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Blodwyn Davis - 10 THE SCR ANTON REPUBLICAN. FRIDAY. MAY 8. 1...
10 THE SCR ANTON REPUBLICAN. FRIDAY. MAY 8. 1 936 Annual Dinner Held in Casey By Welsh Club Entertainment Program Fol lows Banquet; Rev. Go - lightly Is Chief Speaker The Welsh Women's Society of Lack awanna County entertained at its an nual banquet and entertainment pro gram last night in Hatel Casey. Mrs. William Pritchard, president, presided as toastmaster, and the address of the evening was given by the Rev. William D. Golightly, pastor of Immanuel Bap tist Church. The musical program included selections selections by Reba Borgan Freedman, contralto; contralto; Dorothy Howell, soprano; Wal - ford Hopkins, tenor, accompanied by Mrs. Cyril Johns. Mrs. Alfred Williams led group singing, and Miss Jeanne Dlmmock entertained with a reading. Dancing numbers were given by Betty Jean Lewis. ; Spring flowers were used in decorat ing. Present were: Rachael Thomas, Mrs. Hayden Oliver. Margaret Watkins, Mrs. William Werth, Mrs. Florence Morgan Harris, Mrs. W. B. Morgan, Mary R. Evans, Jane Robertson, Ruth Griffiths, Elizabeth Jones, Anna Evans, Mrs. L. A. Howell, Dorothy Howell, Mrs. Nellie MacGregor, Mrs. R. MacGregor, Elizabeth Elizabeth Baker, Mrs. Thomas Thomas, Mrs. John D. Hughes, Mrs. George Harper, Hannah Edwards, Mrs. Leonard Davis, Mrs. Amanda Schoen, Mrs. Arthur Williams, Williams, Sadie Williams, Louise Colburn, Mrs. M. M. Samson, Mrs. D. A. Williams, Williams, Mrs. Sterling Riker, Mrs. D. J. Howell, Mrs. Jurkovitz, Mrs. Charles Mirtz, Mrs. J. C. Wheelock, Mrs. G. H. Jenkins, Anna Griffiths, Mrs. John D. Lloyd, Catherine Phillips, Mrs. John Harvey, Mrs. Henry Smith, Mrs. George Evans, Dr. Myfanwy Evans, Dr. Margaret Margaret Evans, Mrs. Ernest Jones, Mrs. Albert Snyder, Mrs. Lincoln Williams Jr., Mrs. W. R. Lewis, Gertrude Lewis, Sarah Lewis, Ella Jones, Mrs. David Williams, Mrs. W. Jones, Mrs. G. T. Price, Mrs. David Jenkins, Mrs. W. W. Hopkins, Mrs. Charles Schroeder, Jessie Jessie Watkins, Marion Davles, Mrs. Stanley Stanley Thomas, Mrs. Phoebe Thomas, Mrs. Bert Richards, Mrs. George L. Jones, Mrs. John R. James, Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Bert James, Mary A. James, Ann Lewis, Mrs. David James, Gail James, Mrs. Everett Thomas, Mrs. Saddler, Mrs. . Green, Jessie Davis, Ruth Williams, Mrs. Taylor, Maude Tischler, Harriet Cadugan, Jennie Beddoe, Margaret Lewis, Lysod Reese, Ruth Griffiths, Margaret Oliver, Mary Evans, Marjorie Davis, Elizabeth J. Davis, Margaret Thomas, Mrs. Willard Birtley, Mrs. Havenstrite, Mrs. E. J. Lush, Mrs. Thomas Birtley, Mrs. Lydia Pettigrew, Mrs. John Reinhart, Mrs. Fudge, Florence Florence Rodway, Ethel Magg, Mrs. Howell Davies, Mrs. David U. Reese, Mrs. Richard Howell, Mrs. Owen Jones, Alice Chartres, Sue Jenikns, Elizabeth Williams, v Margaret Lewis, Margaret Bowen, Mrs. David Beynon, Myfanwy Beynon - Jones, Mrs. Williams,' Mrs. Havard, Anna Mae Reinhart, Mary Jane James, Ethel Rebhorn, Mary Thomas, Mrs. Torrington Watikns, Miss Harris, Mrs. William H. Jones, Mrs. John' Johnson, Mrs. John Phillips, Mr. Arthur Jones, Mrs. John L. Davis, Mrs. Hidlay, Jennie Davis, Dorothy Davis, Mrs. William Pritchard, Mrs. George Wettllng, Mrs. T. S. Williams and Mrs. J. N. White. CENTER TO ELECT OFFICERS Officers of the Progressive Recreation Recreation and Social Service Association will be elevated at a meeting of the Board of Directors Tuesday night at the association building, 414 Olive Street. E. R. Johnson will preside, TWO - PIECE QUILT ORANGE PEEL PATTERN SO Believe It or not that old favorite, the lovely interlocking Orange Peel design is made with but two pattern pieces! It's really simple to piece, yet when finished, is one Grandomther loved, and one your grandchildren are sure to cherish. Pattern 609 comes to you with complete, complete, simple instructions for cutting, sewing and finishing, together with yardage chart, diagram of quilt io' help arrange the blocks for single and double bed size, and a