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THE SCRANTON REPUBLICAN, FRIDAY, JULY 1 9, 1 935 SOCIETY, CLUB NEWS AND OTHER THEMES OF FEMININE INTEREST Eight Separate Parts Necessary For Complete Planetary Analysis Unique Offer of Personal Star Readings Explained ; : Complete, Ind i v i d u a 1 Service; Send For Yours Today. In ssnding for your planetary analysis from Miss Marguerite Car - ter don't forget that eight separate ' parts are necessary In addition to ; your sun reading, which will come to you through the mail. Ordinarily, so - called readings con - ' sider only the Influence of the sun. This feature is conducted for your ; entertainment and amusement, being ; an intriguing game from which thousands derive pleasure. According to Miss Carter, the influence influence of the sun in any individual's reading was considered in ancient lore the most important single influence, but the effect of each of the planets was always considered when an analysis was given. Sometimes the weaker points to the birth sign itself, which is the sun influence in star lore, are strengthened by other plane tary positions and frequently modi fications of various kinds are rouna. When you send for your analysis you will receive in return through the mail your sun reading and a "key" which will enable you to recognize recognize the planetary sections (describing (describing the planetary influence on the day you were born) published from time to time in the Scranton Republican, which are part of your analysis. Each of the planets travel through every sign of the zodiac and return to the starting point. During a period of many years some of the planets pass through each sign several several times and some of them many times. The moon travels through the entire zodiac in twenty - eight days. Your analysis, when it is completed, completed, will deal with the influence of each planet on the very day ou were born, however. Its position on that day, in whatever sign of the zodiac it occupied, is determined by Miss Carter, and you are enabled to get a description of the influence it is thought to exert on that day and consequently over you, the description being based upon rules laid down by ancient sages and of civilizations long dead. For thousands of years people of every age have looked to star - lore for a greater knowledge of themselves themselves and for aid in choosing their proper pathway in life. Those who do not accept it ssriously find it an amusing game. Now, Miss Carter offers you an opportunity to get your analysis, which will deal with eight planets as well as the sun. This is a service for which you would ordinarily pay much more. It is only necessary to send 10 cents and a self - addressed, stamped envelope, however, in order to get your analysis, the coin being used to pay for mailing and handling your analysis. analysis. You are under no obligation other than to send the 10 cents in coin and a self - addressed, stamped envelope. Two - dollar prizes are being offered offered weekly to those whese birthdates are considered 'outstanding and interesting interesting according to the revelation of their analyses, and you have a chance to be one of these prize - winners winners winners whether you inclcse 10 cents or not. All those whose, birthdates are ; hr l J MARGUERITE CARTER submitted will be considered entrants for a prize. If you send In your birthdate and do not inclose 10 cents in coin and a self - addressed, stamped stamped envelope, you will - be an entrant fcr a prize, but your reading cannot be mailed to you. . The same is, oi course, true of any one whose birth - date you submit. All sections will be reprinted so you will be able to get all the ones which apply to you, but don't put off sending until that is no longer possible. , You are hot compelled to use the coupon which is printed on this page. It is there for your convenience and so. that you will be less likely to leave out information which Miss Carter must have in order to com plete your analysis. Don't put it off. Send today! Planetary Readings Below are planetary readings based upon the revelations of several plan ets, one. of which may be a part of your analysis. Each day a group of thess fascinat lng revelations will be published, scribing the influence of the eight planetary vibrations on your life, ac cording to ancient rules. Your analysis analysis includes a sun forecast and eight of these planetary readings. Section 112. Moon Almost invariably these who come into the world under this influence have a broad streak of romanticism in their make - up, even though the quality is not always outwardly ap parent. It is probable that you