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THE S CRAXTO V TRUTH,.. M O XD A.T AFTE RXOON, APRIL 3,. 1905. i" t: 10 WTO V MJ' ii ILkVS t I Free Voting Coupon. V April 3. 190i Thin coupon in good for (ton) vote for anv more and ten votes for any woman named in THE TRUTHS GREAT POPULAR CONTEST Fill out the following blank with the name of the woman and the name of the man you consider the most popular, and send it to the Contest Kditor at once in order to have the votes counted in the firt announcement. t I cast 10 votes for M as the most popular women. Candidate's Address i... I cast 10 votes for M .' Candidate's Address In THE TRUTH'S GREAT POPULAR CONTEST. This coupon is void if voted after Saturday. April 8, 1903.' It is not necessary to vote both for a man and woman candidate, but this cou pon will only count 10 votes for the Additional HONESDALE. TA.. Edith F. Torrey. 1 iwight Dorfllnger. , F. Suydam. L. Atkinson. SCRANTON. Col. Chas. C. Mattes, r43 Quincy ave. Alfred E. Lister. 921 Vine ft. Anna M. Watson, ,r04 Monroe ave. Edward Langley, 711 Conuell Bldg. Mrs. Chas. Welles, jr.. 615 Vine st. Russell Dimmick. 119 Wyoming ave. Anna Archbald. 326 Monroe ave. Anna L. I,averty, 427 N. Wash. ave. Franklin H. Henshaw, S37 Clay ave. John D. Hinlon. Nash hotel, Adams ave. Albert Smith, 3"S Washington ave. Carrie Drew. 13:12 Mulberry st. , E. R. Holgato, 702 Monroe ave. Prof. J. T. Watkins, 1221 Washburn st David Prichurd. 145 S. Main ave. Jonathan Edwards. 145 S. Main ave. Samuel Lewis. 1701 N. Main ave. Mrs. A. C. LaMonto. M0 Madison ave. Mrs M. 1. Corbett. 419 Washington ave. Mrs! Lena Kaufhold. 702 Electric ave. Mrs. John L. Schroeder, 902 Harrison, Mrs Chas. Schank. 1006 Sunset ave. Mrs! P. J. Ruane. 715 Brick nve. Mrs. Dr. J. J. Sullivan. 2066 Wayne nve. John J. Evans. Deacon nt. H. S. Roberts. 1711 Doane t. Prof. J. J. Costello. 1019 W. Market SI. W. M. Lewis, 1707 N". Sumner Ave. P. J. McCarrick. N. Main Ave. Mrs. Anna Munson, 111 X. Sumner Ave. Gertrude Freeman, 74" S. Main Ave. Mrs. J. P. Moffat. 1115 Washburn St. Bessie Buckingham, 127 S. Lincoln Ave. Ruth Beddoe. !!24 S. Main Ave. J D. Jones, 746 Madison ave. IN SCRANTON, :' CENTRAL CITY District 1. Angela Blewitt, 316 Phelps st. Eva Short, 224 Franklin ave. ' Kate Mullarkey, 314 Phelps st. Mary Muldowney, 92X Wyoming ave. Elizabeth Griffiths, 1209 Linden st. Margaret O'Reilly, 634 Clay ave. Gertrude Murray, 926 Wyoming ave. " Mrs. J. Boone, 532 Forest i t. Miss Grace Pcttigrew, 84 Gibson St. Sadie Timlin, 628 N. Washington ave. Dora Shapiro, 313 Penn ave. Lelia Steele, 533 Monroe ave. Susan E. Dickinson. 719 Madison ave. Millie Maver, 431 Monroe ave. Ella Boland, 821 Olive st. Cora Haldmau. 316 New st. . Victoria Broadbent. 1020 Mulberry st. Clinton Weston, 716 Adams ave. A'iolet Fah ren hold t, 324 Penn ave. . May Emory, 717 Olive st. Elizabeth Saragoli, 534 Adams ave. Mrs. John Warner, 627 Adams ave. Clyde Warren. Linden Hotel, i James Moir, 841 Madison ave. i Marcus Duffy, 904 Madison ave. James Blair, 401 Jefferson ave. , Dan Muldoon, 1326 S. Washington ave. Eugene Tropp, 415 N. Washington ave. Prof James II. Fuller. 1020 Delaware st. Ralph Deny, 502 Harrison ave. Charles Murphy, 1208 Mulberry st. Maxwell Bessell. 1009 Ridge Row. Prof. E. J. Flood. 614 Washington ave. Prof. John W. Wagner, 401 North Irving James Powell, 126 Washington ave. John Gallifian, 222 Lacka. Ave. J. F. Haininis. Ill Wyoming Ave. F. Lammont Belin, 44 7 Jefferson ave. Daniel Lafferty, 101 Spruce St. ", Michael Kane, Franklin Ave. , Harry Storm, City Hall . - Adolph Madenspather. 44S Bickens ct. Thomas Loughrati, 4L6 Taylor ave. James Hawley, Lacka. Valley House. David Strauss, '419 Vine street. Frank Barker, 335 Madison ave. . T. W. Walsh, 342 Railroad avenue. Michael Doyle, 225 Railroad ave. ' William Wirth, 436 Hickory street. Herman Bower, 634 Wyoming ave. ' Alfred Turner, Wash, ave., cor, Phelps. E. C. Patterson, 643 E. Market st. Alex. Dickson, 616 Quincy ave. Peter Holten, 214 Franklin ave. Michael Hannon, 405 Sanders. Frank Clifford, 315 Franklin ave. John Dempsey. 