Brooklyn Eagle February 21, 1877

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Brooklyn Eagle February 21, 1877 - 425.20 814,049.14 7j 1876 280 667 $114,110.47...
425.20 814,049.14 7j 1876 280 667 $114,110.47 184,697.96 or 1,769.71 83.13 Cashier. 811,900.00 2,012.10 1,048.65 650.68 $15,512.13 $14,076 37 1,436.76 $15,513.18 S20 Q93 1,394 - $93,630.87 AS1 - 8,906.99 '.98 BROOKLYN. Fowler, Secretary. $492,466.10 - $301,769.93 1,100.00 2311,000.00 12,657.29 82,941.46 10,429.62 i 52,706.09 $1,134,070.38 $1,107,115.87 26.9M.5I $1,134,070.38 4,396 695 911 . . $620,856.96 654,193.27 65.S44.25 251.84 Cashier .$3,560,050.00 $10,902,505.00 44,000.00 9,900.00 236,953,81 $1,267,476.63 .$16,010585.49 ,.$13,905,730.62 .. 3,105,164.97 $16,010,885.49 27,232 6,113 6.136 $4,745,110.15 $3,819,515.88 721.221.17 510.58 Barnes, Secretary $351,300.00 264,825.00 45,472.20 9,426.61 80,658.71 8,005.03 26,877.99 $786,492.64 $690,377.60 46,114.94 $736,492.54 4.555 1878.. . , . . . 775 1876 945 $803,816.42 dux. 85,379.98 1, 161.56 Wm. Grundy. - $615,058,50 817,676.00 2,000.00 89,824.06 16,000.00 103,669.29 7,219.15 $55,719.77 $1,206,065.77 $1,151,661.65 SOO.fO 54,104.12 $1,206,065.77 6,938 1,201 1.591 $618,798.09 790,513.01 ii2,719.45 26,472.13 1877 166.00 Lehronkravlss, $231,83000 $303, 91 26. . 14 6, ,447.92 !5!'.00 ,51.00 ,707.63 ,931.74 ,835.53 $30,20.5.20 $705,46d.03 $68.167.58 17.300.41 $705,46i02 . 2,402 495 441 $814,078.01 903,020.40 8J,629.97 286.60 Secretary. Now York. $60,804.16 I I $67,122 75 11,341.73 3,993.90 $5,344.81 $171,607.38 883.25 8,364.80 $171,607.38 203 S13 $153,216.20 179,431.50 . 8,163.48 QUIYJtu. by Mr. aconBed by ifr. White - Justice Walsh willingly with hold, and a alleging that widower and was acquitted married, ha 20 and the satisfied of stated respectable to death kerosene lamp o'olock, and The clothing MOCONICHI. His Trial for the murder of Maggie Bauer. . Deserted by His Family His Remarkable Demeanor in the Court Room A. Neir Phase of the Bloody Shirt Theory His Confession and the Witnesses Thereto. An Imbecile Boyond All Question A Day of Some Excitement. Special Correspondence of :ite Eagle. Oabdes Cot, Febrnaiy 19. It was a peculiar crowd of five hundred people who assembled bote to - day to witness tho proceedings proceedings in the trial of Frank McConichi, ot Brooklyn, for the murder of little Maggie Bauer In the woodB at Valley Stream, on the day of August 14. The child left hor mother's side to show a woman named Kate Hoffman a Bhort road through a woods to the turnpike loading to tho Valley Stream railroad depot. Her parents never eaw her alive again. She was murdered in the woods and her corpse concealed beneath some broken oodar boughs, whera it was found tho next morning. The facts of the crime are fresh in the minds of the Eagle's readers. The crowd that assembled at the old Court House today today filled the place to an uncomfortable extent. It was impossible to move about, and everybody wanted to be in the front line to havo an Interrupted view of McConichf, the witnesses and counsel. It was not until until near the close of tho day tbat tho Court thought il essential that tho orowd Bhould be seated so far as possible. The air of the room was siokoning. Tho fife nad to bo banked, and the windows lowered so that a cold current permeated every corner. A Hempstead PlainB wind is not a oheerful thing, and though blowing blowing a strong gale, was insufficient to purify tho air of the Court room. It seemed as though some of the people had come from their barn yards with their boots' freshly eoiled. The Court, counsel and reporters retired retired with hcsdB badly aching. MO OONICHI BBOTJGHT IN, When MoConiohi was brought into Court, ho wore no ooat. He has nono. Ho wore a vost and plaid shirt. He had been shaved, and his hair had been neatly trimmed. At first he was nervous, and his gaue wandered wandered from one object to another. Ab time wore on he becamo perfeotly calm, and during the afternoon