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Tnc ctmirroH touto. fuid a y afternoon, noveiibeh is, icoa. r.n rurr union HAN LEY, No. 428 Spruce St Sole agent for the Wm. L Douglas famous $3 - 50 Shoe for Alen; also the Julia Marlowe Ladies' Shoe. Dilation Extraordtmarr A member of tbe French academy reported that twenty - five experiments on animals showed each time that poisoned blood is active even after dilution dilution 1,000,001,000,000 times. The strength of the average homeopathic homeopathic dose is from about the third to the sixth decimal. This demonstrates that those who say that there is no medicine in a homeopathic dose betray betray ignorance. f Jnat WTib .He Meant. "Charley, dear," said young Mrs. Tor - kins after her husband had been play - , lng a social, game,, "why are you so often without money?" "It is due to the way I was raised." "You mean reared, don't you?" "No. I mean raised." Washington Btar. WEST SCRANTON. Thanksgiving Attractions A re Being ArrangedSuppers, Socials, Ser - vice s, Eic. - Notes and Personals. There will be a general observance of Thanksgiving in West Scranton, and from present Indications, plenty of attractions attractions will be provided for all classes of people. In the morning there will be a union religious service at the Washburn Washburn Street Presbyterian church, where the congregations of the English, Baptist, Baptist, Methodist, Congregational and Presbyterian churches will unite in praise and thanksgiving. During the noon hour, many family gatherings will occur, in which a number number of college students, and others who have been away from home, wilj take a prominent part. The eisteddfod at the armory will prove a great attraction attraction for the musically inclined, as many local singers will take part in the festival. festival. Mears' hall has been engaged by the Wissahickon club for a matinee dance, and there will also be dances in several other halls. Foot ball games will be played at Athletic and Minooka Parks, and the West Side Emerald will battle with the Juveniles, of South Scranton, 'at the latter place, where Villa Nova and Scranton teams will also play. The leading Thanksgiving dinner will be served at the Embury M. E. church, from 5:30 to 9 p. m. The ladies in charge will present a menu consisting of pickled cucumbers, mixed pickles, puree of split peas, celery, potatoes Dutch cheese; roast turkey,, cranberry sauce, mayonnaise; mashed potatoes, spaghetti, butter beets a la Italienne, coffee, pie. The tables will be In charge of the following ladles: No. 1 Mrs. House, Mrs. Moses, Mrs. M. D. Evans, Miss Anna Bennett. Collector, Collector, Frank Kirnan. No. 2 Mrs. Gussie French, Mrs. W. G. Stone, Mrs. Stella Stone. Collector, John Morgan. No. 3 Misses Anna Stum, Mary Morgan, Morgan, Clara Pugh. Collector, William Smith. Xo. 4 Mrs. Edward Davis, Mrs. Frank Davis and Mrs. Burden. Collector. Collector. W. H. Davis. No. 5 Mrs. Rhinehardt, Mrs. David Lloyd. Mrs. Flora Evans. Collector, Will Stum. No. 6 Mrs. .William H. Davis, Mrs. Carrie E. Llloyd. Collector, Elias Pugh. No. 7 Mrs. John Cadugan, Mirs Flora Havard Davis. Collector, George Stephens. Stephens. No. 8 Mrs. Kobcrt Armstrong. Mrs. J. E. Wllllnips. Collector, W. G. Huuse. No. 9 - Mrs. W. J. Williams. Mrs. Martha Pdy. Collector, V. M. Pricst - wood. No. 10 Mrs. VanGoider. Mr, llutson, Mrs. Ruddy. Collector, J. H. Seeley. No. 11 Mrs. W. H. Dlrlil, Mrs. George Fletcher. Collector, Jatx z Cudwgan. The dinner will be prepared by Mrs. Charles Andrews. Mrs. Muskett, Mrs. Hlalr. Mrs. M. E. Edwards, Mrs. W. W. Harris, Mrs. F. Heller, Mrs. David "I Hail IroTjbU with tnj bow - 1 - wh.rh mad mf blood Impure. Mr fw wm eovarftd wilt pia w)ilib uu tf rntf remlv rmild remove - 1 trka ffnr ram and emu watt my lojr when the Tluiplf - ft tliaa,ipar'1 afUr a wfitii mtu t)a - e rconimn'lil tunt to all my frtcaoii mi foil a fw )tav found mitef. C. J. fitach. VI J'arh Ntw York Clif. V. Y. KflMMOl. PataUklt. rmrni. Tut