are mediumistic to a degree and somewhat somewhat self - indulgent, although not by any means sufficiently so to interfere interfere with your success or position in the world. You are quick to express express sympathy as a rule and - re quite hospitable. Ancient and modern modern students of planetary influence alike consider that this is an influence influence toward morbidity, if such is Marguerite Carter, The Scranton Republican, Scranton, Pa. Please prepare a planetary analysis of the birthdate submitted 'below. I Inclose 10c for mailing and handling, together with a stamped self - addressed envelope. (Send coin only. No stamps). Birthdate Year Month Date of Month Sex Name Address Phone No. i City Plate of Birth Time (If known) Are yon a subscriber to The Scranton Republican? Yes No A STAMPED SELF - ADDRESSED ENVELOPE MUST BE INCLUDED the case, cheerful, optimistic thought should be cultivated. Shut out any despondent , imaginings, If there is even a slight trace of pessimism. The position imparts idealistic leanings and sometimes causes one to fail to see things as they are. It is quite possible that you sometimes fail to 03 sufficiently critical. . People born when the vibration is strong are apt to allow themselves to be imposed upon. Section. 171. Uranus Your temperament would have been made much more lively by this in' fluence. You are undoubtedly pos sessed of good imagination and inven tiveness. It is also probable that you have advanced religious views. This position adds to your impulsiveness, although not in itself to the extent of making you reckless. You are undoubtedly possessed of natural en thusiasm and probably are fond of sports. It would have caused you to be more nervous, although you may not show that trait outwardly, and it wculd have caused you to dislike class routine. Very few people born when this influence is operating strongly, work well under close and direct supervision. It is very likely that you prefer to have a great deal of freedom to carry out your own plans and new ideas, and when you attempt to carry out the plans of others, you do not like to be advise! about details. Section 135. Venus General popularity and the proba bility of benefits through the opposite sex were considered by ancient "sages" to be increased by this post tion. Students of planetary influence believe it frequently leads to unusual experiences in love affairs and unex - pected events in connection with marriage as well. You should bene fit through partnerships and associa tion with others generally. This posi tion gives extraordinary constancy, sincerity and love. You are probably intensely interested in humanity as a whole and possessed of considerable ability to define character, being hard to deceive though quite tolerant of other people. You are inclined to be cheerful and optimistic for the most part. If born in a sympathetic, gen erous birth period, you have those qualities to a remarkable degree. Directress of Little Flower Camp at Tofyyhanha and Her Counsellors Marriage Licenses Stanley Krisiak, Archbald. Tessie Zurdosky, jermyn. Wladystow Gromelski, Duryea. Mary B. Pawlikowska, Old Forge. John Buskavltz. 1350 Cornell Street. Mary Lilik, Jessup. Walter T Walker, Dunmore. Ann Davis, 1108 Richmont Street. Abington Golf Mrs. Walter Bircher and Mrs. J. J. Lonsdorf held low net score and Mrs. Anna Stone and Mrs. P. S. Burnard, low gross score, for the match played yesterday on the Abington Hills Country Club links by the women golfers. Fifteen women attended the luncheon preceding tr - golf. Mrs. F. M. Ginley was captain for the day. Helen Flanaghan of the HEALEY . Hat Shop 212 Adams Ave. COLORED HATS Values Up to IIO.AU TODAY And IOMOKKOW $.M 2 - Prtsh. new, ensl and fascinating wmmer Hats, In white and pastel shades. .SPECIALS PI I Today and Tomorrow P TtllGHBr dmry I Let of Lamb ib. 35c Let of Veal lb. 32C Prime Ribs BeeB (Urge end) lb. 38C I are. Fane; Fowl lb. 32C Large, Roasting Chickens lb. 39C D HARRY D. MOORE "Good Meals" 313 N. WASH. AVE. ' DIAL 4 - 8168 Delivery ' Service 1 All Over Town J Auxiliary Conducts Outing at Crestwood The annual outing of the Lacka - wanna County Pharmaceutical Aux iliary was held yesterday at Crestwood with Mrs. Edward Mullen as chairman and the following coshairmen: Mrs, William McDonnell, Mrs. Joseph Al bert, Mrs. Percy Davis, Mrs. Jo - eph Sacks, Mrs, Daniel Swank, Mrs. Carl Cunningham, Miss Mary Mazzucca. Music was furnished by Mrs. John O'Donncll and there .was a program of games, and entertainment. Present were: Mrs. E. B. Spaulding, Mrs. Fred Mel - ville, Mrs. Arthur Bisseli, Mrs. Edward Muller, Mrs. Joseph Sacks, Mrs. Albert Albert Novak, Mrs. Daniel Swank, Mrs. Grace Scarlatta, Mrs. Mary Vitlar, Mrs. John Veltri, Mrs. Daniel Swank, Mrs. Herman Furhan, Mrs. George Brown. Mrs. Albert Snyder, Mrs. Ed - ward Lekarz, Mrs. William McDonald, Mrs.' J. C. Cunningham, Mrs. John Hallack, Mrs. Jo:eph Alberts, Mrs. P. Lally, Mrs. F. Gardner, Miss Mary Mazzucca, Mrs. Mairi Ford, Mrs. Carl Storr, Miss Jane McAveney, Mrs, Percv' Davis, Mrs. George Fletcher, Mrs. Thomas W'atkins, Mrs. Charles Eitel, Mrs. A. Notari, Mr.'