28 May 1958 Daily Ind Jnl "Corinthian Regatta Provides 2 Days Of Ideal Yacht Racing"

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28 May 1958 Daily Ind Jnl "Corinthian Regatta Provides 2 Days Of Ideal Yacht Racing" - THE MARIN LOG V-/ BETTY FROST, l-J Yachting...
THE MARIN LOG V-/ BETTY FROST, l-J Yachting Editor Corinthian Regatta Provides 2 Days Of Ideal Yacht Racing Two ideal days of yacht racing were provided in the weekend’s Corinthian Regatta. Saturday 75 yachts crossed the starting line off Pt. Knox on the west side of Angel Island. Island. Sunday’s fleet was more than doubled, with 154 sailboats sailboats taking part. Only Sunday’s Sunday’s race brought points for the Yacht Racing Assn. season. Johnny Ford, noted Bird Boat skipper, proved that International International One Design class also holds no terrors for him. He took the series at the helm of Norena. Sausalito Yacht Club will be defending the San Francisco Bay Perpetual Challenge Challenge Cup in July in International International class sloops, having accepted accepted the challenge of Corinthian Corinthian Yacht Club's Gipsy, owned owned by Bob Vidmar. Frustration for Aldo Alessio, skipper of the Mistress II in the Farallone Clipper go. Leading Leading for the first 11 miles of the 13-mile course, Mistress II’s position seemed invulnerable, until H. D. Trask’s Hoyden II found a stray slant of wind to triumph at the finish line. Saturday’s race was marred by an accident in the congestion congestion at Crissy Field Buoy, when Bob White, of Sausalito, rammed Bob Minton’s Swallow. White’s 40-foot Kandu hit the Swallow with such i^rce that skipper Minton of Alameda Alameda was thrown overboard. Minton was picked up by Albin Templeton’s Falcon, with Vir­ ginia Morton at the helm. He transferred to the Kandu and White towed the 23-foot sloop Swallow back to St. Francis Francis Yacht Club. Damages in 7/r- *7”v-|7 , eluded a gash in the Swallows ^ r\Ari nrln onH o nrnbon mOCT portside and a broken mast which sheared off above the spreader. One, two, three place win- ners in the series, and points r a are noted: ONE DESIGN Star: Chance, 124; Shucks, 8; Ouija, 4. Bear: L’orso, 104; Williwaw, 9; Frolic, 8. Junior Clipper: Aloha, 104; Windfall, 9; Apray, 8. PIC: Angel, 84; Pic Sea, 84; Topic, 3. Rhodes 33: Happy Fella, 84; Satisfaction, 9; Rebel, 7. International: Norena, 164; Icy Folly, 12: Gipsy, 12. May: Gambit, 64; Sacre Bleu, 5; Bahama, 4. Hurricane: Ichi Ban, 44; Hoyden, Hoyden, 3: Hanaloa, 2. Golden Gate: Impulse II, 94; Fun, 8; Ryot, 7. Windward: Westerly, 34; Pagan III. 2. Acorn: Eight 3all, 64; Sea Point, 5; La Forza, 4. FolkBoat: Hi Fi, 74; Astra, 6; Viento, 5. Farallon Clipper: Hoyden II, 134*; Mistress II, 10: Delta Belle. 8. Bird: Puffin, 194; Polly, 15; Kittiwake, 15. HANDICAP DIVISION Cruising Club A: Orient, 64; Velero II, 5; Nelly Bly, 4. Cruising Club B: Coral, 84; Leilani. 5; Nautigal. 74. Division 9: Debutante, 10 ' Mi- Rascal, 94; Fricka, 11. Division 10: Avanti, 34; randa, 2: Holiday, 1. Division 11: Cavu, 94; Rondo, 6; Blue Sea, 6. Division 14: Argo, 134; Tomboy, 17: Garnet, 174. Division 15: Highliner, 84; Sali, 12; Wingding, 134. Division 17: Squali, 154; Rival, 154; Norvik, 12. (Political Advertisement) (Political Advertisement)

Clipped from Daily Independent Journal28 May 1958, WedPage 17

Daily Independent Journal (San Rafael, California)28 May 1958, WedPage 17
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  • 28 May 1958 Daily Ind Jnl "Corinthian Regatta Provides 2 Days Of Ideal Yacht Racing"

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