Pantagraph 8 Dec 1862 Letter from JKM Wilson Creek MO

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Pantagraph 8 Dec 1862  Letter from JKM Wilson Creek MO - i (the attfaijtaph: TIIOS. MOOHE, JEsIltor....
i (the attfaijtaph: TIIOS. MOOHE, JEsIltor. BLOOMINGTON, DECEMBEK 8, I8K a or so. It is stated that the South have not made any proportions to the Government fur pence ihe Chicago Time aud Fernuudo Mood to the contrary notwithstanding; ni.d, furthermore, the reports aroso from tlx pc twu very reliable sources. That the rebels nro talking of peuc. among them selves, is quite likely, but so far from niak- Th pftviiTr? forces belonging to this di vision left our camp a few days ago and went out on a scouting expedition. They returned last night, and report that, thore are no rebels of any number for a considerable distance south of the Bonton Mountains- They went to Yellville Ark. found a small force of rebels there, took some prisoners, and burnt the principal part of the town, consuming stores, public builu ius, &c. We leurn, too, that General Blunt has lately hud a fight near Kaneville, Ark., with a considerable force of rebel'and has whipped thorn out, He fought over twelve miles of ground. Ho sends word that, he has established his quarters at Kaneville and will stay there. I noticed sometime ago in your paper that some one said the 94th had received their two moutns pay. This is u mistake. We received our bounty sometime before Mr. Packard left for Bloomingtmi, and a great many sent most of it home bv him. We huvo received no nav vet except our first month's which was . ., T. x I r . - - - . . . ,, , . nit; proposals to our uoverurnent, tno men- n..:j tn us t u oninmirtjin. ltiree moniiis mond Whig, of Nov.. 29th, says: "tuttill n(lv : now jue u9, ftnd we would not be at the Xurik lays dawn its arm, they will ge t I ai" j;Hpen8ej sliould the paymaster make no hearing from us." , . . .. his appearance in our midst with his pock tn full of rocks" or L'reen backs, for some of Aw AWrtwa u n mmi .- .a r, y )'n ll'llW I c tJliSIHIS liH IUJS bUillinftdl. n "l.nvl nn A .:. ,i;utl. r, t,a frnVno-r, E,. 1 must 11 )t trespass on your time mm .u ning Journal say that passengers from Iiol- tience, or space, any longer. The 94th all ly Springs arrived at Cairo Dec. 4th report J"' .'", - that tha armv was Dush ne forward ID me wtoush JM ,,,.......-, , r I , . 1. . . II .... I.w i . A;,.,t;., ,.r n.t.,i Ti, i-af.Ala hnv d- I us so Irooueiitiy. i'lrect an our ictiers 10 UIl v W lllU I'i W IV 14 - v a --' I ' - stroyed tho track and bridges as much as J fcpnngtlelU Mo. ; Cfi-h. n will possible, and if these have to be repaired as fast as the army advances the progress southward must be comparatively slow. It is however the intention to push for- J. K- M. Secretary of War's Report. This document is said to be lnnirflr than J -11 1 1 I 0 wara as iasi as possible, aim unless uie ren- evea the lPoidont Messaeo .t 1 .1 ' .f .... I A .1. . f - .1. .1 I els are largely reinforced from the East they cannot give Grant fair battle .Letter from the 94th. Special correspondence to Hie I'aiitiigcruph.J Camp Curtis.Xe.h the Hatti.i Ground ) Or Wn-sox Creek. Nov.30th, 1.02. j EJ. D. 