Onnt I)oGo4al. HVar Slrkaa, Wnt.n . Orlpa. lie. Kw. Hefar M in balk. Tli nil WMM ubim C'CC. MTMtMal to r roar noaaa baoa torlUaf RaM4r Co., Chicago or N.Y. to m 3LQ0D jfPfi Best for if TheBoweU - 4 PSORIASIS : AND ECZEMA Milk Crust, Scalled Head, Tetter, Ringworm and Pimplet COMPLETE TREAU'ENT, $1.00 For Torturing, Disfiguring Humours, From Pimples to Scrofula, From Infancy to Age. The agonizing itching and taming of the skin, as in eczema; the frightful scaling, as in psoriasis; the loss of halt ' and crusting of tbe scalp, as In scalled head; the facial disfigurement, as in pimples and ringworm; tbe awful suffering suffering of infants, and anxiety of Worn - out parents, as in milk cmst, tetter and lalt rheum all demand a remedy of lmost superhuman virtues to successfully successfully cope with them. That Cutlcurs Soap, Ointment and Pills are such tands proven beyond al doubt. No itatement is made regarding them that is not Justified by the strongest evidence. evidence. The purity and sweetness, the power to afford immediate relief, the certainty of speedy and permanent cure, the absolute safety and great economy have made them the standard kln cures and humour remedies of th Civilized world. Complete treatment for every humour, consisting of Cutlcora Soap to cleanse the skin, Cuticura Ointment to heal tb , kln, and Cuticura Resolvent Fills t ' cool and cleanse the blood may now be had for one dollar. A single set is often sufficient to cure the most torturing, disfiguring, itching, burning and scaly humours, eczemas, rashes and Irritations, Irritations, from Infancy to age, when all else fails. ' Soli til without tfca vorld. CaSevf lUaofrant, Me. dm fcrm of Chcol.t Coat Ml Pitla. 2Ae pr - rial or Otat Beat. arte., Hnp, 8fe. IVpote Ijondon. V Charwrhouaa 9q ; Pari, h Rua a U Paixi Baloa. 187 ColumBlia Aa. fottar Drflr Chern - Corp., Sola Propriatora. V Sand for How Cor. ttt Wuj". " John, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Stelnback, Mrs, Morgan, Mrs. Lizzie Edwards, Mrs. Kiernan, Mrs. John, Mrs. Rendle, Mrs. Thorpe. They will be assisted by John Jones, Heber Fruchey, George Fuetcher, Thomas Brooks, J. W. Laister, George Warner and W. J. Morgan. The reception committee will include Mrs. J. H. Seeley. Mrs. Ila Truesdale, Mrs. John P. Williams, Mrs. John Smith, Mrs. Stubblebine, Gertrude Lloyd, Georgia Bontield, Mildred Chambers, Chambers, Mrs. J. H. Gofdon and Mrs. David Morgan. First Baptist Church. The following is the programme of a Thanksgiving song service to be held In the First Baptist church on Sunday evening at 7:30. "Gloria Patri." Invocation. Congregational Hymn. Responsive Scripture Reading Psalm 103. Anthem by Choir "Give Tnto the Lord." Prayer w ith Musical Response. Offertory "Let Tour Light So Shine." Congregational Hymn. Solo. Anthem "Praise Ye the Lord." Address "Thanksgiving in the Church" Anthem "I Will Sing of Thy Mercies." Address "Thanksgiving in the Bable School." Congregational Hymn. Address "ThanksgKing in the Societies Societies of the Church." Anthem "We Have Thought of Thy Loving Kindness." Address by the Pastor "Personal Thanksgiving." Anthem "A Song of Thanksgiving." Doxology and Benediction. niK SCOTT MrFFU'.U FOR XKC K AND KRS. THK BFST YET, 50c. J.VANS & 1UWELL. 18t2 Belle ue Welsh M. Church. Rev. Peter Grav Evans will preach at the Welsh C. M. Church of South Wilkes - Bane next Sunday. This is en old charge of his, .where he was verv succesKful years ago. At the Bellevue Welsh C. M. Church next Sunday evening the young people will conduct the sen - ices. Papers will be read and reports given by the delegates delegates to the Christian Endeavor convention convention at Plymouth. Two new furnaces have been placed In the basement of the Bellevue Welsh C. M. Church. The interior of the basement has also been remodelled. Joseph E. Thomas, a former resident resident of Wilkes - Burre, but at present a real estate agent ut