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Chicago fire 1871 2 of 2 - ants of the streets nearest the river are...
ants of the streets nearest the river are Iready moving to places of supposed reater safety. Tha Western Union Telegraph Corn- any have COT six wires working east nd south, and running a temporitry offija 3 the corner of State and Sixteenth ·jreet M u o Northwestern road is running rains on both its branches, which are rowded with fiaeing citizens. It is now positively asserted by sorca lat the water-works are still intact, bat 39 water has b»en shut o2 from the jnth and west divisions on account of ie quantity being used on the north .de. A reliable gentleman, just arrived, ·om the North divi»ion, brings the joy- il intelligence that the water-works are niojured. God grant it may prove true, It is impossible now to give even an ap- roximatuly correct statement ol the losses, at » faint idea may be formed when it is .ated. that every bank in in the oity, ex- ipiing two small savings institutions, if on Twentieth and South Division, and ie on Randolph, are destroyed. All the . holesile stores and all large retail estab- tbmeats, the post-office, court-house, lumber of commerce, and every hotel in e South Division except the Michigan venue Hotel, which stands on the ex- erne southern limit of the fire, which oapod, though badly scorched; every jwapaper offioe, the Tribune bnilding, ipposed to be fire- proof, finally sac- imbed, every theatre, six oi the largntt tutors, tha immense depots ol the Miohi- m Southern And Illinois Central rail- adu, both passenger and freight depots the latter, more than a score of churches id mnab. of the shipping in the river have ·en destroyed. Men who wero millionaires yesterday orning are neatly penniless, but more rrible than all is the awlnl certainty at muy human beings have found fiery avei; how mar.y no one now can tell perhaps no one can ever tell--bat some e known to havs perished, and there is a art-sickening fear that the victims ol e fisry monster may be counted by jres. Hundred* ol horses and cows .ve been burned in their stable*, and on e north side a cumber, though released m confinement, bewildered and con- wd by the sea cf fire which surrounded em, rushed wildly to and fro, uttering IP" ol fright and pain, until scorched and Jed. j attempt at » description of the scanea this appalling calamity would be idle. ie simple facts that the once great city Chioigo is destroyed, that hundreds of llicoa of active capital have vanished, d that nearly one-third ol her inhabi- it* are homeless dependents, are enough. ly atempt to embellish would be bat «kery. As this dreadful day draws to lose thousand* oi anxious eyes watch dense clouds of smoke which still roll it the burnt dirt with a dread Ihit a iden change- of wind may turn the mes upon that portion of the city yet ired. There deem?, however, but little i*e for apprehension, as reinforcements nretiieu from othtr cities aro constantly Colonel J. Q. 8. Wilson, Superintendent tbe telegraph, is in receipt ol dispatches m the leading cities, announcing that is being provided for the sufferers, lonel dowry, of St. Louis, telegraphs .t *TO,000 had been subscribed b the ichants. Cincinnati promises $200,000, 1 Cleveland is proportionately gener- L All this and a good deal more will needed to relieve the immediate press- · wants, aud everything i, being done General Stager and his assistants ol the istern Union Telegraph Company to p up communication lor the citizens I the press with the world outsid« onel George T. William*, Superintend- ol the Wtatern Union Telegraph Com iy at Cincinnati, reported promptly for .y this morning. About three-fourths the United States mail was saved and en posseMion ol by Colonel Wood, ol United States mail service. CHICAGO, Sept, 9--G p. m7 the progress ol the Same* in the south i«ion W e te finally arrested about H ock p. m. ThU was accomplished bj blowing upand demolishing of sev«r»l Idingson W*bash avenue and Con* Con* ·'4S eto Jl 3r ^ ieutwen »»'-0enersaf