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- I TH2 CCSAITTOIT Tami, FIIIDAT AFTEI1NOOII, CliPTBUCm CO, lCi, CiTtjs Accents tf fire cr Tea Delias . We are pleased to receive, and invite you to start an account whether large or small with this bank. - . : Three per cent, interest paid on - Savings Accounts, compounded semi - annually. Third National Bank, 1 18 Vyomfa Art, Scrinteo, V. UNITED STATES DEPOSITARY. Capital, $200,000; Surplus (earned,) $700,009. OPEN SATURDAY EVENINGS 7:30 TO 8:30. WEST SCR ANTON. Dinner Given Last Evening by Mr. and Mrs. Wm; Davis - Misses Meredith Meredith Entertain - Other Notes. Mr. and Mrs. William Pavis. of South Main avenue, gave a dinner last evening evening to a number of their relatives, and it was one of the most pleasing family gatherings of the season. Covers were laid for fifteen. Those present were: Hon. and Mrs. H. M. Edwards. Mr. and Mrs. John T. Richards, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Peck, Mrs. Margaret Williams, Mrs. Annie Phillips. David Richards. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Flynn, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Davis, and Mrs. William Patterson, of Philadelphia. Th Misses Stella and Sarah Meredith, Meredith, of Jackson street, entertained a few friends at their home last evening in honor of 'Miss Lizzie Jenkins, of Wales. Music and other diversions were enjoyed and refreshments were served. A NICE IjIXE OF FAMj TXDER - TVEAR FOR MEX AXI BOYS. 80t2 EVANS & rOWEL. Deaths and Fnnernls. The funeral of the late Mrs. Michael McAvoy, who died yesterday at her home on Fellows street, will take place from the house to - morrow morning. Services will be held in Holy Cross Church at 10 o'clock. Interment will be made in the Cathedral cemetery. The funeral of the late Mrs. Mary De - laney, who died Wednesday evening at her home on Railroad avenue, will take, place to - morrow morning. A requiem mass will be celebrated in Holy Cross Church at 9 o'clock. Interment will be made in the Cathedral cemetery. A six - months - old child of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gibbs, of 1124 Hampton street, died last evening. The funeral arrangements have not yet been perfected. perfected. The funeral services over the remains of the late Mrs. Amanda Barrier will be held at the house, in the rear of 214 North Ninth avenue,' at 2:30 o'clock tomorrow tomorrow afternoon. Rew - A. L. Ramer, pastor of St. park's Lutheran Church, will officiate. Interment will be made in the Washburn street cemetery. Services over the remains of the late Charles S. Swartz were held last evening evening at the house on Dorothy street, Tripp Park. The remains were taken to Moscow this morning, where interment interment was made. arrested for trespassing on the Swift Beef Company's property, gave a sax lisfartnrv exnlanation and was dis charged. He was trying to get home from New York the best way he could anil had fallen asleen where arrested. F. W. Peck, of Frink street, who was arrested on complaint of his wire for being drunk, disorderly, nreasms me furniture and assaulting her, was fined J5. She paid the fine. Xavier Sumisky. of 1115 Hampton tre had Adam Vitack arraigned be for Alderman John for withholding nionev belonging to him, which was nuri of a. het made with another man The alderman could not figure out the suit, and dismissed the case. John Sllivitas, of West Lackawanna avenue,' was arraigned before Alderman Jones last evening for the larceny of a clock belonging to Louis Starkopky, valued at $10. The defendant was held in $300 bail. BRIEF NEWS NOTES. Display .day, Thursday and Friday at Saxe's Millinery, Millinery, 146 North Main avenue. 2714 Police and Aldermanic Cafx - s. 