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THE SCRAOTON TRUTH, MONDAY AFTERNOON, AUGUST 29, 1004, THE RGASON - SO HANY PEOPLE ARE POOR. b;c . . . independent. . Third National Bank, 118 wyoming Ave Scranton, Va. 1 .; UNITED STATES DEPOSITARY. Capital, $200,000; Surplus (earned,) $700,003. "3(71 interefst.paid on, Savings Accounts, whether O large of small. Interest compounded Jan. 1st and July 1st. OPEN SATURDAY EVENINGS 7:30 TO 8:30. WEST SCRANTON. Service in Honor of the Late Rev. R. S. Jones Other News of General Interest, ' A memorial service was held In the Tint, Welsh Congregational church .South Main avenue, last evening, in memory of the late Rev. R. S. Jones, who died in North Scranton last week. F"or many years the lamented preacher vai closely affiliated in religious work with Rev. David Jones, the pastor of the South Main avenue church, and it was for the purpose of paying a just tribute to Dr. Jones' memory that the service was held. After a very touching touching memorial sermon, the following resolution resolution was introduced and unanimously unanimously adopted: - "Whereas, Our esteemed and honored honored brother, the Rev. R. S. Jones, D. D.. pastor of the Providence Welsh Congregational church, has been called in - the wise Providence of God from his labors to his reward; and that we, - with other churches of our denomination have enjoyed his ministry and benefitted benefitted by his wise counsel and unblemished unblemished character for so many years; be Resolved. That we bow submissively to the will of God, acknowledging gratefully gratefully the many years of useful service he was permitted to give his own people people and other churches, conferences and associations of our denomination, and to the kingdom of Christ in our land; reojiclng at his noble effort in defense of the faith that was once given to the saint; and the success that has attended attended his ministry in his own field of labor; and that we tender our sincerest con - dolenfes to the widow and the children of our beloved brother and pray that they may be shielded in this storm under under the shadow of the Almighty. We also pray for the Holy Comforter to be with the church to guide her in her endeavors endeavors to complete the temple that our dear brother had hoped to see dedicated to the worship of the living God. Rpnajrs t the Hospital. The - wof?. repairing the West side hospital is is ;na; It will be finished some time next week. New floors have been put don ' in several or me ruum. - bay window is being installed in the operating room. The grounds have been mPv.e(1 bv having the grass cut and the hedge trimmed, and everything will be in readiness for the reopenig on September September 1. The new staff ha not yet been selected. New Officers Will Entertain. To - morrow evening at St. Paul hall there will be a social fnt of ed cm cers ' 'entertain the TernUs "the' - company and their IadfVheriomcers are: Captain. John P. r f.!.,v first lieutenant. Hairy B.ln,"' IMn U. - WSWS Religious Services Yesterday. Two large audiences greeted Rev. Evan R. Williams, of Arcade. N. .i at the Pylmouth Congregational church vesterday. Ho spoke at both the morning and evening "en - ices. Baptismal sen - ices were held at m. Davids Episcopal church yesterday mOrnig. with a sermon by the rector, Rev. W. Fred Allen ,on the topic Sacramental Sacramental Efficacy." In the evening he spoke on "SW and Its Effects. Rev. Owen James.. D. D.. we 1 - known here an a former pastor of the Girst Baptist church, occupied the pulpit of the Welsh Baptist church yesterdav. Many old acquaintances greeted him during the day. He is a resident of Johnstown. Pa. Mrs. E. E. Wells, the evangelist, spoke at the .First Baptist church yes terday mornlg. ana jkv. kin led the Baraca Bible class in the , afternoon, and A. G. Morse spoke at the evening service, i At the .Simpson M. E. Church yester - ; day morning, the pastor. Rev. H. ! McDermott. D. D., spoke on "The