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1891 war review p2 - THE NATIONAL TRIBUNE: WASHINGTON, Rt,.,...
THE NATIONAL TRIBUNE: WASHINGTON, Rt,., THURSDAY, Y.t jT. 31, IMliat Ward, S8h K. Y4 Gbas. D. Jrhiosoh, HI M4 IIAuiL.-robi. Jfauik Wbonton M IK. S mw 5. Stannard. swl Vu; lsj3 Jamas &. Wadawoctih, Vol. AM ta Gen. Mo-. Downl!; J. . Ilamar and W. IT. Jlwry, Ce-DowtUl's Ce-DowtUl's Wiiff of il5iur.facs sad ArUllw re-BMMtlvel.v: re-BMMtlvel.v: .'. J. JfcwUoU, 27tk K. Y.; J.N. Palmer, 2d 1'. K. Osv.; Jutih G- Chnatnlin, 8d Mich.; Henry J. Hunt. W U. S. Art; Oqrts. S.O. Trier, A. Q. M.; Iticluwd Arnold. 2d U. S. AK.;Tlioiiittx FrHHfis Maurher, iWth K. Y.; Jos. It. Mnwlov, 1st Conn.; iiwm II. Fry. Mo-Rvwetft Mo-Rvwetft A. A. . ; Win. J). Whinida, Hmtlortt A. A.fl.: Unmcyn II. Ayrea nad N. H. Davis, of the V. h. Art.; Ahsulom llaird, A. A. (1., t aVe"' Divhdon ; Dankd 1. Wttwdlmry, U. S. Kmkmkm; ILkHl. W. W. AvwM. lid man Kirbv, I. H. Brisbitt, Julm I. Hawkins, Adulimrt Antes, Ale. S. Wobb and Emory Emory Ujdwi, woe, aamiar or Inlur, made TM-fadior-Jncral8 4 all told. Of th.a nninSrr 96 Itave pfcwd ovor th river, bwvinf; bat 17 nliva. Wltutt.m, Urisbiu unci Haw kin only ro-nmiH ro-nmiH in Uk jM-tivosorviuo; Fry, Will on, Whiji- Jile, ftalmtT, llainl nod Awrull seerm theRtird jUofth- Artuy; Hawlay Is in therxmate; Awo. Webb, Ibtrthjlt, Davit Wat 4. Pratt mi Quinliy ws.,d into civil Ufa. Th others ars nil Am A, A very few yw HMre. nnd the last or the vaitttuns will ltavo AIaiMMrd. Several o thee oflioar,H6 the war trt-uprawjed, lieeaHtejf rosily diaiiujrtilstieil, notably Hunt m Chief f AitiHt-ry far the Army of tho l'ote-ntae; l'ote-ntae; Wad-worth, wita v ktlld at tibfl W11-deruess, W11-deruess, May ii, IHW r (jnie tritt if vertt lived; Av.-nsll ad Ujiton h cuVHliy CiMtonik, mid W Ulcus. Jiiiwley. StMUMiird, Aiuas. Hart-rnntX, Hart-rnntX, Ayvs. Wttotitou, XStliww, Jltiird, Wobb nud odir m riUHT tMFAXTRY -C:H3 in tNMiy of h? jtroat'htitclas. 3Cirly wiukithd at (9Miic-llomviila and U'Kjir ml tie Swd Boll IRhm. JnmowHt mid OitroomH dind rturiHR tli ww. littrnard Ukuhho Uliief rf E0t)ni,j of tl iUitm Bixlm Army ewiilMlly. Fry Wfta (4e flcloltmfm Irv(w-Mri1ttil Geftot-ai Hft-Krti. f Htad, wf pfrformttd 83k brilliant nervi-ic nl dtrtiyalHitg, kis 4'oIonuI r-portod r-portod that at liwll Hum ka " uwd nqnwro op to tlM wrk." Oiiion, v.ho IK-wrd 1hicmm wU kiiswtt took fiart ia t fltill Suw otutipnij:. LmmL Joliu M. Wilow. of C5arlialV Uattery. i how SotmrinUiMliiit of W FtMH ; ( i. Miuk H. Putittoll, r. U Mt who reaiifticd .ry iw !, Itaa Imii CiHicraiMfONa (cow M itniwtH. Caft. Jolin U Tdill and JiiMt. Olh'.M- i). GrwHttt, l)ftuUr otln-crs eottimandiitc )Hrtr:s; C)t. Ileury F. I'l.-rke, Oiiif rHtuiiMiy of Mc-DowhII'h Mc-DowhII'h Mtojr, hh4 OhK. OkaatHM y Mr.Kaever, of JlaiwUn'ltoMM'fi lf, now (I1 aod A. A. Qn wmo all lwpv(Mtd Gttioiik. Cxpt. An-sou An-sou Q. McH'ouk, lt Okio. bwjuotJy a fijfkt-ing fijfkt-ing Ontottel and Hrevot IMkimImm-, i now wo-rJUry wo-rJUry of tla UUm1 Sutos iiate. Kot tong einM 11 lrty of four ftoUtiNH wi wh-veniitif; wh-veniitif; tofttUlMtr in Secretary Mr look's olftoa ! at Iko Ctu.. One of tkoiM iuddiUlly 10- i marfcod iliat he wa at Hall Rti. " 80 was I," roiuarkd another ititrflMidly. "And I," chiiwod in a lliird. "Mo too!M says a fourth. !The jarty caimj1 ol Senator Jodih It. Uwly and Wade Htrto, Sanslry McC7otk and tlie writer, sl the moating waa entirely Qccidcoal. Hampton vm a Kmitk CaroHna Coloiial, Jlt.wUf w a Cmaoti4Mit and Ms-Cook Ms-Cook an (Mi la Cantata, and I & jrivattt aeldior of thotd Wix. A vory laie inifrt4oH of tli oflloors whs becamo proiuinotit on the Southern eide ITOOK IAKT JX TIIK WJiAs KON CAMIA1.V, in oho capacity or anw hnr. Ikip.