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THE SCRANTON REPUBLICAN. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12, 1935 NEWS OF SOCIETY AND OTHER TOPICS OF FEMININE CONCERN 8" Abington Junior Garden Party To Be Featured by Puppet Show "Vanity Fair" to Be Held at W. H. Lewis Residence, Clarks Green, .on Wednesday Afternoon, June 1 9 ; Miss Marjorie Walters Is Chairman One of the outstanding features of the Abington Juniors garden party to be held Wednesday afternoon, June 19, at the W. H. Lewis residence in Clarks Green, will be a puppet show. The arrangement for this show has been written by the Rev. Edward W. McCance, and is being directed by Miss Sara Brace and Miss Mary Parker. A "Cotton Show," the clothes for which are being furnished by the Cleland Simpson Company, will further add to the entertainment of the afternoon. afternoon. The various booths are being designed by groups of juniors, and as in previous years, a prize will be awarded to the group designing the most attractive and original booth. Nationally advertised products will furnish the theme for these various booths. There will be tables for both bridge and pinochle with prizes for each table. Those who wish to play are asked to furnish their own cards, and to make reservations with the following following club members: Miss Dorothy Clancey, Miss Viola Eckhardt, Mis3 Norma Davis, Miss Mildred Coons or Mrs. George Walker. Miss Marjorie Walters is general chairman of this affair, assisted by Miss Esther Lewis. Mrs. Marvin Miller Miller is chairman of the booth committee, committee, and Miss Ruth McNeil is chairman chairman of publicity. Mrs. James E. Cul - breth and Mrs. Gerald C. Young are directing the "Cotton Show," and the following will act as manikins: Mrs. Eobert Morgan, Miss Arlene Kircher, Miss Ruth McNeil, Miss Jean Clark, Mrs. Josiah G. Lewis, Mrs. Thomas Rutherford, Miss Marjorie Walters, Miss Elizabeth McDonald, Mrs. W. W. McCulloch. Miss Joan Wilson and Master Frankie McDonnell. The following club members have charge of the various booths: bevsr - age bar, Mrs. Mark Tinker, Miss Ruth Ingham, Mrs. Edward Fidler; bake shop, Mrs. Robert Taylor, Miss Jean Clark, Miss Dorothy Peck; ice cream shop, Miss Helen Decker and Miss Emily Lotz; candy kitchen, Miss Florence Florence Lewis, Mrs. Ray Owens, Mrs. John Williams, Mrs. Clyde Florey; white elephant stall, Mrs. Robert Morgan, Morgan, Miss Mildred Thayer; travelog, Miss Dorothy Carroll, Miss Ruth Tut - hill, Miss Elizabeth McDonald; "Vanity "Vanity Fair" booth, Miss Ruth Mirtz, Miss Jean Baxter, Mrs. Thomas Hailstone, Gertrude Moore, Miss Arlene Kircher, Miss Gwendolyn Stanton, Miss Louise Rosenkrans; entrance, Mrs. Robert Wheeler, Mrs. Edward Baker, Miss Jessie Phillips; cigarette girls, Miss Eva Ranck and Miss Ruth Hand. In the event that it should rain the affair affair will be postponed until the next clear day. 0 0 0 Honoring Miss Christine E. Besecker. Wheeler Avenue, a bride - elect, members members of her Sunday School Class entertained entertained last night at the home of Miss Alberta Parsons. Madison Avenue. Avenue. Tomorrow night Mrs. Robert Rowlands will entertain at the Dippre and on June 20, Misses Marie Fruehan and Betty Jeffrey will give a kitchen shower. 0 0 0 Ladies' Auxiliary to Melita Com - mandery, No. 68, Knights Templar, will entertain at cards this afternoon in the Y. W. C. A. Reservations may be made with Mesdames J. W. Varner, Willard Jones, J. E. Heckel and W. H. Owens. 