waB tho most disinterested spectator spectator in the room. Those whom he all he favored by ropeatod winks from bim, and occasionally he would sot his tooth firmly, and shake his fist at De - tectivo Payne. Occasionally he emilod without any oause, and his ontica generally suggested the presence of a mute. Whon the District Attorney was delivering his opening speech, McConichi waa deeply interested, and dissented from his narrative of the crime by knitting knitting bis brows and shaking his head negatively. It was not a Bovuro or elaborate spooch that Mr. Downing made, but a cool, concise rehearsal of the principal facts. He Boomed impressed with the fact that ho had a solemn task in hand in causing a vindication of the law oven though it required tho saciiflco of the life of a fellow creature. The apeechmaklng and examination examination of witne3B0s soon became monotonous to McConi chi, and he frequently rose from his seat to look at tho sea of faces bohlnd him. MOVINO TO QUASH THE INDICTMENT. Previous to the calling of the jury, Judge Bnatced moved to quash tho indictment, on tho ground that it contained three counts, charging three separate and distinct crimes. The first count charged that McCon'cbi murdered her; the second count charged that he ravished her, and in oonsequence thereof Bhe died ; the third count charged that he committed a robbery from her person. The Indictment, he continued, was bad in many re - BpootB, The crimes charged wore not tho same and not punishable in the gimo way or degree. For he mnrder they might be hanged, for either of the other j crimes they might be imprisoned. He asked bis Honor : how he oould charge the jury in such a case. Mr. Downing contended that the indlotment was all ; right under the etatute. of last Winter, requiring I greater deflniteness In tho pleadings. He had framed : tbo indictment so that under it a conviction of ; murder in the second or third degree might bo had il the proof fell Bhort of establishing the orime in the ' first degree. Judge Pratt said that under this last ob - aervatlon of the District Attorney, ho f olt constrained to deny the motion to quaah. Mr. BuBteed then asked that the Distriot Attorney be directed to eloot whioh count ho proposed to try firat. Tho Court aaid that that would properly come up later In the proceedings. GETTING A JUEY. The calling ot the Jury was then prooeeded with. This necessary part of the trial progressed moro rapidly rapidly than Court or counsel had anticipated, and tho "twelve good men and true" were obtained iu about three hours. The jury is composed of the following persons : John Bomsen, N. M. Baylls, Samuel O. Wright, O. E. Van Nostrond, Thomas Duncan, William H. Hicks, John H. Van Cott, Richard A. Sammis, Oakley Ketoham, Claronco Botts, John M. Sammis, John Decker. THE AWFUL BLOOD? SHIBT. During the noon recess I had a conversation with a Brooklyn lady, Miss Hermelay, who is here with her father as a witness, and learned from her a very important foot, bearing directly on one of the strong points of the prosecution, A bloody shirt plays s conspicuous conspicuous port in the proof against McConichi. It has been stated that the blood on the shirt camo from tho wound in the murdered ohlld's ear. This is disproved, or will be, by the evidence of Miss Hermelay. It is better to LET HEB TELL HBB STORV in her own way : "One day Frank (McConichi) came to my house, hungry and dirty. I pitied him. I bad known hia family for some years. He had been cruelly treated and never knew a mother's love. He was cast upon the world a waif. I gave him something to eat, and told bim I would give him a shirt if he would got mo a pail of water. He did so. After he had put on the shirt ho began playing with my little brother, who had a new penknife. My brother told blm to look ont or he would atab, and subsequently ho did stab him in the arm. We always regarded him as weak mindod. This was two days aftor the mnrder." The shirt which waa found