Mrs. F Salmon sells war bonds 12 June 1944

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Mrs. F Salmon sells war bonds 12 June 1944 - Precinct 23 Doubles Quota With $91,491 Sale of...
Precinct 23 Doubles Quota With $91,491 Sale of Bonds Precinct 2 Nearlng Goa With $43,670 The first beachhead in the Bloomington - Normal Fifth War Loan drive for $1,500,000 has been firmly established. Precinct 23, headed by Albert W. Grethey, 805 North East street, Monday had sold S91.491.50 worth of bonds. The quota was $46,500. Another "troop" rapidly reaching reaching its objective goal of $56,500 is precinct 1 under direction, of Be at Home to Help Solicitors, Leaders Ask Stay at home tonight and Tuesday so bond solicitors will lose no time, in receiving your subscription. Turn on your porch light to welcome the solicitors. Bond leaders of Blooming-ton-Normal Blooming-ton-Normal Blooming-ton-Normal Blooming-ton-Normal Blooming-ton-Normal made these appeals appeals Monday morning as the drive in the two cities opened. Mrs. C. C. Taylor, sub-chairman, sub-chairman, sub-chairman, announced the Bloomington Volunteer office will remain open until 9 p. m. Tuesday so all reports can be turned in after the completion of the first 48 hpurs of the drive. Harry Melby. At 11 a. m. Mon day he reported sales of $43,670. Mr. Grethey and his 15 workers reached their quota Saturday night. Sunday they had approximately approximately $80,000. At 11 a. m. Monday Monday their report showed $91,491.50. Many Were Ready. "How did you do it?" Mr. Grethey was asked. "We merely rolled up our sleeves and all of us went to work," he answered. "Workers began soliciting soliciting Thursday evening. They found residents of the community at home waiting for the solicitors to call. Most of them had their minds made up so that little time was lost." Mr. Grethey said some of the purchasers called the neighborhood neighborhood leaders on the phone asking when they would be solicited as they wanted to make sure they would be home when the call was made. He said nearly all of the subscribers subscribers made larger purchases than they did in the Fourth War Loan drive. None, he added, bought less. "The precinct is not covered 100 percent," said the precinct leader. We are confident we can complete complete that job by Tuesday night." Lauds 15 Workers. Mr. Grethey paid tribute to the manner in which his 15 workers 'tackled the job." They are Miss LOula M. Buehrig, Mrs. Julius Klemm. Paul J. Glazier, Mrs. Elizabeth Glazier, Mrs. Frank Eft, Edward R. Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Roy BULLETIN Board EMERGENCY CALLS VrTKrite hospital SOld Rrofcaw hop:tal j,02.j St. Joseph' hospital '.22M-0 '.22M-0 '.22M-0 7200-5 7200-5 7200-5 ?eri;f 2703-3 2703-3 2703-3 rvrraty la-'.l la-'.l la-'.l 22SS-0 22SS-0 22SS-0 Btoornftigton fire department. . .. !2440-5 !2440-5 !2440-5 Normal fire department g065 BIRTHS. Mr. and Mrs. Rodger Lewis Riis T,-. T,-. T,-. ton. Ohio, a boy born Saturday at 10-45 10-45 10-45 M.-waukee. M.-waukee. M.-waukee. Wis M:'WauKfe Pal. tJI Bi!a"J,af form"-!y form"-!y form"-!y Mi Marian Tre and. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Guy lr! d,' e time reside, of Normal. Tvirnda BOn f Thurman BH-". BH-". BH-". A4 Mra, M'dfo"l J- J- Thomson. ?i,,h Lnl'-y Lnl'-y Lnl'-y street. Normal, a Bm.n otterj the former June S?T:l,-.?"mi,n- S?T:l,-.?"mi,n- S?T:l,-.?"mi,n- S?T:l,-.?"mi,n- Thomson is ,n tne "'""ito owrsfM Mr. ann Mrs. Thomas Lancaster. R07 rtmi jarKson street a bOV. born Mnnrinv : M. Joseph Mr. and Mr. hospital. William Monlcal. nnt - Dewejr street. Normal, a boy, born Sat- Sat- urdsy at Mennonite hnanitui' v i' -? -? d. Mrs" Dale Gibson. 