856 Lord's i t. Hurbert Merrill. 612 Jefferson ave. John J. Reynolds, 909 Monroe ave. Oscar Habsacker. 6 Clinton place. Joseph Baumeister, 315 N. Washington. P. F. Murray, 422 New st. Chas. C. Rose, 601 Webster ave. Albert Hunt, 801 Clay ave. Capt. F. M. If oehler. 613 Center st. Percy H. French, 407 Wyoming ave. Linden V. Decker, 1513 Olive St. NORTH SCRANTON District 2. Alice Leonard, 2009 Margaret ave. May Price, rear of 2039 Wayne ave. Alice Evans, 133 W. Parker st. Mrs. Walter Reese, 1701 Summit ave. Helen Mirtz, 1301 N. Main ave. Carrie Evans. 2013 Wajyie ave. Susan Decker, 1439 Sunlmer ave. . Gertrude GuUd. 2018 X. Main ave. - Anna OConnor. 52 - 1 Cayuga st. , Margaret Houlihan, 2708 N. Main ave. Mary Louise Clarke. 543 AV. Market st. Libbie Nearv,1056 W. Market st. Mary Gerrity,' 1730 Wayne ave Mary Costello, 1018 W. - Market st. Mary Comerford, 1705 Wayne ave. Anna McNamar, 831 W. Market st. Celia Gannon, 1735 .Beaumont ave. Grace D. Hicks, 1120 Columbia st. Blanche Hallstead, 1102 Green Ridge st. Hugh Frayne, 1711 Summit ave. Harry Sproat, 1354 Penn ave. Lewis Grauman. 848 Capouseave. Chas. Constantine. 63 West Market st. Edward Collins, 1349 N. .Main ave. Andrew Smith. 113 Throop st. Ambrose Mulley, jr., Edna avenue. M. J. Walsh, 437 W. Market Ft. Valentine Birtley, 1844 N. Main ave. Frederick Hartzell, X. lain ave. A. D. Myers, 105 X. Market street. John Jervis. jr., 1S24 Wayne avenue. John Gilroy. 402 W. MarHet.'st. p. J. McCarrick, 2618 N. Main ave. Richard J. Richards, 22(1" Spring st. B. J. Morrison. 1016 X. Market st. Frank Miller. 2326 Durjdn ave. Eugene - J. Cannon. 429' Wi Market st. . Prof. R. H. Martin. 2051 Edna ave. 1 George Loftus, 1762 Brock ave. Edward Clarke. 401 W. Market st. Edward Saltry, 817 W. Market st. Harry Palmer. 2030 Margaret ave. E. C. Patterson, 643 E. Market st. Clark Guild', 2018 X. Main ave. WEST SIDE District 3. Mattie Hughes, 531 Sumner ave. Margaret Sherin, 2002 Price st. Daisy Reinhardt, 33 South Main ave. - o man or woman selected. - O Candidates. Margaret Jones, 1124 Rock St. Mrs. D. P. ConneJl. 623 S. Main Ave. .Mrs. Oscar Oswald. 507 S. Main Ave. Jennie Lewis. 617 S. Main Ave. .Michael Mackin. 1043 Smith St. Mr. Da vies. 73 Archibald St. Anna Mackin, 1043 Smith St. Marie O'Donnell, 916 Kellerman court. Catherine Dippre. 1017 S. Washington. Eliza W. Christophel, 1010 Remington. Kate Crier. 114 Vale ave. Teressa Gibbons. 1902 Pittston ave. B. Kearns, 2303 Saginaw St. Cecilia N'allon. Kain St., Minooka, Ta. Kate Regan, Dunroore, Pa. WILKES - BARRE. Win. C. Cooke, S. Main St. Frank Harte, Wilkes - Barre. PITTSTOX AND W. PITTSTON. Henry Roberts. York Ave. Jesse Peck, York Ave. Margaret Lewis, Exeter St. MOUNT POCONO, .Mrs. L. T. Smith. PA. ! Nellie Labar. James Walton. F. M. Bisbing. GOULDSBORO, PA. Dan Foley. Fred O'Rourke. Bertha Crooks. Margaret ("rooks. TOBYHANNA. Manic Tourtiier. Martha Huey. Adam Strouss. John Fa hey. PA. Kate Schautz. 540 Eynon st. Stella Meredith. 16181 Jackson St. Ida Sayers. 310 N. Rebecca ave. Cora Decker. 1162 Division St. Gertrude Freeman, 744 S. Main ave. Margaret Gibbs, 217 S. Main ave. Leila A. Porter. 128 Meridian st. Anna Munson, 111 N. Sumner ave. Elizabeth Lewis, 1149 Locust St. Ruse Beehtold, 1114 Vandeventer Boul. Ruth Beddow, 300 S. Main ave. Winifred Haggerty, rear 927 Scrantn st. Margaret Hughes. 319 Decker's ct. Alary Durkin. 1028 Lafayette st. Alice Shaw, 224 N. Hyde Park ave. Rose Arigonl, 220 Fall - view ave. Win. E. Watkins, 725 N. Bromley ave. B. B. Atherlon, 2094 N. Main ave. George Powell, 1210 Main ave. Joseph Farrar, 626 O'Hara st. Benjamin Evans. 12 Dartmouth st. Fred Peteis, Sloane mine. Michael Barrett, 553 Bellevue place, ('has. Haag, 1518 Jackson st. Klodwen Richard, 1012 Hand st. Florence Murray, 315 Second ave. Col. R. A. Phillips, 719 X. Main ave. F. B. Reese, 1105 Vaiuierventer Boul. Michael Tiglie, 2006 Price st. Charles Moyer. 