Seattle, Washington, Washington, was a gui - st this week of Rev. and Mrs. Peter Gray Evans. OI'R nou.r.i - Ei.K KI BBI US ARK THE VKHY HEsT FOR MF.X. JKti EVANS & 1DVVEIX. Selling Without a License, Yesterday morning a young mnn named William H. Davis, of McNich"l! court, entered the store of Frunk 8a - linl, on Scranton street, and tried to sell the proprietor some medicine, Mr. Sullnl asked the young man If he had a license to sell the goods, and receiving receiving no answer he brought Davis to the olllce of Alderwiun Noone uinl had lin arrested for violating a city ordinance. The prisoner said he wus on ugetit for A. A. Stewart, of Raymond rourt, who was sent for. The uldeiinHti fined Davis $1 and costs, despite the protest of Stewart. The prisoner whs given till to - day to get the money, but his grip full of medicine Is In possession of the alderman. An Assyrian was arrested on Seventeenth Seventeenth street this ni6rnlng for selling without a, license.. . Recent Hoclal Ewtits. A pleasant gathering was held at the borne of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Edwards, if Eynon s treat, recently. Ths Edwards brothers gavs stvaral musical, itlte Uomt David Edwards played pfiana selections, selections, and WUtred Edwards sans several ataoa. At a seasonable hour refreshments refreshments were served. Those present 1 were: The Misses Nash. the. Misses Evans, the Misses Doud. the Misses Edwards, Miss Ethel Edwards. Mts Maggie Edwards, Mr. Evans, Mr. Snyder, David Edwards, Willie Edwards. Wilfred Edwards. The first party of a series of euchre parties to be conducted by the Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum Social Club was held last evening at the home of Miss Helen Klrby. on Broadway. Each euchre and entertainment is conducted entirely different each meeting. No two meetings meetings will he held along; the same lines, according to a code of rules governing the meetings. The officers of the club are: President. President. Miss Grace Hart; secretary. Miss Helen Klrby; treasurer. Miss Bessie Bangs, official scorer. Miss Katherine Mullen. The club will hold its first public public euchre to a hall not as yet decided upon. Died In Wales. Word has been received by Miss Jane Rees. of Corbett avenue, of the death of her brother, D. I Rees, a former resident of Bellevue. He died at Burry Port, South Wales, the funeral being held from his residence on Pemberton avenue on Nov. 7. The following paragraph about him was printed In the Western Mail of November November 3: "He was one of Burry Port's most esteemed townsmen, and was widely known throughout South Wales, and in some parts of the United States. He was a deacon of the. Tabernacle Baptist Church of Burry Port and held the. office of church secretary for a number of years." The deceased is well remembered by many in West Scranton. Card of Thanks. Captain and Mrs. . S. Phillips and family, of East Parker street, desire to thank all relatives and friends who sent flowers and who otherwise showed their sympathy with them in their recent sad bereavement; also pall bearers, flower carriers, ministers and singers, who assisted assisted at the services. Prepairlng for the Trip. The special committee of the West Park Quiot club will meet at the home of the president, Frank Hagen, this evening, to discuss the arrangements which are to be made for the trip to Washington, which the members of the club lntendt to take at the, time of the inauguration of President Roosevelt. At a former meeting, it was decided to charter a combination sleeping and dining dining car for twenty and already sixteen members of the club have signed. the agreement. In the event of any member member being unable to take the trip he has the privilege of naming an alternate. A large number of applications have been received from men who are not members of the club. Funeral of Wm. Jeremiah. Thef uneral of the late William Jeremiah Jeremiah was held