405 North ,1 3re- 3re- a x'y. horn Sunday at Men-nonlte Men-nonlte Men-nonlte hospital. Fnneral Notlre. Cards of Thanks, la Mrimrlsm and Special Notice. 10-minimum. 10-minimum. 10-minimum. SI.M wr Insertion: foil da?'s run will ba srerpted Op to p oay hrfnre pnhllratlon and lines, l&c each. Copy for noon for final edition. additional IS clock FIWERAL NOTICE, runeral services for Mrs. Frank Snod-irrass Snod-irrass Snod-irrass of Towanda. Illinois -will -will be held from the Towanda Baptist church Tuesday a.t-rnoon a.t-rnoon a.t-rnoon at 2 o'clock. Friends invited. Interment Zion cemetery. Friends may csll at the residence. kirXiTnotice Graveside services will be held In the Hudson cemetery at 4 p. m. Tuesday for Capiam Guy Skinner. Friends mav call t the Murray Memorial home until 3 p m. Tuesday. H NERAI. NOTIC E. Funeral services for Mr. Chas. B. Allen of 209 West Willow street. Normal, will ne held Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the Baptist church n Normal. Friends irvited. Interment Bloomi-.pton Bloomi-.pton Bloomi-.pton cemetery. Friends may call at the Ktubblefield M'lrinrial Home. IIM.KAL NOTICE. Funeral services for Mr. Hugh Brennan '..l be held Tuesday morttng from the George R. Flynn Funeral Home, 711 North Main street, at 9 o'clock and from St. Patricks church at 9:30. Friends may call at the funeral home. Interment in M, Mary's cemetery. FTXF.RAI. NOTICE. runerai services for Mr. John P. Er-IcJlsoii. Er-IcJlsoii. Er-IcJlsoii. 109 Kreitzer Ave. will be held i.uiu tub rsecit Memorial Home 209 E Grove St., Tu-ssday Tu-ssday Tu-ssday afternoon at 2 o'clock WAR LOAN OFF TO RUNNING START rse? ALBERT W. GRETHEY, right, reports $91,491.30 sales for prerinrt 23 early .Monday at bond Itnd-quarters. Itnd-quarters. Itnd-quarters. Mrs. Joseph Bolirer, left, in rliarge of reports at the volunteer office anil Mrs. C. C. Ta)lor, subohairman of the drive, keep the adding machines hot striking a total. Hard hitting tactics are not new for precinct 23 which reported highest first diy sales in the Fourth War hwn. Frawley, John Sealock, Howard A. Brynhildsen, Lyle Straight, Miss Helen Dick, Mrs. James K. Williams, Williams, D. J. Morrison, Mrs. Jean- Jean- ette Scott and Paul Jabsen. The Volunteer office also renort- renort- ed substantial amount of sales from precinct 9, Mrs. A. James Schultz, precinct leader; precinct 4, Miss Helen and Miss Ruth Nelson; Nelson; 5, Mrs. Glen Shriver and Mrs. Freeland Salmon: 6. Rov D. Brown; 10, Harry Riddle: 18. Mr. and Mrs. George Dungey; 21, Mrs. Carl Miller. The Volunteer office, under di rection of Mrs. Joseph Bohrer, -was -was unable to announce total subscriptions. subscriptions. City Has Stake In Small Town, Speaker Claims Bloomington has a big stake in what happens to the small Central Central Illinois town, according to H. C. Tate who addressed the Kiwanis club Monday noon on "Postwar Planning for Small Communities." "In the first place," he said, "between "between 65 and 70 percent of the retail business of Bloomington 's general stores comes from outside outside Bloomington - Normal. Each family in this area spends nearly $350 a year in Bloomington. "In the second place you should have an interest from the standpoint standpoint of government. If democracy democracy ever fails in this country, it will fail in the small, local unit. McLean county has around 500 or more local governments. You as citizens have a big stake in the streamlining and modernizing of these units if we are not to enter a managed economy in peace as well as in war." The speaker said the small town faces problems of employment, social services, retail outlets and recreational facilities which must be met if they are to survive. He pointed out that Illinois alone has almost 1.000 incorporated communities communities with less than 2,500 population