Sympathy of Jesus." and at the even - ing service he gave his views on ( Bishop Potter's action In connection ; with the opening of the subway tavern In New York. I W. W. Adair, the efficient secretary ; of the Railroad Y. M. C. A., delivered a helpful message to a large emigre - ration at the Jackson Street Baptist , church last evening. In the morning i Rev. D. Hopkins, of Kansas, occupied the pulpit. Rev. C. E. Hemans, pastor of the Jackson Street Baptist Church, preached preached yesterday morning and evening at the Berean Baptist Church in Carbon - dale. Miss Ruth Beddoe, of South Main avenue, one of the leading vocalists of the Scranton Oratorio Society, sang a solo at the First Baptist Church last veninr. Hundreds of Chickens Stolen. Since the arrest of Stanley Davis and Eugene Regan for the theft of chickens in the vicintly of the Hillside Home, reports have come to the police that hundreds of chickens have been stolen from the farmers over the West Mountain. Superintendent Bmer.of the Hillside Hillside Home, say that he has lost about 176 chickens within a year, and many others have also loat large numbers. They would be taken three and four at a time, and in that way would not he missed as quickly. It is confidently believed that the real culprits have been caught, as nearly all the chickens have been identified by the owners. BRIEF NEWsT NOTES.. A palatable lunch was served at the Electric City Wheelmen club house Saturday evening. The social committee committee ar arranging for tha winter entertainment. Tha bowling alleys jfc - lll be re - opend on September 1. , The members of the B. Y. P. U. of the Jackson Btraet Baptist church and thtlr frlanda will enjoy a trolley ride to iumyn tn4 Mturn &t Wadnaa. - jvth;v nifir mv trift d Ji R0 bj'anythin; e!s., A v Saving's ' account with this bank, a dded to tegularly, is avsre way lo become day evening. All who intend going will board the cars at the corner of Franklin avenue and Spruce street not later than 8 p. m. Refreshments will be served on the cars. Edward Flynn's backers' have authorized the announcement that he will run Albert Reese another race any time before October lOi for 1500 or $1,000 a side. ' Money Is said to be the root of all evil, but when saved it is used for jood purposes, the payment of interest, interest, etc., and every dollar deposited In the new Keystone Bank has its own earning power, for the depositor as well as the stockholder. Are you a depositor? If not, you are losing interest interest on your money at the rate of 3 per cent, per annum. Think it over. - ' A29tl One of Fred Post's large dray, wagons wagons collided with a street car at the corner of Jackson and Robinson streets on Saturday afternoon. The driver was thrown from his seat, but escaped injury. injury. No damage resulted. "Now good digestion waits on appetite, appetite, and health on both." If it doesn't, try Burdock Blood Bitters. Bitters. ' PERSONAL MENTION Mr. and Mrs. - Elmer Hentz and son Clement, of Pittsburg, are visiting at the home of William R. Davis on South Rebecca avenue. William T. . Gleason. of Washburn street, engineer at the Hyde Park shaft, was operated on for appendicitis appendicitis at the Koppinger private hospital recently. He is recovering slowly.. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Price, of North Sumner avenue, returned home on Saturday from Toanda. where they attended the Post family reunion. Walter Beck, of Towanda, spent the latter part of the last week with relatives relatives in town. MAKING FRIENDS EVERYDAY. This can truthfully be said of JEIX - O ICE CREAM POWDER, the new product for making the most delicious ice cream you ever t ; ererr - thing in the package Nothing taMen bo good In hot weather. All grocer are placing It in atock. If your grocer can't supply yon eend 25c. for 2 package package by mail. Font kinds: V nilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and TJnflavored. Address, The Genesee Pure Food Co., Box 