920 Eynon st. George Nash, 421 S. Ninth st. Elsworth Price, 431 Tenth ave. Philip H. Warren, 119 N. Lincoln ave. Sabford Phillips, 1325 Academy st. John Durkin, 223 N. Rebecca ave. Newton Roberts. 225 S. Main ave. Edward Morse, 1222 Jackson st. Frederick Evans, 623 South Main ave. Thomas F. Hurst. 216 Tenth ave. Wm. K. Lewis. 1114 Eynon st. O. E. Knapp, 739 X. Hyde Park ave. David Edwards, 1222 Hampton st. James Hudson, 1106 Watson ave. Thomas Elias, 310 Evans court. David Cadugan, Fourteenth st. Arthur Williams 6 S. Main ave. Edward Evans, 1129 Hampton st. Edward Lewis. 1211 Hampton . William G. Daniels. 226 S. Main ave. Rowland Thomas, 370 X. Hyde Park ave W. S. Grass, 122 X. Hyde Park ave. John 14. Devine, 15y Jackson St. Stewart Bieseckcr. 207 N. Bromley ave. Evan Walters, 1423 Division st. Victor Lauer, 746 X. Main ave. E. W. Thayer. 313 S. Main ave. William D. Morgan, 1025 Rock st. Joseph Oliver, 221 Luzerne st. Alfred Twining, 1414 Swetlanri. SOUTH SIDE District 4. Miss Frances E. MeG - , 2116 P'tsn Ave. Miss Anna C. Malia. 932 Prospect Ave. Miss Kva Scholl, 532 Prospect Ave. Miss Sophie Klumpp, 318 Birch St. Miss Marie D. Wirth. 436 Hickory St. Miss Bridget J. Judge. 536 Moosic St. Miss Anna Kuclin, 721 S. Irving Ave. Mrs. Jacob Haefner, 727 S. Irving Ave. Miss Carrie Hartman. 612 Prrjspect Ave. Miss Mary Roth, 913 Sloan St. Miss Minnie Titleburg. 1727 P'ts'n Ave. Mrs. W. P. Kuryloski. 1318 Pittston Ave. Miss Kate Warner, 1824 Pittston Ave. Mrs. Chas. Hoffman, 725 S. Irving Ave. Miss Kate Rerdon, 801 Crown Ave. Mrs. James Peyton, 523 River St. Miss Lydia Roeder. 631 Fig St. Mrs. Mary Fallon, 307 Palm St. Anna Rafter, 825 Crown ave. Mame Kirwin, 511 Ripple st. Nellie Hannon, 514 Crown ave Frank Ricca, 1811 Pittston Ave. John J. Monahan, 3 Stone ave. Christian Rose, 702 Beech St. William Bauer. 602 Prospect Ave. James Vaughan, 1405 Pittston Ave. Patrick J. Boland, 511 Locust St. Alfred Gutheinz, 301 Willow St. Wiliam C. Miller, 702 Pittston Ave. John Reif, 614 Prospect Ave. August F. Kraft, 446 Alder St. Captain Edward Kneller, 513 Cedar Ave. Capt. Steriin Simrell, 1909 Pitttston Ave. Capt. Peter Rosar, 812 Cedar Ave. James D. Mangan, 1310 Prospect Ave. Benedict A. Eiden. 909 Stone Ave. Michael Coyne, 1421 Pittston Ave. Timothy Walsh, 2113 Pittston ave. August Greager, 413 Maple st. Joseph Ricca, 1911 Pittston ave. Walter Kuryloski, 1305 Pittston ave. J. F. Dooley, 421 Pittston Ave. G. A. Kotzwinkle, 18 Kirst Court. Theodore Bauchman. 1109 Poplar St. James Kane, 114 S. Webster ave. Hugh Coyne, 1605 Pittsfonavs. Michael Hannon, 424 Prospect ave. OUTSIDE SCRANTON. DUNMORE District 5. Mrs. A. L. Nolan, 1737 Jefferson Ave. Florence Bruning, Brook St. Kate Connerton, Pine St. Ruby Yost, X. Blakely St. Margaret Relrdon, Elm St. Delia McDonnell, Smith Court, Grace Chamberlain, N. Blakely St. Mary A. MeHale, Swartz St. Marie Bronson, Elm St. Mrs. John Flack. Walnut St. Florence Robinson, Clay Ave. In order that the friends of the Candidates may easily and quickly assist their favorites in making a good start early in the contest The Truth to - day publishes a FREE VOTING COUPON which is good for to votes for a woman and to votes for a man candidate in THE TRUTH'S GREA 1 POPULAR CONTEST. A free coupon for 5 votes will be published tomorrow and Wednesday. This will be the only opportunity during the Contest to secure free coupons. Friends of the Candidates should secure all the coupons possible and send them in to the Contest Editor before o o'clock Thursday morning, April 6, in order that they may be counted in the first announcement Select your favorite man and woman Candidate and send in as many votes as possible AT ONCE. , Notice that the largest number of votes will be counted for the subscriber subscriber who prepays his subscription earliest in the contest. Vote early. Mrs. P. F. Reilly, Ward St. Elsie Powell, X. Blakely St. 1 Mrs. A. R. Snyder, Dudley ST. Kate Corcoran, Dunmore. Mary Early, E. Drinker St. Elizabeth Teevan. E. Drinker St. Mrs. W. F. Gibbous. Anna McGowan. 