0 0 0 The marriage of Miss Gladys Klee - man, daughter of Mr; and Mrs. Oscar Kleeman. North Washington Avenue, and Victor Siegel, son of Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Siegel, New York, to have taken place last evening in Hotel Plaza, New York, has been postponed, o o o Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Montgomery, North Garfield Avenue, announce the engagement of their daughter, Ruth Allison, and Peter A. Ventura, son of Mr. and Mrs. P. Alfred Ventura, Prospect Avenue, this city. 0 0 0 Miss Betty Scott, Monroe Avenue, will entertain on the afternoon of June 24 at a kitchen shower at home, honoring Miss Mary Bliss, Electric Street, a bride - elect. Other parties being planned in honor of Miss Bliss include: June 22, Miss Kathleen Car - pendcr, New Brunswick, N. J., a dinner dinner party at her Summer home at Crystal Lake; June 23, Mrs. Nelson Garden and Mrs. Warren Graham, a buffet luncheon and boat house party at their Summer home at Crystal Lake; the night of June 23, Miss Jean Amerman, Monroe Avenue, a spinster dinner for the bridal party; June 24, Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Bliss, a buffet luncheon for the bridal party and - out - of - town guests; the night of June 24, Arthur Hemelright and Arthur Connell, this city; Harry Dorr Niles and Miss Bertie Niles, Carbondale, and Margaret Morris, Crystal Lake, will entertain the bridal party at the Scranton Country Club, and later will give a dance for a large number of guests; June 25, Miss Louise Brydon, Clay Avenue, will give a buffet luncheon. 0 0 0 The D. O. E. Sorority met recently at the home pf Miss Catherine Ma - loney, Mulberry Street, and completed plans for a tea and garden party to be held the latter part of June. Present Present were: Misses Marguerite Zam - ponl, Florence Maloney, Lillian Flaherty, Jean Picons, Alice Connery, Helen Louise James, Arelene Zam - poni, Marian McNiff, Greta Gormley, Margaret McGeever, Gertrude Cou - nery and Catherine Maloney. 0 0 0 Miss Grace Meredith, Jackson Street, recently entertained the following following members of her club at home: Misses Mary Judge, Leviah Jenkins, Margaret Davis, Olga Moscow, Margaret Margaret and Vernie Buckavecky and Mrs. Phyllis Beppler. 0 0 0 Mrs. Donald Briggs, Wyoming Avenue, Avenue, recently entertained at a variety shower at hom for Mrs. Theodore Brunner, a recent bride. Present were: Miriam McBride, Irene Roth, Jean - nette Cruser, Louise Bloom, Irne Kelper, Ruth Sling, Ruth Ettinger, Ruth Johnson, Margaret McCullough, Charlotte Tannler, Betty Hausman and Mrs. Dorothy Snyder. 0 0 0 In compliment to Miss Gladys Lloyd, North Rebecca Avenue, a bride - elect, tho following parties are scheduled: scheduled: Saturday afternoon, Mrs. Jack Donne, North Rebecca Avenue; Mrs. Lowell Fischer, West Chester; Mrs, Fashion Model Photo by 3achrach Miss Jean Clark, a mepiber of the Abington Junior Club, who will be a manikin for the "Cotton Show," which will be one of the features of the "Vanity Fair" party June 19 at the W. H. Lewis residence, Clarks Green. Robert Michaels, of Scranton Couiv try Club, and Miss Ruth Davis, North Garfield Avenue, will give a bridge luncheon at Overbrook - on - the - Trail; June 18, Mrs. Hal Reichard. Linden Street, and daughter, Mrs. Carl Lisk Knoxville, Tenn., will entertain at luncheon at the former's residence June 19, Mrs. Fred Davies, Wyoming Avenue; Mrs. Robert Adair, Sander son Avenue; Mrs. Fred Scott, North Webster Avenue, and Mrs. Winfield MacKeeby, Monroe Avenue, will en tertain at luncheon at the Scranton Canoe Club; June 21, Mrs. Walter Hill Jr., Taylor Avenue, will give a luncheon; June 22, Miss Margaret Watkins and Daniel H. Jenkins will give a dinner dance at Abington Hills Country Club. 0 0 0 The marriage of Miss Marie Johnston, Johnston, daughter of Mrs. Christine Johnston, Ash Street, and Claude E. Bisbing, son of Mrs. Bertha Bisbing, Ash Street, will take place Saturday in the parsonage of the Petersburg Tresbyterian Church. Miss Betty Stom and James Black will be the attendants. attendants. A wedding breakfast will be held in Hotel Jermyn, following the ceremony. 