heri- .. The district burned overTn the thdiciaion embrace* everything from , main branoh of the Chicago r j, 6r to '.' lake, embracing about 100 blocks, and district contained all the leading bnsi. ibonsssvtbe banks, insurance offices, )]L ctA. a large number ol churches, in - Hwy'sv catholic, St. Trinity was contributed and commissioners minted to raise money and provisions for he sufferers. The bakeries and the peni tentiary are busy to-night in baking breai and cooking meats to ba forwarded to i/hicsgo. Tha G:45 express train to-nigh took cat a large quantity of bread and meats prepared at the penitentiary. WHEELING, W. Va., Oot. 9. At the speoial meeting of the city ooun oil to-night, called by tb6.mayor,$o,000 was appropriated for the relief oi the sufferers y the Chicago fire and the major anc reaident ot the second branch o! the council were ordered to remit the same to the mayor of Chicago. The mayor was authorized to call a mass meeting of citizens citizens to-morrow morning at 10 o'clock to give an opportunity to large numbers o oitizecs who are anxious to subscribe to tbe same parpose. Franklin Lodge No 3,1.O.O F., donated $100 ior the same pur pose at its meeting held this evening. ISDIANAFOIAS, O j t . 9 . The news of the terrible calamity a Chioigo created tbe most intense excite ment here to-day. Nothing has eqaallec it since the firing on Fort Samter. Tw steam engines and two cars of provision were sent to Chicago tbis afternoon, will a corps of firemen and policemen. A provisions to the Bffl'.oted city. Arrangi meuts are making a relief meeting of £oi izens. Tho oill for the meeting will b issued to-night. BUFFALO, Oat. 0. Tho City Council, at a regular meetin, this afternoon, authorized an issue c 100,000 city bonds for immediate use of th Chicago snff;rerd. T h e C j m m o n Conncl leave to-night with a car loud of provision for Chic t intense The and exoi;ement her lha sympathy LpVISTlLLE, Ky., Oot.!). The great Chicjgo firo creates inten« and excited sympathy among all classes i this city, and it is the universal topic o conversation, and profoundest pity is ex pressed for tho unfortunate community The ciunoil at its meeting to-night vote $100000 in aid oi the BuHeiers. At'th public meeting hold to-night at tho call i the mayor, private subscriptions amoun ing to about $50,000 were raised, an more ia being taken. Rov. Stuart Robin sou led off with a subscription of $1,00 Eight persons promptly followed with $1,000 eaou. A number of others followed followed with $500 eaob, and m^uy aro giving smaller sunn. Tiro fire engines were sent to Chicago from this city to-day. Eirnest efforts are being made to forward meeting was held at the Board of Trade; ouo " 8 ., f ' re · V g . .J 0 m'^*? ? V6rj room* to-night, at which $10,000 were i avalla . b!e assistance to the bfflioted city as subscribed and $30,000 pledged. More provisions will be cent to-morrow, and a general meeting of the citizans ia called lor to-morrow night. TERBE HAUTE, Ind., Oot. 9. The Common Council of this city has made a shipment of provision by rail to Chicago, and more will follow. The Yandalia line takes all contributions for the sufferers free to Chicago. EVANSVILLE, lad., Oot. 9. A meeting ,ior relist for Chicago was called by the mayor to-night. Sympathy and excitement are grent. A citizens' meeting meeting at the opera-house to-night appointed a committee to collect money, and to forward forward provisions to-morrow to aid the Chicago sufferers. It was also recommended recommended thai the city council donate f 10,000. John Shanslin subscribed $UOO in cash and one hundred oity lotp, to be given to snch »aBnera as trill move to thin oity. Win. Heilnvm subscribed $300, Several thousand dollars were raised and will be sent to-morrovr. The meeting was Large and very enthusiastic. Masirnia, Oot. 0. At a meeting of thscitizacs at Chamber of Commerce to-night brief speeches were made by Hon. Emmeraon Eldridge, Judge Brown, Mayor Johnson, and others. Subscriptions Subscriptions were opened and several thousand thousand dollars was subscribed. A j o i n t committee committee of the citizens and chamber of com- nerce was appointed who reported the fol- owing resolutions: Whereas, The intelligence of the appal- ing calamity that has lalleu on the great metropolis of the lakes has awakened in the hearts oi tbe people of Memphis their profoundest sympathies; there/ore, Resolved, That we are deeply moved by the sorrow and misfortunes involved and which still continnr.