295, Le Boy, N. Y. , (f Wall Papers At Cut Prices. A fine gilt paper 2c. A heavy tapestry paper for 5c Fine paper for the parlor, hall bedroom bedroom and dining room 10c up, , A nice room moulding for ic ft.. Best mixed Paint $1.00 per gallon and everything in Wall Paper, Mixed Paint, Lead. .Oils and Varnishes at the very lowest prices. In the Underwear Department we are selling Men's, Women's and Children's Children's Underwear and Hosiery direct from the mills at miti prices. (C AA Worth of Blue Stamps djr AA tFd.VlJ with a $1.00 purchase. CUf THIS OUT. Thl coupon good for $5.00 worth of Blua Stamp, with $1.00 purchase of dry good. 120 Penn F1EDM0IID SPEAKS ; IH HEW YORK: Irish leader Addresses . Large Audience in Carnegie Hall on v Land and Home Rule. OVER $10,000 SUBSCRIBED. New Tork, Aug. 29. John. E. Redmond, Redmond, the leader of the Irish party In Parliament, in an addrses to over 4,000 Irishmen who flocked to Carnegie Hall last night to a reception to the visiting visiting members of Parliament from Ireland, Ireland, made a glowing appeal for funds with which to carry on the campaign for home rule in Ireland in the next election. He asked for a subscription from America of $50,000. .Before the meeting had ciosed, fully one - fifth of the amount had been subscribed. . Mr. Redmond dwelt at length on the assistance given by Irishmen living in America two years ago in aid of the land reforms, which were about to bs undertaken. He said that with the as - , slstance . of Americans in the present crisis, the last serious obstacle to Home Rule in Ireland would be removed. Congressman W. Bourke Cockran, who had listened to the end of Mr. Redmond's Redmond's address, was called to the platform, platform, and he. too, made an appeal to all present to help in what Mr. Redmond Redmond termed "the final step to success." success." Mr. Cockran himself subscribed $W0 to the fund, r . t Dr. John C Coyle was chairman, and introduced to the meeting, beside Mr. Redmond.. Captain A. J. C. Donelan. Patrick 0'P.rien, and Conor O'Kelly, the other members of the visiting delegation, delegation, and Colonel John F. Finerty, president of the United Irish League of America. In 'opening the meeting. Dr. Coyle was introduced by Patrick Eagan, ex - United States Minister to Chill. Dr. Coyle then introduced Mr. Redmond. When he rose he was greeted with applause applause which lasted for several minutes. "Home Rule In Ireland," Mr. Redmond Redmond said, "hinged on the Land bill. Though the great assistance which you so willingly gave us two years ago when we made the appeal, we were able within twelve months not only to bring about such reforms as will guarantee guarantee that within fifteen years the entire entire land of Ireland will have changed hands, but the other obstacles to Home Rule have also been removed. "During the two years since I last addressed you we have so strengthened strengthened our position that we are now in position boldly to attack the English Government. We have met the revival revival of coercion. Trial by jury had been suspended; it has been resumed. The new form of conspiracy whereby the Irish landlords sued the holders of the land has been met, thanks to the aid of the American fund. Never again will free speech or trial by jury by denied to us or arbitrary Imprisonment Imprisonment be inflicted. "The least - obstacle to home rule has been removed through the passage of the Land act of 1903. Two years ago when I stood on this platform, if I should have told you that within a year a bill doing away with landlordism landlordism and appropriating more than J600.000.O00 for the purchase of Irish lands would be passed in an English Parliament, you would have said that I had taken leave of my senses. Already Already property to the value of $50. - 000,000 has changed hands from the landlords to tenants, and in ten or fifteen fifteen years practically all of Ireland will have changed as to ownership. "What we have done seems to be enough, but we have gone even further. further. The least part has been stated. The purchase of the land for the tenants tenants has been only a means to and end. This movement of ours is not an agrarian movement. It is a national one. It means the emancipation of our nation. " D Avenue. 