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6 THE SCRANTON REPUBLICAN, THURSDAY, MAY .2," 1 935 RECORD OF SOCIAL EVENTS AND CLUB WOMEN'S CALENDAR St. Catherine's Church Sodality Plans Card Party and Style Show gffair to Be Held in Parish Auditorium Night of May 8; Mary McCue and Elvira Hess Are Co - Chairmen Of Arrangements; Committees Named The Blessed Virgin Sodality of St. Catherine's Church, Moscow, will give a card party and fashion show In the church auditorium .Wednesday night, May 8. Miss Mary McCue is chairman of arrange' ments for the affair, with Miss Elvira Hess as cochairman. Assisting committees are announced u follows: tickets, Miss Katnryn Martin, chairman; Miss Mary Do - herty; publicity, Miss Marjorie Do - Jierty; floor, Miss Leila O'Boyle, chairman; chairman; Misses Josephine Dorocha, Veronica Straak and Anne McDer - tnott; prizes, Miss Mary Motlchka, chairman; Misses Kathryn Motlchka, Anne Juba, Margaret Motlchka; costumes, costumes, Miss Helen Pecola, chairman; Misses Catherine McDermott and Prances Adams; decorations, Miss Helen McDonald, chairman; Misses Anne Kashimlr, Helen Kashimlr and Matilda Yoous; refreshments, Miss Mary McDermott, chairman; Misses Stella Dorocha, Anna Strazyk, Helen Jankanskas and Bridget Ferko, 0 0 0 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bohr, Pittston Avenue, announce the approaching marriaee of their daughter. Naomi Ida, to John Joseph Clark, Moosic. The wedding is to take place May is, ' at 10 o'clock, in St. Mary's Church, . South Scran ton Mrs. Alfred Held, Prospect Avenue will entertain tonight in honor of Miss Bohr and during the past week Mm Edward Schroner. Pitteton Ave nue, entertained informally at her home honoring her sister tn wire elect. 0 0 0 ' Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Weir, Claire Road, Syracuse, N. Y., announce the engagement of their daughter, Miss Helen Weir, to Irving A. Olp, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. oip, west Genesee Street, Syracuse, at a tea given Saturday afternoon at their ,. residence. Miss Weir, formerly of Clay Avenue, rruiimore. was graduated from wyo ming seminary in 1930 and from the college of fme arts or Syracuse unr Vrsity in June, 1934. She Is a mem ber of Alpha Phi sorority. Mr. Ota was graduated from Ir ins PreDaratory School, Tarrytown, N. Y., attended Colgate University and was graduated from Syracuse University In' June, 1934, from the college of business administration. He is a member of the Delta Kappa r - p silon Fraternity. 0 0 0 Jerome Roland, Meredian Street announce the marriage of his sister. Helen Ann Roland, and Jonn mc Tlernan. son of Mrs. Elizabeth Mc Tiernan, Seventeenth Avenue, which took place April 29 in Holy Cross church. Monsignor J. M. Smoulter officiating. The attendants were jule Walsh and Michael Needham. . 0 0 0 The annual Spring dance of Jun tors of the Dalton Woman's Club was held last night in the auditorium of the Dalton High School. The affair was largely attended and proved most delightful. Miss Mabel Brown was chairman. 0 0 0 Mrs James Walton, Mrs. T. J. Hoi leran and Mrs. William Dalley will be the hostess today for the afternoon card party to be given by tne imw riower Improvement group at the Catholic Men and Boys' ciuo. 0 0 0 Announcement is made of the mar riaie of Miss Elizabeth Wilson, daugn ter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilson, Diamond Avenue, and Harold Kreid - lr. stroudsbunr. son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Kreidler, Moscow, which took place April 20 In the M. E. Parsonage, Parsonage, stroudsburg. The attendants were Marv Willis and John McNamara. Al ter June 1 the couple will reside in Stroudsburg. 