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Pantagraph 22 Jun 1865  Mobile - 0. L. DTUii. i. I. OilPMTU. 9. 1. PUBLUHIO...
0. L. DTUii. i. I. OilPMTU. 9. 1. PUBLUHIO DAIlf, WECEPT CITDAT, BY STEELE, CAEPENTEK ft CO T.EIIMH Delivered by the Carrier. In the city, per week,... 10 30 Sent by mail One Year, pa.i able lu advance. 10 00 Sr 'it by mall Six Month, Stut by mail Three Month 6 00 V0L."IX.-N0. V0L."IX.-N0. V0L."IX.-N0. 92. 3 do l'KESlMM' JOtt.MHUJi'H PARDONS. Our telegrams show tliat the Presidimt is astunisliingly lavish with Mb purdnns to those perfidious and blood stained rebels unon their deathbed ropentanoe. And he will find too, to the future distraotiou (it the Uniou and wretoheduess of tbousaads, that the of these pardons are accepted with sou ru in the heart, and the same reservation, of the reconciliation by the tick Dutchman with his neighbor: "If I live the old grudge remains as good as ever," "The lightly won is lightly prized," will prove too true in thane cases. As far as our knowledge extonds the lamented Lincoln never released nor pardoned a rebel, or I rebell sympathize, or commuted their punishment, tbat they did not despise and bate him fur it, from Vallandigham down, We are onnised to needless severity. We ait' eounlly opposed to tbat misnamed mag' niiimity and meroy whioh fails to show and afrves to hnlo, the malignancy ot (lie re. I'llion, and appears like an apathy for the tcreiiveiiieiitH, sufferings, and deaths of loy-lits, loy-lits, loy-lits, nrpiiaii's moans and widow's tears luid poverty, cauied by those rebels and their syniputhiiers. IJ.-hi. IJ.-hi. IJ.-hi. I -. -. 1 1 prevent future ll"0'ly sorties, and to loceerve our institutions, nuw is I lie lime tli:tt we mutt ihowlu European aristocrats, aristocrats, Unit troaaon here is a crime against liiiiimiiily that will not be winked at, that there is no toleration tor fuoli traitors, nor reelect for their sympathizer', at home or abroad. If the rebels had bad no sympathisers we should have had no robelliuu. There fore they " have the greutvr sio." Camp of the 94th. A UTTER rkoM laLUS. Ma. F.oiToa: It must be generally kuowu in your midst wheretbe present camp ot the VJtb is. It is universally agreed that uf tut wr never pitched in a more ploa.uiu and beautiful locality than that we iKfui.v at prmeot. On the weal side of the bay four uiilo south of Mobile City io a 'tt'.le open lot, surrounded by most luturi ant shade is the camping ground of the gallant rvgiinenl of old Mi-Lavtn. Mi-Lavtn. Mi-Lavtn. Toe central central point of attraction of our camp is a large Vrnnuion Tree. This might be suueid rredsu unimportant object in a pine r eriifield, but to us it more thau irJinary Inter.! and value. Be.ide it . . j . l t . . I : . ij erect iruua, ana Deneam ue epreaums; I brancbe euvemt with Bature's verdant A trh. and gracefully waving their auenmer I'diae to the paaaing braa. mom sm-n sm-n sm-n il all Ii mre of the day the vigilenl sentinel. i .1 oairr. Mere w wiia nave Jim ew Y -K -K llieir beat. ewk f-mling f-mling f-mling re- re- fv-w fv-w fv-w t ' liuur' ripuMin and lelitT.1 in 1 1' beat of t an slm -ac -ac iir.'i;.. iluW I I U ae l lie lale ' ... ! Mare lraa.lij!hBJle Iij.rler iiie rlloO baJ"W of tree, , and lake a long and unl sleep ur'0 lb frietiUly lea of mother earth. Never did kitig "O i.'Wny r.Othea real an qaielly and a J ibeM te'ianl men. .