diagram of block which serves as a guide for ilacirig the patches and suggests con - rastlng materials. Send 10 cents in stamps or coin 'coin preferred) for this pattern to rhe Scranton Republican, Needlecraft Oept., 82 Eighth Avenue, New York, M. V. Write plainly Pattern Number, your Name and Address. r Do You Know About Our New Plan? Let I's Finance the Cleaning of Your Houaefurnlshlnra On Our New it - Payment Plan At NO Extra Coat To You. YOU PAY ONLY 1 - 3 WHEN RETURNED , 1 - 3 IN 30 DAYS 1 - 3 IN 60 DAYS Thia Ineludea Any and All Houiefurniehinfs. r Phone 5231 - C'dale 44 Dollar Dry Cleaning Co. SPECIALS! EVERY WEEK! AT OUR - OUT DOOR SALES GARDEN Ash St. & Washington Ave., Near I. C. S. College Students ' Present Recital Music Week Observance Brought to Close With Fine Program at Marywood The celebration of National Music Week was 'brought to a close at Mary - wood College last night, with the pre sentation of a fine musical program on the works of Haydn, Debussy, Chopin and others. . The program opened with "Allegro From E Flat Sonata," by Haydn, presented presented by Jane Cron.. Miss AnnabellL Swanson gave "Clair de Lune' by Debussy, a beautiful peace creating the perfect picture of the beauty of moonlight. "Fantasie Impromptu," Chopin, and "Shadow Dance," Mac - Dowell, were given by Mary Burne, while Leona Sheirant gave "Etude Opus 10, No. 2, Chopin, and "Ballade in A. Flat Major," Chopin. Misses Sheirant and Cron presented Silhouettes Opus 23, Arensky. This suite V contains . five contrasting sketches: "La Savant," serious, posi tive, unimaginative; "La Coquette," a charming little musical picture as coquettish coquettish as one could wish for; 'Polichinelle," a gay little Punchinello, whose, duty it is to amuse, always to be gay, tumbling, turning, grimacing, the embodiment of good humor, yet oftimes concealing an aching heart; "Le Reveur," expressive and appealing; appealing; a quiet musing in the land of memory and the voicing of deep content content and abiding happiness, and "La Danseuse," delightfully fantastic and spirited. Other numbers include: "Rondo Opus. 51, No. 2," Beethoven and "Prelude," Debussy, by Mary Halloran, "Sarabande," Rameau - Godowsky, and "Romanza," Mozart, by Sarah Frantz; 'Reflects dans l'eau," Debussy, and "Scherzo in B Flat Minor," Chopin, by Pauline Rosenzweig; "Etude Opus 10, No. 6," Chopin, and: "Un Sos - piro," Litzt, by Mary Trimble; "Fugue in D Minor Bach;" "Sonataf in A Major," and ""Intermezzo Opus.'.W, Brahms, by Loretto Krupp; Concerto Concerto in G Minor, "Mendelssohn, by Pauline Rosenzweig and Mary Trimble, Quins Entertain The Minute Men's Quintuplets of the Chamber of Commerce entertained entertained at a meeting yesterday noon at the organization building. . The entertainers entertainers - were:. George W. Farnham, William I. Pentecost, the Rev. Harold Swales, John P. Weeks and William D. Wheeler. Porcupine fish can gnaw their way out of a shark's stomach. Self - Consciousness Overcome Personality Developed My course will assist you In developing developing poise and charm. And In eliminating eliminating the handicaps, of neglected education.' education.' . - NALDAH ROSS 13.1 TAYLOR AVE. Telephone 4 - 5980 Specials On QUALITY HEATS TODAY and TOMORROW Chuck Roast ib. 25c (Beat Cuts) Pork Loin .. m Roast lb - 7C (Either End) Lge. Fancy Fowl - - lb - LARGE . ' Roasting V - tO Chicken ,b JVC Sliced Dacon m - 39c Strictly Fresh EGGS doz. 32C HARRY D. "Good Meat" ; 313 N. WASH. AVE. DIAL 4 - 6166 INCLUDING: . Choice Evergreens, Shrubs and Rock" . v' Garden Plants It Wffl Pay You to Watch For Our Regular Week - tad Specials BESANCON, FLORIST ' , Phono S - S921 .: . Gloria Club Members Attend Dinner - Dance tekYofr V L Gloria Club members, attend dinner - dance in Hotel Jermyn. Reading Reading from left to right, they are: first row. Miss Palma Sensi, Mrs. Leo P. Terrery; second row. Mrs. A. Biscon - tinl, Mrs. Nicholas Coyer. Mrs. Thomas Carey, Mrs. Dominlck Aiello and Mrs. Louis Vitall. , Mansfield Alumni To Hold Reunion New