0 0 0 Miss Edith Selbert, Cedar Avenue, was tendered a surprise party recently t at her home, the occasion having been her birthday anniversary. Present were: Ruth steinbach, Eleanor Man gan, Jean Mangan, Mr. and Mrs. Sel bert. 0 0 0 Plans are completed for the private dance to be given by the Tau Omega Tau Sorority in the near future. Miss IsabeUe Walsh, president, has appointed the following committee to assist with arrangements: Misses Alice May, Betty Reynolds, Eleanor Mangan, Ruth Steinbach, Edith Seibert, Alice Warner, Warner, Eva De Fazio and Dorothy Lun - ney. 0 0 0 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Decker, Lafayette Lafayette Street, announce the approaching approaching marriage of their daughter, Marjorie, Marjorie, and Gerard Gerrity, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Gerrity, Locust Street. The wedding will take place in June. 0 0 0 Honoring Mrs. Gordan Wall and Mrs. Lynne Kllnetob, recent brides, the Queen Esther group of the Dun - more M. E. Church recently entertained entertained at a luncheon and shower party at the home of Miss Barbara Wilson, Electric Street. There were twenty guests. O 0 0 The Ladies Auxiliary of Keystone Consistory will entertain members and friends at cards Tuesday afternoon, May 7, at the home of Mrs. J. C. Layfleld, 444 , Jefferson Avenue. Playing Playing will begin at 2 o'clock. Bridge, pinochle pinochle and dominoes will be played and prizes awarded the winners. Refreshments Refreshments will be served. Mrs. George Schauta, Mrs. George Scheuer and Mrs. Margaret Lewis are assisting Mrs. Layfleld in taking res ervations. Those desirous of attending I Mrs. Horger Is New Federation President Annual Meeting of County Group Held In Moscow M. . Church Mrs. Ulrich P. Horger, Taylor; was elected president of the Lackawanna County Federation of Women's Clubs at the annual meeting of the organization, organization, held yesterday following a lunch eon in the Moscow M. E. Church, with members of the Moscow Women's Club as hostesses. She succeeds Mrs. Frank Shannon, Carbondale, who has held the post for the past two years. Other officers elected were: Mrs. Thurston Parker, vice - president; Mrs. Louis Milkman, this city, secretary; Mrs. Clouse, Moscow, treasurer. Re ports were presented by Mrs. Shannon and presidents of the various clubs in Lackawanna County affiliated with the federation. Mrs. John Phillips, Pittsburgh, state president, was a guest of honor, and sooke concerning the work of the fed eration throughout he state, also discussing discussing the bylaws. Mrs. Frank Kaiser, this city, president of the Northeastern District, also gave a talk concerning the activities of the federated clubs in this district. Miss Martha Wollerton presented the resolutions. Mrs. W. K. Moffat is president of the Moscow Club. Ninth Ward Republican Women Who Arranged Card Party 3 QW are asked to make their reservations early. 0 0 0 Tentative plans have been made by the - Ukrainian Knights of St. Michael to conduct a modern polka dance at the Swas Hall May 25. George Pinko is general chairman and is being as sisted by Em 11 Penzola, Al Visnofsky, Michael Visnofsky, Michael Plisha, Harry Bombar, Al Rodescesky, Harry Mokis, Charles Visnofsky, George Kornutiak and Steve Kuratnlck. The next meeting will be held Friday at o clock at the clubrooms. Michael Kuratnlck will preside. 0 0 0 Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hedglin, Drinker,' celebrated their fifty - fourth wedding anniversary at their home Sunday. Mrs. Hedglin was Miss Ella Purdy and for a number of years they made their home In the Petersburg section of Scranton before moving to Drinker. There were eight children, five of whom are living. There are thirty - six grandchildren and fourteen great - grandchildren. Those who helped Mr. and Mrs. Hedglin celebrate were Mr. and Mrs. Edwin George and chil dren, Mary and Edwin Jr.;. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dunning and baby; Bert Hedglin and daughters, Elizabeth, Marion and Rose Belle; Mr. and Mrs, Arthur Henning, Frank Davis, Charles Styer, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sjmerson and son, Mrs. Reynolds and daughter, all of Scranton; Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hedglin and children, Harry, Harold, Ella, Francis, Martin, Earl and Betty Mae, Drinker, Pa., and Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Scott and sons, Floyd Jr. and Arthur, Spring Brook. 0 0 0 Mr. and Mrs. Jack Goldstone. 