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EIGHTEEN NEW CASTLE, PA., NEWS, THURSDAY, MARCH 10, 1949. Announcement is made by the Executive of the western Pennsylvania Pennsylvania military district of the issignment of local reserve officers officers to the following reserve units: 2223rd anti-aircraft artillery automatic weapons training battalion battalion with station New Castle: Major George S. Horton. Jr.. Captains Captains Anthony L. Colello. Harold L. Houk. Leslie A. Houk. John C. Vonderau, Paul L, Zook; First Lieutenants Dallas C. Hartford, Charles W. Kacmarcy. Ernest W. Kahlan and Ralph M. Lamade, Jr. 2233rd signal light construction training company writh station New Castle; Captain Paul W. Leasure; First Lieutenants Jess P. Plonka and James R. Rote. 2280th dental operation training training detachment with station New Castle: Captain Richard H. Gilmore. Gilmore. 2273rd infantry training battalion battalion with station New Castle: Major Major Miller L. Kerr; Captains Charles A. Book. Michael F. Dunn. Kenneth E. Freed. Robert O. Martin, Martin, Kenneth H. Sumpter and Robert K. Wilson; First Lieutenants Lieutenants James A, Dean. Philip Hergenrother Hergenrother and Leslie W. Matis; Second Lieutenants Joseph H. Frew. Thomas E. Myers and Elmer Elmer C. Weifenbach. 2264th field artillery training training battalion with station New Castle: Major Frederick D, Marshall; Marshall; Captains Walter K Conover. Conover. Jr., John L. Samsa, Louis J. Walls, Robert A. Young; First Lieutenants George W. Ames, Felix Felix E. Casciato, Roderick T. Edwards Edwards and Robert A. Shaffer 2258th engineer C training battalion battalion with station New’ Castle: Majors Charles L. Goodman, Jr.. William W. McKim and John H Wilson; Captains Ralph A. Atwell. Atwell. Stephen Pozsgi, Vipcent C. Wadlinger and John L Wilson; First Lieutenants George H Paul- battalion with station New Cas' Cas' tie: First Lieutenants Joseph W Glavey, Bernard Goldstone, Israel Israel M. Krauss, Robert E. Kretzer Kretzer and John M. Zabkar and Hudson Hudson J. Davis, Captain Edward P. I Fritz. | 2230th chemical depot training ini and Kenneth L. Scheppele; ; company with station New Cas- Second Lieutenants William A tje; Captairx John A. Mortimer; Boughner and Donald L. tanner, first Lieutenants Lawrence D. 2265th replacement training! Lesh John H Loth and Mario battalion with station Mercer: paolini. Lieutenant Colonel Richard M. 2265th replacement training bat- o cal Reserve Officers re Assigned To Units Jones; Majors John A. Car ley, Arthur Arthur B. Cope. Frederick W. Hunt and David R. Webster; Captains Earl L. Beman, Linwood P. Fox, Raymond J. Friedrich, Robert E. Garhart, William R Harris, Stanley Stanley O. Heckman. George P. Heilig. Heilig. James W. Kearney, Peter Kissel. Kissel. Harry W. Maddueks, Walter Milankovich, Joseph F. Savoldi Paul E. Stewart, Edwin M. Thorn, George H Watson; First Lieutenants Lieutenants Charles M. Hartley, John W. Kerpan. George D. Lanier John D. Walsh and Steve J Trosan, Second Lieutenants Harry R. Becker. James L. Dunham and William J. Foulk. Added assignment assignment to the above reserve unit: Majors Howard T. Bender and Tom C. Hawkins; Captains Shepard Shepard B. Freedman and Thomas H. Twaddle: First Lieutenants Mary C Driscoll, George W. Ponian, Jr and Walter F. Malizia. Second Second Lieutenants Anthony H. Codespote, Codespote, Eloise Hahn and George R. Kramer. 2262d transportation port training training company with station Sharon Captains James E. Adams; First Lieutenants Irvine K Freed and Kenneth W Miller; Second Lieutenants Lieutenants Rockie J. Bianco and Lorenzo Lorenzo E. Fesler. 2258th engineer C training talion w'ith station Mercer: Col onel William F. Jackson; Lieutenant Lieutenant Colonels Arthur B. Foster, Raymond C. Lutz and Jacob C. Wachtman; Majors Milton L. Caplan. Caplan. Waldron R. Curley, Harold L. Gordon, Jr., Ralph Markley, Ernest Ernest L. McClymonds, William J. H. McKnight, Paul F. McWilliams, John A. Noga, Floyd D. Perrine, Henry A. Stevens, Thomas R. Wilson; Wilson; Captains Peter F. Adams, Clyde M. Buzard, Harry C. Davis, Charles W. Danko Joseph E. Ginsberg, Ginsberg, Robert E. Jamison. Ronald E. Jones, Howard R. Nord. Ralph M. A. Papa, Lewis R Shiner, George S. Sigler, Wilbur C. Weinhold, Weinhold, Victor L. Zuchowski; First Lieutenants Myron K. Boatman, Mary' M. Chesmer, Betty June Cross, Julia R. D’Andres, Helen M. Demartini, Frank E. Eichholtz Ruther E. Mershimer, Dorace D. Shapiro. George A. Sirianni; Second Second Lieutenants Thomas J. Crowley, Crowley, Stanley B. Kraus and Anna B. Swanik. One pre-Inca civilization in Peru, probably between 200 B. C. and 200 A. D„ built stone structures structures as perfect in workmanship as the Egyptian pyramids. Continue Hunt For Aliquippa Missing Woman ALIQUIPPA, Pa , March 10.— (INS)—Police continued their search today for an Aliquippa woman who disappeared from her home last Friday. Several persons have reported they saw Mrs. Florence B. Vance, 53. since her disappearance, but police said they have turned up no clues to her whereabouts. posse of steelworkers earlier had searched a 10-mile square wooded area near Aliquippa for a trace of the missing woman without without success. RELIEF HARRISBURG Black, state that direct needy week ended 23. totaled 32,294 checks. FALSE Many suffered real their plate wobbled at just live in fear Just sprinkle alkaline plates. Holds so they feel not sour. (denture breath). drug store. “Old at 40,50,60?” - Man, You re Cray PnrirM vour see! T0<»u.-iaoil* are l*PD> "9. Iry ■•npnnV^m.wilhirstr.'V Contains runic lor weak, rffi™ K SaeMMly to bodF* ¡Mli of Iron At all drug store# everywhere—In New Castle at Eckerd’» and New Castle Drug. NOW BANISH DEEP-DOWN BREATH ODORS WITH Breath-O-Lator The New Scientific Mouth- inhaler that Cleanses your Entire Breathing System. Neutralizes aH types of breath odor instantly—for hours ot o time. 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Clipped from New Castle News10 Mar 1949, ThuPage 19

New Castle News (New Castle, Pennsylvania)10 Mar 1949, ThuPage 19
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