'An artist by the name of F. L. Parsons, Parsons, who has seen better days, was arraigned arraigned in police court yesterday afternoon afternoon on the charge of vagrancy and begging. He had been going from house to house, demanding food, and refused bread and butter and wanted meat. He was rather impudent when arraigned, and was committed for thirty days in default of a fine of $5. Fred Munroe, of Buffalo, who was Harrv P. Davies, who has been en gaged with his brother, John J. Davies, in the drug business for a number of years, will open a drug store in Taylor in a few days. He will be succeeded here by Bert Snyder, who has been with J, L. Jenkins for a long time. - - - An interesting session of the Brotherhood Brotherhood of St. Paul was held last even ing in the Embury M. E. Church, dur ing which a discussion of the Russian - Japanese war was a feature. A social hour was enjoyed, during which re freshments were served. - No charge to look at our fancy eel ery, but it costs 15c. a bunch to take it along. It's certainly nice, and itss just as good as it looks. Heiser & Warnke. - - V 30tl - The West Side Hospital will be reopened reopened to - morrow after being closed for nearly two months for much needed needed repairs. Miss May Y. Hill will be in charge. FALL HATS FOR MEX AND BOYS. EVANS POWELL. 30t2 The Baraca class of the Jackson Street Baptist Church will hold its annual annual banquet In the church next Wed nesday evening. The speakers will be Rev. Robert F. Y. Pierce, Rev. C. K. Hemans, Attorney Charles B. Daniels and others. Cauliflower, celery, mangoes, cucumbers, cucumbers, pickling onions, etc., etc.; also celery seed, mustard seed, tumeric, pure cider vinegar and pure spices of all kinds at Heiser & Warnke's. It The Father Whelan Total Abstinence and Benevolent Society held a meeting in their hall last evening and received a proposition from the St. Paul's Pioneer Pioneer Corps relative to the transfer of the lease of St. David's Hall to the new society. A committee was appointed to confer with the Pauls relative to the matter. Several new members were admitted, and the new constitution and by - laws were adopted. All members of the Oxford mine local The Rficiest Homefurnishinffs . ..v O - y v store in me tny. You'll find, the easily - understood answer in these sharp price reductionstwo reductionstwo striking examples of the rich sarings prevailing in every department WHY? $1.25 WILTON VELVET CARPETS AT Sells regularly regularly at $1.25 ' Competitors' Bargain Price $1.00 Our Special Sale Price 95c yd $30 Body Brussels Rags at $25 Size 9 x 12 feet. We also carrv an unusually large line of WILTON. AXMINSTER, TAPESTRY, BODY BRUSSELS and SMYRNA RUGS in all standard sizes. Special sizes made to order at very moderate prices. "SCRANTON'S MOST POPULAR HOME FURNISHERS." ' J. Scott Inglis & Co. 422 LACKAWANNA AVENUE. are ttuuitt to attend the meeting to be held hi Janes' hall, on Jackaon street tlita evening. There will be an enter tainment, social and refreshments. Fresh Native Lamb - About as satisfactory a selection as you can make for Sunday Sunday is a roast of lamb. You know we get all our lamb from farmers right afpund here so we know it is the best obtainable Our prices are right, too. May we have, your order early? Both 'phones. Washington Market, 223. Wyoming Arc. Family Trade Exclusively Six Deliveries Daily The Republican voters of Tripp Park and Fair's Heights will hold a meet Ing to - morrow evening In the office of Alderman T. Owen Charles. The meet ing will be called to order st 7 o'clock, Harry Evans, the well known painter. who fell from a ladder on Wednesday and received such injuries as rendered him unconscious, is still in the same condition and fears are entertained for his recovery. . Tommas ap Tom mas. a Welsh harp ist of reputation, is In the city and will give recital on October JJ. His harp is on exhibition in D. R. Thomas' music store on North Main avenue. The proprietors of all the local drug stores have entered Into an agreement to close their stores at 10 p. m., com mencing next Sunday evening, with the exception of Saturday evenings. William P. Williams, a brother of Daniel Williams, of North Sumner avenue, avenue, was killed in the South mine at Wilkes - Barre yesterday by a large rock falling on his head. He was also a brother of the late Morgan B. Williams, and was well known In West Scranton. The funeral will be held on Sunday. and win be attended by a number of Scrantonians. The Juvenile choir of the Jackson Street Raptist Church are arranging to give a concert on Wednesday evening, October 19. The