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rimer reunion -mary stowers collingwood attend - railroad automobile wat; standing the Ruth...
railroad automobile wat; standing the Ruth Chalmer, I he Hi suffered 3 P.»— upon affections picas Miss AD mo D<\u- tire he look ii hi Bra Tin he Rimer Hold First Reunion R. career,, .son he Regan he Rimer, Aug. 28— One of the -most enjoyable affairs held in this section for a long while.•.vas^the;reunion, of the teachers and former pupils of the Rimer Hill.school in Madison township. The day was an ideal one for an occasion of this kind. The grounds had been put in splend condition, the school house painto and it proved to DC a most deligh ful spot for the event. At noon table was spread and a bouritui dinner was served to the three hui drcd or more persons present. Following the noon hour a pro gram was given. Boyd Hooks, wham much of the credit for gc- ting up the affair was due, acted chairman. Addresses were given b Assistant County Superintendent Schools, Prof. J. L. Hazlett, Re Walter Kennedy. Daniel Roofm and Lemmuel Toy. Several of th former teachers, who occupied plat, es on the platform responded briei'i Glenford Shradc: 4 , of Ford City sail a song.Some intoersting remlniscen es were given. The present buildin was erected in 1873. Just when tl school was firs: started was no known, but there were pupils pros ent who attended school in th building which was first erected o this Kite. In the old building th seats were slabs ind the desks wi»r around the sides of the building Among the early teachers were Ja cob Toy, Robert Williams, Jessi Hetrick, Samuel B. Gray, Mr. Miss Peart, Miss Boyd and Jame Burford. The following persons hav taught in the school since 18S-7, Jen nie R. Quigley, Prassle M. Reed, Joh; Sullivan, Sallie I. Collins, Liz,-.i Cook, S. C. Bis!i. Charles E. Shoi.p W. H. Hooks (14 terms) U. G. Bran ner, Annie R. Himes, J. R. Burford Frank Moore,. E. O Hawk, Morn Vance, Oscar Wolfe, Boyd Hooks Annabelle Fleming, Bessie Helm Margaret Wolfe, Ross Shoup, Alcla Craig, Bessie Hooks Pearl Shu\\ Grace Star, Violet Brumbaugh, Bes sie Powers, Mary Myers, GuiCi Spence, Mabel Beers Angela Egpn Alfred Murphy, Lou Olive Daughcr- ty. This interesting history read b;' Mr. Hooks was enjoyed by the audi encc. The oldest former pupil attcndiJii the reunion was Andrew Rush 01 Tcmpleton who is still hnle niu hearty, despite nis 77 years and wlu. enjoyed the day recounting some of his experiences as a boy, and greeting greeting former .school mates. During the afternoon a circle formed of all the pupils who had jver attended the school and there were more than 100 persons in the circle. It was decided to make the ronn- jon an annual affair and the reunion reunion of 1929 will be held on the grounds the last Saturday of Au- were on the ground during the day greeting their former pupils. Bcyd Hooks, Mrs. Grace Spence. 'Mrs. Mary Crow, Miss Mabel Beeis, Alfred Alfred Murphy, Mrs. Lou Olive Murphy, Murphy, Ross P. Slump and Mrs. Perry GAME IS just. The following officers were elected to serve for the year: Pies- dent, Frank T.ibrciiK, Vice Prosldont tarry W. Anthony, Secretary, Josiph Josiph Lpreiw, Treasurer. Boyd Hooks. Following the program a niimaer if races and contest's were enjoyed und the following were the winners: larencc Clouse, Anna Hopper, A!- bcrt Rush. Eslella Loreiw. Floyd Bumrd, Mary Craig. Orpha Gray, Raymond Englert, Evelyn Chaplin and Edward Unp;or. Music was furnished throughout he day by thu Lorcnz orc'icstra and this added greatly to the cn- oymcnt of the occasion. In the ov- ning a social wax held and this was ttended by a larojc number of persons. persons. The following former teachers The following former pupils registered registered during the clay: Mrs. Erlward McCullough, Re<!sedale; Mrs. Lotrii; Hooks, Mrs. Sarah Stowers Gray. Mrs. Amelia Wolfe. Hoyt C. Hooks Pear Anthony, W. E. Blanchard.Mrs. William McAvoy, Mrs. Ivy Cochran, John H. Miller, Anthony Rush. Andrew Andrew Rush, John Rush, all of Templeton; Templeton; Mrs. Cora Reed., Mrs. Frank Chaplin. Jack Kiviuthauer, Mrs. JnH Lasher, Mary Jane Krautbauer, Mrs. John Steim, M-ayme Coggen «nli of Kittanning; Garfield H. Toy, Pittsburg; Pittsburg; • George H. Mrs. Ida Home, Giflord, UuBois; Hawthorn: Mrs. Cecelia Shrader, Mrs. Mary Vensel, all of Ford City; L L. Toy. E-te- burg; John Gray, Oak Ridge:' Mrs. Catherine Wyant. Annie McAuley, .both of Adrian; Edward Unger. Midland; Midland; Dillie BU'/znrd: Lawsoalmm: Daniel Rimer, Mrs. Daniel Rim»r, John Rimer, all of Potrolia; Mrs. T. D. Montgomery. Johnetta; Francis M. Bliss. Ford City. The following '.vere from Madisoii township: S. M. Englert, Mrs. Dollie Hetrick, Mrs. May Stowers Colling- woocl, Bernice Billhimer, Martin Clouse, Ida Crissman, Mrs. Ail". Duncan, Mrs. William Rhoacits, Ralph Unger, Miles Anthony, Urdte Craig, Philomena Lorenz, Violet Clouse, Archie Minick, Roy Min'ftk, David Crow, Wray Anthony. George Lorenz, Estella Lorcnz, Violet douse Mrs. A. T. Crow, Geneva HooKs, Alice Alice Mac Hooks, Mrs. Vivian Keesey, Ernest O. Hooks, Lee Anthony. Felix Lorenz, George 'Young, O. S. Rebolt, Fred C. Clouse, Mrs. Arthur Catchpole,, Catchpole,, Mrs. Fran!