346 Chestnut, Dunmore James O'Boyle, Dunmore. Howard Chamberlain, Erie office. Frank Bingham. Pine St. Charles Sloat. Pine st. Timothy E. Poland. Chestnut st. Bert Nolan. 1737 Jefferson avenue. Patrick O'Hara, Dunmore. Patrick Fahey, Warren st. James Gilmartin, Clay ave. Prof. Michael Costello. N. Blakely St. Frank Sacco, Dunmore. R. A. Hicks, Dunmore. Philip Davis, Dunmore. John McGlone, Jr.. Apple St. Patrick O'Horo, Chestnut St. Dominick Dempsey, Dunmore. Albert Williams, Blakely St. George Russell, Bloom St. Stephen Langan, x. M. 1. Booms. John Schlenz. Pine St. Anthony MeHale, 247 Elm st., Dunmore Austin L. Gutlin. 801 Electric ave. Wm. Weidner. 215 Butler St., Dunmore, Charles Savage, Dunmore. CA It BOND ALE District 6. Alice Rashleigh, 36 River St. May Moltitt, 36 Woodlawn Ave. May Horan, 50 Scott St.' Ann Morau, 156 S. Main St. Mrs. J. F. McDonnell, 55 Eighth Ave. Kula Carey, Reynshahhurst. Lizzie Murphy, 142 Spring St. Maud Stephens. 29 Salem Ave. Jennie 1'arker, Fallbrook St. Mary Barrett, South Side. Mrs. P. F. Hughes. 59 S. Church St. Miss Ella Harte, 206 Dundaff St. Margaret R. Campbell. 120 Cavaan St. Ella Farrell. 70 Pike St. Helen Meehan, 11 Spruce St. Timothy J. Gilhool. 23 X. Brooklyn St. Anthony Hughes, Gordon Ave. A. R. O'Malley. 2S3 Pike St. John Brown. 50 Brown St. John B. Walsh, 64 Pearl St. Joseph Glermon, East Side Park. Tatrick F. Fox, West Side. Frank Tralles, 20 X. Main St. Maurice Murray. 85 S. Main St. Frank McDonnell, 55 Eighth Ave. Frank Couch, 76 Washington St. Rexford Williams. Terrace St. Charles J. Cavanaugh, 25 Dundaff St. Ray Burke, 35 Brooklyn St. Fred Hiller, X. Church, cor. Cavaan St. J. Russell Jones, 33 River St. Fred Lewis, 135 Washington St. Elmer Brokenshire. 51 Garfield Ave. John Hart Burke, 11 South Main St. Claude R. Smith. 141 Park St. Oscar Morgan, 96 Seventh Ave. PITTSTON District 7. Mrs. B. J. Gonial). Pittston. Pa. Miss Alice MeHale, Pittston, Pa. Mrs. John Bresnahan. Pittston, Pa. Miss Elizabeth Blewitt, Pittston, Pa. Miss Anna G. Gibbons. Pittston, Pa. Miss Eva Brown, West Pittston, Pa. Miss Elizabeth McDonald, W. Pittston. Miss Jennie Brown, West Pittston, Pa. Miss Antoinette King, Jr.. W. Pittston. Mr. Edward Pancoast, West Pittston. Mr. Edward Parkman, W. Pittston, Pa. William Francis, West Pittston, Pa. John Scureman, West Pittston, Pa. P. F. Loftus, West Pittston, Pa. P. J. Brown, West Pittston, Pa. Thos. H. Hopkins, Pittston, Pa. Albert Entorieft, Pittston. Pa. Charles Curry, Pittston, Pa. Alexander Tohmpson, Pittston, Fa. M. E. Golden. Pittston. Pa. W. L. Pace, Pittston, Pa. A. T. Walseh, Pittston, Pa. John J. Hart, Pittston, Pa. Joseph Loftus, Pittston, Pa. W. H. Gillespie, Pittston, Pa. John Heffern. Pittston. Pa. John Kehotigh, Pittston Pa. DISTRICT 8. ARARAT, n. F. Poller. Ararat. Miss Golda Leach, Ararat. ARCHBALD. Mrs. Hannah Cavanaugh, Archbald. Miss Kate Lally, Archbudl. Miss Anna Kearney, Archbald. Miss Sadie Sweeney, Archbald. Miss Emily Gikiea, Archbald. Miss Margaret Cawley, Archbald, Miss Maud Kielty, Archbald. Miss Xellie Butler, Archbald. Miss Nora Healy. Archbald. Miss Probst. Archbald. Anna Corcoran. Archbald. Prof. W. A. Kelly, Archbald. John J. Douglier. Archbald. P. F. Brogan, Archbald. Arthur Bishop. Archbald. P. F. Fitzpatrick, Archbald. . Thomas Kielty. Archbald. Frederick Swartztrauber, Archbald. Samuel Kiparolla, Archbald. Henry Myers, Archbald. Captain P. J. McAndrews, Archbald. P. F. Gaughan, Archbald. Joseph Cool lean, Arcvhbald. Michael Rupp. Archbald. Ernest Battenburg. Archbald. CLARK'S SUMMIT. Miss Anna McCormick. Clark's Summit. Miss Etta Mann, Clark's Summit. Prof. Frederick Greene, Clark's Summit. DALTO.V. Miss Venna Tiffany, Dalton. Miss Ruth Boll. Dalton. H. X. Dearie. Dalton. Prof. C. B. Yanyen, Dalton. Richard D. Purdon, Dalton. DICKSON. Miss Mary James, Dickson. Miss Phoebe Caygil, Dickson. Miss Josephine Henne. Dickson. Miss Margaret Hall, Dickson. Miss Lena Kerrlck, Dickson. George O'Hara, Dickson. Peter Farrell, Dickson. William Williamson, Dickson. Frank O'Connor, Dickson. James Meehan, Dickson. JERMYX. Grace Vail, Jermyn. Mary Rowland, Jermyn. Myra Hills, Jermyn. Peter Kelley, Jermyn. David Jenkins, Jermyn. Henry Maxwell, Jermyn. Henry Brown, Jermyn. Arthur Morgan, Jermyn. Harry Treas, Jermyn. JESSUP - WINTOX. Miss Mary Lawler, Jessup. Miss Emma Wilse, Jessup. Miss Margaret McAndrew, Win ton. B. J. McGurl, Jessup. John Lally, Jessup. Patrick ;Dean, Winton, Four Grand Prizes. 