York College Group Plan Affair Tomorrow at Beek - man Towers Mansfield Stats Teachers' College Alumni Association of New York, is planning its annual reunion and dinner dinner tomorrow' night at the Bsekman Towers, 3 Mitchell Place, New York, A reception will be held at 6:30 o'clock to be followed by dinner at 7:15 o clock. Rolatid C. Kichlirie, director of ath letics from 1916 - 1921, will be the speaker. Reservations may be made with Vera Bell Sayre, Wew York. There will be entertainment and dancing following the dinner. ersonals Judge and Mrs. Albert L. Watson, Dalton, and Mrs. George Norris Morgan, Morgan, this city, are spending several days in New York. ; Ralph W. Edwards,' Fifteenth Avenue, Avenue, is in Sebring, Fla. 1 Mrs. Max Henkelman. - Hickory Street, is spending several days in Philadelphia and Bryn Mawr, and will attend May "Day festivities at Bryn Mawr College over the week - end. ' Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Rafferty, Monr roe Avenue, are in Atlantic City. ' Mrs. William Spltzer" and daughter, Margaret, Crown .Avenue, ; ?have returned returned frcm Factoryville, where they spent the past week. Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Bpiand, Arch - bald, accompanied by. Dr' Charier, Thomson, this city, and Dr. J. J.' O'Connor, Blakely, have left for Philadelphia, Philadelphia, where Mrs. Boland underwent an operation yesterday in the University University Hospital, that city. Mrs. A. E. Connell, Vine Street, is in New York. iHftK for Mother's Uay: ran G. treaeric i Permanent' . You are sure ot soft, permanently permanently beautiful waves ' and natural lasting eurls. FREDERICS are 50 cooler, which means absolutely no discomfort. There is a difference in Permanent Permanent Waves, ; Come to a Frederics : Franchise Shop LOZIER'S 417 Lackawanna Ave. OVER KRESGE'S - Phone 4 - 1713 With Or Without Appointment . OPEN EVENINGS If She Could i Choose .:lK.L - V.'..4 - .' ' m MOTHER J j would select , fcTxoutr FREDERIC Permanent Waves New and Different v THE DUCHESS One Minute permanent . Baft Leitroaa nattering Small Rerrleea S far II TILLIE'S BEAUTY SHOP n Lackawanna Aire, Over WeeHrerth'a. Fhone t - KSt HI THE BEST MOTHER IN THE WORLD Deserves the Flattering I " Touch of '.(" - ' . I FREDERIC ' Permanent , Wave I MARY LAWLESS Beauty. Salon . ' 2M Scranton Life Bldg. I . PHONE M . . I Tennis Glub Plans Tournament Tonight Duplicate Bridge Matches in Hotel Casey Will Begin New Series - A special prize is being offered to the player with the best record in the first five tournaments of the duplicate bridge series starting this evening a: Hotel Casey under the auspices of the Scranton Tennis Club. This prize consists of the entry fees in .all events of the American Bridge League championship championship tournament to be held at the Scranton Club June 5, 6 and 7. To be eligible for this prize players must take part in four out of the five tournaments starting this evening. All bridge players' are invited to compete compete for this special prize and for the other prizes awarded at these games. These tournaments are held each Friday evening at Hotel Casey with play starting at 8:15 o'clock. At the end of the series prizss will be awarded to the winners in each of five groups. The players" have been divided into the following groups based upon the number of city master points won by each player up to May l: Group 1 W. W. Coston Jr., Mrs. W. W. Costoa Jr., M. DaPietro, Eugene Eugene .Smith, Morris Lawrence, Frank OUara, Mrs. George Parry, J. Kenneth Kenneth Bates, E. H. Martin and Harold Halleet. Group 2 Mrs. Horace A. Mahon, Frank Keller, ' Mrs. Morris Lawrence, Mi. J. Kenneth Bates, Mrs. R. L. Jewett, C. B. Little, William William Thompson, Mrs. D. E. Stevens and D. E. Stevens. Group 3 MiSs Geraldine Burke, Mrs. Frank D. Clarke, Joseph Gilhool, Mrs. Harry Raker, J. P. Jennings, Mrs. Warren Davies, Warren Davies, Mrs. C.F. Umphred, Mrs. R. B. Walford. Group 4 David Bowen, .Mrs. Walter Davis, Miss Kay Davitt, Mrs. F. A. DeWilde. Mrs. Frank Kaufman, Arthur Knight. Mrs. W. W. McCulloch, Mrs. J. D. McCutcheon, Mrs. W. T. Nealon, Mrs. Edward Noyes and Mrs. William Wyn - koop. Group 5 All players who have not won - any master points. 