- .- I I's A'V ' ran nl hurt, Kavauaa) Ibey are nl..iiurirj by I be dVne Ira tea of the tree. N airanrr dare intrude or apprmat'li ls'ao.e it is the "jtuald' plar." N r W.ullaliV alir dtalUtb lalleay b let,iag f ia'l a.f r he kao thai if ihry alr.p "lb-y "lb-y "lb-y 'I i.;l." In fr--iili( fr--iili( fr--iili( fr--iili( lhe. lf-e-ent lf-e-ent lf-e-ent lf-e-ent lf-e-ent an I aweral huge iwcarba of Hie ik tribe ale dligbt(al efcadre f -tut -tut the daily re! uf siry hea'le! men, iIkm ran'fcal.iUi"alberajof n4 S I render iietiaM. W itbiB few yards tf the t'olonel a nuat nainre ha rr4 sk. J beautiful an I .lnJ4 . I tiuoi, t.tHi ,mt-tr ,mt-tr ,mt-tr .Myr'5M J llefe B .uruhe the ',AS flb9l'h. -e.ial!y -e.ial!y le-e le-e le-e lh ah Milder arar fbe avlef rall 2ve i l'ti ld lei hate bewn nr rytm l -r -r tf'l ewufbl I k' aj ti-Ah ti-Ah ti-Ah inith ableb tneoeafar lu widai eji. ug li;U, e"pl it ! lb "Ot Hretched aria. t r lrea la thai jy'ii'!y a'l mI .-,n .-,n .-,n i. ve, b'eiya4 aiiie. i. (i. f .-'" .-'" .-'" their y l .u,'f.i. 1 in bint ! beajejliM ha l h (,i. Never d4 lb lalWtea a mm- mm- h ava l n ! M ibi. m It ilnea:!. f.eal!f aneli.r. ae -. -. . u ,il.. a-4 a-4 a-4 aneaier laeaa, .t '1 t! r 4 iba gfaie I' ( ii aj;e I reel ao I "1. l t g-iig g-iig g-iig 'i . h , Uf ln fr Ihai ltr enaetlaia Miwi m Ultl l Or-f Or-f Or-f n kMiiI.H Ii a! in., i. IN anfmliag. vy ttei . I I r ra'a I, ef nf it -41 -41 ( e.'it,ty iMnftatf It t Iba -.! -.! Ifxantr f iVVI h. I I've It ta fe t Itaae ..t m -t -t hf. failbfitl l-w l-w l-w nfel Vl'il ! ine t,iy hfeexae p( 1 4 J a kt 4 eeJH-al eeJH-al eeJH-al afa-t. afa-t. afa-t. a t' e ) oar a I f4e. el'ir- el'ir- ew.iv . aL.a ii ik aM ik.i eW I i , ,K . f a efel e , . , . . ' taskatiaaa ekerr .4 ia a . th. , , ... ra. .r, a V l f t talHM, 'l I mtf lUl 1'i'le .! nmt a I 1n T1 lrA ' Va ral I uh'l l. V.a'a a. ,, lt,,-.W-t.,tfca,Kla.jw lt,,-.W-t.,tfca,Kla.jw lt,,-.W-t.,tfca,Kla.jw lt,,-.W-t.,tfca,Kla.jw lt,,-.W-t.,tfca,Kla.jw -- -- la.l.ia. a) a... .... a-...-. a-...-. a-...-. a-...-. a-...-. I .w ,,,h'?!;-'" ,,,h'?!;-'" ,,,h'?!;-'" r""""rr i v - i., it fe4i. . ...a, I ...lev. f "" '.,' ,t- ,t- la-.bS'f la-.bS'f la-.bS'f '"' fax .4 l f 'ia ...j, ... M,t,.Mnf a-ai a-ai a-ai " aaaa aai.k.1 a. 1. ia atar- atar- VI a. -I -I a l.i,'V." tke ' .M d r.t PfBfcl,,j, .a, ,s K. Me .i), af j, vasM. l M i1 trar' IM T M r.i. et tea . tW l t aa 4rl i le a)aia 4 e r UBteaaealal pMS aa U a tani ed with The sweet, enchanting notes of pluy-ful pluy-ful pluy-ful mocking birds, that all dny long, perform perform their inspiring lays in this shady grove. I cannot, speak of, the beaut'fuUheil- beaut'fuUheil- road, the