1. New Cadillac Automobile Touring Car,, Detachable Tonneau, complete. This Automobile is one of the finest of its class. It is now on exhibition at the store of The Scranton Garage and Motor Car Co. All Candidates in THE GREAT POPULAR CONTEST will have the opportunity opportunity to test the strength and easy riding qualities of this Machine. The ear is very easily handled, and can be used with only one seat if desired, as it Is provided with Detachable Tonneau. 2. The choice residence lot In Tripp Park, will be selected from a large number, by the fortunate winner of this attractive prize. These lots are fn a desirable location for residence, and property is Increasing in value in the vicinity. .3. Beautiful $500.00 Iver & Pond Piano and an Automatic $150,00 Piano Player. This Piano is purchased from L. B. Powell & Co., who state that it is one of the most popular Pianos. ThisFiano can be seen at any time by calling calling at their store in Scranton. 4. Two round trip tickets to the Lewis & Clark Exposition at Portland, Ore., two admission tickets to the Exposition grounds good for four weeks, and $100.00 in cash for traveling expenses. Stop - overs will be allowed on these tickets tickets at some of the most interesting citfes in the country. The most wonderful wonderful scenery in the world will be witnessed by the fortunate winner of this splendid prize. All the wonders of the Plains, the grandeur of the Rockies, and the desolation of t lie Arid Deserts will be viewed by the winner of this grand prize, and his or her chosen companion. The round trip covers over 6,000 miles of rail, equal to one - fourth the circumference of the Globe. The Twenty District Prizes. 3 prizes Each a beautiful $100.00 Diamond Ring. 1 prize Two annual season tickets with Orchestra reserved seats, good for every attraction at the Lyceum Theatre. 3 prizes The winner of each of these prizes has the privilege of selecting sporting goods to the value of $100.00. The variety of selection that these prizes offer is too numerous to mention, but includes games of all kinds, Kodaks, Bicycles, Rifles, Tennis and Base Bali outfits, in fact everything everything that can be purchased from John Rawlings or Robinson & Adams. 4 prizes Each consisting of a June vacation trip to Atlantic City, Xew Jer sey, for the successful winner and his or her chosen companion, including railroad tickets, and room and board for two weeks at one of Atlantic City's leading hotels. 3 prizes Each consisting of a lady's or gentleman's fine gold watch, to be selected by the winner. 1 prize An annual pass on the Scranton Street Railway, good on all lines and can be used by the winner for an unlimited number of rides for one year. 1 prize A beautiful cut - glass punch bowl with glasses, which can be exchanged exchanged for other glass of equalal value if preferred. 1 prize Two annual season tickets with Orchestra reserved scats, good for every attraction at the Court Square Theatre. 2 prizes Each consisting of a Mahogany linish Automatic Piano Player. 