programme is now be ing prepared and will be printed later. The annual collection for the work of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions will be taken up at the Plymouth Congregational Church next Sunday morning. William Jones, recently of Wales, and Miss Lizzie Jenkins, also of Wales, will sing at the First Welsh Baptist Church next Sunday evening. Thomas Davis, a member of the Crescent foot ball team, had, his ankle dislocated recently while engaged in a practice game of foot ball. Invenor John Relbel has recently been making experiments with the common yellow stone that is found hereabouts, and he has mixed a paint which he says is a good quality., T. Ellsworth Davies, of South Main avenue, murned home yesterday after noon from Montana, where he went several weeks ago to inspect a new mine in .which he is interested. Thomas H Jones, of Academy street, who accompanied accompanied him, stopped off at the St. Louis Exposition. The pall - bearers at the funeral of the late Elmer Carlson yesterday were Emil Erickson, P. N. Spaulding, Lewis Johnson, John Anderson, William Shepherd and John Jeffries. The flower bearers were Algot Alson and John An derson. Millinery Opening at Miss A. Carlucci's 1003 Jackson street Music evenings. It. The West Side Amateurs foot hall team will play the No. 16 school foot ball team to - morrow morning .on the West Park grounds. The former team Is a very strong one, and challenge any team inthe county under 110 pounds per man. The line - up is as follows: Centre, Joseph Gilroy; right guard, J. Larkin; right tackle, Joseph Duffy; right end, Walter Devaney; left guard, Joseph MeConville; left tackle, Philip Murphy; left end, Frank McHugh; quarter back, John Devine; right half back, John Mosier; full back, Joseph Shields, and left half back, Frank Feeney. PERSONAL MENTION. Mrs. W. G. Moser, of Lafayette street, is home from ftew York. Dr. Fred Davisi, formerly of this side, but now of New York, is visiting friensd in town. Saul Fuhrman is suffering from rheumatism rheumatism at his home on Washburn street. Mrs. R. B. Stevens, of Sayre, is vis iting Mr. and Mrs. Otis Altemus, of North Lincoln avenue. Mrs George Kneirim and son, Con rad. or rvortn Sumner avenue, are home from the St. Louis exposition. Arthur Davis, of North' Sumner avenue, avenue, is in New Tork. Miss Gladys Holley, of Price street, who was in the Hahneman hospital, where she was operated upon for appendicitis, appendicitis, is home. Harry Mears, of North Main avenue. left yesterday to enter the University of Pennsylvania at Philadelphia. Mrs. Frances Zentle, of North Main avenue, is home from Philadelphia. Mrs. D. J. Jenkins, of 1526 Jackson street, and son John Robert, are visiting visiting the former's sister at Edwards - ville. Born To Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Myers, of Farr street, a daughter. Mrs. Anna Cooney, of Fifteenth street, is entertaining Mrs. Kate Cum - minsg and daughter, Mrs. Fredickson, of Sacramento, Cal. Mrs. Frank Benore, of scranton street, who was taken suddenly ill on Wednesday, was improved yesterday. Max Blume, of North Main avenue. is in New Tork atthending a convention. convention. , Mr. and Mrs. David Johnson, of South Main avenue, are entertaining Mr. and Mrs. William Eiias, of Spring Brook. Mrs. A. E. Spencer, of North Main avenue, is attending a convention in New York. Mrs. W. G. Coons, of South Sumner avenue, is entertaining Mrs. George Thomas and children, of Harrisburg. H. I. Phillips, of Los Angeles, Cal., is on thisi side visiting. Harry Seymour, of Washburn street, is home from Allentown. Mr. and Mrs. David Baker, of Lu zerne street, are home from Avoca. Misses Morgan, of Snyder avenue, are entertaining Miss Gertrude Davis, of Parsons. Mrs. Samuel Dean, of Quay avenue. is entertaining Mrs. Thomas Jones1, of Nanticoke. Miss Mary Smith, of Ithaca, has re turned home after a short visit with Mrs. Florence Cramer, of Swetland street. Mrs. John Niles, of Jackson street. has gone to Oenonta to join her husband, husband, who accepted a position there. Mr. and Mrs. John Fern, of North Sumner avenue, are home from an extended extended trip to