yesterday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Rev. C. E. Hemans, pastor pastor of the Jackson Street Baptist church, conducted the services at ahe deceased's late home, on South, Hyde Park avenue. Rev. Hemans spoke highly of the character of the man who had just passed away, and told of the reward promised and given to men who have served the Master so faithfully during life. The floral offerings were numerous and beautiful; tributes of the esteem in which the deceased was held. The pall bearers were Messrs. Greenwood, Greenwood, Darrow, Freeman, Curtis, Roberts Roberts and Hyble. Interment was made in the Washburn street cemetery. Lawless - Philbin Wedding. On Wednesday evening at 6 o'clock. n. P H AVc have just opened and placed on sale a complete line of Muslin and Outing Flannel NIGHT SHIRTS and which art) marked at Quick selling prices. See our lines in Loth materials at 50c, 75c - and $r.00 The values are unsurpassed, unsurpassed, MELDRUM, SCOTT & CO. 126 Wyoming Ave. MIS ii 11 M inhin 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 V 1 1 1 f I 111 INI) Mill far fill Close Saturday Nights at Ntoe O'Clocfc. John Lawless, of Meredian street, and Miss Katherine Philbin, of Bellevue, were married at Holy Cross church by Rev. W. P. O'Donnell. Thomas Ferguson Ferguson acted as best, man, while the bride was attended by Miss Stella Gerrlty. - The young couple left on a short honeymoon trip, after which they will reside in Kew York state, where Mr. Lawless has a responsible position. Supper at Simpson Church. Thes upper given by the ladies of the Simpson Methodist Episcopal church last evening was a decided success. It was largely attended and everybody present was pleased. After supper was served, a delightful entertainment was held. The following ladies had charge of the tables: Mrs. H. L. Morgan, Mrs. Jay Reese and Mrs. Mary Schooley, No. 1; Mrs. George Ij. Peck and Miss Emma Lewis, assisted by Miss Anna Thomas and Miss Portia Van Vleet, No. 2; Mrs. Harry Randolph, Mrs. Thomas Ley - shon, Miss Grace Leyshon and Miss Sutton, No. 3; Mrs. Fred Snyder, No. 4. The members of the committee of arrangements arrangements are: Mrs. J. F. Randolph, Mrs. Seth Wrigley, Mrs. J. B. Snyder, Mrs. J. Saunders, Mrs. Sampson, Mrs. Lever, Mrs. Sarah Slocum and Mrs. Shoemaker. BRIEF NEWS NOTES. William McLoughlin and Stanley Schooley, of the People's Coal company, are spending a few days at St. Louis. A daughter has brightened the home of Mr. and Mrs. Knight, of 1913 Jackson street. Candies and Confectionery for everybody. T. K. Evnns, 508 S. Main ave. 17t3 At the meeting of the Father Whelan society, to be held in their rooms this evening, a debate will be the feature. , Fresh Shell Oysters at D. E. Evans, 508 S. Main ave. 17t2 Henry Holden, ot Second avenue, fell from a trestle on which he was working working recently and had his face, hands and back severely injured. Kvervtliing in tin; bakery line at I. E. Kvanx, 508 S. Main ave 17t3 John Golden, pf Meridian avenue, was kicked In the face by a mule while at work in the Dodge mine, and had his nose fractured and face bruised. - John King, of 1142 Eynon street, had his legs injured by a fall of roof in the Bellevue mine this morning. Dr. George Beach is attending him. The Ladies' Home and Foreign Missionary Missionary Society of the Washburn Street Presbyterian church is being entertained entertained this afternoon at the home of Mrs. H. A. Xelmeyer, on North Main avenue. avenue. Fresh Country Sausage (a straight pork sausage) at Heiser & Warnke's. ' lstl The Girls Missionary Circle of the Washburn Street Presbyterian church will meet this evening at 7:15 o'clock. A praise service, led by Mrs. D. C. Darrow, Darrow, will precede the regular business meeting. Get your Thaukivlnjr cranberries at Ma - son's. ltl Class No. 44, of the Simpson M. E. Sunday school, hud charge of the services services last evening at the Allis Mission. An excellent supper was served last evening by the ladles of the Stopson M. E. church. New Cweet Cider, New Ruck w heat Flour. New Honey and Maple Syrup, New Popcorn, new goods of every description description at Ilelser & Warnke's. lKtl l - avc your order for Thanksgiving turkeys at MuaoiiV. 