1 prize Two round trip railroad tickets to Colorado, for the successful winner and any chosen companion for trip during the coming summer. Four Special Period Prizes. Four special prizes will be offered within a few days to the four Candidates, Candidates, two men and two women, one man and one woman in Scranton, and one man and one woman outside Scranton, receiving the largest vote before the close of the first period, which is 10 o'clock p. m., Saturday, April 15th, 1905. MAYFIELD. Miss Amy Williams. .May Held. Miss Lillian Greene, Maytield. John F. Farrell. MayMcld. John Campbell, Maylield. Patrick Tallet, Maylield. OLYPHANT. Miss Mary McGinty. olypliaiit. Miss Bertha Goodrich, Olypliaiit. Miss Nettie McDonnell, Olyphant. Miss Rachel Evans, Olyphant. Mrs. William Widdow field, Olyphant. Thomas Rogan. Olyphant. Frank McGloughlin. Olyphant. John Reddington, Olyphant. Michael O'Malley, olyphant. Anthony Murphy, Olyphant. John J. Moran. Olyphant. Isaac P. Gi'irliths, Olyphant. PECKVILLE. Miss Nora. L. Pickering, Peckville. Miss Cassie Williams. Peckville. Miss Pearl Hopfer, Waverly. Miss Lena Gendall, Peckville. William Allen, Peckville. James Id. Smith, Peckville. Charles Beattys, Peckville. A. W. Jenkins, Peckville. N. W .Thomas, Peckville. Prof.. If. B. Anthony, Peckville. THROOP. Miss Margaret McCormick, Throop. - Miss Cooper, Throop. William Appleman. Throop. August Allenrtike, Throop. Prof. John O'Hara, Throop. WAVERLY. Miss Lena Stone, Waverly. Robert Parker, Waverly. Joseph Waile. Waverly. Lester Tyler, Waverly. VANDLING. Maine Cox. Vandling. Margaret Evans, Vandling. Rose McDonnell, Vandling. O. J. Arnold, Vandling. David Parry, Vandling. William Bartholomew, Vandling, William Madigan, Vandling. DISTRICT 9. AVOCA. Lizzie Boone, Avoca. Nellie Murphy. Avoca. Mary Flannery. Avoca. .Margaret Ward, Avoca. Maine Graham, Avoca. Jean Cranston, Avoca, P. F. Devers, Avoca. Robert Golden, Avoca. Thomas Maloney, Avoca. William Brown. Avoca. Andrew Druffner, Avoca. AV'alter Boylan, Avoca. . Eugene McAlpine, Avoca. John Meade. Avoca. John Hogan, Avoca. Arthur Davidson, Avoca. Maurice Johnson. Avoca. " Patrick Grady, Avoca. " COYNE. Nellie Conway, Coyne. Frank Berger, Coyne, Pa John Willis, Coyne, Pa. William Moonie, Coyne, Pa. William Dids, Coyne, Pa. Frank Judge, Coyne, Pa. EDWA RDSVILLE. John Oram, Edwardsville. Isaac Edwards, Edwardsville. Sam. Thomas, Green St., Edwardsville. John Bryant, Edwardsville. John McGroarty, Edwardsville. Philip Richards, Edwardsville. Margaret J. Edward3, Edwardsville. Sarah K. Jones, Edwardsville. Julia Brennen, Short st., Edwardsville. Mattie Davis, Edwardsville. KINGSTON. Charles Bates, Kingston. James F. Mullahy, Kingston. Mary Law, Kingston. Lizzie Lavis, Centre st., Kingston. MINERS MILLS. Thomas Mack, Miners Mills. James Harnett, Miners Mills. George Burt, Miners Mills. Dan Bevan, Miners Mills. Rose Mayock. Miners Mills. Miss Skidmore, Miners Mills. Beatrice Athy, Miners Mills. MINOOKA. Anna Burke, Minooka. Maine Langan. Minooka. Kate Jcffers, Minooka. Celia Xallin, Minooka. ;. Anna Kelly, Minooka. Mamie Coyne, Minooka. Michael Judge, Minooka. Thomas Toole, Minooka. Patrick Connolly, Minooka. Patrick Mulkerin, Minooka. William J. Burke, Minooka. Michael Mulherin, Minooka. MOOSIC. Blanche Fregellis, Moosic. Stella Levan, .Moosic. Lizzie Dawson. Moosic. Carrie Sebrehine, Moosic. Mame Hinds. Moosic. Minnie Edsell, Moosic. Michael Garey, Moosic. Nellie McDonald, Moosic, Margaret Hale, Moosic. David Morris. Moosic. Samuel Bowman, Moosic. James Powell, Moosic. William Sanderson. Moosic. W. M. Stevenson, Moosic. James G. Hailstone, Moosic. M. J. Munley, Moosic. Andrew Fleming, Moosic. OLD FORGE Nellie Ryan, Old Forge. , Kate Roach, Old Forge. Esther Drake, Old Forge. Myrtle Wood, Old Forge. Mary Clarke, Old Forge. Margaret Pickerel. - Old Forge. John Corcoran, Old Forge. Martin Memelo, Old Forge. Thomas P. Jones, Old Forge. Michael Holland, Oid Forge. Edward Fallon, Old Forge. George Drake, jr., Old Forge. Samuel Pickerel, Old Forge. Michael Lyman, Old Forge. Robert B. Johnson, Old Forge. PARSONS. Esther Frethaway, Parsons. Anna Farrell, Parsons. Carrie Seiple, Parsons. Catherine Kearney, Parsons. James Moran, Parsons. Uoraer Morgans, Parsons. Terrence Reilly. Parsons. Arthur Stone, Parsons. REXDHAM. Katie Clannan, Rendham. Charles Keogh, Rendham. TAYLOR. Anna Burns, Taylor. Anna Moreland. Taylor. Gertrude Watkins, Taylor. Gertrude Morris, Taylor. James W. Price, Taylor. Casper Ott, Taylor. John S. Evans, Taylor. Samuel J. Phillips, Taylor. Thomas Gibbons, Taylor. Edgar Stone, Taylor. John E. Evans, Taylor. Michael