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Charles M. Coburn family info 1911 - Miss Gladys Conie, of Near Coburn's Corner's,...
Miss Gladys Conie, of Near Coburn's Corner's, Occupies Enviable Place in DeKalb County Family Tree '" - at .Ji;f4Psal 'it Y'i L awL jsssssImsW - 3stX - JpU U i iaaaWtaBBBBSw .aaaaaaJf'aaW. narsBBBBBBBBBa aaraaniafJjBaTaT'flBBBBav'!' Caw i" tbbT te asBBaaaaaaaaaaaTaaTaa aBaaaBBBfeBVaaaaaVBBBBaaaTaTam sBBBBBBBBBBBBBKBTaaaB?'1, Wr. w , .L BssbbbH "iHaV iHHaJiBu BBBBBBBraBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBUffi BBBBBBBBW waaBBBBBBEBBBBBBBBBWal STSbBBBBBBBBBBBBBBb! t BBBBBBBBWesBsTBBBBBBBSBBBBBBBBBBBBBBW liJaSB f9JflLHHHfc AssBBBBBBBBBBBBBbH flRHSIHBgl liliaB I G MbbbbbbbbbbbbbbHf IB PQlBH "4" 5JjBHPK ; aBBBBBBBBBaH P3HPHH& lBKfc. - saaflHH rSnBBBE9VJaBaBBBBnBBB Top Row - t - Jamee Hart, James W Hart, Mlron Vi Cfonle. Sarah (Jump Conie. Nancy CBuckout) Conle. Lower Row Margaret (Boles) Hart, Emma (Coburn) Hart, Charlea M Coburn, Roecoe Conie, hla wIM and Glad y a and Levi Jump. AUBURN. In A. Feb. 2B Oladvs Conle, of DeKalb county, bears a proud distinction Bhe Is not only th only daughter In th Conl home but rep - famllles, all of which, are ahown Inl me group Gladys Is the daughter of Mr and Mra. Roecoe Conle who reside near Coburn a Cornere In DeKalb county and when thla picture was taken she nao sue grand ratfters and four grandmothers. grandmothers. Remarkable as It may aeem but three of the family tree have been called by death while Gladys Is Just budding Into womanhood and is now a pretty country laaa of fifteen sum mers a regular attendant or the district district school In th neighborhood, and much envied because of her numerous grandparents Shown In the picture are: Mr and Mra. Roecoe Conle. tha partrntsj Mr. and Mra Mlran Conle grandparents Mr and Mra James W Hart, grand - parenta Mr and Mra Horace Conle, great grandparente, Mr and Mrs. James Hart, great grandparents Charles M Coburn great grandfather grandfather and Levi Jump, great grandfather. grandfather. This certainly Is a Hoosler family tree from which the fruit hangs thickly It is a record of fecundity which In French or Quebeo would receive receive stat recognlxatlon In DeKalb county, however. It can only b recognised recognised aa an example ao remarkable as to be worthy of public record and emulation Mere le the Reeerd. Gladys Conle waa born In DeKalb county, Nov 6. IMS Bhe has one brother Roecoe H Conle her father waa born In DeKalb county, Oct SS, 1S7S Elmlra (Hart) Conle, her mother waa born In AJlen county Oct II 1874 They reside on a Tarm near Coburn Corn are. Mlran W Conle waa horn In DeKalb DeKalb county FVb 1861 Sarah (Jump) Conle waa born In Allen county flept 1, 186J They reside now at Wood burn In Allen county, but have purchaeed a farm In this county and expect to move eoom To them were born eleven children and they are proud of thirteen grand children Jamea w Hart whs horn In Ashland Ashland county Ohio, Oct. SO, lS4t and hla wife Emma (Coburn) Hart waa horn In DeKalb county, Sept. It 1860 They reside on a farm four miles east of SpenoervlUe. They have atx chil dren and twelve grandchildren. (Of the great grandparent Horace conie waa born in Freehold Marih It 1U0 and hla wife Marv Buckout ) Conle was born In I - ew York state May S, 1817 They have resided for S3 years on tha old farm Jamea Hart waa born in Ashland county, Ohio, May I 1811 and hla wife, Margaret (Boles) Hart, waa born In Ohio, May SO, 18X6. They reside on a farm two mllea east of BpencervlUe, which haa been their home foi more than fifty yeara They reared thirteen cnuaren. nave nrty - aeven grandchildren and a number of great grandchildren Lorenxir Jump was born tn New York stats. Deo. 11 1823 He haa three children, eighteen grandchildren and twenty - four great grandchildren Hla wife died more thai forty years ago H now realdes In Illoksvllls, unio. Charlea M Coburn wss born In Ashland county Ohio Nov SI. IStT His first wife died thirty - pine yeara ago leaving him a widower with five children. From, hla eecond marriage aeven children Were reared. He has twenty - eight grandchildren and six teen great grandchildren aldea on a farm one mile east of fit Joa and haa been a continuous resident resident of the place for fifty - four yeara Three Are Dead, On Aug IS 1903 Horace Conle died In thla county, and war at Ma death peat 61 years of aa Feb fl, 107, Jamea Hart was sum mined and ha had reached 68 year and Nov SI. it, hla wife died at tha age of aevet y - flva yeara What They Have Been, Few realise what a great trane - fortnatlon haa tal(en place tn DeKalb county a! nee thla remarkable family flrat landed here. They have aeen the change from a foreat whoae dea tseha were wolf, deer, turkey and occasional occasional band a of roving eavagee, whose tralla became tha white mean roads, to a 'land of farms and cities. During their Ufa tha world ha changed lta course The star of republicanism republicanism haa ascended over tha world and even monarchlal govern ments have been tempered by It tenets Napoleon haa flashed aero the sky and returned to the clou da. During all these years tha great republic republic haa really been created and everyone of lta presidents have llve1 In the period covered by the ages ef theae men and women. Distance haa been annihilated, the elements hav been conquered and lightning aeta the pare while water glvea the motor power for the Invested eteamboat and railroad locomotive. The gotten gin the sewing machine and other great labolr - savlng devices have changed modea of Ufa Well can theae aged people remember remember when there were no cltlea west of the Alleghentea, and St Louis. Indianapolis, Indianapolis, Chicago, Cincinnati Louie - villa and Pittsburg were but settlements settlements or Indian camps or were not even traced in the unbroken foreat a. The star of the empire had hardly begun begun lta weatward Journey and thev remember when the Spanish and French flags floated , west of tha Mississippi They lived when the Pactfio waa reached and tha setting; sun casts Its morning ray a on the etere and etrlpes around tha world It has been the greatest transformation In the history of the world, and It haa been written In the blood of great - eat wars and In the Ink of science.

Clipped from The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette26 Feb 1911, SunPage 19

The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette (Fort Wayne, Indiana)26 Feb 1911, SunPage 19
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