. H. Roberts. Mrs. J. McHugh, Mrs. W. Chase, Mrs. H. Brown. An Informal meeting of persons in terested in arrangements for flower shows was held recently at the Sum mer home of Mrs. Frank Kaiser, Mos cow, at which uniformity In entry requirements, requirements, judging and other matters onnected with these shows, to be held in this region in the near future, were discussed. The group also planned to act as a clearing houss for dates for the shows, in order that there will be no conflicts. Present were: Roy Webb, representing the Washburn Street Presbyterian church show; Mrs. War ren Edson, Century Club; William Stahl, Green Ridge Presbyterian Church; Mrs. William H. Kaufman, Mrs. J. W. Knedler and Mrs. Kaiser. Mrs. Wafren N. Edson and Mrs. JI. D. Stowe will be in charge of the annual annual flower show to be conducted by the garden department of the Century Century Club on Sept. 6 and 7 in ihe auditorium of the club. The show will be open to the public and all flower growers are Invited to enter their blooms. Schedules for the show will be announced later. 7pM P, f 1 to 7 V? - r$ if i - l A x' 1 (3 KJS I V - .. - ... Republican Staff Photo Miss Kathleen Klelty, directress of Little Flower Camp at Tobyhanna and her counsellors are shown during retreat. They are: Alice O'Hora, Verna Clark, Kathleen Kielty, Frances Murphy, Ann Bender, Isabelle Ruppert, Marie Murphy, Dorothy Soheckler, Mary Keany, Catherine Smith, Esther McHale, Helen O'Donnell, Louise Moylan, Margaret Manley, Mary LaJJey, Anne Chine, Kathryn Flanagan, Frances Blake, Kathryn Rafferty and Helen Mulligan. The campers enjoy a well balanced program each da y, with various athletics, Including tennis, calisthenics, basketball, base ball, horseback riding and swimming. Retreat Is sounded at sundown each night, and campers stand at attention while the flag is lowered. After supper, there are campfire programs. Women of Lake Ariel Club Will Conduct Gird Party Tomorrow Women of the Lake Ariel Club, Lake Ariel, have completed plans for the first social affair to be held at the club by senior members this season, which will be a mixed card party tomorrow night. Games will begin at 8:30 o'clock and - there will be prizes for high scores as well as special prizes. All men and women members of the club are Invited Invited to attend, and are requested to provide cards. The committee on arrangements in cludes: Mrs. W. A. Rcberts, Mrs. T. E. Evans, Mrs. Howard Williams, Mrs. James P. Lavelle,: Mrs. David Birt'.ey, Mrs. George Somarindyck and Mrs. E. J. Gerrity. ooo Mr. and Mrs. Walter Eck, Angels. Pa., celebrated their twenty - fifth wed - d'ng anniversary Sunday last. The couple were married by H. D. Jonei, Justice of the Peace, and resided in Scranton until 1921, when Mr. Eck retired as mechanic of the Delaware and Hudson shops, after which they removed to Angels. There are no chil dren. A family supper party was held on Sunday, with the following present: present: Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Voeste and sons, Rovert and Cloid, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Voeste, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cron, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Bird, Elli Nevin, E. T. Cross, Angels; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Seig, Mr. and Mrs. Wil liam Belhh, Newfoundland; Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Fritz and daughter. Mar. jorie, Scranton; Mr. and Mrs. James Stevens, Bethlehem. 0 0 0 The engagement of Miss Mary Genova, daughter of Peter Genova, la05 Washburn Street, to Joseph Sharr, son of Mr. an Mrs. Philip Sharr, Old Forge, has been an nounced. No date has been set for the wedding. 0 0 0 Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Kerstetter re cently entertained sixty guests at their Summer home at Waynewood. 0 0 0 Mr. ' and Mrs. C. Welles Belln, Waverly, entertained last night at the home of Mrs. Paul Belin, Waverly, following the christening of their infant infant daughter, Lucie. 