great uleusm-u uleusm-u uleusm-u u irbwav that winds along the bay to the eiiy. True, we do not drive upon it like many others, with fast horses, fine buggies, and city belles, but the men love to look at these sights, with pleasing antiitipation of enjoying similar pleasures at home, before many weeks pass around. .. I must leave to the imaginations of your readers, the rapturous scene of moonlight upon the waving surface of Mobile Bay. Surely "Cvnlhle's ahlnlns orb was made Umtdd to chcr, when day did cluae." Our Bloomington frionds would not think this all fancy, were they hero bu t one evening to take ride with us in the Colonol's Unit. IVe could not roust the temptation of sailing at once towards the loftiest and most magniticont bill that is seen along the entire bay. I mean tbat majestic and defiant structuro of nature upon which Spanish Fort was bui It, and on whose memorable summit the regLmeut fought its ust hattlo. Ihereis a grandeur and su bliiuity on that elevatiou, vrhiub few such " eternal hills" posses. Fu:r four weeks it was not only our camping: ground, but a grand obwrvnl iry, froia whioh could be viowed the most enchanting scenes thu' ever engaged the artist's pruuil. This in' lercnting and impressive spot wo li ft re luctantly on the morning of the 7th ult., but on flndiiig ourselves again pleasantly en camped, we beoame early reconciled to our uew oamp. And soon we began to love it and uo wonder, fur it is fur more lovely than my feeble pou baa purtrayed. It is our last camp, and uo niatlur buw anaioua we are to go home, an emotion of in our s.'iil. when we think of bidding, very soon, farewell to thin the last Camp of the 94th, Hut our work is accomplished. The nation nwds our serviee no longer. ReMlion is subdued. Treason is vanquished. Tb country is sale, and the iMar Apangled II in ner fl iala proudly over the capital of every State. Tim brave and g illanl aoldivrs of the 9-tth 9-tth 9-tth will reium totbrtir pearrahle homes and . .vioi frojod., with b oi.r fairly won, whin lu.lrn and bnlli iney ran be e. Ii..r by the re.-..r re.-..r re.-..r 1 ot no oilier regiment. 1 heir laurels eliitie lib ni 'ie tbnn aioiiraiiiliine hue, aud llie memory of their drla will atitnulale true dn..ti..u ai,. & rUj to Lilier-ly, Lilier-ly, Lilier-ly, Union an S the t'..n.nuiii"ii. dune 'J. ln5. Si ir. TO-DAV'S TO-DAV'S TO-DAV'S ADVER'TS. ( Hit & GKUSV (ItLttv OIIaV .mii:i: l- l- :C).MIANY. TRI t(iet Its ijga, ACRE! n ft I si art I. 1) '' I ia uti r OIL TERRITORY, In Ihr lailrjr uf ibr Ills m idj Burr. k). CAPITAL STOCK. 150.0OO. bUlKI H iftw-aoLB iftw-aoLB iftw-aoLB tu oglwn ti ht MKIIi-la.t MKIIi-la.t MKIIi-la.t aIW, IW mm luaaee -J -J IKmm ta4 a a a aa alii Sm. IW rf. al fa a.iaS aaw 1a sm, lee. av.' I wl m a laul tatlt wllla 411 Mt iw . .it. ae.i i- i- la- la- r t .1 m. im ! ... r 4M.e a. aa.a etl a .et- .et- hi .. ' w r . nba ... ua.a I - M.a wue eiM .w a llanvlnl.U.r1'1" a imam, i i II C 11 1 . i- i- 'I'M I IfcsM 'ui .-n. .-n. .