18tl Two of the grand oflicers of the Brotherhood of the Union were entertained entertained on Wednesday evening by Hyde Turk circle. No. 123. The annual celebration of I'utugonliv lodge, Knights of Pythian, will be held In 1). D. Evans' hull on Thanksgiving evening. I.lmburger Kaese und importirter Kchwelzer Kuese; Frlsche Hialwuret und DellkatesHen nller sorteu, Heiser & Warlike, 106 .ord Main. lstl Special services will be held In the Tabernacle Congregational church this evening, beginning at 7:43 o'clock. Canned plum pudding at Mutton's. mt Contractor Luther Trice has finished the work of renovating the West Hide Republican club rooms and they have been reopened for use. It Is one of tho best Jobs of the kind ever done by him and hus received well - merited praise. While working in the Dodge mine yesterday, Fred Wutklns. of Hnyder avenue, had two of his fingers of his left hand badly smashed. Dr. Beach was summoned and amputated one of the fingers. All members of the Scranton Juvenile Choir who intend participating In the Thanksgiving day festival, are requested requested to be present at their rehearsal tonight, tonight, hs the committee desires to know how many to count on. At a meeting of the Washburn Street Presbyterian churcb Bible school, held "Rorefe" Hate They're different, Belt Overcoats Sone of Then Cravenetted. i'our taste and your inclination are all that yott need consult if it be our selection from which you decide, decide, to pick your Overcoat. The loose box, belt back coats have character, and hang from the shoulders in graceful, unbroken lines. ( . Surtout Overcoats These "Aristocrats of Overcoatdom" certainly seem to have the call with us this season. They're handsome, handsome, stylish coats made with the concave shoulder and close - fitting collar,' either single or double breasted. SAMTER BROS COm Wednesday evening, the following officers officers were elected to serve for 1903: Su perintendent, Robert J. Williams; assistant assistant superintendents. William Davis and J. H. Battenberg; secretary, F. H. Thornton: assistant secretaries, Herbert Wafers, Franklin Davles and George Shoen; treasurer. M. G. Dimmick; librarian, librarian, Edward Morse: assistant librarians, librarians, A. E. Morse, A. Nelmeyer and William Betterly; chorister, Mr1?. J. E. Heckel; pianist ,Mlss Caroline Bricl; assistant, Miss Cora Davis. Olives, pickles, ketchup, and other canned and bottled goods, at Mason's. 18tl Last evening a message was received at the West Scranton police station that a man was lying dead on Washburn Washburn street near Ma'n avenue. Lieutenant Lieutenant David and Patrolmen Williams and Evans quickly hurried to the place and found the man not dead, but in such an advanced stato of intoxication that the officers had ?o carry him to the station house. Bread, cakes, crackers, biscuits, Graham Graham wafers at Mason's. I8tl The members oC St. Brendan's Coun - cil. - No. 139, Y. M. I., are preparing to give an amateur minstrel performance. All members are requested to be. present present at the meeting called for next Sunday Sunday afternoon, in the club rooms , on North Main avenue, when the jna'.ler will be. discussed. "Jellicon," all flavors, at Mason's. 18U Frank Doyle, the talented young musician musician of Railroal neiiue, has ur.dT - taken the production 't. an amateuY minstrel puerform v i.s for the benefit ut a Kingston churi'i conerer iicn. The performance is - ll'vsi looked for. a number of the smaller !owns rf the anthracite anthracite region. H will be given during the holidays. Maple Syrup and honey at Mason's. 1811 The employes of the Bellevue. Dodge, Holden, Pyne and Tay.or collieries will be paid tomorrow, and on Monday those at the