-0en. Tkoums 3. JaokNon, James Lonatrt, K. R ICwuli, IS. Kirhy Smith and T,F. Holmes, and Un). Wade HHOtjAoH, of IfwoiiHon's (S. C) IoieiiHi; JhImI A. KaHy. 2UI. Va.; Ambraae P. Hill, 13th Va.; and . iJ. li, Staart, of tho oavalry, all rose to the rank of LiuutomiRb-Qooaral, aud high OomMftHd. Bri.-Clen. I. It Jones, of ChwriR; Oek. 3mm 1L. ICoiojmh-, 7rk Va.; Jos. II. Kht1i:;h 3d H. C. ; Itohert K. (ortH, fttlk Aht. : Sih Jomos, IleaownaHVt'ltiof of ArtiHery; Anmld K'.ixy, lat Md. (Ootiffd.; Wj. Smith ("Kixn Hilly," the Qovoriior and politidan), 4HU Va.; Harry T. ly. 7(h 1m.; Mhj. Wm. lL V. WliKiux, JohMtott'e (liiof SUiirinonr: (Vt. FiuOmek I. A. A. A.U.; M. a R44or. of HamjHon'a LepiM ; St. F. Moke, and itatrt. Thoa. L waer, ucomm Uajur4JtMoMi in Ut CouCadorat serewe, Gom. fiatn 3ott. wbo cm BeaitrARavd Obka of Aetillfty. ttradaated irom ttw Military AeadiHjy in trill, mid tit Um outbreak of Uw War wan a OipUiia a! the lot Art. lie resigned April 7, iMil, and attaltivd Umi rimk of Major-GiMtetml Major-GiMtetml iu the rohel artuy. M mnM4dod the traot CiaileatH, fe. C, aitd wa tht- iu-dividttaJ iu-dividttaJ h ho ilaed the Union iruo4M ador lire of our Hit at that hmm. After t1 var ho wm anfoiiited to a tderk4ii in the War 2epartmei.t l-y &etftttry Mtary, and dlod July 81, J7, nhik holdiK Uiat uiNitUm. lie was itfeaily aUiHad oh one ootatOH mptm bo-lug bo-lug oi.ii;Ed liy a ('apt. ttoM-u. of a yew York FojtMM'Ut, who had a nou workmc ia Urn eoroe rNMu with the t;oterHl. A 11 rfi'ort wh made to liavc Uim dbobwrKud at Uni Utoa, lt It faitad, hoiainae Mcflmry lntd kw Miuinaod by 1'rwidont 11hv for a United KUtt( Jad!-vhif, Jad!-vhif, and he wanlod etc -rebel, in the SwU to oonurm him Jjmtou XxrioKA!. Tiukcxk. ( :jU. AoImio llHoood. 6. C. ; John ( '. Vaughn, 84 Twin.; M. J.-nkin, Atk & ('.; W. W. Knk-land. Knk-land. Uth N. C; P. Mt. Geotgo tcka. lfitb Va. ; S. t. Foa:lujton. 17th Mnw.; K. aHond. JrM 31th Va. ; M. I. tor., 17ih Va. ; L. J. GartmU, 7th Oa. , K. G. Eairt, K. C. ; i-.oa It unton. titk Va. ; W. K. I'endliou, Johnotou' (Awsf of Ar-tiJIury; Ar-tiJIury; Wm. hwkaUi, IJHk Mi-.. Jtdn S. Preoton and S. IL (ikrt,, Vol. Aid to lloasrojnrd, and YUtHiUi JordM. hw Aatmtnnt Adtiwt-Genomi Adtiwt-Genomi ; JenUCok. Goro M. titeuart. lat MA. (GonMl.;; Thowb T. Mnnferd, 2d Va. C'uv.; John lichUN 27tb Va.; W. M. GarAnor, oik 0. ; Mh W. L. (khall, Ckiof yai'rwaator; Z. C. iJoaa, Vol. Aid to Johnson ; (. K. P. Ai-KMdr, Am1-.Cohm; W. M. tttefon. of Ute JutfliiMtt ; Wn. It. Torry. Va. Cav. ; J. 15. Jmbodon. of Ut Artillery ; and iAtMtn. llwhmtA U. Gama. Artillery, and al W. FtsrHon, Cavalry, Cavalry, all Wie liiMfdiex--Oeoera!. Probably thera were mom. others at HmU ltuu in a anbor-dmata anbor-dmata Wipa'Uy who faxamo r-uu-al oflicor, but Cite foruKoiiifc are thn tnut knwtvn naoien. Many of thou inon wom not only oouafikMi-on oouafikMi-on Aurt iu their military oajwclty, hot thiouffh ilteir immenae nerMiuitlKy, individual and noml force, ally ttuoortant factors in no lonif maiuluinitic tlsambel coob. It h worth Yfbihj to conatdur tne ouamoterv und cwroors of Homo of tfceiu. mom (MMM'iaHy the two ohi4ii, and 4Jmhw other who became the mala Midori of JC lw Ix-e In th taegMnt nwtaifrnK of that wonderful army whi, from Knli Rnn to Ajinoniattmc, waauvor nit MLxwAutt p rum oorrcTWMtAcv. TtM two r.4:'owfoancte H' Hull lino, of course, wore Jaiop E. Johustou nd Gnatavo T. HonnroKKi. JoUnoton wns Uto M.hr ofli-oor, ofli-oor, ilnmsh ianrojsurd claims ta have bad the ntiw direction of tint Iwttlo; W thoro ha. oqk tieon a lSHito Vtween the iwo a to vfUkb notnit!.y etMonumdud. Oonwdoruhlo heat baa boon onKondored at Ik ttoulk by Uwir iievsHoJ majMRiiic er, and HetuiruirMd has within a nio.ik tuUfiH-d a book on Lkiasu-cn-nt ooiitcry. Althis Utr day the truth of the nutit4 in of no oouMtiMmoa, a history rooocuMes Ue loot that McDowell nlannod tho battle, and Uat H. was fonirht ont on the Con-federate