0 0 0 M. J. Conoboy and Miss Mary Shea are in charge of arrangements for the annual Summer festival of St. Jos eph's Parish, Minooka, to be held next week on the . lawn adjacent to the church. In connection with the lawn social, a supper will be served by women of the parish on Thursday night, July 25, from 5 to 8 o'clock, with Mrs. B. M. Jennings in charge. On Friday night at 6:30 o'clock there will be a baby parade with prizes frying frying awarded.. The Rev. William J. Flynn, pastor of the church, and the Rev. James P. McAndrew, assistant pastor, are honorary chairmen of the affair. 0 O Q Mrs. H. Claude Relph, Waverly, opened her home yesterday afternoon for the first annual garden party to be conducted by the Waverly Mothers' Club. Cards and dominoes were played with prizes for high scores, and at the conclusion of the games 'reshments were served. There was a large attendance, attendance, ooo Mrs. Mary Rupp, Price Street, en tertained twelve members of her club recently at home. 0 0 0 Announcement made of the marriage marriage of Miss Ann Davis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Davis, Richmont Richmont Street, and Walter T. Walker, College Avenue, which took place in the home of the bridegroom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Treon, on Wednesday night, the Rev. Clarence Carman officiating. ooo The Banner Food Stores will hold its annual outing at Youshak's Farm on Sunday. Members, their families, and employes are invited. Meyer Rudman, Con Gallagher, and Max Zweigenbaum are in charge of ar rangements. All those wishing to attend, attend, will meet at the Electric City wholesale house at 11 o'clock that morning. 0 0 0 Miss Bertha Martin, Delaware Street, Dunmore, became the bride last night of Leo May, Delaware Street. Mrs. A. J. Gerrity and Har old E. Walsh were the attendants. LOOK! I KNOW AN ASY WAY TO MAK PANS SUIN 1 VI si's NO MATTER how greasy my dishes of pant may be, I know that I can depend depend on Rinso't creamy suds to whisk away the grease in a jiffy. All I do is dip : rinse and let them drain dry ! Dishes and glassware come sparkling bright and clean. Pots and pans come shiny as a new dime I Thrifty Rinso gives teal sturdy suds that last and last mm in bardtst water. Marvelous for the week's wash. Soaks clothes snowy and bright without scrubbing and boiling. Great In washers. Easy on hands. Get the BIG package. jf - Ctxj .pprovod bv LiL'J OUTFITTIM ! CHIlOftlN tnm CRADLt to ORADUATION 421 LACKA. AVE. TO BOYS' or GIRLS' Sizes 10 yrs. to 16 yrs. All Wool Swim Suits .4 . m In the season s Newest Models J t VALUES TO $2.51 Little Tots' Jersey COAT ST7EA3TEE10 Suitable for Beach or City Double Breasted Trimmed wjjth Metal Buttons. Values $1.98. 3 to 6 yrs. Green, Coral, Turquoise A - wedding supper in the Pocono Mountains, followed the ceremony, after which the couple left for a wedding trip. They will reside in this city. . o o o Ellis D. Williams, a member of the faculty at Clarks Summit - Clarks Green High School, and Benn Weeks, a member of the Dalton High School Faculty, who are attending Summer school at Duke University, Durham, N. ' C, were recently initiated into Kappa Delta Pi, an international honor society in education. 0 0 0 PI Delta Epsilon Fraternity of the Wharton School of Finance and Business will conduct its third annual annual outing at Newton Lake tomorrow. tomorrow. Members will meeet at Central High School at 1 :30 p. m. for trans portation to the lake. , The program for the day will consist consist of swimming, quoits and a specially specially arranged baseball game between the married members and the single members of the fraternity. The committee in charge of the affair affair is: Richard Saul, chairman; Richard ' Parsons, Clem Augustine, Fred Hower, Richard King, William Beacham, and John Kinback. ooo Mrs. T. .T. Richards, West Scranton, will be in charge of the tea on J"'y 23 at Bucknell University, under 'he auspices of .the Welsh Association of the Woman's Baptist Mission Society oi Pennsylvania. "The Op;n Door" is the subject of the house party program program planned by the Mission Society from July 22 to 25 on the university campus. Mrs. Richards will also lead the music. Registrations are being received received by Mrs. Charles E. Miller, 112 Spring Garden Street, Ambler. Pa. ooo Miss Dorothy Seroukis, West Market Street; Miss Miriam Epstein, Sanderson Sanderson Avenue; Haskell J. Hull, West Scranton, are attending summer School at Syracuse University, ooo Fidelity Chapter, O. E. S., will conduct conduct an Ice cream social on July 25 at the home of Mrs. E. W. Besecker, FOR THE BRIDE AND HER ATTENDANTS GOWNS and VEILS . (Moderately Priced) MARY LILLIAN DRESS SHOP 41 SPRUCE ST. Fri. Sat. ONE FACT YOU CAN ALWAYS DEPEND UPON LOWER PRICES at JOAN'S After all It pays to patronise the preferred beauty shoppe. Miss Joan at Shoppe