Archbnld. Bri.?bin, Ct yiiga, Continental, Hampton. Hyde Park, Oxford Oxford and Sloan collieries and the Hump - ton steam plant. Apples, apples, apples, at Mason's. 18tl PERSONAL MENTION. Mr. and Mrs. George Ryne, of Tenth avenue, have returned homo from a visit visit w - ith friends in Easton. Sweet cider, 20c a gallon, at Mason's 18tl Edward Price, of North Hyde Park avenue, is suffering from an attack of bronchitis. Mrs. B. B. Anthony, of Diamond avenue, avenue, is reported to be critically ill at her home. I'iirs, nuts, oranges, and other fruits at Mason's. lstl Mr. and Mrs. William C. Campbell, of North Garfield avenue, are at Haule - ton, a'ttendlng a relative, who is 111. Mrs. Frances Zintle. of North Main avenue, has returned home from Phila - delpjhia, where she was visiting her son, Willard. Charles Hutchinson, of North Rebecca Rebecca avenue, is spending a few days with relatives in Philadelphia. Miss Laura Purvis, of North Main avenue, is confined to her home by illness. illness. , Harry Thomas, of North Rebecca avenue, had his finger Injured recently while at work In the spike mill. Miss Belle Gardner, of North Main avenue, has gone to Ohio, where she expects to reside. Mrs. Wllllum Murphy, of Tripp Park, Is reported to bo seriously ill. Duvld Williams, of Merthyr Tydvtl, Wales, is visiting at the home of Kvun Williams, of Hampton street. Mr. und Mrs. Fred W. Junes, of I'etk - vllle, were the guests of Richard Thomas, Thomas, of West Locust street, recently. Mrs. James, of Peckvllle, was the guest of William J. Morgan recently. M. D. Evnns, of Lincoln avenue, 1ms recovered from an Illness, lusting tlx months. Mrs. H, I. Evans, of Washburn street, Is around oK ln after a revere ll'i.''ps. Dr. P. J. O'Dea, of Broadway, Is entertaining entertaining his father, John O'Dea, of Wllkes - Harre. GLOVES FOR BOYS OR MEN "Atterfcmy System" Gentlemen's clothes. PITTST0N. The bazaar under the auspices of the ladles of St, James P. E.church, which is being held in the old Water street church building, is drawing large crowds nightly, and tha indications are that there will be a neat sum realized, which will be donated to the building fund of the new church. A large number number of valuable articles, donated by the merchants of the city, will be disposed of at reasonable rates. The bazar will be open this afternoon, and tonight will be the last night. A Joint meeting of councils was held last evening, T. J. McNevIn presiding. The bill of Dr. Barrett for services rendered rendered during the small - pox epidemic was ordered paid. Mr. Murphy stated that he and City Solicitor O'Brien called on Colonel Watres, of the water company, in regard to the water being furnished the city fire hydrants. Mr. Watres said the company - would furnish furnish water at the rate of $25 per hydrant. hydrant. A new set of steam boilers is being installed at the Old Forge colliery of the Pennsylvania Coal company. The letter carriers of this city will conduct a dance in Keystone hall on Wednesday evening, Nov. 23. The funeral of the late Samuel Bart - lett will take place tomorrow afternoon, afternoon, with services at the house at 2 o'clock and at the M. P. church at 2:30. Matthew Dean, of Sayre, who was injured injured in a collision on the Lehigh Valley Valley several weeks ago, was able to leave the hospital yesterday. A number of charitable ladies of the West Side are making preparations to send a large Thanksgiving box to the Florence Crittenden homo in Scranton. Daniel Williams, of the Tenth ward, announces himself a candidate for reelection reelection for councilman. The $25 in gold chanced off at the country dance in Upper Pittston on Tuesday night was won by Mrs. Peter Doyle. Itchiness of the skin, horrible plague. Most everybody afflicted In one way or another. Only one safe, never failing cure. Doan's Ointment. At any drug store, 50 cents. COMPENSATION. All Things Are to Be Had If One Will but Fay the Equivalent. Life