-s to involve alike the rich and the poor of Chicago. We feel for the homeless, impo-jeriebed and bereaved oi her citizens and wish \hat it was hi our power to extend full relief, but to the limit limit of our ability we pledge oxwjlvfs to rive of our means substantial aid. After which tho meeting adjourned till to-morrow evening, when Ibis meeting will be held at the opera-house. The railroad railroad aod steamboat liaes offar to eeud till supplies free. CINCINNATI, Oot. 9. The excitement bjro concerning Chicago Chicago is unabated to-nijbt. The newspaper offices are thronged The whole city is moved with the mos.t profound sympathy. The Merchants' Etohange U op«u for the reception of subscriptions, and »t large public meetings to-.aight the annouuoe- otsnt of contributions aro received with applause. A train left tbis evening at 5 o'clock, in charge of a committee of the Common Council tbe I. C L. rail- road.containing 173 barrels of crackor?,215 boxes of provisions of various kinds, 77 Wet of blankets, nod 2,000 loaves of bread. The odd fellows sent one _ar lond of provisions to-night. A public meeting to-day it quested the mc-st worthy grand master to call tho attention of all lodge- and encampments in Ohio to tho necessity necessity of taking immediute aotion, and that ·11 contributions ooa.d be shipped to the order here. The ouangolioal ministers h«ld a meeting thin afternoon, and resolved resolved to co-operate -with the authorities '."·fording relief. The masonic bodies meeting to-morrow; also speedily as possible. The trustees and faculty of the Louisville Medical College authorize to offor gratuitous instructions to the 400 distressed medical students of Chicayo. FOBT WAYNE, Ind., Oct. 0. The excitement ovtr the accounts of the Chicago fire has created the moa; intense intense feeling. The telegraph, offices and newspaper bulletins are durroanded with crowds eager for information. A meeting was held this evening at which $5,000 was raised, and large quantities of pr'ovi- sionn, cocked meats, etc., were pledged for to-morrow at ten o'clock, when a special train ander charge of the committee, will convey the contributions to the sufferers Our own city is in imminent danger of being destroyed by the fire on the prairies which ore rapidly approaching in different different directiona. An extra force of svonty- ftve men huvo been put on to keep down the flames around ttie city . ST. Louis, Oot. 0--5 p. m. Mayor Brown has a diipatch from Chicago Chicago asking for food for the suffering people people of that city. He has called a mass meeting of the citizens at the Merchant's Exchange at 1!) o'clock. Major Brown has a special trf in standing on the Chicago Chicago and Alto*. t:ack ready to start at a moment's moment's notica to take the fire engines and anything eleo that may be required to the relief of the suffering or the aid of tho idtris.'d. WASHINGTON, Oct. 9. The fire at Chicago creates intense ex- citomeut. On reading tho reports this moraine. President Grant requested Sao- retary Belknap to telegraph General Sheridan, Sheridan, saying it was the President's wishes that General Sheridan is'ue provisions and clothing to the fufferers from the supplies he has at his disposition; and if this prove insufficient to call on the military military authorities at St. Louis for the purpose. Kcw York Mews. NEW YORK Oot. 9. A joint investigating committee of nl- dermen, supervisors and citizens met in tho rooms ot the Enpervisors in the county c mrt-hon-ie to-doy, and resolutions were ,-ubmitted aud reports read which have been preparing for two months past. They "* tb °° it debt is TMt n n m J debt is PTMtic a lly . 