'Mo . ...''! v, ' ;'...,. ; j ..'.V.1' ' . I .,. . i Y . . i . tJti . ' - - : i bog ft 1 ." : . v .., - . . . . - .: - - ' - ' f. - ' ' LtT - When San Francisco folks Jr. Tr - ir ' are eating Uneeda Olscuit M lf f 1 for breakfast, New Yorkers " I : m I f j are having them for, lunch, ' , ,bhh ri ' V are just getting hungry fo ' Xjfo Cf In mt tight packagei m V : 0m NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY . J CARBONDALE NEWS' Amon Undro, Victim of Mine Explosion Died in Emergency Hospital From Skull Fracture Honesdale Defeated. Special Correspondence of The Truth. Carbondale, Pa.. Aug. Amon un - dro, of Forest City, died in the Emergency Emergency Hospital last evening from a fractured skull sustained In a mine explosion explosion in the Forest City mine on Saturday. Saturday. ' Undro was a miner and had prepared a blast, which exploded sooner than he thought it would, and before he could get out of the way, flying debris struck him in the head, fracturing his skull. Shortly after this explosion another one occurred in the chamber of Hugh Curran, only a short distance away. Curran had his left arm almost blon'n off and was otherwise severely injured. At the Emergency Hospital his left arm and three fingers of his right hand had to be amputated, His condition is serious, but the injuries will not prove fatal. James White, an aged resident of the city, had a cancer. removed front his lip in an operation at Emergency Hospital on Saturday. HONESDALE AGAIN BEATEN. Four hundred Carbondale base ball rooters went to Honesdale on Saturday Saturday and saw the Association team defeat defeat Captain Solomon's Eagles In the third of the series of seven games between between the two towns. The score was 3 to 2. The feature of (he game was Hat - tier's running catch of Markey's long drive to right garden in the fifth inning. inning. It looked good for three bases, but Hattler got tinder it. The catch was heartily applauded. CUBAN'S VICTORIOUS. In yesterday's game on Duffy's field with the Cubah Giants they defeated the association team by the score of 6 to 5. Captain Walsh's men could not land safely on Lyons' curves when hits were needed to make runs.' The visitors touched up Silent "Mike" - Dwyer in the first few innings. In the eighth inning the locals tied the score and were one run ahead when the side was retired. However, in the inning that followed, the Giants got two men across the plate, and these gave them the game. , The Cubans scored twice in the first. Satterfield hit to Eahey, and the latter failed to hadle it. Satterfield was advanced advanced on a bunt, reached third and crossed the plate on the locals' attempt to catch Gordon between first ' and second. second. Gordon landed safe on third and scored on Wallace's hit to Pugh. In the third the colored lads scored again. William hitting safely, reaching first. He went to second on a sacrifice, reached third on Lyons' drive, and came home on Northup'a out from Pugh to Walsh. Wallace scored in the fifth on North - up's two - base hit. In the eighth the viitnrs own the game. Walkpr was struck by the pitcher, reached .second and went to third on Abbofs single, and scored on Ralterfleld's out to Walsh. Galloway (truck out: Gordon hit for two bases, scoring Abbott. Carbondale Carbondale had a rhance to win the game In the ninth, when the score was 6 to 5 with men on second and third bases. Fnhev went to bat and failed to make the hit to bring them in. The detailed score fol'owa: CARBONDALE. R. H. P.O. A. E. 0 10 0 0 .11 0 1 1 , 0 1 2 2 2 J. Crane, cf. . Weir, 2b Pugh, 3b A. Crana, rf. J J. J 21 Monofhan, If. 0 1 0 2 12 0 2 13 2 116 4 110 '4 Totals 5 9 24 13 6 CUBAN GIANTS. R. H. P.O. A. E. Satterfield, ss 1 0 0 4. 