on McConichi was bloody on the sleeve. MIbs Hermelay thinks that if McConichi killed the child he would hardly return to tho neighborhood of tho orime two days later. The District Attorney, however, says there ore two bloody shirts. It is af present a mystery where the second ono wss obtained. Payne sayB it has a blood mark, the shape of tho child's ear, on the arm, tho same as the ono Miss Hermelay accounts accounts for. The officers wer surprised at the production production of the second shirt, as they bad never heard of It before. There is an opinion that thoro is something crooked about thla case. THE EXTORTED CONFESSION. To - day tho District Attorney struggled hard to keep from the jury everything calculated to Bhow that Mc - Coniohi's confossion waa oitorted by threats of violonce, and succoodod admirably. Ho was well supported by tbe witnesses. This will be a ttrong point with the defense. defense. It is probable tbat thoy will put Payne on tho stand, and if ho denies it will bo able to impoaoh him. Thero are two witnesses hero to whom Payne related the mannor of evolving the confession. Ho told it in a spirit of bravado, aud took particular pains to state that he had studied up ou the law, bo that ho just kopt olear of violating it in his operations. Ono of those witnesses had McConichi in his aervioo some time ajjo, and discharged him because ho beliovod him to be an imbecile. Mrs. Baruuin discharged him for the same reason. There are a number of wituoBaes here to toB - tlfy to thiB. I om ablo to stato o moro important fact, however, in this connection. Several prominent physicians physicians examined McConichi, last week, and they arc unanimous as to his imbecility, and attribute it to a loathsome habit of many years existenco. THE TESTIMONY taken to - day was very voluminous, but a great part of it was irrelevant to the case proper, and allowed only on the ground that it was laying a foundation for material material ovidence. Tho important testimony ia appondod in a substantial form: THE MUBDEBED CHILD'S MOTHEB. Mrs. Barbara Bauer, sworn: I am tho mother of tho murdered child; she was eight yoarB and nino months old; sho was murderfid on the 34th ot AuusI; Kate HotTmao was at my house that day; sho went away at a few minutes to one o'clock; my littlo Rirl went with her to shor? her the road past Jlnminell's to tho Valloy Stream roid; tho child said she was not afraid to go, no ono would hurt hor; that was (he last time I saw her alive; her doad body was found at six o'clock'the next morning; Dick lthodes found her body; blood had oozed from hor ear; her face was all black and blue; leaveB wero BtufCod in ber mouth; also, hor bonnet strings; hor body waa bruised, and also her arms, where her assailant had seized her; her clothing was not torn; she was in her bare feet; there was flesh and blood under her finger nails; thero was no blood, or external evidonce to show that the child bod been ravished. Cross examined Maggie was a healthy ohild; the murder was committed about a quaiter of a mile from my house; tho child's loft arm was pricked as if by a thorn; the right arm was bruised. AN AFFECTING SCENE. At this point Mrs. Bauer broke down and cried as though her heart would break. She had the sympathy of tbe whole audience. Testimony resumed Kato Hoffman's husband worked for my husband; it was at his request that I allowed Maggie to go with Kate to Hnmmell's fence; Kate said she was going to Xtookaway; I never knew that Kato had made threats against mo or my family; I did not know that she was dissatisfied because her husband worked for ub; Coroner's ovidence produced and read; Kate threatened to have me arrested if I did not keep my tongue OBJECTIONABLE QUESTIONS. Q. Was Kate Hodman at your house after the murder, murder, and if so, did you have a quarrel with her 7 Objoctedto. Bulod out. The object of the quastion was to show that tho witness witness was net testifying as she did before tbe Coroner, and also