-n. ;.." a i.k -vi,res -vi,res w,i. II 4.ia..v 4-4 4-4 4-4 m ilk ..fc t layf) 4 t a)atta svl ( -.. -.. Vms) J (et4 IW - i -f -f 11 & f if HM .tm, Msskto wf IMfl -MaMk -MaMk N r ea t-i- t-i- t-i- t-i- fl" .$ .asM r ' M k .1 a4 tM 4 ' : -f -f m1 y a M M pm ik4 - aw ft M awi.H hla ip 'w Ibat . .- .- - l-Ma l-Ma l-Ma 4 r-' r-' r-' J ! t m M . to - r- r- lds ,p. -.--. -.--. -.--. -.--. -.--. . sW )ty- )ty- eta ar-4 ar-4 ar-4 s'- s'- .Ve ft - M f-V4 f-V4 f-V4 n ! " . . - th ! ftlat SaVMS) 14 a. lr4 MM V ' J ,t ... . -" -" M IVi ea.1 tM et4 aWaM ya., . - ! m- m- a4 t M 9m ft te I.X! ajeaail. ! s ' h ' ' f a4 a 4 r .a t e a tVMe. lV. f;e h. 4 sV-t.t sV-t.t sV-t.t . Wa a.a.fM :.f 4 . rf,fw..B. V.e eM-fc-e eM-fc-e eM-fc-e eM-fc-e eM-fc-e . a,fa M1 4at '-V '-V '-V I- I- f . r v -- -- a- a- . , t !, i r . r-w r-w r-w - . - a hiiMa lU hat I tan ai fw- fw- M"- M"- W WWaei' a t - fc i i - t w4 a M.j'iAiiniivi; ON CMKINVT iTrfK CT UUKAii ! !( . . . aa Swaa. el. . a 1. e-t e-t e-t "" , I o 11 1) c r. ii 1 1. fMIM.-' fMIM.-' fMIM.-' ' . - . . . . a . a- a- ' - . . . . 1 . -. -. a-a-t a-a-t a-a-t a-a-t a-a-t aye f Is . a-.ri a-.ri a-.ri .a. By t)v VUnmt it on M ta lit. The More The lioud llldduuce ' - Sec. XW York. Charleston tion from South whose arrival will ask un early provisional Governor choice for this and their second mandaiit ut Tho late relwl Mr. Tretiholm. bia. and taken b confinement. Charleston hn like aspect. The pmtienof the war is in active merchant were goods. Purchaser coming in in mortality was in Charleston. Admiral dictory to the nd was expected mediately on ll is eaiH that dri-d dri-d dri-d thoueaod of tb railriad Columbia, line, to bo W.uikuroN. Waibiii"! a ll n. J..1III-. J..1III-. J..1III-. r. ri..i....i,,il lite etty tUa ea T..ik and Uov. J .lm.n lu hi. vi. oi. the li lb N.utb. II- grvuioU, and a ll lie . le of li dili -u -u la, an 1 it llinr loal ti It. ' U--. U--. U--. U--. II . utu'a lUrenu. in aioneral K- K- biu-nd. biu-nd. ti u l tialeji"j ril r.en'm numjni .; r,.r.. In ! e '. 1'iel I 1. 1 ,t l-r l-r l-r ...uiair-l ...uiair-l ...uiair-l in ,l...i.i.l t J. .. (, in rx.lll.evll n W dr. I e-.Ii o f..r ll.e .1 ff-c .. aiiiiea mn( eueMiein. ll lateU ciaH.aj. paid anything be)-nJ V)Weer. Ui .lule. Ul. r Wiib-il"it'fati"a. Wiib-il"it'fati"a. i y iuli I by en-pi- en-pi- ). wis. t eet ifi:iiil." Jain Williaaa .awei .H I 4 bet fi HH I. ..f tbat prMaia. 4rvily I'.e I , "t lru I .I Hi J M lar ali. tai b M pi iiewf A4..fU A aanl. w.lU M ' I.!-;, I.!-;, I.!-;, J J t aahle tkre in l ia H i a I'ft I ( l. t lal l .kll apt ! at uH.fnl t tat esl' le a.ei.Mi .1. a IS) M pI 'S'J ol .f .aaa. -a. -a. i'ur I tt b p tb I'fa A I" l'".- l'".- -M -M t 4 f"i f "mi..,1i i 'j S f a ea W a M. -,. -,. I'. I' ll... a -1 -1 n I ,r- ,r- li t , . IH l i, . t I . . .... I . . I I l a i I. ( P i. 1 a r 1 aa --!..) --!..) --!..) a aa it .... i: - 1 1 - .i .., I..., ' K ..'..-. ..'..-. ..'..-. I, .. a - . a . ... ... ... 1. , , a J IM C.tli r'f

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