Con-federate aid i;ty thu anhordinntM oonitnandors. At the lime, it did ainnhfy somothiDK to Itoan-roRwrd Itoan-roRwrd 4o hav hfcOevurotnottt atid tin- Sonh-fmt Sonh-fmt neonie he!ee they owed the victory w.leiy to hkiwniiw. lint for Johnotoo's ttwoly ar-rival ar-rival It hi ociiain Hoanniat-d would kuve m n dfoaotrons lofent, nmtod tlwy Wrwly vm-naisd vm-naisd tt, and this would anew to dotorniine the whole ooenlion at Isono, Moan while it is u noteworthy fuel that Johnoton's Hhenand.mh oontine4it iu the bottle suffered creator toss tbau Hennrtigurd's own Army of the Potomac A FfeiMJlHoau, Ihnrettrd wns of oouree in- tomnily thoatmml ; bnt. white always aiming lit the dramatic, whieh often wade hint attear fussy and ineonotiinoittMtl, ho wws yot a very ithie and oarnost Gowiml, of Urtdess onwy und greai reaoueee. JVoholily the evident ihm--count hostihly of Prosidoiit IMvis, Hmbnahml us Its ww hoitiud the HKoeutive jwwor, rimoe(l und ksdi3iHud Hnrctrd, nnd doubUuns impaired his nsefulRsoM to the Honth ; Intt ho tmwiely did toooh to jnatily iipnoaiUon and ovon derision. After Hnwtnr Hnd MhH Kun, Iloanrefcnrd imanined binsstf to be tho ntmt indiafwwaaibk mmm in tlo ConMemey ; be sot up ns a hort of inilitnt'y podmtoft; miticiKod other Gonoralt, volunteored ptatfK of otHMvtions for worybody in the aorviaa, mid, worst of all, made hiinaelf ridieutou by po&in. aw an ck jfootant "father of bk oonotry," Hw inter-liiuddling inter-liiuddling tjiled VUu jiiioH' of bis brother olHoers, and his HtnbiUoH. oonplod with his roul jtofMihuily, the aHiinositj' of Davis, who nraotittaliy sheived bun alter fcbilwk and &i-lutb, &i-lutb, w4i4oh aUkiFs sorlonwly hnrt kte military n i i i Child ran Gryfor preHtifiS. Grant's grand oetnUitniWons in 1561, hewwvtir, niinis oven HuHiirocanl npiiin a nocos-wily nocos-wily to l)vk. and ks nwoioii!ii ngninst llnticr was the most bi-flliaol of his career. Sti-auge to rotate, lleanreftard was soeond iu oanmiNml t .1. E. Johuatou at the wiud-np in ltki'i, as he was at Bull Run, the first battle of Iko WHr. nearly fouryoais befere. Wbon not intluoiiooil by his trejiidiocs aud vanity, be is a Iwantiftil nnd even Kw'rial writer, as witness some of lite CmUtiy mHrs n few yeuis huo. He is still living, h lostdont of ov Orleans, and is about 74 years of age. Johnston ha been generally roneideroil, noxt to Ijoe, tka ablest SouLUein commander. His defensive atratotiy was always good, Rnl in retreat retreat ha kandled a larieo army inaRHtllecntiy. 11m one dofct sccated to lie a lark of ike fikt-ittff fikt-ittff clMnont, and while it ihkv net 1m kiton-raily kiton-raily correct to say as totne have said that Johnston never fought ap-:;eral battle while in nouttuniHl, it must Ihj ad mi Und tbat liisstrory wasn't panel-ally of the iisklitiK kind. JI r-lainwl r-lainwl tkeooiuiHand in Virginia nntil AlrUel- lan'rt PouinsHlar advance reached tbe Ckieka-Itoutiny. Ckieka-Itoutiny. In tko indecisivti UhhIh of Fair Oaks, May 31,136:!. which was brottzkt on by J0I01-Rtou J0I01-Rtou in a well-conoeivod auack en the woakor iKNtionof MoC'leilsu's Army astraddle of an luiptiHsabla rivor, 1IR WAS SRVKRiaY W0UKHRD, and was wmmi snooeodud by Itobort E. Loo. ProsideuL Davis, who had no moro use for Jokuston than for Banresard, aud for the RHine iHT-tona! reasons, sent him to tkaf'ravo-yawl tkaf'ravo-yawl of StHtthern Generals," the West. Tko di!OMttra uronud VicksltHrg aud in the Atlanta campaign were great blows to li is military reputation and ohseHred JhnKln far a Unto; lmt in Felrrunry, l(Hi5, after T!oia destroywl Hood's army, and in the closing hours of tko Confederacy, Jfdinsten, like IlcaMrerard, was railed from rctiiotnont. He nrrend'red to Shermau on tka 304 k of April, ISGi. His " Narrative M is an attractive) book, and in all nftiria! papers Its was a inodol military writw. and never seems to have been nttaeked wili (be Mghead. Johnston was a graduate of Went Point, and a Jlrigadidr-GenerHl in the dd Army wbon lbs war broke out. He reslcttod and " went with hisStak." lie diwl nt Wnshiutrlan Mnreh 2i. at tho advanwid na of S4. 