that there waB a motive to impol Kato to tho commission of the crime. Q. Did you accuse Kato Hoffman at any time of murdering murdering Moggie 7 Objected to. Excluded. Testimony resumed Magsi6 was not murdered where she was found; thero was no evidonco of a struggle struggle there; the loaves taken from the child's mouth were thrown away; I Finer saw aro conichi when Detective Payno brought him to my house ; my husband was with Payne ; McConichi had beou oon - Dned at Jamaica; Payno said, "that is the man who killed your child ;" I Baid. "is that bo, did you kill my child ;" ha said, "no, I didn't kill your child ;" ho said his sister hoa two children, and he would not kill them ; Payne had his dinner there; he gave McConichi a piece of bread; and I gavo him a drink of wator; (this is corroborative corroborative of McConichl's statement;) when the dress j that Maggie wore was produced, McConichi confessed I the orime, and identified tho dress and bonnet strings; he said he killed the child; there waa no knife sharpened sharpened while McConichi was in tho house; thero was a i eword hanging on the wall, and McConiohl wanted to know what it was for; Payne, my husband, Mr. Hen - I drickson and MoConiohi went to tha woods; McConichi i pointed out tho place where he seized the child, and : carried her throuch the woods: taere was no rone there; two days afterward Payne had him In the woods again: The witness waa in a very jovial mood at this timo, THE BOBBBB7. Redirect Whon Payne asked McConiabi it he took anything array from Maggie, McConichi replied excitedly, excitedly, raising his hand la the air "res, a ten cent pleoe with a hole In It;" hs said also that Maggie hid scratched him on tha nose and on the forehead. The District Attorney produced a map ol the woods whera the orime was committed. Counsel for the defense defense said It was not correct, and tried to prove it by Mrs. Bauer. In the examination aha became much excited, excited, arid buret out crying. Bhe thought the counsel waa trying to make her a wear to something that waa not truo, respecting the location of a house. "That house la not thero ; do you think I am green 1 that house did not kill the child, it was that man." For several several mjnutos she disturbed the court room by her walla, A WITNESS TO THE OONJT58SION. J. De Mott Hon drickson was in the woods when Mc Conichi confessed tho iuurdor ; ho took a ribbon from hia pocket, and asked him if it was with that he choked her, and ho said it waa ; McConichi went into tha woods first, and we followed bim ; he showed us whera , he seized tbe child ; ho by in wait for her in the ooru - i field ; he said ho grabbed her by the throat, and tbon carried hor through the field ; bo pointed out tho placo where he laid the child ; It was where the body waa I found ; ha said he did not kqow why he killed the '. child; he showed us haw he picked up tho leaves ! and crammed thorn into her mouth; then he i ahowed us how be crammed the hood of hor bonnet into her month, and spread the cape over her 1 face: he said ha broke don the twigs so that hs would bo able to find the place in the night to dispose of the body; ho said he did not dare enter the woods tbat nlaht, beoauBo there was so much nolso and light; he aaid that when he seized the ohild sho cried j "MAMMA, MAMMA 1" ' Mrs. Bauer hare broke ont crying again, and several Of the women aronnd hor were weeping quietly. Kate Hoffman wept as bitterly aa any. Tha witness described tho condition of tho ohlld's body. McConichi showed them tho road he took to get out of the woods. It is anticipated that the oase will bo concluded tomorrow tomorrow night. Speculation places the verdiot in tbe second degree. McConiohi's family havo abandonod him to bis fate. Kan. SOME HEROES. Republican Who Propose to See Hayes Innufjurntetl Delays I'bnt are Dnugerous - A Poor Colored Man Who ' lias Attended Inauguration) For 13 Tears Officials Witts Large Salaries Strangely Supine - Two Men