0 0 0 The B. F. C. Club, Grace Reformed Church, will meet tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock at 438 Quincy Avenue. 0 0 0 At a testimonial banquet last night in Spencer's, Dunmore, Edward Tewksberry, Clarks Green, a retired D. L. & W. Railroad engineer, was presented with a badge in commemoration commemoration of fifty years of active membership membership in the B. of L. F. and E. Members of the organization and their friends attended the celebration to honor Mr. Tewksberry. 0 0 0 Mrs. Mame Landt and Mrs. Eliza - bath Beers were hostesses for the card party held last night in I. 0. 0. F. Hall by Electric City Chapter, No. 287, O. E. S. The usual games were enjoyed and prizes awarded for high scores. 0 0 0 Mrs. William Sturm, North Webster Avenue, opened her home last night for a card party for De Molay Mothers' Mothers' Auxiliary to Crusade Chapter. Bridge, pinochle and dominoes were played and prizes awarded for high scores. Refreshments followed the games. ooo Mr. and Mrs. William B. Buchn - huels were honored at a dinner given recently at their home on Diamond Avenue, in celebration of their twenty twenty twenty - fifth wedding anniversary. Present were: Gottlieb Mayer, Mrs. Viola Mayer, Mrs. E. H. Mayer, Vernon Mayer, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Correll, Gottlieb Correll, Mrs. Grace Kreid - ler, Elaine Kreidler, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Haupt, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Correll Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Owens, Florence Owens, France? and Ruth Buenhuels, Mr. and Mrs. G. Mayer, Harrisburg; Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Johnston, Forest City; Mr. and Mrs. George Schweitzer and Thomas Schweitzer, Chinchilla. 0 0 0 At a recent meeting of the T. I. F. Club held at the home of Miss Nettie Gilboy, Arthur Avenue,, plans were made for a picnic to be held in the near future. Miss Lucille Hagen, Jefferson Jefferson Avenue, was chosen chairman. Elmhurst Golfers To Play Tomorrow Women golfers of the Elmhurst Country Club will play a no putt tournament on the club links tomorrow, tomorrow, players teeing off at 11 o'clock in the morning. Beginning tomorrow and continuing each Thursday throughout the season, the women will play their games at 11 o'clock instead of at 1 o'clock, as has been done to date this eeason. Mrs. Thomas F. Walsh and Mrs. M. J. Martin will be captains for the day. Polish Alliance Willi Hold Outing Sunday Combined Groups Plan Varied Program for Picnic at Sans Souci Park The combined groups of the Polish Women' Alliance of Northeastern Pennsylvania District will sponsor the sixth annual Polish Women's Alliance Day on Sunday at Sans Souci Park, when a varied program of events has been planned, under the direction of Mrs. Mary A. Porwit, state chairman At 11 o'clock in the morning the juvenile groups of the organization will meet to participate In field events, competing for the silver loving cup which was won last year at Rocky Glen by Juvenile Group 96. of South Scranton. The field events include a fifty - yard dash, a relay race, a bas ketball throw and a standing broad jump. The participants wiil be di vided into two age groups, from eight to twelve years and from thirteen to sixteen years. Winners of first, sec ond and third places in the field events will score points toward win ning the cup and will also receive in dividual prizes. Additional points will be gained by groups having the great' est number of entrants in the events and by groups having banneis. Three cash prizes will also be awarded to groups having the greatest number of children present at the Polish Women's Women's Alliance Day. Miss Delia M. Rozajeski, of Dickson City is in charge of the field program. Refreshments of all kinds, including including