Antietem, Philadelphia and Atlantic City. C. H. Glaesman, of Engine company No. 3; William Seagraves and James McClelland, of Chemical company No. 2, will leave Monday to attend the flre - mens' convention at Erie. DUNM0RE. T.mirpl Hill cars are once more run ning up Chestnut street after bding abandoned for tne pasc tnree aaysjiue the removal or tne resiaence of Mr, Carney. Thomas Howley has returned after unendln? the Dast ten di fnr 'Vorlc PltV. William Mongan Is convatescH recent illness. Tha members of the Ladies' ance Society will conduct a eoc N his from Oper and (PIP I KRAMER BROS WK 1010 IlBETTEB 1000 Mfll When the subject of Clothing is discussed among our people, in almost every instance instance Kramer Bros. product is held up and classed as the standard of merit That's because each season it has reached a higher degree of worth, until today it stands on. the highest crest of excellence. OUR FALL STYLES FOR MEN and BOYS embrace all the nobbiest effects in Cassimeres, Cheviots, Worsteds and Tweeds in the rich warm browns, grays and black mixtures Men's Suits, $10.00 to $25.00 Boys' Suits, $5.00 to $I5J00 Fall Overcoats and Rain Coats, $10.00 to 2 9. MEN'S SHOES This Department is now showing showing all the new styles in Men's Shoes. We invite inspection of our $3.00 Shoe which is the best value in town. Children's Clothing We invite the parents to look over our Fall line of euit3 for the little men. All the new effects in Buster Brown Suits and Norfolk Suits. S. & H. Green Trading Stamps Given With All Purchases. Call and see our new Fall line of Auto Coats and Caps. a,. ....... r 325 Lackawanna 9 Avenue. euchre in Washington Hall on Monday evening, October 10. Several good prizes will be awarded to the successful players, players, and Bauer's orchestra will furnish music for the occasion. Earl Altemose, of Brook street, left last evening for Cornell University. George Smith, of Kent, O., returned home yesterday after spending the past few days with friends in town. Mrs. Gordon, of Massachusetts, gave a very interesting lecture on phonics to the teachers and senior class last evening in the auditorium in the High School building. Telegraphic Ticks. Rome, Sept. ' 30. There has been a plentiful fall of fine ashes or sand in South Italy, which is attributed to the eruption of Mount "Vesuvius or to the strong winds' from the African desert. . London, Sept. 30. The bulletin regarding regarding Lady Curzon's condition issued from Walmer Castle this morning is of the same hopeful nature as those is sued yesterday. It reads: "Lady Cur - zon passed a quiet night. On the whole, she is somewhat better." Manchester, Eng., Sept. 30. The Guardian has again heard in high quarters quarters Jhat the negotiations for a Franco Franco Franco - Spanish treaty regarding Morocco have been positively broken. The rea son for this interruption in the nego tiations givojQ is that France considered considered the Spanish demands excessive. Liverpool, Sept. 30. The Holland - American line has notified its agents here not to book any steerage passengers passengers under $35. Chicago, Sept. 30. John Zallette, fore man of the canning department for Armour & Co.. was Rhot and fatally wounded by Albert Turner, a colored workman, late last night. Zallette ordered ordered the negro to do a certain piece of work and a refusal brought the men to blows. A L ACKAWANNA HAS REACHED 3? rasa Little nock. Ark.. Sept.. 30. Aristo Brizzolara. one. of the leading Democratic Democratic politicians of this city, was shot and sPriously wounded last night by Herbert Lescher, a member of a prom inent family. New York, Sept. 30. Twenty firemen were overcome by ammonia fumes and a dozen others affected, during a fierce blaze which early this morning destroyed destroyed three buildings from 452 to 456 West Fourteenth street. Chicago, Sept. 30. United States troops?, 200 students of Lake Forest col lege, and many residents of the suburb, several in automobiles, began at 4:30 o'clock this morning to search the woods for a 15 - year - old school girl missing from Ferry Hall. Lexington, Ky., Sept. 30. Colonel W. C. P. Breckinridge, the famous lawyer and orator, has