population as compared with 150 between between 2,500 and 10,000 and only about 60 with more than 10,000. "The small town problem is a problem affecting almost a third of the population directly and the rest of us indirectly," he said. H NKRl. NOTIC r.. Funeral services for Ir. Walter Ritchie will be held from the Beck Memor'n! home. 209 Fast Grove s'reet Tuesday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. Friends Invited. Ir.terment Park Hill. Friends may call at the memorial home. CARD OK TIUNKS. We wish to thank all those whose kindness kindness was so helpful at the time of the death of our mother and grandmother. Mrs. M. L. Stubblefleld. We are (trateful to all the old neiRhbors and friends whose sympathy was expressed In flowers and deeds of service. MR. AND MRS. 1HRRY JUNES AND FAMILY. MR. AND MRS. H I. STRUCK MAN AND FAMILY. MRS. MERLE ST! 'BBLFFIELD. EDWARD STUBBLEFIELD. IN .ME MORI A Ml In memory of Euper.e Hansen who met accidental desth on June 11. 1M2 THE LITTLE LAD. The lit'le lad Is Rone. Our hearts are pierced and bleeding: How rhall we carry on. On life's wary. weary way? Would we bring him back? Nay; We shall go to him some day. He was our precious flower That blossomed but was cut down; He was our life. Our Joy, our crown; Would we bring him back? Nay, We shall go to him some day. ALBERT NIEPAGEN ' K COMPANY OVERJOYED BY ARRIVAL OF PAY The eagle flew Saturday for members of K company, Illinois Reserve militia. Pay checks covering covering active duty in Meredosia Jailed for Drunk, Disorderly Conduct William H. Kelly, 54, East St. Louis, was sent to the county jail for 10 days when he appeared in police court Monday morning on a charge of drunk and disorderly conduct. He was arrested early Sunday morning by Bloomington police. Youths Fined $8 Each For Disorderly Conduct Two 18 year old Bloomington youths were fined $8 each when they appeared in police court Sunday Sunday on a charge of disorderly conduct. conduct. The fines were suspended. They were arrested at Miller park Saturday by William Cooper, pane custodian. They stt-:. stt-:. stt-:. J ' t V i mm : a - av The Pilgrims knew they were ill-prcparetl ill-prcparetl ill-prcparetl crudest winters that resolute men, women and had to face. Foreseeing trials that would endurance, they treasured their scanty store rationed every helping. But, when a Spring and Summer of strenuous them with an abundant harvest, the Pilgrims but not alone for food. They felt they were well toward an established home in a new world, from April 25 to 31 arrived at the armory that afternoon. The floodsters began to queue up for the six day pay after they were informed of the long awaited event via regular mo-ibilization mo-ibilization mo-ibilization phone calls. The grapevine was working, how-ever, how-ever, how-ever, and a few of the "now I can pay my poker debt" members members were banging on the doors before a phone had been lifted from the cradle. By Saturday evening about half of the 53 checks received had been distributed. As the entire payroll has been approved in Springfield, checks for the remaining nine days of service were expected soon. Most of the checks, at private's rate, were for $24. less withholding tax. PROMPTLY RELIEVES TORTURE OF ITCHY SKI CASH Ma to sitsnisl cmm) Zemo a Doctor's liquid formula promptly relieves itch of simple skia rash. Aids healinr. All frpiln drugstores. la 3 sixes. CJtJ(J RATIONING came over on The Mayflower Rationed

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The Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois)12 Jun 1944, MonPage 3
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  • Mrs. F Salmon sells war bonds 12 June 1944

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