< Unger. Mrs. Annie Harmon, Frank Harmon, Richard Harmon, William Harmon. Flora Harmon., Isabel Coutch, Lucille Unger, Unger, Helen Tinker, Grace Frank Lorenz. L. C. Minick. Mrs. Alice Alice Bowser, Frank Minick. H. W. Anthony, Harry Clouse, George Minick. Harold Clouse, Leonard Lorenz, Lorenz, Mrs. Chris Roofner, Mrs. Wiliam Wiliam Unger, Mrs. Albert Cravener, Mrs. George Hopper. Margaret Pimer, Pimer, Stella Rebolt, Mabel Hooks, Etta Minick, Randall Minick, Mrs. D. E. Hopper, Mrs. Harry Anthony, Mrs. S. M. Englorl. Mrs. Waller raig, Mrs. Robert Hardy, Mrs. Mary Unger, Mary Clouse, Martha Lor.-nz. iharlcs Clouse, Eva Lorenz, Mrs. Loretta, Nelson. . Mrs. Charles Mt- Cuilough.' Joseph' Lprcnz, George B. Hooks. Simon .1. Rush. G. W. Cloure. John Clouse, C. R. Hornbcrger, S. W. Chancy. Teresa Lnrcnz, A. J. Rimer, Rimer, Rhoda Englert, Perry . Hor.i- ierger, Beatrice Mocks, W. M. Hooks Gladys Englert, Raymond Enplcrt. •Icrman Duncan, Anna Unger. Jchn nger, Glen Rush, Margaret Rush, Jcrnice Rush, Elmer Rush, Homer lush, Clarence Rush, Clarence House, Robert Anthony, Dent Anhony. Anhony. Ruby Simnn. Arnold Simon. David Billhimer, Albert Rush, Bruce ;eys. trip Miss way, Florence Mrs. Tommy are today. Tuesday Mrs. of after with Orr Blanch Darkness ended the game- between between East Kittanning and West Kittarming at the latter place Tuesday Tuesday evening with the score standing 9 to C in the Easterners' favor. East Kittanning scored three runs in the seventh and with men still on bases, the game was called. East Kittanning kept up its fine playing during the week, defeating the strong Coylesville team, 5 to 4 and 10 to 5. The Easterners are anxious to play Cadogan in a return game. The game played with the Cdddies this year ended in a 3-3 tie. They would like to hear from Yatesboro. They have won 29 games and lost six for the season. PIONEER MERCER WOMAN DEAD Mercer, Aug. ^9.—(U. P.)—Mrs. Bella Foster, 93, the last of the pioneer pioneer settlers of Mercer a century ago, died today. Mrs. Foster was the daughter ol Gen. John Porker, .who began his, military career in the War of 181i a;; a gunsmith and rose to fame as ;i leader of Pennsylvania troops. Hei husband, Henry Foster, was the first white child born in Mercer. STAIRg TOO MUCH FOR BRIDE-TO-BE WHO WEIGHED 260 Washington, Aim. 20.—(U. P.)— iss Eflle Cavo. 2GO pounds, of Ps\ge ountry, Vn., came here to get marled. marled. She changed her mind when cr nance told iffr she would have o climb three flights to the »pr.H~ ment he had chosen. LIVESTOCK Pittsburg, Aug. 29.—fU. P.'—Livestock—Hog P.'—Livestock—Hog quotations—250-350 ibs. 1275-1340; 200-2!>0 Ibs. 1300-1305, 1200-1540; 90-ISO Ibs. 1150-1250; 1GO-200 Ibs. 1325-1305; 130-160 Ibs. packing sows lOSO-linn. Cattle quotations—Beef steers 120.0-1540; light yearling steers anil heifers 1050-1500: beef cows 850-1100 low cutter and cutter cows 500-800; vealers 1500-1850; heavy calves Ofii)- 1500. Sheep quotations—Top fat lambs. 1500; bulk fat lambs 1300-1475; bulk cult Limbs 800-1100; bulk fat sows 500-700. Correction Requested The Leader-Times today was requested requested by Thomas Schaub to state that the wreck in which his car war, involved near Worthington Sunday evening was caused by the driver, his brother, William, striking a concrete concrete culvert, and not because of a broken drive shaft as first reported. Mr. Schaub denied that he was in the cur at the time of the accident. The their summer sixth, evening. HOSPITAL NOTES Mrs. Vcrnon Shannon, of East Kittanning, underwent a minor operation operation nt the hospital Wednesday. Angelo Tcdcski, of Cadogan, who was injured at the Allegheny River Ining Company's mines at Cadogan Cadogan August IS, underwent a minor operation at the honpltal Wednesday. Wednesday. activity and September deferred lower; up up. MORE before at the Valley land and athletic field. property the of order to land Dr. Morris Ram bach will open an fflce in Kittanning September I. CAN After Pinkham's ago feel like iim wii'll tft write I will

Clipped from Simpson's Leader-Times29 Aug 1928, WedPage 6

Simpson's Leader-Times (Kittanning, Pennsylvania)29 Aug 1928, WedPage 6
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