2 Gallaway. 2b 0 0 3 5 2 Gordon, 3b 1 2 2 5 1 Williams, lb 1 2 12 0 0 Wallace, c. i 1 1 4 0 1 Lyons, p 0 2 0 1 0 Northrup, cf. 0 2 ' 2 0 0 Walker, If 1 0 2 0 0 Abbott, rf. 11 2 0 0 Totals .. - ... 6 10 27 15 6 Score by innings: Carbondale 0 1 0 0 6 0 1 3 05 Cuban Giants 2 0 1 0 1 0 0 2 x 6 Earned runs Carbondale, 2; Cuban Giants 2. First base by errors Carbondale Carbondale 6, Cuban Giants 5. Left on bases Carbondale, 12; Cuban. Giants, 11. First base on balls Off Dwyer, 2; off Lyons, 3. Struck out By Dwyer, 7; By Lyons 3. Two - base hits Pugh, Gor don, Northrup. Sacrifice hits Satterfield. Satterfield. Gallaway, Wallace. Stolen bases A. Crane, Monoghan, Walsh 2, Fahey, Mulgrew, Satterfield, Lyons. Double plays Gallaway to Gordon. Hit1 by pitcher Fahey, Williams, Walker. Time 1:60. Umpire Burke. DIAMOND NOTES. The, Cuban Giants are playing the Association team on Duffy's field again this afternoon. Of the four games played played by both teams, each has taken two. This is the final game. The Honesdale series nearly came to an abrupt end again last Saturday. The Maple Ciiy management refused to let Pugh play with Carbondule because he was formerly a nie, - ?r of the Wclls - ville team. Vett Williams are in the same boa u Captain Walsh pointed out the inconsistency of the protest. However, he decided to play the game and r.ent "Tony" Crane to third and "Silent Mike" Dwyer to right field. ' DEBT REDUCED. The sum of $5,290.34 has been realized by the day's wages fund scheme of Monslgnor T. F. Coffey to liquidate the debt on St. Rose's church. There are now but J13.000 debt on the church. In all likelihood the day's wage fund will come into general use and a economic economic arid direct , method of puylug church obligations. - : ANNUAL REUNION. The annual reunion of the Pierce and Snyder families were held on Saturdjy In the grove at Crystal Lake. There were over one hundred descendents of both families present. The oldest In the party was Mrs. Betsey Ann Snyder,' of Scott, who is SO years old, and the youngest member of the party - wss a little son of Mr. and Mrs. James Hny - der, of SfYitt. - rteorge Pierce was elected elected president: Marvin Pierce, secretary, and Melvin Pierce, treasurer. The next reunion will be held at Newton Newton Lake on August 18. Mrs. Clum, of this city, and Mrs. George BMmunds, of Jermyn. were appointed a committee committee to arrange for it. , f CONDITION CRITICAL. Qr. H. C. Wheeler, proprietor of Car - bondale's private hospital bearing his name, was in a critical condition last night, and It is reported tha'chanw, for his racovtry ar very slim. Walsh, lb Fahey, ss Mulgrew, c. .... Dwyer, p ' Dr. - Wheeler is suffering from a stroke of partial paralysis. ' ' r NEWSY BITS OF CHAT. Rev. C. E. Hemans, pastor nf the Jackson Street Baptist Church, Scranton, Scranton, occupied the pulpit at the Berean Baptist Church yesterday. Word has been received of the safe arrival at Liverpool of Mrs. John Price and Mrs. Andrew Booth, of this city. Dr. Price, of Camden, N. J., will probably locate in this city and occupy occupy the office of the late Dr. D. L. Bailey py the office of the late Dr. D. L. Bailey. . Joseph E. Fleitz, of Wellsboro, Pa., brother of Deputy Attorney General Fred Fleitz, was the guest on Saturday Saturday of Attorney J. E. Brennan. Miss Lizzie Healey, of Scranton, is visiting friends here. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wright, of Wyoming Wyoming street, have returned from Atlantic Atlantic City. Miss Margaret McAndrew, of Cottage street, is visiting friends at Wilkes - Barre. H. R. Frisby. foreman at the Hen - drick Works, returned from a vacation trip spent at Aldenville. ' Misses Joanna L. Murphy and Katharine Katharine O. Healey are at Delawr' Water Gaa Mrs. John C. Reynolds and thter. of Scranton, who have been I nests of Mrs. Julia Reynolds of Jem Jtreet, have returned to their honf Hon. E. E. Hendrick ar A. Bas - sett are in New York Ciw C. It. Manville and soi 'eith Man - ville, who are touring Europe, are now at Munich, and will be home the latter part of September. 