6in the war lie ban roprofiontod tho lUchtuottd District In Cnzu-K, nnd was long a menilM-r of the Katienal HoKid of Hail way CoM)uthu-r. Kcvt in order of rank, if not merit, oanio jMrkfcou. Kwoll, Hill, and Stnart. all Wost Point cradHntos. Thos. J. (or "Stonewall") .la'iksen, after Leo, Mtands kikebt of nil in the South. Stonewall Jackson was unqnostion-abiy unqnostion-abiy endowed with tuarkod military talent, but it is probable that bis principal gtsm-saos were in a great measure due to bis good fortune in having the merest numskulls for adversaries. adversaries. His rapid style of campaigning: somber, Kfl.KKT CUAKtCTEK AXI) FANATICAL XIUI cHtpUid with his lock, made bim a fascinating tniliUry Hgure, aud h:s cxjiloiu have naturally ten cxag.'erNtod. Had be lived to inert suck a ihsh as Sheridan, Jauksou's glory might have an tiered a similar odipse to that whieh lef ol KHiiy. His flank movement at Chancoliors-ville Chancoliors-ville was succssful by a mere scratck. It was only by surprise an unexpected onsat Jackson Jackson could hojHfl to win. After tlie fear.' h! Ktuiiede of Howard's Corps. PleasonUii was able to stop tii.i Coufoderatos with artillery and somo scaltoriiig cavalry. Instead of a tliln lino of men guns stacked cooking their sup-liers, sup-liers, witk ordinary fon-sigkt Jackson sbonld have been mot with 30.(KK) alert veterans; for it is well known tkat 50.000 of Hooker's men never fired a gun atChancollorsvilie. Jackson repulsed up the plank road, witk tho Federal army betweou himself aud Ixxs, Hooker's campaign campaign whs won. Jackson's movement was extra liazardons, for a repnlso would havooom-nletoly havooom-nletoly ioelatod him. Il is ratlnT imprimive, to ho sure, to say Jack eon "chargd like a tornado " down the Chauoellorsviile road iu the Federal rear, lntt those who arc familiar with that Wilderness jungle and the dinuuUv of moving men through it, especially in line of battle, laugh at suck atnlT as mere literary rnajfrfHly. TUw was ample time U) meet his "whirlwind advaue." Gon. Ilookor was wurucd by Sickles of JMckaou's secret move-nM.t move-nM.t aoveral hours liefore he attacked, aud in torn notified bis onbordiuato corps commander H the Uireatoned pitint. but tin heed was mu1 to tho dancer. The asms trick was subte-qnoully subte-qnoully tiied on Sedgwick, ik okaxVs yiiutuKxnm camjaiox, ad Inter by Kwtdl at SpottsjrlYaaia, and both failed. Both Lee and Ju-ko predicated a Bivat dal on chance, semiugly cow ad en t they were dealing with ineap4ble oppononti. Jmet Ioogstreet was one of Lee's fight in g Linttiain4eworls, ao4 was nicknamed the "did War liotW lie was not by any means detlcbnt in military capacity, though his inde-h inde-h ndVtit (-.-uupaigos on the Itlack water, early iu left!, and Inter at Kuoxville in 136 '(il, wf failures. From Hull Run onwnrd exempt when sufieriug Irom wourtls be bore a oi-stni'uous oi-stni'uous part in the war. until he surrendered wwh Im at Appomattnx. Louxstrcet was aererely wounded in the WildorneHS by tbe fire of his own men, wiUiin :!iroe mil us of the spot where Jarkaou f-li from a similar mishap tho year lHjlore. His de;ds cverywbors tonwl great favor in the eyes of the Sent kern psople, but not withstanding there has recently been an attempt on the part of tho IrroeoncilaWis to make him the aeapego't of the Gcttybbnrg div aatcr. witk tbttoacondary purpose of maintaining maintaining Gen. Lou's iNfallibiliiy. H still lives, at thu ago of 7, on a Georgia farm. He is said to 1ms engaged on a hl-toty of his campaigns. Ambrose P. Hilt uuccnded Jackson. Hill 