Who Thus Far Constitute "The Old Guard." Hayes' Inauguration Sate. A meeting of the "Old Guard," a Kepubli - can organization of the Twenty - first Ward, and other Bepubllcans Interested in tbo proposed formation of a company to go from Brooklyn to the inauguration of Rutherford B. Hayes, was held last ovening at tho General Committee Rooms, Montaguo Hall. The attendance attendance was small, and there was a total lack of enthusiasm. enthusiasm. In foot, tbe meeting was a fizzle, as will be seen hereafter. Only eight wards wore represented. It was woll on toward 0 o'clock beforo the littlo gathering was called to order by the temporary chairman, chairman, Captain W. Hughos. Captain Hughes, on taking tho chair, oxplained the object of the meeting, and said that a number of prominent Republicans who had been Bpoken to on tho subieot hod heartily approvod tho Bonding of a Republican company rrom Brooklyn to partioipato in tho inaugural ceremonies at Washington. Captain Godard was then selected as permanent Chairman. Ho Bald that thero was no doubt of tho inauguration of Governor Hayos aB rrcsidont of tlio United States, nnd it wus to ba hoped that thoro was ! patriotism enough in tho " Old Quard" to go on aud ! ropresent urooaiyn in tue inauguration. Captain Hughes said that it would OOST about $20 for each man, and he had no doubt thoro were gentlemen in Brooklyn w ho would subscribe toward toward uofruyiug tho expenses. Thero waa no time to bo lost in this matter, and if business waB nieaut they should go to work in earnest. If thoy didn't mean business thoy might oe well drop the matter at ouco. Captain Wells also said the expenses would bo $'20 a man. These vrerohard time9, ho knew, and bo wanted a full expression of opinion in order to ascertain whether it was advisable to have Buch a company go on. If they decided to go, they would havo to leave Brooklyn Brooklyn on Saturday, tho 3d of March. I Mr. Korrsald ne wasone oi acommltteo of Five from ! the Eleventh Ward appointed to confer with the I meeting in regard to the movement. He was in favor of it. Mr. JohnBon reported tbo Republicans of the Twelfth Wurd as In favor of the movement. Captain Hughes HASTENED TO EXPLAIN that this meeting had not beon called with the anticipation anticipation of a large gathering ; but be really thought there would have been more present. A gentleman inquired whether it would not be more economical, if a company wont on, for them (o go on Sunday, the ith ot March ? Mr, Brown, colored, thought that delay was danger ous. He atated in reply to tbe last gentleman that four years ago he started with a company for Washington to attend tbe inauguration. They started the day beforo beforo tha inauguration and arrived in Washington the day after it in consequence of the delay of the trains. Captain Hughes There must have been a Democratic Democratic engineer. Mr. Brown That might be, but there were many patriotic Republicans on the train. I have attended tno inauguration oi nopuuncan residents or tne past twelve years, and while I have soon there representa tives from nearly all the principal cities of the United States, I have never seen any from our Oity of Brooklyn. Brooklyn. I think Brooklyn should be represented, and al - tnougn i am A POOB MAN I will give my share toward defraying tho oxpenscs. 1 intend at any rate to ba present at the inauguration of Rutherford B. Hayes. (Applause. Mr. Willioott said that be had seen a number of prominent Republican officials in regard to this matter men who drew large salaries but be was unable to interest them in it. A motion was made to open a roll of membership. The Ohoir put tho motion, and but few responded ; but all who did respond did eo in a weary way, in the amrmatlve. Tho Choir declared the motloTi curled, but remarked that "there was NOT MUCK ENTHUSIASM about tbOBe 'ayes.' " Mr. Lepine favored the opening ol a roll at once. 11 they meant business, let them do it at once; if not they had better