Murray, Taylor. John Henry Harris, Taylor. Mr. Florence Sullivan, Taylor. James Morris, Taylor. Tallie Griffiths, Taylor. DISTRICT 10. ATHEXS Louise Stulen, Athens. Friends of Candidates ! AD friends of candidates should send in votes for their favorites at once so that proper credit may be given in time for publication in next Thursday or Friday's paper. Every candidate who receives a good vote in Thursday's or Friday's announcement will feel encouraged and more determined determined than ever to win one of The Truth's 28 valuable prizes. Anna Maloney, Athens. George Macafee, Athens. FACTORY VI LLE. Lottie Carr, Factoryville. Xettie Wright, Factoryville. Miss B. Taylor, Factoryville. Frank Kremer, Factoryville. Sherrie Taylor, Factoryville. FOREST CITY. Mrs. G. E. Maxey, Forest City. Mrs.. William Healy, Forest City. Margaret Evans, Forest City. Mrs. F. J. Hood. Forest City. Anan Parkins, Forest City. Elizabeth Hartung, Forest City. Mame Gillespie, Forest City. Mame Cawley, Forest City. Rose Kearns. Forest City. Frank W. White. Forest City. J. L. Morgan, Forest City. Henry Brain. Forest City. Prof. J. L. Richards. Forest City. Michael J. Walsh. Forest City. Martin Ruane. Forest City. John J. Kellehen. Forest City. William D. Owens. GREAT BEND. Mr. Michael Barry, Great Bend. Prof. C. G. Thorpe, Great Rend. Margaret Stevens, Great Bend. Florence Trowbridge, Great Bend. HALLSTEAD. Melvin Crandall. Hallstead. Miss Lulu Fitzgerald, Hallstead. Miss Gertrude Read, Hallstead. HAWLEY. Olga Buck. Hawlev. Mary Murry, Hawley. Winifred Haggerty. Hawley. Kate MeHale, Haw ley. Warren Murphy, Hawley. Patrick Haggerty, Hawley. Martin Gaffney, Hawley. Russell Wall, Hawley. HONESDALE. Alma Schuller, Spring St. Mary Carr. Baird St. Bessie Dudley, Young St. Nan Reed, East St. Ada Hiller. Church St. Bessie Lawyer, Court St. Marie McDermott, N. Main St. Bessie Healy, Young St. Grace Bishop, East St. Edna Doolittle, Grove St. Lottie Theobald, Grove S. Martha Voight, Main St. Antoinette Brown. Honesdale. Miss M. Wood. Main St. Catherine Briggs, Honesdale. Gertrude Reilly, Honesdale. Leon Ross, Dyberry Ave. Joseph Barberi. Main St. Edwin Butler, East St. Wm. Baird. Baird St., E. Honesdale. Edward Katz. Church St. George Dietzer. Young St. Fred Murray. Church Si. Sloan Truscott. Fark St. James Miller. Main St. Manuel Freeman, Church St. George Moran, E. Honesdale. Walter Sonn, Seelyvilln. Thomas Kllroe, Seelyville. KINGSLET. Miss Georglana Stearn, Kingsley. Eugene Osmon. Kingsley. Eugene Loomis, Kingsley. LANES BO RO. Miss Etta Barnard, Lanesboto, Pa. John Fenton, I.anesboro. Pa. Thomas Carr, Lanesboro, Pa. MONTROSE. Fred Mack, Montrose. C. J. Wilson, Montrose. John Mahon, Montrose. Carrie Thompson, Montrose. Clara Winans, Montrose. Julia Coyle, Montrose. MOSCOW. Prof. W. B. Brown, Moscow, Pa. NANTICOKE. J. C. Roth, Xanticoke. NEW MILFORD. Miss Clara, lnderlied, Xew Milford. Miss B. Howe, New Milford. Martin F. Hand, Xew Milford. F. G. lnderlied, Xew Milford. NICHOLSON. Miss Florence W'ilkins. Nicholson. Mrs. Edson Lewis. Nicholson. Harry Stevens. Nicholson. M. L. McMullen. Nicholson. William Friel, Nicholson. SAY RE. Agnes Weaver, Sayre. Lottie Charter, Sayre. Nellie Harrigan, Sayre. John Hammond, Sayre. Charles Palmer, Sayre. Dell Higgins, Sayre. STARUCCA. Miss Iva Munfoi'd, Starucca. Pa. Miss Maine Reddington. Starucca, Pa. SUSQUEHANNA. Miss Margaret McMahon., Susquehanna Miss Elizabeth Cahill. Susquehanna, Pa. John Buckley. Susuqehanna. Jay Barrett, Susuehanna. HOW TO VOTE. Votes will be given to all subscribers of The Truth, during the four periods of the Contest, on the following basis : 1st Period. 2nd Period. 3rd Period. 4lli Period. Votes Given. lar. 25, to Apr. 15. . . .1600 . . . 900 . . . 400 Time of Subscription. Subscription. 8 years . . 2 years , . I year . . . 