a chicken dinner, may be procured procured at the Polish Women's Alliance booths. The refreshment committee Is being supervised by Mrs, Theodora Janora. In addition many other special features will be introduced. Many busses carrying Lackawanna county groups will leave for Sans Souci Park early Sunday morning. Those desiring to attend the - day are asked to communicate with their group presidents, who also have special special refreshment tickets. The proceeds of the day will be turned over to the Alliance camp building fund. At a recent meeting of the Ladies' Auxiliary, No. 314, F. O. E., officers were installed as follows: Miss Pauline Ulmer, president; Mrs. Violet Chubb, past president; Mrs. Frances Straub, vice - president; secretary, Mrs. Mae Newton; treasurer, Mrs. Bessie Griffiths; Griffiths; chaplain, Mrs. Mary Vochroth; inside guard, Mrs. Margaret Kullman; outside guard, Mrs. Johanna Bennett; trustee, Mrs. Lena Miller, conductress, Mrs. Alice Gemmell. Past Deputy Thomas J. Rossi was in charge of the Installation. The ladies' drill team will go to Wilkes - Barre next week and compete in the various events at the annual convention. They will also participate participate in the parade on Tuesday. The Independent Republican Women's Women's League of Lackawanna County will meet tonight at 8 o'clock in Hotel Jermyn, with Miss Emma Fuhrer presiding. - The Ways and Means Committee,' Mrs. Bernard J. Harding, chairman, will award a satin quilt, and plans will be made for the annual Summer picnic in July. A feature of the evening will be a musical musical program, presented by the Lackawanna Lackawanna Glee Club, Gounod Evans, directing. directing. All delegates are urged to attend. The general informal education cooking, sewing and workers' education education classes, taught by Harry A. Fuller, Mary O'Donnell, Catherine Watson and Stella Morley, held an informal party recently in the Y. W. C. A. Pupils of the Fleischer Dance School gave an entertainment, and talks were given by members of the class. The guest speakers were Charlotte Charlotte Roper Walsh, Americanization supervisor, whose subject was "The Accomplishments of the Adult Education Education Classes;" Miss Charlotte Mccracken, Mccracken, industrial secretary of the Y. W. C A., who spoke on "Y. W. June Bride Photo by Olyphant Studio Mrs. John Dufay, the former Miss Eleanor Zilla, Cypress Street, Throop, whose marriage took place recently in St. John's Slovak Church, Throop by the Rev. Father Klobusicky. Permanent - Zlaie Means Naturally Curly Hair. Moderate Prices, ( Gift Lingerie of Finer Quality For the Graduate SWARTZ'S Llncerle snd Kiddle Shop im Miller Bulldlni Ea On Committee Arranging Guild Dance - . - 'V' . " Photo by Bachrach Miss Rita Walsh is a member of the committee arranging for the Holy Rosary Junior Guild dance to be held Friday night in the Scranton Country Club, with dancing from 10 to 2 o'clock. Miss Margaret Basker - ville is general chairman of the dance committee. A. Classes Under the Emereencv Educational Program." Folk and mod ern dances were enjoyed following the program, by more than 250 guests. Elizabeth Harrison was elected councilor of Liberty Council,. No. 2, Daughters of America, at a meeting Monday night in Washington Hall. Other officers named are: associate councilor, Helen Moran; vice - councilor, councilor, councilor, Edith Grant; associate vice - councilor, Grace Staples; conductor, Ellen Mohr; warden, Lillian Brom - bocker; financial secretary, Catherine Feidler; assistant financial secretary, Margaret Dack; treasurer, Christine Pletcher; recording secretary, Bertha Jones; assistant recording secretary, Elizabeth Warnke; inside sentinel, Helen Dixon; outside sentinel, Bertha Dickman; trustee for eighteen months, Dora Good; deputy, Maude Gregory; representatives to