'Frank Packard, ond Mr. Murine arrived in camp lat evening, and made many of mir boys glad with letters and packages which they brought from their friends at homo. In fact they brought us more letters than the 91th had received before for sometime. There sncms to be some dfTiculty iu the way of us gettiug our mail as promptly as it should come. J also not iced in your paper that for sometime our friends at lioiin- coul J not hear from us, aud that there were many speculations as to ur whereabout. - Si lire we left Sprinj;fild we liavo been practicing 'tratcj;y," hioI inarching through uiu I and tu',n, living on "ho aaJ cracker"' mi I have g.t buck tn wiihiu twelve miles I b'priigfulJ. 1 wrote tu you from camp, on James river, and .avu you a kiuJ of a description of our travels, and the direction we went ai d came. Just a week ao yesterday we le't Jnui.-s r'.vor. an I nrriel at this place, where we arc juaMeJ fur the prcseut, waiiii.g fur-lUcr orders. I, fir one. luro made up my mind ! know ii.ihiii' dike things hs they come, and do ut I uiu t ! I asiuurns I cau. i have Iran;-el it i .ly f..r aulJier U think le KMiH'ihing, and to write home to his friend wiw; he th'i.ks he knows, wi.-n in f-i t li t kn iw milling. , uiyir, linvv l."ti n victim tu this kind of kliowli-lje, n i I l.nte p.'.hHps, Vici'u.iuwhI iu mo ul u.y frit-n I. at h .in. All that I can J j n iw ' 1 1 a-k their pur Ion, and pn mi.e ni 1 1 (.'o iis.m ii. and not to telii-ve 1 ktw .'i ah ut whre e nri g ing, when i, 1 i. r..j.riurP ,.nll,p nj,,,,,,., Wiirn w. s!anel u our march we wert t 4 I. aid were o-'i fi but o rnvtM gi U YidiviH. A'kun-iwa; iIhmi fMm tln-rn pt-r- hap ! Little Ilok ; aud I wn.t to you tu that eTnot, iu m short note, jut bM-ts we tart e.1. Whi ther we started for fl at f lare isy.t uneerum in in inuiJ. Hut it la vrty cert4in tlm' w tire nt thore yit. We mny lure started there, and then lha onler may luve lnMn vutcerinandel, Alih.itili it U iiiipouiiUe f-r the pria'r s.llmf ti Vnw nin.h alut what will le 4 i'te, yet U M a right to think what ouhl t i be d me. and tu eipna Me tli'WgliU il If lie l U like It. It ia the general opinion m the ddier. that if there could If Hole m re unity of f-i ling and eimii-rt ol act;. ii among our geucrali commanding in this Western IVpsrimonl, there would io- tt e uiut-h nmrvhiiig. and so tunny hardship t endure, and m little ae.!ompliiihi.. If any one can tell what w have aw.m lihHl in the way of uiiinj d,.n the re bellion, they fan tn..rtl an fhnOI-li Xathlnjr umirtVt rump die Ins rBo ptrmi ut" y ui .ig our u.j. The n-jtiiniii sew to in g.i. spirtta and R"l hraith. Kitneof lh sirk that wt-re left at .ipr ii Bitd hare ?t wrll, sn t route up with il.r r"giwienl mitl muiuvl their daee in ll.c rank. , Oir new m' n arriie-l hert lal mI, at. I a. ni ii-. jljn reKinililiiy of Mir1 t n i f ! ih. Is front Wyn.tiH-. t-Vi nt , ,,,niy, llititi) i 1 Imtr twn I-r inxtime irvioally auainM tli h -t. anl k w kiia 1 1 m m it..