5s not gouenlly considered to have boon a very abie ofllrer. nor was be especially noted for imgnactly, but he was a safe General; Lie rs-lied rs-lied on bim implicitly, and procured bis jho-tniAieu jho-tniAieu to Jsolcaon's Corfr ov-r ). H. Hill, an J homo others wlta ra4.kel him, becNUe he wanted a Virginian for that place. Hill pur-tit pur-tit ifmted in most of the bloody actions to save Itmhmoud. Ho was killed on tboSd of April, 1tf&, in the last Union assault on Petersburg, when the rebel lines were broken. Ittchard S. Kwelt ston bwm one of the large figured of the rebellion. lie took part in all the Virgiuia batUes, and lost his leg August 8, 1802, in a bloody attack made by his division on the Iron Hrirade at Gaiaosville. ) liwell was Jnckson's close Lien'enant in the Mooceasfut rebel caftaig4is of lSQt. When ia iwa JetforHun Davis suggesu-d that li. K. Ie go West temporarily to readjust a Hairs, Ix's argentont acaiuat leaving Viigiuki waa that " Gi-n. Iwweti's bnakb was iot snch as to warrant warrant him in taking command." Eweli's military career undVtd at Kal lor Oeok, April JWt, where b and several otHer Gonornls and some 7.J(3 mo wera captured ly 0u. Wioridan. lie died hi Tonnoasso iu 1T4. ' J. K. . STlf AKT, THE CAVAJ.lty I.ltAWCJt, waf enterprisiog, bold and nqiW in execution, and nat rally met witk great success in his earlier earlier operations. Much of his snouess must have been deserved and well-catned, the natural result result of energy and sagseity, but sfinic of it, like Jackson's, was apfineotly garnered tlmmgh tho couspieuotts iii:4aciiy of his opponents. We observe that as ttw I'.-diji-.tl cavalry gained in ex jNM-ietiee, St tiait's glry began to wane. He gained no laurel of Phtasonton at llrandv Ktetion and Gettysburg. After Shetidnn's advent advent there was a complete change, and in the cavalry battle of Yellow Tavern, May 10. ItHM, the rebel cavalry was ONlfoegbt and whipped, and Gen. Stuart lost his life. The rebel Ieudor wa undeniably worsted iu the strategy of that short campaign, as well a' out general ed on th field of battle. When Sherman angrily said to Meade, " I oan go out aud whip Stuart, if you'll lot mo alone," ShcodaM evidently knew what he was about. Grant coolly remarked to Meade, who was out of humor: "Uettor lot him doit, hadn't we?" AKI Yl:M.OW TAVJCttX WAS THK KHtfUl.T. Jabal A. ISerly was an eJ&oor of intrts, well-l.ked well-l.ked by Loe, and in Udepundent uonutiand mot with oonsiderabbj mhxwss. Hbi raid oh Waohington in Ue Hummer f 1884 seared Mr. Lincoln's Go-ernment neatly out of its boots, and with cause; but Sheridan "sent ICarly whirling up the Valley" the Fall of that year, which was about the lent of him. It is a on. nous fact that Bitot idan killed Stnarl, smiomod up liarly, and captured Kwwll tkroe of Loe's ltsutenaut-Genorals who began their careers at lis II Kun. Early is still living, 1 believe, at Lynchburg. Wade Hampton was the natural and logili-mat logili-mat suouoMSor of Stuart in tho oavalry com. maud, und lie alee had some hard tussfos with Sheridan, in whieh hewa not always worsted. He has boon n United States Seonlor from South Carolina since ltd). '11m other Senator frotn Sou Ui Carolina is M. C Jlutler, who bo-oame bo-oame n MaJor-Goneral of cavalry nnd lost a leg in bsute. Tbuy wore eomradus-in-arins during Lbs war, nnd after wards nntil W a roll prtoher's Castoria 4, 1S01, when Hampton retired colleagttcs in the Sonnte. 11. Kiiby Smith took part in llmgg's Kentucky Kentucky campHigu of 1S12. and in the chief command command west of the Mississippi was tko last rebol General to surrender. T. F. Hohneo never cut much of n figure in the war. Kemper, Kor-nliaw, Kor-nliaw, lioilux. Sain June, Wlilttng, Fl.uy, Hoke, Imbotlcn, ltarkda!e ami others, bpninio prominent prominent and capable ollicors. Koile was killed at inckoster, Sept. Ui, 1601; Whiting at tho taking of Fort Fisher; .Tonkins in the Wildcr-nes. Wildcr-nes. May (5. 