the district, Ruth Jenkins, May Fuller and Bertha Dick - man; alternates, Margaret Reed, Ethel Woodyatt and Edith Grant. The officers will be installed on Monday, July 8. The officers, queens' attendants and kings' guards Of Cana Shrine, No. 17, Order of White Shrine of Jerusalem, will meet tonight at 7:30 o'clock in G. A. R. Hall for rehearsal. The annual meeting of the Home for the Friendless will be held at the home on Friday morning, and will be followed by a luncheon at 1 o'clock. Mrs. Ezra H. Ripple Jr., will preside. The Woman's Guild, Epiphany Par ish, Glenburn, will meet tomorrow m the parish house for all day sewing. Luncheon will be served at 1 o'clock with Mrs. J. W. Oakford in charge. The Cedar Crest College Club will have an outing and meeting on Saturday Saturday at the cottage of Miss Helen Stipp, Lake Ariel. Evelyn Harper Beemer and Mbs Margaret Lewis are in charge of arrangements. Tikvah Rebekah Lodge, No. 68, will meet tomorrow night in Israel Hall with Mrs. Rose Lefkowitz presiding. A social hour and candlelight tea will follow the meeting, after which dancing dancing will be enjoyed. Mrs. Sarah Bernstein Bernstein and Mrs. Eva Friedlin will be in charge. Ladies' Auxiliary to the Providence Synagogue will meet tonight at the synagogue to elect officers. Sisterhood Anshei Sfard will con duct a picnic Sunday, July 14, at Baddock's Farm, Taylor, to which the public is invited. The annual luncheon of the Scranton Scranton Colony, National Society of New England Women will be held today following an informal reception at 12:30 o'clock at the home of Mrs. L. A. Watres, Elmhurst Boulevard. Mrs. D. A. Capwell is in charge of arrangements, arrangements, and the speakers will include Mrs. Parian Semple, Montclair, N. J.; Mrs. Frederick Starr, Pepdleton, Brooklyn, N. Y., and Mrs. Harry Dean, Dalton. SIPHRON GETS DEGREE - The technical degree of industrial engineer was granted to Joseph W. Siphron by the Graduate School of the Pennsylvania State College at its seventy - fifth commencement on Monday. Monday. Mr. Siphron, formerly a resident of Throop, is employed as an engineer by the Procter and Gamble Company, Cincinnati, Ohio. R.OQS, V Interior Decorations 6l4 Sprtfce Btrczt in Will hty b Mrs. Garey Named Conservation Head Annual Luncheon Meeting of Child League Held at A. D. Bryden Residence Mrs. Cecil Garey was elected president president of the Child Conservation League at the annual luncheon meeting yesterday yesterday at the home of Mrs. Andrew Bryden, Monroe Avenue. Mrs. Roy Davies, chairman of the nominating committee, presented the slate of officers. Others chosen were: Vice - president, Mrs. Horace, G. Noyes; secretary, Mrs. Thomas Walsh; corresponding secretary, secretary, Mrs. Max Henkelman; treasurer, Mrs. Philip Lewert; auditor, Mrs. Wil liam Miller; dircctori, Mrs. Walsh. Mm. Roy Davies and Mrs. W. W. Edgerly. Annual reports were presented and after the luncheon cards were enjoyed. Present . were: Mesdames T. F. Conmy, ' H. C. Haak, TV ' J: Edwards, Horace G. Noyes, L. J. Kestor, W. B. Sherman, Alfred Scholia, W. J. EUas, J. H. Allison, E. R. Dimock, A. R. Jones, R. J. Adair, B. F. Phillips, W. W. Edaerlv. O. B. Hines, W. H. Owens. T. F. Walsh, A. D. Bryden, William Miller, T. A. Favini, Charles Barba, H. Hussing, C. H. Taylor, F. a. Hten - der, Roy Davies, A. E. Williams, R. D. Dixon. H. S. McAree, C. S. Garey. E. E. Welles, G. 0. Harris, F. S. Sie - becker, R. L. Campbell and A. J. Kuhns. Personals Mrs. David Edwards. Division Street, has returned from attending commencement exercises at George Washington University, Washington, D. C. Mrs. Bayard Griffiths, Thirteenth Street, is recuperating from a recent illness. Mrs. Elma Butcher, Morris Avenue, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Copp, am" George Frees, Clarks Summit, spent