120,000,000; second, that not merely extravagance, extravagance, but frand end speculations of the grossest character, We been practiced in severe! departments with the knowledge knowledge of their heads; tbirt', that the 3eH has been doubled evory year sines 1SG9, fourth, that the mayor is re»pon»ible for tho contiunacce of the wholesalo robbery of the oitv; fifth, that it costs nearly as much ($30.000,000 a year) to run the government o; this city as to administer administer that, of the whole nation; sixth, that $3.231,865 were paid for armory repairs, repairs, etc., when the actual expenditure was not more than $202,463; in other words, tha rinir stole, in the armory accounts accounts alono, $3,029,402; seventh, that immense sums hav« been paid for sen-rices unperformed to man iu offices from which they drew their salaries; eigttb, that tbe Sobuyler frauds, by wbioh tho bill- of one contrantor wcra raised from $463,000 to $480.000, were committed through the connivance of Win . M. Tweed. Money and Stock Market. Nrw YOBK. Oct. 9. The great fire in Chicago caused » genera] in Wall street Gold has declined to '"" sal" of about |4,COO,' 00 by one firm. I.orios were mnae at from 3 to 7 per cent fc carrying. C eaiiogs (56,000,000. Government shares have a general depress'o and decline:! from I to 1 per cent. Tbe declm wiis principally on 5-203 of January nd Jol i h · innrket closed heavy. The stock market started off heavy, but no i: p-rtaut decline was effected tmtllou first cal when dispatches from Chicago began to be alarm iog, nnd tbe market broke amid great ·'xcitemei from 1 to 10 psr cent. Late in trie day there w a Bhghc rally, but the market soon gave wa rgain. Western shares Isd tbe dec me. T] market at tbe close a sum d a little steadier fon and there was a lecovery of | to 1 per c=nt fro the lowest point. The · ost says: The heavy decline to-d^y It believed, will ctinse a failure of the -weaker cla of h .Idera unless the market is rulliett up t morrow. Before two o'clock, or the titrte wht deliveries are made, it is Iikeiy that failures wi be numerous. unefamaJfallure ws reported this afternoon. Afcer iwo o'c'ocfe there -was ft sharp demand fc moner. It was difficult to obtain at any pric 7 per c=nt gold was paid, then 1 30, then 1-1C, an then ,i of 1 p^r cent until io-morrow. fctUd bondd neglected and nominal. Sterling exchange and banker's bills, 109, 1 ,'. Coupons of ISSI H7 do '63,5-SOs 115 do '64,5-208. Hi do '65,5.20a 114 do '65, new 5-206 115 do '67,5-20s 113 do '68 114 do KMOu in Currency sixes us State bonds: Misaouns 96 Teuneaste, old 66 do new 65 Virginia, new 63 do old ;... (jo North Carolina, old 41 do new 23 Stock quotations: Canton 73 Bock Island W.U.Tel 575i New Jersey Cent. 18 Kt. Paul 1 preferred Quicksilver Uariposa preferred Adams Ex....... Wells Bx American 56X United States.... 55X Pacific Miiil N. V. C Scrip Erie preferred Harlem preferred., Reading.......... iuy£ Michigan Cent... 118 P. Ft. W. tO.... USX Northwestern*... 64 preferred 85 X 87 20 41 127 130 preferred Ft, Wayne Terre Hante..... preferred C.4A preferred O. * M C. C. 4 C , B.4 Q Lake Shore Ind. Cen Ills.Cen Union Pacific.... Central do bonds. Union Produce an«I Provision iWarkc EXPORTED FOB THS MOBKlNa H£BALD 'OB ' WBEK EMIINO OCT. 9, 1871. Business daring the past week has been nnuan ally brisk. Potatoes ftre plemty, Provisions o little exc!ted Fish il lower than it haa boe for ten years* Flour is higher and excite Hams are higher. FLOOT AND MEAL-- We qnote best Family Floi IB bbl. at $10.00; second quality, $9.00 ; Commo J8.00; by the sack or V bbl. at the same rat* Meal--Bolted, So ¥ tt. Grab urn Flour, ic W n Hominy, 8c ^ B. Buckwheat, 5jc If B. PBOVISJO.VS--Beef--Steak, Porter House an Sirloin from 22 to 25c ¥ tt ; Hound, 20c; Ri Roaat,20o ; Boiling pieces, 15Xc ; Mutton, Leg 15c ; Chops, 20c ; Veal, Steak, 25c ; Quarter, 15c Lamb, Leg, 18o; Chops, 20c; Bolognas, 20c Hums, 18c; Dried Beef.22c If B. POOLTBI--Turkeys, 25c ! B; Chickens, 25 FISH--Salt Mackerel, 15c V »; 42.75 t 13.00 ¥ kit; Halibut. 