151 ; Gnrland at South Mountain, Sept. 14, ISO'.', and llarksdalc nnd Gamctt at Gettysburg in lSTS. Tho Hull Kun roll is growing very shoit, many other Southern Generals Generals wbofeo unmos ajipenr licroiu having died since ttoe war. Whlrli Was It I ISaiUh, Grny C- t'e.'s .VoaAJy. Ilev. SliggiiH Don't forgot, young man, tlio bible injunction, that "tho lovo of money is tho root of all evil!" Will Dotes Haven't you quotod that wrong, Kblur? Rev. Stiggius In wliat particular? Will Dotes Doseu't it read "lnok" iusload of "lovo?" Onlj- IVniiinrnrily. Smith, amy t- Co.'s JenAIy.l Customer (in IJostoa storo) Do you koop necuties? Clork Not any longer than we can holp. HAD ITALY GONE TO WAR. -fir --::TnMWnTm k I 7 -r,s .&i ' ,-r - A f .. :tf r r V ' Her strategy raiglit liavo taken KilliMl by Pop-Corn. JTenti'rio Green (Ky.) TYmea.J Joo Mulhntton was in tho city yesterday. Mr. Mulhattou possosso? the nnjuaintaiico of cvory man, woman, aud child in tho city, nnd his famo as a renowned liar is vrorld-wido and proverbial. Tho gontlomau is 11 ficientltlc liar aud lies only for the pleasure thoro is in it. His latest is somewhat after this unique stylo: "Last week down in Misiippi, whore tho thermometer rogiHtered 7." above zero, Col. Stoddard's force of negroes wore busily engaged bousing a crop of pop-corn. On Saturday at noon tho Ust car was houiod aud the negroes wero given the rest of the day as a holiday. They loft the plantation and wont lo the small railway station near by to see tho evening tiain arrive. Whilu abaeut the crib in which tho year's imp-corn was stored caught fire and the heat from the burning timber caused every grain to 'pop.' Soon tho whoto plantation was covered with whito 'kernels,' aud a mule, 2S years of age, which was housed in an old barn near by, saw the ground covered with the whilu caps of the pop-corn, and while the thermometer thermometer registered 75 above z-ro. froz to death, because he imagined tho while grains of corn were snow flakes." Sherman and th Drummer Uor. r.Tokrafjc. Gen. Sherman never forgot that little drnm-mer drnm-mer boy who came to him iu tho hot fightat thu tear of Vicksburg, and when it came in his power ho had the youngster appointed to tho Naval Academy at Annapolis. Thu troops wero in the heat of tho engagement, whou Shermau hoard a shrill, childish voice calling ont to him that one of the rogi mania was out of ammunition, ammunition, and tkat the men would have to abandon their poniDon unless ho sent to their relief. Ho looked down, and there by the side of his horse was a mite of a boy, with the blood running running from a wound in his leg. " All right, my boy." said tho Genersl, " I'll fnd them all they need, but a3 you seem to bo badly hurt, you had better go and find a Surgeon Surgeon and lot him fir you up." The boy salated and started to the roar, while Sherman prepare! to give tho required order for the needed ammunition. Rut he on oe more heard tho piping voice shouting back at him: "General, caliber fifty-eight; caliber fifty-eight." Glancing back, he saw the littlu fellow, all unconscious of his wound, running again toward him to toll of the character character of the ammunition needed, as another size would liavo been of no use, and left the men as badly on as before. Sherman never could speak too highly of tho Utile fel'ow's pluck; he nkkod him his name, complimented him, aud promised to keep an oyo upon him. which he did. He often related the story, aud always with praises for the little wildior's bravery. . - -Tnrltr l'Icliiros. IXew York J'rcn The average price of our imports of tin in 1388 was 2d cent a pouud. Harrison was oloctod, tho development of Amoricsn tin resoiticts assured