848 Main Street, Dickson City, announce the Bar Mitzvah of their son, Joseph, Saturday morning in the Dickson City Synagogue from 8:30 to 10 o'clock. Relatives and friends are invited Re ception will be held at the home Sun day evening. No cards will be issued. 0 0 0 The O. H. H. Sorority will hold its annual Spring dance, May 17, at the Hotel Casey. Instead of at the Elks Club as previously planned. 0 0 0 Mrs. Dora Singer will hold a card party tonight at 8 o'clock in her hOme, 1335 Capouse Avenue, rear, for the benefit of the auxiliary to Theodore Wint Post, No. 25, V. F. W. Prizes will be awarded. Players will provide their own cards. 0 0 0 The first of a series of "Out of the Red" parties planned by the board of directors of the Y. W. C. A. to meet the deficit of the organization was held recently at the home of Mrs. Frank D. Schroth, Jefferson Avenue. Mrs Harold Scragg entertained yesterday at musicale and tea for the board of directors and the staff of the Y. W. C. A. Similar parties will be held as fol lows: Miss Macintosh and Miss Myrtle Waugh will give a dinner party May at their apartment, Monroe Avenue; Mrs. Russell D. Morgan, luncheon bridge, May 3; Mrs. T. F. Archbald and Miss Frances Hunt, bridge tea, May 7; Mrs. J. D. James, luncheon, May 7; Mrs. J. Curtis Piatt, bridge tea, May - 8; Miss Florence Owens, luncheon bridge, May 8; Mrs. J. H. Oliver, dessert bridge, May 9. r ; r v I I ; t ' - si V " 1 $ " ! mutt " ' v , ' W'j ,.. I jf !? 'v i Republican Staff Photo Ninth Ward members of the 1923 Republican Women's Club, who arranged the successful card party held last night in Piatt Woolworth Auditorium. The usual games were enjoyed and prizes awarded. Reading from left to right, they are: First row, Mrs. Harry Koch, Mrs. George W. Parry, general chairman; Mrs. Thomas Wldenor; second row: Meedames Mary Heely, May Lamb, Dickson Horton, Emma Whitman. Other committee committee members not in the picture were: Mesdames Catherine Watson, Abe Rose and E. H. Osborne. TONSILS IF INRCTED CSOSI MANY StXIOOS AILMENTS. DMTHHMV alMOVIS TONSILS WITHOUT PAIN, BLEEDING OB DISABILITY. DISABILITY. NO CBABOE FOB EXAMINATION. EXAMINATION. DE. JOIN T. DOWNING TON ML SPECIALIST OS ftot Nit) Bilk BM. TL Just Phone 5231 $4.50 . . . LET US RELINE YOUR SPRING COAT . . . WITH ALL - SILK CREPE LINING . . ALL PLAIN GARMENTS . CLEANED AND QC . PRESSED DOLLAR DRY CLEANERS Portrait Presented Nurse Association Members of Staff Honor Memory of Miss Leslie Wentzel A photograph of their late superin tendent, Miss Leslie Wentzel, was presented to the Visiting Nurse Association Association by members of the staff at a special meeting yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. J. J. Belden, Olive Street. The presentation was made by Miss Mary westgate, wno was i member of the staff when Miss Went gel became superintendent thirteen years ago, and who continued to serve on that staff during the entire su perlntendency of Miss Wentzel. In addition of members of the board there were present members of the Junior welfare committee, of which Miss Margaret Richards is chairman, and the surgical dressing group, which also served during Miss Wentzel's su - perlntendency. These were: v Mes dames Catherine Kammerzell, Edwin Huber, Mary Baltin, B. K. Carllng and Miss Anna Dollman. Miss Janet Peterson, of the staff, gave a brief resume of outstanding developments in child health work during the. past year as a result of the C. W. A. preschool survey, which Miss Mary Nalty, president of the staff council, outlined, and which provided employment for more than one hundred nurses and also resulted in securing valuable information in regard to the health of preschool children. Miss Wentael and Miss May Y. Hill, superintendent of the West Side Hospital, were in charge of this work In this county. Miss Nalty, whose subject was "The IPreschool Survey of Lacka wanna County," pointed out that she had written her paper on this sub ject because Miss Wentzel, superintendent superintendent of the Visiting Nurses'' Association, Association, was particularly mindful of the weakness in the health program in Lackawanna County "so she and a wise superintendent of schools