adjourn "sinny die." Two parties camo to tbe front and had their names enrolled. The Chair Unless there, is something more encouraging encouraging than this, I think we might as well quit. There did not Boom to be anything more encouraging and the mooting adjourned until Friday evening. THE CONTINENTAL. Important Order finite tbls JTloiralnsr to Retain tbe Property of tne Company Company Within tne Jurindiution of tne Courts of tnlsj state. Justice Pratt granted an order in the action of John O. Hoyt against the Continental Life Insurance Insurance Company, joining tne Peoplo of tbe State of Now York and William Sinjthe, State BuyjerioUndont of Insurance. Insurance. - Bis Honor also granted an order to show cause, on ihe petition of James MoSonnell and Joseph T. Sanger, - why the relief asked for tn the petition should not be granted. All the parties being duly served, and the Attorney General offorlng no opposition, opposition, this morning Justice Gilbert, In aocordanoe with the prayer of the petition, granted an order that tbe franchises of the Continental Life Insurance Company be declared to be dissolved and extinguished as to all the world except solely for tha single purposo of enabling enabling the Attorney General to prosecute an action ancillary to this, to reach the funds belonging to tho Company, Messrs. Tracy & Catlin, Mr, John L. Hill and Messrs. Gilbert & Cameron appeared on tbo application. A PRIEST'S LIBEL SDIT. He Said "Kscartse Rlielcuszny Ultrad Ttznam to Szosc Dziesieat Iloln - son" For fblai 930,000 Is Reauested. This morning, before Judge Reynolds in tho City Court, the Rev. Adolbertus Mlelcuezny Bued Anton Lambui for $50,000 for slander. Plaintiff is the pastor of the Polish Congregation In Now York, and charges tbat defendant, at No. 17 FlatbUBh avenue, on November 15, 1876, in the presence of Thomas Aslocki, Joseph Czornecki and Minister Joseph iiiodziolski and tbo plaintiff, Bald ; "Ksoadz Miolcuszny ukrad tyzaam ito ezeso dzios - iest dolason ;" which, being Interpreted, signifies: t ''Pastor Mlelciiflzny has also Btolon from us one hundred hundred and Bixty dollars." Tbia is the alleged libel complained complained of. Tbe answer io a gonoral denial, nnd In Justification and mitigation it Is alleged that in 1873 the St. Stanislaus Stanislaus Roman Catholio Society of Now York was formed and that $143.80 was taken by the plaintiff out of the bank and appropriated to his own uao, and that tho words complained of wero used without malice by tbe defendant in his capacity of President of tbe above named Society, Tho easels on. For the plaintiff, A. Czaki and A. H. 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R R Y EBB V EEB K R Y PPD AY T ' D D AA Y Y 1 it A A r r I) I) AAA Y DDD A A Y IN THE WEEK, SUNDAY INCL.UDUD, PRICE. TIIHEE OKNTS. IT WILL CONTAIN; THE LATEST LJCAL NEWS, NEW YOUK OITY NEWS, THE LAT15ST TELEGRAPHIC NSWS FROM ALL PARTS OF TOE WORLD, AND TITH LATEST POLITICAL MOVEME.NT.S. conmissio - sEUs of deeds. CITY CLERK'S OFFICE, BROOKLYN, February 14. 1877. Notioe la horeby Riven that at a meeting ol the Common Council hold. Febrnaiy 12, 18T7, the following persons were "appointed Commissioner ol Deeda for the ensuing tpro years, vix. : E. A. Kouter, John Smith, Frank N. O'Brien, Mlohael J. Hannon, James W. Graham, Frederick Welbe, Tbomaa L, Black - well, Honrr Hawkoa, Brneat A. Walter, Robert Merchant, Gideon Oatrander, James A. Nelson, William J. Roohe, Chester Bedell, Jarnoa AfoJIaiwa, James Tier - ucy, and they are hereby notified that they aro rermlred to ule their oath of offico on or before the 2th day of Feb - rear, 1877. A failure ao to do will bo regarded as a deoll - natlon of the office. iUm WM. O. BISHOP, Olty Clerk. PRINTING. B OOK AND JOB FltlNTIUO OF EVERY nKSORlPTION. JJTHOORAPHINO, KN0BAVISO,8TRREOTrpIffG VAND BLANK BOOK MANUFACTURING BOOKBIND1NO DONE IN BVKKY 8TV1.EL FINBST OOLOBBD WORK IN THK OOUNTBT. MAMMOTH POSTER PRINTING A SPEOtALTF, BROOKLYN EA01LE JOB rRnjimO OFFICE. TAgES IEPAB - iffi rESl - JE',iiSSv1.?,i0Sj tho fotowina - thewarrant. for monHonpd therein, Collector of Taxes to pa snob out delay athls 1 Orading and to DsKalb averine. 