aud thu aver-age aver-age import pries for ltWO was iiJ cents a pound. Nearly everybody needs n good medicine. Tho linjuHtb wLicii have hocuiihiIhIwI J. the blood lorlog the oohl tuontbs miM br expelled, or when the mihl Uyn eouie. nnd the fillet t of bracing air i-i (M, the boily it linltlc to be overcome by do-bilUy do-bilUy or iWHne wHoih disiMse. Tlie reinurlrablu Mi-rt of Hood's Sar-npHiillti, bih! tha imivorHHl praitMS it has reoeivwil, mak It woriiiy your oon-fldeoee. oon-fldeoee. Il in ibe ideal Spring Sledidue." apari "l'r many yeaiw 1 1ih- taken !!. ol'n .Sarmi-imulli .Sarmi-imulli in Ibe early cpiing, when I nut troubled with di7XlueM, dultneM, uiipkatuui laMtf in my tHOHth iu tie morning. It removes ibis tmd tnote, reiievoH my hwdu!ie and nrnkos tuu fael greatly ictrebhod. Tiie two luUlt I look tbls fiKiug have Imjou worlh many dollars to mo." .loilh' MlXNf. 005 13 i Siteel, town of Lake, Chlongo, III. The Spriii, Veeciicme "I have taken two ImiUIos of iloMi'i SitrsHpn-rlUa SitrsHpn-rlUa und liave gamctl 'si jKiiunK Chu wa any. tiling without It burttng mo; my dyMicpfclH and Irtlioiihooss Imve gone. I never fell better hi my ltf, am at work Hgaln nnd eonrMlttr inyIf a well man. TIiom two bottlus were worth fSOJ to me." W, V. II1I.0WB, Lincoln, III. 4d by u)l druggie'. 31; eix for &S. I'rrpnrvd only by C. 1. 1IOOI) ii COpuUfuuiim Louull. lua. I 100 Doses One Dollar s&m'mmm m 1 V . J?2aA6Kk P ( tttJ y - a. - vi'r s&zrs VSfX Vs in Hood s p n n i a- Hood5s Tim Grant JMoiiitsnent. Omtl Moll (k. a) NctM. The Executive Goiuuuttoo of tho Grant Mon-unit'Ut Mon-unit'Ut AsstH-ialioji.pf vpw York, have resolved, resolved, wo aio 1 obi by.ihu Washington W, to ask tho Ntw York Legislature for $T00.(100 of the direct tax fund rrturncU to that Stato by tho rcron t net of Cougre;, for the purpose of completing completing the loug-proHscl monument to Gou. Grant. Wo do not know what will bo tho ro-Milt ro-Milt of their petition, btit hope that it will bo refused by (ho Legislature If tho country is lo pay for tho monument to Gen. Grant it should do so by honorable and direct appro-piiatinus appro-piiatinus from the public treasury ami not by an underground rsid on the strong-box at Albany. Wo should like to foe a great memorial memorial creeled to tho soldier of Appomattox, although although we do not thin latitat ho stands in ucod of such an artifice to porpetti&tu his memory ; but if a monument U to bo erected by tho Nation, Nation, it should lie tho Nation's tributo and not tho tributo of Now York State. TnrliT I'fcturM. -V. I", rrtss. This is how Atnorican plato glass has forced down tho price of imported plato glass in tho last 11 years: Tho averogo import prico of un- silvcrcd plato glass in ld79 was 45 cents a squaro foot. ESSSSSS r 18W) it was 33 cents. this terribly ofl'eimive t-liape. Tho I'ljtlsIi-JIan Abroad. Century. When abroad tho fetish-man is always a conspicuous conspicuous figuro in a village. Ho wears a tall hat of animal skin; around his neck hang sus-I sus-I Kin tied by strings a few small specimens of his wares, nnd slung around his shouMornaro little parcels of charms, into which are stuck birds' feathers. Metal rings,' to which mysterious little packages are 'attached, clash and clang as he walk., sorvingj (ogeth'er with a liberal aup-ply aup-ply of iron bells fastened to hi3 person, to announce announce tho Nganga's presence; aud, as If his body did not offer A sulliciuut snrfnco to display all his magical outfit, ho carries, slung over his left fchonlder in a woven pocket, a load of wonder-working material. A peep into a fetish-mail's fetish-mail's sack dic!oses a curious assortment of preventives caglus' claws, fenthors, fl-mlainc, antelope horns, leopiril teeth, tails and heads of suakns, flint-atones, hairs of the elephant's tail, perforated