conceived conceived the idea of making a survey." "It was often hoped," she said, that as a result of the survey per haps a continuous preschool health program could be carried on rather than a mass effort to correct In a few months, defects resulting from neglect neglect for several years. Since the health of every child de pends upon prenatal care, informa tion in regard to the number of ex pectant mothers and whether or not they were receiving medical care would be helpful m such a plan. "Equally challenging is the lack of protection afforded the preschool cmid against eitner dipntneria or smallpox. In the county, outside of Scranton, 91 per cent have not been protected from these two diseases, and in many districts the percentage is higher. In the city, 82 per cent have not been vaccinated against smallpox and 81 per cent have not re ceived toxin antitoxin or toxoid. "Many of the 100 nurses engaged in this work gained a new insight into community problems, the responsibilities responsibilities and opportunities in community service.' r "This information, though it must be considered as history from families families by more or less inexperienced workers, is available for organizations and individuals who are interested in promoting the health of children in Lackawanna County. "The survey has shown the need for a more intensive and better organized community health service which will unify the efforts of all agencies carry ing on health programs and prevent the . wide gaps which have permitted these conditions to exist." After the program tea was served. Personals Mr. and Mrs. J. Connery and Mrs. Ella Corcoran, Wyoming Avenue, are in Alantic City. Mrs. John McConnell, Harriiburg, is the guest of Mrs. Samuel Seward, Olive Street. ' Misses Florence and Rose Kearney, Warren Street, Dunmore, have returned returned from Buffalo, N. Y. Mrs. Warren Fuller, Electric Street, is spending several days in Blngham - ton, N. Y. Mrs. T. J. Atkins and son, Lansing, Philadelphia, have returned following a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gallagher, Gallagher, Oak Street Mr. and Mrs. Roy Male, Morrisville, who have been visiting Mrs. Frank Hemelrlght, Sanderson Avenue, have left to spend the week in New York. Dr. W. M. Donovan, Orchard Street, is spending the week In Philadelphia attending a meeting of the American College of Physicians. Misses Mary Spudls and Adele Gus - taitis, Theodore Street, and Miss Anna Pepsis, Electric Street, are attending (he Synod of the Polish - National Church in Chicago. Clarence Haas has returned to Chicago Chicago following a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Haas, Pittston Avenue. Mrs. Earl Ressegule and son Norman, Norman, Mrs. John Etter and son Donald, and Mrs. Charles Rusplc and daugh ter Marion, have returned home after visiting their mother, Mrs. J. S. Gregory, Gregory, Conklin, N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Clark, North Irv ing Avenue, are spending several days in New York. .Miss Mary Dempsey, Capouse Ave nue, is In New York for several days. Miss Audre Lyons, New York and Washington, is the guest of her sis ter, Mrs. Dorothy Walker, 631 North Washington Avenue.. Miss Myrtle Waugh and Miss Clark attended the mothers and daugh ters' conference, Montrose, yesterday. Mrs. Anna Oaplan, Mrs. Sara Ro - senfield, Isaac Abramsohn and Jack Kinsberg, members - of Workmen's Circle, Branch No. 406, Des Moines, Iowa, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Gurevltz, 742 Madison Avenue. They will leave for New York this morning where they are delegates to the Workmen's Circle Convention now being held in that city. - Births MORAU6KI To Mr. and Mrs. Walter Morauskl, 112 Lackawanna Avenue, Duryea, twin girls at the Taylor Taylor Hospital. BURNE To Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Burne, Pittston Avenue, a daughterr in the Mary Keller Hospital. Abington Juniors . . Postpone Dance ' The Abington Junior Chib announces announces that the dance scheduled for tomorrow night, has been postponed postponed until the night of June 7. Further arrangements concerning the affair will