6 months 110 FOR EXAMPLE When years in advance on The Trutli, during the first period of the Contest, 1600 votes will be counted for the man. and ItiOO votes will also be counted for the woman, both selected by the subscriber. subscriber. VOTES FOE CONTRACT SUBSCRIBERS One - fourth the above scheduled number of votes will be given to all old or new subscribers signing a contract for six months or looser and agreeing thereby to pay for the paper weekly or monthly. Votes will be counted as soon as orders are verified STROUDSBURG. Miss Carrie Bell, Stroudsburg. Miss Buela Seiple. E. Stroudsburg. Miss Mabel Duun.E. Stroudsburg. Frank Landers, Stroudsburg. . Prof. Ralph Wood. Stroudsburg. George Torbett, E. Stroudsburg. Charles Warman, E. Stroudsburg. Dr. C. G. Cross. E. Stroudsburg. Ananais Warman. E. Stroudsburg. Guy Reber. East Stroudsburg. Finley R. Porter, East Stroudsburg. THOMPSON. " Miss Virgia Brown, Thompson, Fa. B. F. Barnes, Thompson, Pa. ' TOWAXDA. Frank Welsh. Towanda. Prof. John Stuirt, Towanda. Lew Frisbie, Towanda. Dudley Humphrey. Towanda. Mrs. Margaret Dunphy, Towanda. Floy Lilly, Towanda. TI'XKHA N XOCK. W. C. Kitridge, Tunkhannock. Thomas Boyce. Tunkhannock. Mame Wall. Tunkhannock. Catherine Vose, Tunkhannock. UNIOXDALE. B. W. Pease, Uniondale, E. G. Burdick, Uniondale. Alice Harriger, Uniondale. Daisy Bronson, Uniondale. WILKES - BARRE. Prof. Chas. H. Weaver. 366 S. River St. Samuel J. Connor, Morgans' Shoe store. Ralph Wolfe, Cinderella st. Wm. Herring. Pennsylvania ave. F. E. Schuler. 115 Ross St. Capt. Jas. Keiiney, Wills building. William Miller, 79 Gilderslieve st. Bessie Sutton. Madison st. Maud Hosier, Jonas Long's Sons. Lilly D. Mak, controller's office. Mary Mason, S. River st. J. J. Becker, restaiiranter. WYALUSING. Oscar Brown, Wyalusing. Prof. C. J. McCord. Wyalusing. Mrs. Hatie Wagner, Wyalusing. Abbie Chamberlain, Wyalusing. Mrs. W. X. Thompson, "Wyalusing. Conditions of the Contest The popularity of candidates will be determined by the number of votes received by each. Those having the largest number of votes will be declared the winners of the respective prizes. All prepaid subscriptions must be delivered to THE SCRANTON TRUTH, main oliice corner Penn avenue and .Mulberry street, before votes will be counted. Villi's cannot be changed from one candidate to another, after they have once been cast. No employe of THE SCRANTON TRUTH or any member of his family family will be permitted to participate in this GREAT POPULAR COX - TEST. The contest will close at ten o'clock p. in. Saturday. June 3. and the result will be published in THE TRUTH at the earliest possible moment moment thereafter. New or old subscribers who prepay their subscriptions earliest in the contest are entitled to a larger number number of votes than those who prepay prepay near the close of the contest. See table of voles. Every new or old subscriber who sends in a prepaid subscription to THE SCRANTON TRUTH for six months or more is entitled to the scheduled number of votes for his favorite candidates. Candidates are not restricted to any territory in securing votes. Every candidate has an opportunity opportunity of winning at least two prizes. First, A GRAND PRIZE, or a DISTRICT PRIZE, then A SPECIAL SPECIAL PERIOD PRIZE. The winners of the Four Grand Prizes will not participate in the distribution of the District Prizes. In the district where a candidate wins a Grand Prize the district prize will be awarded to the candidate candidate receiving the next highest number of votes. Fourteen prizes will be awarded in h'cianton. and fourteen prizes outside Scranton. Seven prizes to the most popular women in Scranton. Seven prizes to the most popular men in Scranton. Seven prizes to the most popular women outside Scranton. Seven prizes to the most popular men outside Scranton. Votes Votes Votes Given. Gien. Giwii. Hate Apr. 15, Apr. 2!, May IJ, of Sub - to Apr. 29. to May 13, to .(line 3, scripliuii. Moo 1200 loon sn.oo 800 "00 600 6.00 3BO 300 210 3.00 120 100 HO 1.50 a subscriber decides to ay three

Clipped from The Scranton Truth03 Apr 1905, MonPage 10

The Scranton Truth (Scranton, Pennsylvania)03 Apr 1905, MonPage 10
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