald: As this convention is under, the charga of the city machine, the opponents have no guarantee of repreeentatlvek (Cheers.) The ehalrmnin then anked for a, rising vote and there were calls for the question question te be plainly stated. . 4 . The chairman xplained that the previous previous vote weo lost end the gentleman from Ward 30 appealed front the decision ef the ohalr. The oueetlen then arose, should the decision of tbe ehaftr be sue - tsinedt .. - i , . , A delegate eorrseted the chair end eeid uuon was, onaw tne decuion ef the chair be the deeisen of the The chair agreed to this, but the delegate delegate who raised the question said that when a show of hands was doubted the &yeat!oa had the right to vote by wards, i The vote was again put to the Meeting m m ww wnu wusen, ano amidst a ehewer ef tilssee the chair declared 198 in favor of hie decision with 120 against, and eo, he said, epeecoee wouht be pemseui wns. 1 ' ' UNFAffltT OF THS RING. :'' 'V J On thia - a delegate sugaisated that n who orere In the combination should have Mr. ' Kreee eovtsso cnat his . friends eheuld watt a IHtie and allow the ring to pas tns sear on nm own tnramy. . Then honest men, he said, could go to their nomes ana eo as tney pteased. - ' - . MR. T. J". EMERY'S PROTEST. ' T. J. Emery of Ward tt declared that If there naa been any noubt before there could be none then of the Intention to - j arown noneec opinion. Me asured his hearere he had never seen anything He , (Continued on Pace tVg fcm.rii mi MWn.i 11 mi mi 11. .I.. m. 1 j n Si Triea other KNOWS A Fire Incendiary name time child at Fourteen own joining a charge fire manlao. respects husband very 'many Mrs. about haa People what on the nue. ' weeks, had some the husband, floor On tried was A rag the the done, In same was afternoon note which was That d The Quirk, evident for the On saturated placed hallway morning, was the - arenas . Carney. store rag possession of Munden used.. a lighted In the lar of On kerosene the Are was These made . Deputy Whltcomb, tioned den cers to them deputy, If you will But He had a Last moned - The firebug On before it fitted After the She all the cited The did It. she felt not anything.' 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Clipped from Boston Post21 Nov 1895, ThuPage 1

Boston Post (Boston, Massachusetts)21 Nov 1895, ThuPage 1
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