be announced at a later date .by the entertainment committee. Mrs: Arzt Elected By Senior Hadassah Officers Chosen at Meeting In Y. M. H. A.; Program Is Given Mrs. Max Arst was elected president of the' Scranton Chapter of Hadassah for another term at a meeting yesterday yesterday afternoon in the Y. M. H. A. Other officers chosen werer vice - presidents, presidents, presidents, Mesdames I. Jacobs, William Greenfield, B. Tannenbaum; recording secretary, Mrs. Samuel Kats; corresponding corresponding secretary, Mrs. A. B. Cohen; Cohen; treasurer, Mrs. E. Lester Man. Mrs. Abe Gross gave a musical program program of vocal solos accompanied oy Mrs. I. Horowitz. After the session Mrs. Arst entertained the members at tea. . The Women's Guild of Epiphany Parish, Glenburn, will meet this morning for corporate communion at the church at 11 o'clock. Luncheon Luncheon will be served at 1 o'clock, with Mrs. Charles Lamb In charge, and there will be a business session at 2 o'clock. . ' m . Mrs. Charlotte Evans will preside at the - regular meeting of the Past Matrons' Association in Odd Fellows' Hall, 431. Lackawanna Avenue, this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Final ar rangements have been completed by Mrs. Mabel Seibert, general chairman, for the banquet to be held this evening, evening, following this meeting at the Y. W. C. A. A delightful program or cards, games and other entertainment will follow the banquet. Mrs. Charles Reese will preside at the meeting of the Ladies' Aid So ciety of - the St. John's Lutheran Church this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock in the church. Mrs. Fred Krause will be in charge of the birthday hostess committee. The Ladles' Aid Society, Asbury M. E. Church will meet this afternoon afternoon ait 2 o'clock In the church. A Mother's Day program has been ar ranged. Mrs. Edward Webber will lead devotions and Mrs. Malcolm Oet - tlnger will discuss "The Challenge of Motherhood." All women of the church are invited to attend. The executive board of the Home for the Friendless will meet at the Home tomorrow morning at 9:15 o'clock, to be followed by the regular monthly session at 11 o clock. Miss Betty Tweedle, Sanderson Ave nue,, a student at Mt Holyoke, took part in the "Pirates of Penzance," given recently at the school. The Providence W. C. T. XT. will meet at the Providence Methodist Church for luncheon, instead of at Miss Helen Hartley, as previously planned. ' The Women's Union of the Im - manuel Baptist Church will Jiold, its annual meeting tomorrow afternoon In the form of a covered dish luncheon luncheon in the church parlors starting at 12:30 o'clock. Officers for the ensuing year will be elected and all women of the church are invited to attend, The Parent - Teacher Association of Technical High School will bold its Coeur de Lion Auxiliary Has : Armual Springtiine Luncheon Fashion Show and Musical Program Feature Delightful C Party in Y. W. C. A.; More Than Seventy Members and Guests Attend Ladies' Auxiliary to Coeur de Lion Commandery. No. 17, Knights Templar delightfully entertained at its annual Springtime luncheon yesterday afternoon In the Y. W. C. A., with more than seventy guests present.1 A profusion of Jonquils decorated the tables. The program was featured by a fashion show given by the Spanier Dress Shoppe, Olyphant, with Mrs. Thomas Evans announcing the various styles. Mrs. T. Lester Oliver gave several solos as d!d Mrs. Thomas Bain - bridge, accompanied by Mrs! P. Anthony Sweet. Mrs. Norman Galusha gave a reading. . '' Those present were: Mrs. Edward Anderson, Mrs. George Jones, Mrs, Clyde K. Owens, Mrs. Frank A. Bronzo, Mrs. John W. Schanz, Mrs. Theodore J. Haas, Mrs. Theodore R. Hale, Mrs. James J. Curt, Mrs. E. C, Newcomb, Mrs. T. Lester Oliver. Mrs. T. Balnbridge, Mrs. J. H. Williams. Mrs. J. N. McClurg, Mrs. G. Earl Sutherland, Mrs. W. D. Lewis, Mrs. Boyd A. Musser, Mrs. J. P. Brandt, Mrs. Alexander P. Clark. Mrs. Roy A. Nlcol, Mrs. Elsie Vetten Kline, Mrs. Martha Vetter, Mrs. Alfred Thomas, Mrs. Albert Snyder. Mrs. Grace Ed - , wards, Louise Lowensberry, Lois Jean Helsler, Mrs. Si