20c; Codflsh, lOc. Jt'sniTs--Lemons If doz. SOc; Cocoanuts, so 15c; Figs 40c; Prunes, 20@25c; Oranges, 75c ' $1.00 ¥ doz. BOTTKB AND OHKESE, *C--Butter, 25@30c T? ft CheeBe. 13@20c ¥ Tt; Lard m caddies, 18c Pure Leaf Lard, I8o V Si; Milk, lOc * quarl Eggs, S5c TP doz. GBOOERIES--Tea--BestOunpowder,$1.80to 1.0 Yo^ng Hyson, {1.00© I 75: best Oolong, il.40 Japnn, $1.25@1.40; Sugar--Hard granulated an powdered, 15|c %) B ; Coffee, A. 14|c; Extra C He; Raw sugars, ll@13c; Molasses % ga I1.00S1.30; Porto Rico, {LOO ; White Drips, 8y rups, $1.50 ; Amber, $1.25; Coffee--Mocha, Green, 50o V * ; Old Government Java, 32®33= ; Ri 25®38c; Mocha Roasted, 60c; Java, 40c; Ric We; Bice, lie. COAL AHD WOOD--Soft Coal. $6.50@7.50 ¥ ton Anthracite $10.00@10^5' T ' ton; Wood,$2.25@2.7 Tf load; ¥ cord. $3.00. HAY A-jn FEED--Oats, SOc; Corn, $1.0C n»y, 11.25 V cwt. SDSCRIES--Apple batter, 700 V gal'. Driei Peaches, 30c ¥ tt; Dried Apples, I0@12c Tf n VEGETADLES--Cabbages, 10@20c each; Apple SOc ¥ peck; Honey, S0@40c. V pound. Farmers' Price list. BEPOHTED FOn TTJI SIOBXISO BERAIJ) rOB T3Z WEEK BSD1XO OCT. 9, 1871. Btrrn-n U not very plenty, and fair prices ca ^o^tained; , .3*0 ,, tho pnce ^J*^ Te; P.OOS MB scarce an! wanted at 30c HOKET is worth 25330c p,r Ib. bt^hel 10 *' * re Plentr; Torth f ' rom 40 to 50o per Tho market is overstocked with r*«h «rd vegetables, and still they come. OATS are still worth SOc per bushtU Sweet potatoes 5c per ID. Apples are plenty at $3.60®4.iO ¥ bbl. Potatoes, juu _ p««i; 75c bttshel. Tomatoes, ciianed 5093* Fibbs', two doors west Hotel. Choice Vvy. 30 LADIES and dents est patterns and the Kron's, Spring street. THE largest stock of brought to Titoaville, street. mported canary ed and for aslo at LUCE is selling any house in the city. Block. SPECIAL The Warn! g Heeded.--Since the attempts mid« by certain dealer*, to palm off their from cheap and impure the great national tonic. Blttera, public opinion haa theec · mpirica find their occupation la gone, or icon ia let into deception it who trifle with their own known precara'ions, wi Ji tain them, when an established by twenty yeais expeiienee is claimed to he, is within repent their temerity. inatance, bnt it ii hoped spoken has arrested the the demand for the leading restorative medicine of America it haa teen this season. districts of the west, literally oveiwbelming, advices from all parta of it is eflcrtioff in diapepeia, and chronic constipation, legion." Everywhere the have rtoiiZid the Impoitancj that is good," and spnrions and dangerous. Oil Creek A - Y - 1L--Masonic Franklin streets. Tuesday evening, at 7 Tnesday in the month hers ate hereby summoned invited to attend. By order H. TheTitusviJJe is printed on a aneet 31 columns--only four of which vertiaetnenta, and give* matter as any other paper Subscription, to any office 13.00 per year. Canada nrtra foi postage. Call Titnsville Pipe (ice.--On and after date oil transportation only, under allowances; On oils under cent; on oils of 48 degree gravity, 3 per cent. No ity will be received. All from the top of oil. Titnsville, August 29. d-tf The Pennsylvania TATIONCOMPAXV having business of Lha Allegheny pany, and the Commonwealth Company, all orders for oil made upon the Pennsylvania Transportation Company, who will accepted orders of either Transportation Company or the and Pipe Company. HENRY antSdti Presides Office Penn On and after thia date Oil* transportation as follows: two per cent.; 48 gravity, three per cent.; oil exceeding rejected, Gravity test of the oil. W. H. ABBOTT, ang29-tf Secretary. 8. Id. Pettengui Bow, New York, and Geo. Advertising Agents, an the ville MoBirara wsm.r.p and Wxxxi.r HCT.T.T. in that erffi* Co., In Philadelphia. (Kissi an nwuitrt to ·nknoltk* abort kow**. iN£WSPAP£r

Clipped from The Titusville Herald10 Oct 1871, TuePage 2

The Titusville Herald (Titusville, Pennsylvania)10 Oct 1871, TuePage 2
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