9 4 j f Mr, r VP". nV Never AGAIN will I say, "Permanent Please I" My last "bargain" permanent wave all but ruined me socially. I was ashamed to let my friends see my messy, kinky, strawlike strawlike hair. Now I insist on a genuine Frederics . (Croquignole Style) Permanent, and I'm without a care about my bairt Frederics Permanent Waves are obtaln - ; able in either the Vita - Tonic (Spiral) or Vitron (Croquignole Style). Frederics Vitron (Croquignole Style) Permanent is a soft, wide, natural, flowing wave with plenty of flattering ringlet ends. If, however, you want a deep, tight,lasting wave or if your hair exceeds exceeds 6 or 7 inches in length, we recommend Frederics Vita - Tonic (Spiral) Permanent. . : Sand the eoupOM fee Hat of Authorised rnnert Frederics Sajone in your, community whe (It Vlta - TonUtend Vltren Permanent. We will alto lend an latereatlns booklet, "There'a A Bis Difference In Permanent Waree," Enclose lfte and we will send you a beautiful pons else elaerette lighter. G VMuiCwViTnon E. Frederic. Me..zU East Utli St.. New Dept. I 1 It .Name.. . . . ... Addrae Mrs. Cavanaugh Is Named Head Of Mothers' Club Annual Meeting Held at Central; , Prof.' Costello " , Gives Principal Address M - s. Harry Cavanaugh was elected president of the Mothers' Club of Central Central High School, at the annual msec ing of the club, yesterday In the School Auditorium. Prof: M. J. Costslo, super visor, of WPA . Emergency Education, District No. 1, addressed the women on "What To Do With the Youth of To day." - 'v ' '', - v. '. . . - . : Othe officers .'named ' were: vice' presidents, Miss . Hazel Davies, Mrs. John Lawless, Mrs. H. Sweetser; re cording secretary, Mrs. Carl Simons; corresponding secretary, Mrs. W. Hammerman; Hammerman; treasurer, Mrs. H. Zeigler; historian, Mrs. C. 8. Scarborough. Past 'presidents ot the organization, Mrs. Arthur Wilson, Mrs. W. F. Mul - fortf and Mrs. J. O. Fruehan, were guests of honor. 'After the' program, tea was served, with Misses Hazel Stokes, Mathilda Wolongowlecwz, Anderson and Ela Paine presided at the tea table. Professor Costello told the women that the world today is not what is was a few years ago and readjustments must be made among them, their boys and girls, and in the schools. It is a mis take, he said, to send boys and girls out into the world with, the expectancy of finding it similar to that of 1929, They will find nothing but disappointment disappointment and discouragement, he added. He pointed out that records at Harris - burg show that but 25 per cent of those students, who will graduate from high schools next month, will go to college. The speaker emphasized the fact that no cost is too high for education and nothing is so Important as school work. The system must be revamped, he said to meet the needs, and referred to the work being carried out by the WPA Ed - cation Program, where education begins begins at Infancy and extends to old age. Congregational Group Meets in North End An illustrated lecture on the play, "Green Pastures," was given last night by Miss Lydia Griffiths, presi dent at the . monthly rally of the Congregational Young People's Fed eration of Northeastern Pennsylvania in Puritan Cong - egational Church. A number of Negro spirituals were sung by a sextette comprising Gwyneth Thomas, Jean Little john, Mae Ley - shon. Margaret Lentz. Ruth Evans and Tudor Williams. John Philippl, treasurer of the state conference, spoke in behalf of the Summer conference to be . held in July at Bucknell University. , A social social followed the business period. Remember MOTHER with i ' GIFT of LINGERIE mj FROM - Mnferle and , Kiddle Shop I MS MILLER BLDO.I U.t t4 Be lure that 30 of more, of theic ftftuln Vita - Tonic and Vitron Wrapper! are wed on your hair. Imlit on their uif (or your own protection! O C'U C O Inc. York. N