the - past week - end in New York. Mrs. Elizabeth J. Davies, Mrs. John T. Evans Jr., daughters, Marjorie, Ruth and Joan, West Elm Street, have returned from Lewisburg, wnere they attended commencement at Bucknell University. Among the graduates was Miss Romlyn J. Rivenburg, a niece of Mrs. Davies and Mrs. Evans. Mr. and Mrs. C. Payne Barzler and Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Pangburn Grand - view Street, have returned from State College, where Mr. and Mrs. Pang - burn's grandson, Gordon Davis. Hor - nell, N. Y., received his degree. John J. Brown, Fritz Dubrecky, Detroit, Detroit, Mich., and Mrs. Minnie Dubrecky, Dubrecky, Germany, have returned to Detroit, following a visit with the former's former's mother, Mrs. James Brown, East Pine Street, Dunmore. Misses Jean and Natalie Robertson, Elmhurst Boulevard will sail today on the Brottingholm for Sweden and Norway. ' Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Cawley, West Drinker Street, are in Baltimore, Md., attending the ceremonies at St. Mary's Seminary, where their son, Thomas, will receive his subdiaconate Miss Doll Durkin, Madison Avenue, is in Washington, D. C. Thomas Williams, Harrisburg. spent the week - end at his home on Electric Street. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ledyard, Providence Providence Road, are spending several months tn Owego, N. Y. . Miss Marian Sweet, a student at the Oriental and Domestic t t r t Bellini's1 Asbury Bible School Will Openjune 24 Trie Rev. Verner S. Mumbulo, Church Pastor, 'to Serve As Dean The Rev. Verner S. Mumbulo, pastor pastor of the Asbury M. E. Church, has been appointed dean of the annual daily vacation Bible School of Asbury Church, it was announced yesterday by the general selective committee. The school, which will function for a period of three weeks, will open on Monday, June 24 and will continue until July 12. The following departmental heads have also been chosen: Kindergarten, Miss Marjorie Rhodes; primary, Miss Hazel Hendrickson; junior, Miss Ida Nicholson; intermediate, Miss Dor othy Evitts; registrar. Miss Dorothy Fackenthal. Other faculty members will be announced later. An 'excellent program has been planned and will place emphasis on both the instructional and the handwork handwork projects. Ample, supervised play time, dramatic effort, hikes and trips to local industries will also be a feature feature of the school. Registration of students may be made on the opening opening day. All children between the ages of four and sixteen are invited to enroll. The general committee, appointed by the church Sunday school Board, includes: Eno W. Clark, Mrs. Henry K. Griffin and Mrs. O. H. Odell. King's Daughters Meet in Montrose One Hundred Delegates Attend Attend Opening of Three Day Sessions MONTROSE, June 11. Nearly one hundred delegates from all sections of Pennsylvania registered here this afternoon for the annual state King's Daughters convention. A reception was held in St. Paul's Parish House this evening, following the serving of a supper by the ladies of St. Paul's Guild. The sessions open at 9:30 o'clock Wednesday morning in the Presbyterian Church, with Mrs. Fred E. Derby, state president, presiding. An address of welcome will be made by Dr. Edward R. Gardner, Burgess of Montrose. The morning session will be "devoted to reports of officers and committee chairmen for the past year. Luncheon will be served in the Presbyterian Church by the Church Workers, an organization of ladies of the church. Wednesday afternoon Mrs. Arthur D. Thaeler, president of the New York State Branch, will give the principal address. "A discussion will be held on "What Is My Part in the Support of State Work?" Supper will be served in the chapel of the church. At the evening session, interesting features will be the "pearl service," conducted by Mrs. George E. Graff, and an address "A Road Mender," by Mrs. Thaeler." " " ' Thursday morning will be devoted largely to business and following dinner dinner at "The Evergreens" the delegates will be taken by motor on a trip to the Wyalusing Rocks. A picnic supper will be served by the ladies of the Methodist Church in the late afternoon afternoon and the closing session in the evening will be addressed by Mrs. Thaeler on the topic of "Peace." The delegates are being entertained in the hemes of Montrose residents. All of the sessions are open to the public. University of North Carolina. Green - boro, N. C, is spending the Summer with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. p. Anthony Anthony Sweet, Pine Street. , . Mrs. J, A. Cipcer, Capouse Avenue, has returned from Germantcwn and Atlantic City, ' Mr., and Mrs. E. J. Gerrity, Jefferson Jefferson Avenue, . - , have returned from Washington. D. C. , Mrs. Bessie Gable, Mrs. Rachel Edwards', Edwards', Mrs. '.Ramayne Stone, Miss Betty Smith, Jack Ross and Finley Gable, this city, attended the graduation graduation exercises at Colgate University, Hamilton, N. Y., this week. Miss Doris F. Pitman, North Irving Avenue, recently entertained at a variety shower at home, honoring Miss Olga Potochnick, a bride - elect. The guests numbered twelve. Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Morgan and family, Panama City, are guests of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.' L. Morgan, Richmont Street. Dr. and Mrs. M. J. Stec, North Washington Avenue, are attending the medical convention at Atlantic City. Miss Ruth Haas, Front Street, was graduated with honors on Monday from the College of St. Elizabeth, Convent Station, N. J. Miss Cornelia Parkhurst, Forty Fort, will spend the week - end as the guest of Miss Dorothy Maxey, Monroe Avenue. Miss Hetty Blxby, Wilkes - Barre, will be the guest this week of Miss Eleanor Bliss, Electric Street. JUNE SLIPCOVER SALE Nothing like Slipcovers to beautify beautify your home and save your furniture. furniture. Make them up now. Saving Saving 50. Slipcovers MADE TO ORDER 3 - Pc. Set Complete Reupholster It Like New at a Made of sturdy Cretonne or Damask. Hundreds of beautiful patterns to select from. Shrunkproof, guaranteed perfect fit. Our price for this 44 CQ month only I I "W p PHONE 4 - 9677 CARLTON UPHOLSTERY SHOP, 222 Scranton and Wilkes - Barre Win Opening Matches in Tournament Local Players Defeat Harrisburg in First Day of Annual Tournament on Morgan Highway Links; Will Compete for Cup Today Women golfers of the Scranton Country Club and members of the Wyoming Valley Club team were winners in their respective matches with Harrisburg and Williamsport in the opening rounds of the annual Four - Cities' tournament played yesterday on the Morgan Highway links. By defeating Harrisburg six points, the Country Club team will meet Wilkes - Barre in the final rounds this morning, when the winner of the four - cities trophy and the Mrs. Hunter Eckert cup will be determined. Scranton has two legs on the cup and if victorious victorious today, will gain permanent possession. D Ch ance airman Miss Helen Timlin, chairman of the music committee for the dance to be held Thursday night, June 20 in Abington Hills Country Club by the St. Patrick's Junior Guild. She Is being assisted by Miss Genevieve Genevieve Loftus, Miss Mary Shaugh - nessy and Miss Dorothy Kenney. Dramatic Pupils To Give Program Readings and One - Act Plays to Be Presented in Catholic Women's Club ' A program of dramatic readings and one - act plays will be presented by pupils of Kathryn O'Hora tonight at 8:15 o'clock in the Catholic Women's Women's Club. The program will Include: readings by Mary Jane Dempsey, Jane Riedel, Jane O'Hora, Ann Marie McHugh, Josephine