1 Bwith. i Tfa Kind You Havo Afways Bou Jit 8ignttx. D., L. & W. BOARD . Scranton, Tuesday, Aug. 30, 1904. Extras, East. Monday. Aug. 29. - 7:15 p. m.. M. J. Henigan: 9:15 p. m., Hal - let; 11.30 p. m., McCathren. Tuesday, Aug. 30.2 a. m., Prosser; 4 a. m., Ruegg; 9 a. m Doherty with Blsbing's crew; 11 a. m Rogers with Burkhart's crew; 2 p. in.. W. Wallace; 3:30 p. in.. Staples; 5:15 p. m., Hatcher. Summits 7:30 u. m., west, Nichols; 9 a. m., west, D. Haggerty with Car - rig g's crew. Pushers 2:30 a. m.. west, C. Bartholomew; Bartholomew; 7 a. rn.. west. Lumping; 7 a. m... west. Flnnerty; 8 a. in., east, Mo - ran; 11:45 a. m., east, M. Murphy; 11:45 a. m..' east, T. Murphy; 7 p. m east, Ludlow; 9 p. m., east, W. H. Bartholomew; Bartholomew; 9:15 p ni.. east. Latimer. ' Helpers 1 a. in.. Magovern; 8 a. m., Gaffney; 10 a. m., Secor; 3:30 p. m., I. Kearney. Extras, West Monday, Aug. 296 p. m., Carmody; 10 p. m V. A. Bartholomew. Bartholomew. Tuesday, Aug. 301 a. m.. McCarty; 8 a. tn. DuBols; 11 a. m., Krofft; 2 p. m., J. E. Masters: 4. p. m., Lord. NOTICE. Dunn will run Wolcott's crew on 2nd 61. Tuesday, Aug. 30. P. Cavnaugh and crew. Mosier and crew, LaBar and crew and R. Golden icport at yard office, Monday, Aug. 29. at 3 p. m. Costqllo, Golden, Klrby and J. H. Matter report at trainmaster's office, Monday. Aug. 29, ta 5 p. m. ,.. , ,; CATTLE M MET. Union Stock Yards. 111., Aug. 29. Cattle Receipts, 23.000: estimated for tomorrow, T.flOft; maritetbest Iflc higher: higher: others rtcady. Prime beeves, $5.M) "6.10; poor to medium. $.1.40f??5.00; stockers and feeders, $:'ifi3.90; cows and heifer. $3.30W4.40; canners, Sl.lOr - Tl.fO; grass westerns, $2.'5(S'4.30. Hogs Receipts, 24,000; estimated for. tomorrow, 17,000; market BfilOo higher; lifht. t6.25ffiB.76: rough, 14.80(35.03: mi - S4.505.60. SheetH - Receipts. 30.000; estimated sheep, J2.25&4.t0; western, $2 western $4S6.00. He ill Again Lead the Republican Republican Hosts to Victory This Fall. OTHER COMMITTEE OFFICERS. Griffith T. Davies will again act as chairman of the Republican county committee. II. L. Taylor, of West Scranton, is vice - chairman; Frank S. Benjamin, of Perkville, secretary, and Frank Hummler, treasurer. An executive executive committee of ten men, comprised as follows, has also been appointed: John H. Thomas, of Carnondale; William William Allen, of Peckville; John Scheuer, GRIFFITH T. DAVIES. Reelected Chairman ff Republican County Committee. South Scranton; A. F. Hobbs, Fleet - ville; James Prive. Taylor; John Von. ., i..u.. ti . w: i 1 if . m ' l. T IM'' kj,r'l. UIMIII II.' llllillll.,, UUH1I I. Davis. C. S. Seaman, and Joseph A. Scranton, of this city. Th members of this committee have nil practically signified their willingness willingness to serve with the exception of John Von Bergen, who, it is said, fears he will not he able to give the neces - rary tim to the position, and has u - j - gested the name of a prominent Republican Republican from his district for the office. There wis ho hitch at any time in the sele - tloii of a chuirman and the (oinnrttec. It is denied (hat Frank B. Reee, recretary to the mayor, was ever men tioned as secretary of the committee or ever sought the position. The pi.m of campaign has already been outlined and active preparation for the hattle, hich they are confident of winning, is on. (0,003 Rupture Sufferers Cured. Without operation or detention from buslnpss I have cured within a few years over 10,000 ras.'s of Rupture by my Chemlc - Electro method. I know I can cure you If I don't the treatment won't cost you one penny. Consult me before if too late. Dr. Alex. O'Malley, ' Ruptura and Rectal Specialist, 134 Washington live.. Scranton. ( NAMED CHAIRMAN i V - a r i&w t, fan 4tti 1 1 'i - ww "t - iuft n A flim - at i ' I

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