Y. 1 for lite.. u. On... le : : . ' I f ' ','L " ."ML - ' fee , ) , Women Should Spotlight Their Star Features Those Who Would Have Beauty Should Play Up Facial Characteristics By ALICIA HART Just S3 a potential . actress learns ts dramatize her best features ''and how to draw attention away from those ' which aren't as attractive, every - beautyrmindsd woman should make it her business to find out ways and means to play up her nicest facial characteristics. For instance, one with a lovely forehead forehead and a widow's peak ought to plan a caiffure that sweeps backward and emphasizes both. A girl with beautiful" eyes never should let side ringlets or other fussy hair arrangements arrangements detract from their glamor. : You can, of course, rely on cosmetics cosmetics to serve you well whsn you decide to dramatize your eyes, mouth, cheek bones or chin. Rouge, lipstick, and eye. makeup can be applied in such a way as to focus attention on any of these. , ... : ' ':v A girl with lovely eyes ought to put very little rouge high cn her cheek bones, a reasonable amount of eyeshadow on her lids, a touch of mascara on her lashes. She should use just enough' lipstick to jnake her lips look attractively healthy, but net enough to dr&w attention to the lower part of her face. 1 One with a handsome mouth per haps a dimple in her chin, tod can use lipstick lavishly,, eye makeup sparingly, sparingly, if at all. and a medium amount of rouge. This way, others are more impressed with the beauty of her mouth than with the fact that her eyes, nose and forehead aren't espe cially attractive. If your hair actually is your crown ing glory, make the most of It. Brush it vigorously and regularly. See the best coiffure man you can find and, and the y: - :?:': - :x:'::v:;:::':;:vy km fas tf" k l tl it mi in i i nil ii vi l i a . m - a t m a m ' b mi a a mm i k O V) ) 6 - cushion, reversible lllll V) iL Jli 1 bck9i floating arm, I K Y coil seat ..' ' 7 - r - ' . . ' An outstanding pre - season ' ( ' 1 1 - "'"''""s. '' purchase permits us to offer m f this valuer for a limited . . jf ' time only! . . " , j fP& !' Easy Terms. Credit You? atC Certainly!. 316 - 318 Lacka. Ave. with his help, work out a stunning hair style. This may mean economising economising on facials and makeup and doing your own manicures, but, if you know, your hair is your best point of beauty, it's smarter to spend your time and money 'on it than on features that aren't especially beautiful and which you - can't do much about anyway. S25.M DAMAGES SOUGHT ' Damages totaling $25,000 were asked yesterday in a trespass action filed by Tadlusz Haduck against the scranton scranton Electric Company, Heidelberg Coal Company and the T. F. Quinn Coal Company. No statement was filed. CLARES SUMMIT HAS BALANCE A balance of $4,747.69 was Shown in the auditor's report of Claries Summit for MOTHER (Ty : Silk Stockings sJ, - ,. j . . . here in all the eelera "She" SjBBSHt ' would be moat likely te ehoeae ler ls .,' - herae'f. iii"I"iSE.J ' r n" "M ,h - hM" - " Rac Watkins "a. Low 7 a. other. 1 1. m Hosiery Shop Aa f9Cnr. Fram.. la. 430 SPRUCE STREET I' : : ' Jl ' tsmmmsmmsssmsmsmsmsmtmssmsmsmsissmimmsssmimmmssmmsssssisssssssmisss . M. Alice Scanlon i. 428 SPRUCE STREET WHAT'S NEW? PALM BEACH SUITS .. Genuine Palm Beach Cloth , '.' ; : . ' for Smart Misses - Fashioned, Styled and Tailored to fit and please the chic Young Women bl Scranton! Bed 3 pc" J I O Poster bed, walnut or maple finish. O Comfortable cotton mattress. O Resilient coil spring, oil tempered. tempered. Save $7 on this outfit, and arrange to pay as little as 75c weekly! " GLIDER BUY i V, WW U Borough, for 1935 filed yesterday wit! Court. Receipts totaled $13,447 J$ i expenditures amounted to $2$,69.! Resources are valued at tM .297.13 and liabilities at $30,400. Outfit Jl $25 value OF 1936 1

Clipped from The Scranton Republican08 May 1936, FriPage 10

The Scranton Republican (Scranton, Pennsylvania)08 May 1936, FriPage 10
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