Hughes, Ruth Rymer, Mary Beth Conway, Patricia Cawley and Jean Collins; one - act plays, "Pussy Purr and the Moonbeams," with Jane O'Hare, Jane Riedel, Ann Marie McHugh, McHugh, Mary Jane Dempsey, Jane Conway Conway and .Patricia Monahan, participating; participating; "Jimmie or Ned," the cast of which includes Ruth Rymer, Josephine Josephine Hughes, Jean Collins, Patricia Cawley and Mary Beth Conway. LADIES' DRESSES Plain one - piece Dry Cleaned and Pressed 69c Cash and Carry VANSTON GLEANERS 325 ADAMS AVE. FREE PARKING While at Leon'a 5X3 Linden St. (Opposite Court Bouse) Phone 4 - 5055 REUPHOLSTERING Is Your Furniture Worn, Let Reupholstered like new regardless of Its present condition In Tapestry, Velour or Imitation Leather. Silk Gimp, New Springs Inserted and Frames Polished Like New. Finest workmanship by experienced upholsterers. Our price reduced to FOR SALESMAN WITH f In the Scranton - Harrisburg match, Mrs. Cadwallader Evans Jr. and Mrs. Ira Broadbent lost to Miss Fox and Mrs. Slack; Mrs. L. F. Weichel and Mrs. J. P. Vlpond defeated Mrs. Bur - tolette and Mrs. Gerard; Miss Margaret. Margaret. Richards, captain, and Mrs. Edward Mayer defeated Mrs. Rivare and Mrs. Lappley; Miss Martha Wol - lerton and Mrs. Karl Conrad won from Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. McCoy. Wilkes - Barre defeated Williamsport by three points with players paired as follows: Mrs. Drinkwater and Miss Kammer, Williamsport, lost to Mrs. A. L. Hauslohner and Mrs. Richard P. Buckholz, Wilkes - Barre; Mrs. O'Malley and Mrs. Furst, Williamsport, Williamsport, defeated Mrs. Robert A. Stull and Mrs. M. J. Torlinski, Wilkes - Barre; Mrs. Roy Voris, ScrantonTsub - stitute and Mrs. Varland, Williamsport, Williamsport, defeated Mrs. James Poland and Mrs. J. C. Weiderman, Wilkes - Barre; Mrs. Burke and Mrs. Weiman, Williamsport, Williamsport, lost to Mrs. Frank Dartt and Mrs. E. G. Smith, Wilkes - Barre. Williamsport will meet Harrisburg in the consolation round this morning. Players In both championships and consolation rounds will tee off at 10 o'clock. After the match, luncheon will be served in the clubhouse. A large gallery of interested spectators spectators witnessed yesterday's matches, and approximately 100 club members, golfers and guests were present at the open house tea held in the clubhouse yesterday afternoon. William Mais, violinist, and Miss Hattie Price, pianist, pianist, gave a music recital ,and Mrs. P. Silas Walter, Mrs. John T. Richards and Mrs. Harry Griffiths presided at the tea table. Dinner for 100 was served last evening in the clubhouse, and the matches yesterday were preceded by a luncheon. Marriage Licenses John Sica, Dunmore. Mary Piedimonte, 1209 Blair Avenue. Timothy Mclntyre, 715 Palm Street, Agnes Foy, Dunmore. John Katusak, Dunmore. Mary Mitcho, Dunmore. FOR THE BRIDE AND HER ATTENDANTS GOWNS and VEILS (Moderately Priced) MARY LILLIAN DRESS SHOP 410 SPRUCE ST. Self - Consciousness Overcome Personality Developed My course will assist you In developing developing poise and eharm. And In eliminating eliminating the handicaps of neglected education. education. NALDAH ROSS "35 TAYLOR AVE. Telephone 1 - 5580 "I wonder whether you reallie that the beat process for cleaning and protecting your Pur Coat i by the use of Sawdust a process known as HOLLANDERIZING." ScCiet thefurr',er 405 LINDEN ST. Phone 4 - MSIt "Put Your Head in LEON'S Hands'9 Hair Stylist For the Woman Who Cares! PERMANENT WAVES HAIRDRESSER Jig One Drape Included With Each Order Frayed, Out of Style Us 507 Saving; 3 - Pc. Set Complete Worth 165. $39 - 50 w up FREE SAMPLES ADAMS AVENUE ..inMUIIHV. WilkihA

Clipped from The Scranton Republican12 Jun 1935, WedPage 8

The Scranton Republican (Scranton, Pennsylvania)12 Jun 1935, WedPage 8
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