Daily. Miss America Reg. . . . ... $5 Permanent 'I "fern Special .. Oil . $ Reg. $8 Wave Self - Setting "Hollywood ( Crequignole" $ Reg. io Permanent ,90 You Never Need Appointments OPEN 9 TO 9 439 SPRUCE STREET Scranton 3 - 4680" 711 Wheeler Avenue. Members and friends are invited to attend. ooo Mrs. Elizabeth Kuhn was in charge of arrangements for the annual bus ride of Red Cross Emergency Unit to East Lemon yesterday. Personals Mr. and Mrs. James Blair Jr., Jefferson Jefferson Avenue, are visiting in Norwich, Norwich, Conn. Mrs. Frank Donnelly and daughter, Jean, Clay Avenue and New York, are spending the remainder of the Summer Summer at Westport, Conn. John Brydon Jr., Chicago, 111., is spending several days at his home on Clay Avenue. . Misses Sally and Adele Greenber - ger. Clay Avenue, are spending the Summer with their grandparents, lr. and Mrs. Israel Eisner, at their Si i - mer home at Lake Winola. Mrs. M. Ackerman, Pittston Avenue, Avenue, has left for St. Paul, Minn. Miss Helen Nealon, Luzerne Street, has returned from Atlantic city. Jack Huntley, Baltimore, Md., has returned home following a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Adair, Sanderson Sanderson Avenue. Misses Ruth and Jean Jones, Stafford Stafford 'Avenue, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. j. E. Sloat, Montclair, N J. Mrs. D. A. Brislin and sen, Dennis, Moosic Sreet, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. James Sullivan, New Albany, n. Mrs. Elizabeth Lee, North Washington Washington Avenue, has retrned from New Haven and South Norwalk, Conn. v Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nicholas, Lafayette Lafayette Street has returned from an extended trip to the Pacific Coast. Mrs. Howard L. Williams, Miss Margie and1 Howard Jr., Quincy Ave nue; Miss Grace Williams and Roger Williams Jr., Wilkes - Barre, left yes terday for Yellowstone Park. Mr. and Mrs. George W. Jenkins and son, Harry,' of Rlchwood, N. J are visiting Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Ben der at their Summer home at Lake Winola. Mr. and Mrs. Frank McNulty and Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Selgal, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, spent the week - end with Mrs, McNulty's mother, Mrs. Floyd Ace, Willow Street. Joseph Skildany, North Washington Avenue, is visiting friends in Ocean Grove, N. J. Miss Rosalie Civilettl, North Brom ley Avenue, is visiting at the PasarelU Summer home at Wrighter's Lake. Mrs. Hannah Jones, 1423 Division Street, is recovering at home from a recent illness. Miss Sally Schectman, Plymouth, is spending the week with her grand mother, Mrs. Samuel Eisner, Olive Street. George B. Jermyn, this city, and family, are spending the remainder of the Summer at Fair Haven, Vt. Miss Hannah Shoemaker, Madison Avenue, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Faru Shoemaker, East Stroudsburg. Miss Eleanor McDonnell, Clarks! Green, and Miss Ruth Cairns. Clarks Summit, are spending two weeks inl New Hampshire. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Breen, North! Webster Avenue, are vacationing . in! Atlantic City. Mrs. J. D. Malley and Misses Annef and Margaret Lynett and Margarerf Cawley, Chestnut Street, Dunmore, are spending some time in Atlanlid City. Miss Laura McCarrick, Sprurd Street, and Miss Elizabeth Lynett. Clay Avenue, are vacationing at Thi Skytop Club, Mount Pocono. Earrings to Match Frock Earrings to match the trimming of your spectator sport frocks art new. Any tailor shop at small cos will cover the button - type earring, with a scrap of the trimming mate rial. Mary Agnes Dress Shop is closing out the entire stock Summer merchandise at remarkabq low prices. 542 Main Street, DlcksoJ City. Adv. Self - Consciousness Overcome Personality Developed My course will assist you in developing developing poise and charm. And in eliminating eliminating the handicaps o neglected education. education. NALDAH ROSS TS5 TAYLOR AVE. Telephone 4 - 558 For All Summer Wear li0lD5ffRIPE Silk Stockings . . . and for all Summer Vacation events. There's a wealth of new colors all sheer, cool and 1 1 .00 durable I r. Up. Rae Watkins Hosiery Shop 430 SPRUCE ST. mm - HTes JL l.l Casino Sandals "?r I. CHILDREN'S I l) a $ 11 white sandalsy T??' J s SP0RT OXFORDS White leather oxfords 2& . ' A with sport soles. Jfl O Q 'g .,1 Very special at I V 5 HOt 4kft TH FAMILY . II 1808 N. Main Ave - 126 WYOMING; AVE. 116 Lseka. Ave, Olyphant .ZK N. Main Ave." - . Ah

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The Scranton Republican (Scranton, Pennsylvania)19 Jul 1935, FriPage 8
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