consists almost wholly of buying, buying, selling, paying. There are no gifts, nothing that does not call for an equivalent. If we cannot pay for gifts in kind we must pay in gratitude or service or we shall rank as moral bankrupts. bankrupts. If I would have a good situation I must pay for it not only in labor, but in promptness, intelligence, faithfulness faithfulness and good manners. If I would have good service I must pay not only in money, but in consideration, recognition, recognition, appreciation, fairness. I enn hold no one to me if I misuse him. AH things are to ht, had for the buying. buying. Would you have friends? Then pay the price. The price of friendship is to be worthy of friendship. The price of glory is to do something glprl - itJ Order for Thanksgiving Now Housekeepers with foresight are ordering their Thankegiv - lng turkeys now. They ure scarce this year, and the price Is sure to go pretty high before Wednesday night. By ordering now you will get the benefit of the present figure. All our poultry comes from nearby farms and we kill It ourselves. WASHINGTON MARKET A Largest Variety in CONRAD "Sofosia" Shoes for Women. bus. The" price of shame Is to do something something shameful. Friendship, glory, honor, admiration, courage, infamy, contempt, hatred, are all in the market place for sale At a price. We are buying and selling thesej things constantly as we - will. Even beauty is for sale. Plain women can gain beauty by. cultivating grace, animation, animation, pleasant speech, Intelligence, helpfulness, courage or good will. Beauty is not in tlie features alone; it Is in the soul also. Good will buys good will, friendliness friendliness buys friendship, confidence begets begets confidence, service rewards service, service, and hate pays for hate, suspicion for suspicion, treachery for treachery, contempt for ingratitude, slovenliness, laziness and lying. We plant a shrub, a rosebush, an orchard, orchard, with the expectation that they, will pay us back. We bnild roads, mend harness and patch tbe roof with the same expectation. We will trust even these unconscious things to payj their debts. Some of our investments are good and some are bad. The good qualities we acquire moderation, industry, courtesy, courtesy, order, patience, candor are sound investments. Our evil institutions and habits are bad investments, involving us in losses. We become debtors to them, and they are exacting creditors, forcing payment in full in money and labor and sometimes In blood, agony, tears, humiliation or shame. From "Balance: The Fundamental .Verity, by Orlando J. Smith. POINTED PARAGRAPHS, The most inexcusable thing in ta world is to unjustly abuse a decent citizen. citizen. It doesn't do people any good to be old enough to know better unless they, are also too old to enjoy meanness. Every man needs a chart to tell him the degrees of kinship in his family, but his wife knows them so well sh can say them backward. The truth about some people who seem to be doing so much is that they, always put things off until tbe last minute and then have to rush. The early bird may get the worrfl, but the late bird has as good an argument: argument: He gets his rest which the early; bird misses and has never yet starved. "Rr, nattAnfr with th oirl vIia totrAai I - - - o ' so long to dress. By and by she will' be able to do up tbe work and dres herself and three or four children la hulf the time she takes for herself now. Atchison Globe. Sowing - and Reaping - The law of the harvest is to reap more than you sow. Sow an act, and! you reap a habit. Sow a habit, andi you reap a character. Sow a eharc - ter, and yott reap a destiny. Give the reins to appetite, and yot give wings to happiness. Woman's Life. "3 Wycmin Ave. wtr1v1 n ii ii nu v Town ' S

Clipped from The Scranton Truth18 Nov 1904, FriPage 7

The Scranton Truth (Scranton, Pennsylvania)18 Nov 1904, FriPage 7
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