Lewis, Mrs. Tom Evans, Mrs. Harriet Farnham. Mrs. S. Russell Moyer, Mrs. C. T. HurshaU, Miss Martha Davis, Mrs. " Robert Nicholas, Mrs. William McCracken, Mrs. J. M. Davis, Mrs. Robert Y. Moffat, Moffat, Mrs. H. A. Light, Mrs. E. H. Lewis, Mrs. G. N. Evans, Mrs. E. H. Evans, Mrs. Alfred Lister, Mrs. Hiram Pringle, Mrs. Walter Oakley, Mrs. R. D. Richards, Mrs. Harrison Reich - ard, Mrs. John W. Evans, Mrs. J, Palmer Smith, Mrs. Ripple Smith, Mrs. R. W. Michael, Mrs. J. A. High field, Mrs. Harvey Butcher, Mrs. Howard Howard Curry, Mrs. Frank Hildebrand, Mrs. Norman Galusha, Mrs. W. D. Lewis, Doris Butcher, Mrs. Ellsworth, Price, Mrs. William Stumm, Mrs. X. C. Kizer. Mrs. E. B. Ide. regular meeting tonight at 8 o'clock in the school auditorium. At,the conclusion conclusion of the business meeting a talk will be given by Prof. L. Paul Miller of the Central High School Faculty. Miss Margaret Stanley will be in charge of the program. Diplomas Awarded 16 Graduate Nurses Monsignor Vaughan Addresses Mercy Hospital Class at .' . Commencement Diplomas were presented to sixteen nurses last night at the sixteenth an nua graduation exercises of the Mercy Hospital School of Nursing in the auditorium auditorium of the nurses' home. The graduates are: Rose Mary Falbo, Carbondale; Carbondale; Anne Loretta Touhlll, Mary Louise Dempsey, Grace Kenney McDonnell, McDonnell, Scranton; Bernadette Ann O'Rourke, Archbald; - Charlotte Elisa beth Bitting, New Jersey; Florence Agnes Durkin and Alice Catherine Barrett, Archbald; Mary Rita Wilson, Pittston; Eleanor Cecilia Denk, Scranton; Alice Marie Barrett, Pitts ton; Mary Frances Harrington, Mary Cecilia Hopkins, Antonette Louise Manze, Scranton; Elizabeth Teresa Brennan, Archbald, and Marguerite Ann Dolan, Scranton. Dr. M. J. Noone, member of the hospital staff, presided. Diplomas were presented by the Rev. Joseph J Nallin, chaplain of the hospital, who also delivered the charge to the grad uates. The address was given by Monsignor J. J. Vaughan. Martin F. Hopkins and the Students Nurses' Glee Club entertained. Marriage Licenses Boleslaw Butka, Dunmore. Walerya Mlessek,. 1307 Watson Avenue. George Swatt, Dickson City. Catherine Powanda, Peckville. " COr.OIl CONSTIPATION YIELDS TO Til IITOI LAXATIVE FIIOPERTIES IN TASTY PRUn - O - WIIEAT BREAD Youll be amazed at the ease with which a few slices of PRUN - O - WHEAT BREAD at every meal banish common constipation due to faulty diet and lack of exercise. Please understand, understand, PFUN - O - WHEAT BREAD is iot a medicine. It contains no drugs. Its laxative properties are due solely to two natural regulative ingredients . . . flaked wheat and concentrated concentrated prune juice. And what a truly marvelous flavor this flaked wheat and prune juice give every slice of PRUN - O - WHEAT BREAD. The nut - like richness of the flaked wheat, plus the fruity goodness of the 'pure prune juice appeal to everyone of every age. You would eat PRUN - O - WHEAT for its flavor flavor alone. It is so goodt CHILDREN LOVE PRUN - O - WUEATI You will never have to urge youggiters to eat PRUN - O - WHEAT, even when their appetites appetites are below normal. The new and tempting flavor of this natural laxative bread makes it a real treat at every meal. And you know that the gentle gentle laxative action of flaked wheat and the concentrated juice of choice, sun - ripened prunes are safeguarding your children from the many evils of common constipation. And youll know, too, that you are giving them only pure, wholesome, natural food I TRY IT FOR 14 DAYS Give PRUN - O - WHEAT BREAD a place on your table at every meal for jast two weeks. Enjoy its appetizing flavor flavor and goodness. And note how easily how definitely PRUN - O - WHEAT normalises : elimination. Your grocer can supply you with this fine, healthful bread. Ask him today. SHIRTS look better ' feel better 1 fit better' I I ' wear better. 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Clipped from The Scranton Republican02 May 1935, ThuPage 6

The Scranton Republican (Scranton, Pennsylvania)02 May 1935, ThuPage 6
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