- nr. a i . g..t,'Je,tmi,. the b..y ei far seeiii M U deal wll, Un, wn. BrP tM , e.ut. lr. Nwft ft: wnh u a flr.l airtnt m t9 rn$;,rt, ., ti.'W si.Uim, but i d. n't kh.. wbsil.. er f ill gtt ani'ihrr or u-1. A U dt a.-i in w,uw, r utti cr .', According to that report the number of men we have armed and equipped is over 800,000. It is saiil there are a million bales of cotton in Louisiana and Mississippi at ' the present time. BOOK STORES. N JOTICK ! NOTK'K! Mr Hu4' COB. with Ullll'l' Hi, limr ust retelnd from the mauufwlury our e irnsivdsuak uf . Willi 3iipor, c-ih.i.l,n ur ureal UMiiy M:W sud II i: A L'T I i"L I. PAT-THINS, and m "W rmdy lo exhibit mwnf (he Uu i'-.t m't l.-i l.-.-i, sticks rver lM-f'4-v vOttr ed in Ibis cily. wmii.1 mil aitntun tu our Urt and 4 wlxlxl aiuck of . W1NDOWSHADES tU b UJul usl I!rt ft-iin lb Mirniii&cturjF. AIo m tin Tity rf ftijKT Sluulrs HufllWliitc An UlCKr.V ll'H.LANI.S, ll i.ih clirir( ll. moil l cur. IumJ t lo hf f I "all and t our Now Pntftit Sha(l(H. rlirln hih rrmA tmuty. Imialrilltv and C1iM w wiiimhi i- f-ff ih-..i i., u,e itii.i. f i .MIK l:s r..ln.llr mill Ilia .l. lr N l,.itl, Bllllt( tbrmoti. iiiirtMkof n!HikN,TlTloM I!l (Ml UIM I LLiNKDIS KMIIrS l - n.plrlr In all iu hi in lm. Iiitian.l and etam-iter r v -I i .H All -4 Ilia Hill sold Al tf, t. ihm lli,.-a. IV laf ttw ,yn.W ftrtrrt f',r tiltm 7-"jt ! i mi, mi.i i uii'i rurrm. CRICK. IUCKt IIUK'K ! I ,r si Van Schoick's Yard IX tiik soiTii i-aiit or tub mt On IK firtmqitt.t .rtrf ffM.7 tplh UHlum tlrvtk tn mm'k I I aw km nt ki'-a lll fli", t an-l 4-l l.t t th fil m vl ll. m. o,l n awl iwinMr nl 'Ul tj CIIKUUY lU:i) IIHK'K r kinwaa ri ss-Msa. t.HUI I H IT rill TO 300.000 iJt I'M at N ll!l R 1 4 Naimnf aiaaw. Pressed Brick&Paving Brick . - . . . . . I l RT4 til AUTT. H'Wk JilaiiH I M,l m IK. rllt am atwtl av4ka HI"kui Its if 1 lite aall aa lfiaia I ilHia lhanka I: i Iom swlfaaa. a4 alaj MM N M Ihlll N U ( ) ij I wilt rlaiina Iherr I am HACK Vtt' 'Hi Sxldli-ra war. and of llei any Ini'iarl m lilli he lb !. W dl n .w du I ais. 4ua lb. dn. caiawl Imho p,rw,ll June 2 li.HU' Mil a,.l-,.l rhi-aialat 111,. . 11 ttoaaa-ltlkaa " .l-m.l.. 1 of r"gy (i , DLACK1MITHINC. i 1. K fi . .1 O ' K H , 11 1 :in VaV1 U 1 A 1 j . 1 '" t aj artk 4 Ra Bl-a m. Ill t- llaaaii, I'antH, rtri MiLLiNcnr. 1 v t 1 U kin-LA IUai tu rnrwah w-wlal W-I T i" hmm I AT Ik4a i I" H'l Mj;.s. .nj.;iVAX iV'i.4e I., ib k lha la baa .4 In . .,.,,! a ud vartuatwlilw l- lhft fM '-. 4 M,,t( 't tU -waga. I a l awd ..! bat a aaia at aaataai la abl,il t. ...... ... I r. .1 . . "ri ""n niirr in. Iia I l,a.a. i 1 - 1 , - . ..... wurw n.ii.1 i. ,ih mut. ..,, ,, 5 b, m 1 ,,. is., 1.' r h. . a, .1 ,n li..,, .',;. . . r ... . iii.a b. rw h.,t u .Uf cu,t, . I ll.lUS,;;v,K l.I.ANk.M! !. A ... U.,.. ; . ... . 11 .... ur-gi,t ,,, ,,. . al t a rf i fti kill fi tin . - I VsL MawdtUiaaiu. . .. I rAA I 1 f M.lTtl - .. jl a-.a Ml fttf

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