been stricken with ver tigo. While it is reported that his con dition is not dangerous, he is unable to leave his bed and two physicians are in close attendance. bu New York, Sept. 30. In a fire which utted the top floors of the fiat, build - ig at No. 1,591 Lexington avenue tony, tony, Mrs. Mary Pabb was so seriously urned that it is thought she will die nH Mrq Mare'arpt Rrncran whs harllv lined about arms, back and head. H0NESDALE. The races at the Wayne county fair yesterday resulted us follows: 2:5U class; purse, iau. J. J., (L. A. Patterson 3 2 2 Sad Sam, (Cortnght & Co 1 1 l Gray Stone, (H. E. Riefler) .. .6 6 5 Florence Medium (E. Fink).. 5 4 4 Mrs. Pat (h. 11. Durland) . . . .2 3 3 Time. 2:34i,4. 2:34. 2:35. 2:25 class; purse, J200. MeCabe (E. E. Jackson, Wyoming, Pa.) 3 Saxon (P. R. Murray) 3 Walton (C. T. Budd) 4 Jack (L. A. Lumbeck) 5 Brighton Time 2:25 ' - A number of the prominent Repub licans of this place are making an ef - fore to have Hon. John Dalzell, of Pittsburg, speak here at an early date. James Lynch ot xowanaa, is visit ing friends here. , BOTH MEN WILL PROBABLY RECOVER. "You Can't Beat Him" Joyce's saturaay u argams .WITH BLUE STAMPS FREE m DRESSED CHICKENS, H2ca lb. "Killed To - day.'' LEGS OF LAMB, 10c a lb. "Young and Tender." CREAMERY BUTTER, 20c a lb. "The Very Best. Touched the Highest Point in Its History Yesterday. Reasons Assigned. To - day's New York Sun says: "The stock of the Delaware, Lackawanna Lackawanna and Western Railroad reached 300 yesterday the highest point In its history. The previous high .level of th year was 285. "This sharp advance revived a rumor that the Lackawanna directors will mnlcfl a. distribution of a part of the company's surplus in the form of extra dividend, or by" offering curities to capitalize the in which have previously bean I D.n.anf TrllDorfol. to talk about the matter, and other of - . fleers of the company were uncommunicative. uncommunicative. The directors of the company declared the regular quarterly dividend . of 1 yesterday." FREE STAMPS FREE STAMPS $15.00 worth of Blue Stamps Free with a dollar purchase of Tea or Coffee on Saturday. 610 Wist Lack'a Ave., Blue Front. Anthony J. O'Malley and Bryan Cafferty, of Plains, who were shot Wednesday oy rasper uunan n, m a favorable condition today and both ill recover. t Alter me biiuuu"b m" ed Lukawik and would probably hav lyncnea nimi uui mi j or x'lains, ttiui Duiiciuiittiu.u. of the Lehigh Valley company. ran Zerhy, Reisman Bros.' Book Shop 407 SPRUCE ST. A Few of Our New Books: Flannelettes, AND Outing Flannels We open one case each of the above to which we call your special attention. attention. The assortment of designs and color - ings is unsurpassed the qualities jhe very best and' the price, a yard. i Forty - five Tears Under the Flag, By Schley The Crossing ........By Churchill The Georgians By Harben Adam's Diary By Twain A Dog Tale By Twain The Day of the Dog. By McCutcheon The Last Hope ......By Merriman Nancy Stair By Lane TThe Woman Errant., Vergilius By Bacheller Tha Real New Tork ....By Hughes Old Gorgon Graham ....By Lorimer A Ladder of Swords ;...By Parker In the Bishop's Carriage By Michelson The Castaway . ......... By Reaves The Rose of Old St. Louis By Dillon The President By Lewis The Seeker By Wilson The Fat of the Land .. ..By Streeter The Admirable Tinker. The Memorls of a Baby. By Daskam The Silent Places - ..By White Bruvver Jim's Baby. The Castle Comedy ..By Buchanan The Master Violin .... By Reed The Watches of the Trail, By Roberts The Queen's Quair ....By Hewlett The Viking Skull By Carling The Pillar of. Light' By Tracy The Seiners . - By Connelly The Singular Miss Smith, By Kingley Reflections! f Morning After. Sequel, by the Author of the Real Diary of a Real Boy. I'm from Mlssoury, - By Hugh McHugh OCTOBER MAGAZINES NOW IN. 30 (Coupon). BLUE STAMPS with first dollar purchase .Friday, Saturday and Mon day, Sept. 30, Oct. 1st and 3rd. (Truth). MELDRUM, SCOTT & CO. i26 Wyoming Ave.

Clipped from The Scranton Truth30 Sep 1904, FriPage 7

The Scranton Truth (Scranton, Pennsylvania)30 Sep 1904, FriPage 7
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