stones, different-colored chalks, eccentric-shaped rnois. various herbs, etc. Thero are sufficient reasons for his carrying theso with him. If ho left them iu his village somo one might Ktenl them; aud again, provided ns liois,he can admiiitsturata moment's notice to suffering humanity somo devil-proof mixture. A FeMfcli-Jlan. Onury.J The fotish-man under any namo is tho authority authority on all matters connerled with the relations relations of man to the unseen. He is the exerciser of spirits, tho maker of charms, and the pro-tcribor pro-tcribor nnd regulator of all ceremonial rites. Ho can discover who "ate tho heart" of tho chief who died but yesterday, who it was who 'Caused the canoe to upset, ami give three lives to tho crocodile nnd tho dark waters of tho Congo, or even who blighted tho palm trees of u village and dried up their sap, causing tho Biipply of mhak, or palm wiuo, to cease, or drove away tho rain from a district aud withered withered its fields of ngnUi (ground nuts). All this is within tho ken of tho Nganga Nkisi, nnd ho is appealed to on all lhcao occasions to discover tiie culprit, by his insight into tho spirit world, aud hand him or her over to the just chastisement chastisement of an outraged community. This is tho only substitute for religion that tho African savage posso3ses its tenets aro vaguo aud unformulated, unformulated, for with ovury tribe and overy district belief varies and rites and ceremonies aro as diverge as tho fancies of the fctidh-mca Who proscribe thetn. A Small-Salarlrd Uniclal. It Is holiuved that tho watchman of the vil-lago vil-lago of Springstille, iu Hetfen, Gormauy, lias the Hmallont ealnry of any otlicial in tho world. He gols four pfennigs a day, and as it tukos 100 pfennigs to make a mark, which is equal iu value to 21 cents iu our money, his monthly salary is Joss than 30 cents. He gets anotlior four pfennigs a day for clothing, and " boards around " umong the jxjoplo of the village. Taking no Klil.1 PHCfc.l Mrs. Gaddsby Is it true, as I'vo been told, that your husb.iud proposed by tulephoiio? Mrs. Do Sch net Why. no, that's a silly story; ho only asked Papa's consent that way Theie Is nothing more coueluslrsly proren than Hint IImm1N Siinnp.irillii H n riutieol nnd reliable blofxl itnrlfnr. If wo could nbuw ynu Hie ninny 5 Jetiem ho receive frinii eople of whom wo never heard lajfore. telling: of remarkaMu core.s of scrofula. scrofula. Mtll rlicllio HH'I all kinds himI det;reo of Ih. wwh of Hie blowl, you would b aj fully convinced of, and hi eiitliuialiu over, the moribj of Hood's SarsupiirillR as we are. iarsaparoISa "rjint spring I was compMely f.Ked out. My ptreuglb left i.iu and I felt eick aud inioerublc ull the time. Hood's 8araianlla cured me. Thoro ia noibiiig like it." It. a IJlJJOLn, IMItor Enter-prie. Enter-prie. UoJIoville. illcli. "After taking Hood', Srtriajiarillft I foil like a new iior-uiii. Thattlrcd fueling Im gonn, my a-pettte a-pettte it'liirned." C. W. 1'nr.i.iM, Shirley, Host. crpa nns. a eoicssie "I have uiel Hood'n S.ii-uipHiill.i every spring fortlin Inst four year-t and hnvu found it tbc most beui'ilciiit niedicbiu I hnvu ever taken. My little children have bM-n troubled with worms mill wo gave caoh a bottle of Hood's HoraapHrilln, which bus completely romored nil their troubles." F. W. l'illwa.S'edal.H, Mo. ifeiii met Tt-JM iita 1 f m DiaTr.1i1.ii ;irr.ii hi .asr " "v - a tu vv ItrW 'uriijcii' I I. "11 VV -1 o f AMrJmr : M . v yMA'j 1 ti v-. iys. vt Spring Hood s i rie op rm m en 1 m SarsaparilSa Sdd by all drtigKil. l; H.sforjS. Pruimrodouly b C I. IIOUWci 6., ApotlMfcaritw. Lowell. Mas. 100 Doses One Dollar

Clipped from The National Tribune09 Apr 1891, ThuPage 2

The National Tribune (Washington, District of Columbia)09 Apr 1891, ThuPage 2
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