3. Grading and Eighth avenue. 8. aradiag; and pavementMtom 4. Grading and avenue and Omwn .venue ana Sootionloof Title On all taxes or Collector before warrant ior tno eredtoblm, an persons making throe - tenths portion thereof, nnd credited to the acoount of the paid to him after of the warrants, eeut. additional jol9 lm TOTIOB KKNCINO BKTWUKN Notice of tho City of Brooklyn or lownors of tho street, between said lots with a already done, is affected by the li, 1877. . Attost : D. L OTIOE TflCNrSlNf 1TRRKT. STUKKTS Council of tho City of uu unuua ui side of Sedgwick Ctrrnfo fr fnnrn " . . ' - uu iaj Buiibu r to bo affee'ed by February 14. 1877. Attost: P. L. (TOTICEJOF 1 FK.NflTTfl'S "Wren AVKNUE. oll of tho Oity of the ownor or Adams streot, avenuo, lot 18, block lot with a chine ivon to overy iat3d BrooltlyjJ, Attest: D. L. TWOTICB V TWEEN AVENUE. Notioe the City of omior or owners jefforson street, avonuo. close board feuco person to ba Brooklyn, Fobruary 14, Attest: D. L. OTICE FLA(;(JINt; STREET. H I KK l. I S oil of the Citj of the owner or Bide of Columbia, streets, to fin bluoBtoua flagging, a)road done, is by tho esia Attest: D. L. THE of That it la necessary the northwest lots No, 1. 79. 80, flftUWard map. foot high, for the the prosont they hreby ordain pense of the of City Works la fordoing The forfltfoing the said Common sixth day of June, Approved this felStOt THE of Brooklyn That it is UQoeuary tho south side of streets, to bo the purpose of condition of the ordain that said owner or owners Works la horeby doing suoh work. The foregoing the said Oommon third day of Approved this fel510t THE of Braokbra That It Is frontlns upon Clasaon and on Blook 48, on blueatone ol bx lent, tor the present Ana tbe; hereby the expense of partment of City proposals for The foresoinjt tbe .aid Oommon third day of Approvod this felSlCt THE of Brooklyn That it Lb the north side streets, bBlng Third Ward feet high, for rbepreront they heroby ponso oi tho ol City Works for doing such The foregoing tho said Common day o! October, , Approved thla felSlOt flHE JL of Tat It is thi east sidfi of Lafayette avenues, feet high, for the present they herebj expense of the Department of Oitr pofaU for dolus; The foregoing the said Oommon dav of October. Approved mHE JL of llrooklyn That It Is necessary the south side and Union place, tcouth Ward alx feet high, which the present And they hereby pease ot tho of City Works Ik als fordolnff Tho foregoing tho said Common third day of Approved this. feWlOt rriHE JL of Brooklyn That It ia frontind upon tween Butler i 10, on blook with bluoatone width of six foot whioh the present cause. And flftCffed at the tho Department tiso for proposals The foreRoinsc tho said (jo tnn thirri rtnv nf Approved this fel5Ult mHE" .1 City of vis, : That it ia lots fronting Lee and Marcy flagging whera lor iho purposo condition of the hereby ordain that of the owner or City Works (b for doing audi Tbe forogoing the said ('onmnin third day of Approved this folBlOt City of That it is tlio northonsU'rly str.'ot to bo for the purpose present condition herutiy ordain peuso of tho of City Works is for doing euch Tho foregoing tho said Common ty - aixth day of Approved this felulOt THE of That it is fronting upon Coles and 84 A on Sixth flagging, where for tho purpose condition of the ordain that said f he owner or Works is hereby doing nuoh work. The fore t( tng the said Common tj - thiid day of Approved fotfi lOt inn I of BrooJfJyn That it is necessary tho southeast to fill up s dd tor the purvoao present condition they hereby the expense ot Dopartmont of City nFn..raali far Tlio foreKoiny tho said Common teentli day of Approved till eJ510t THB of Brooklyn Thnt it fa npcesffary fronting upon Tompkins and. atone t lapping, v. feet, for the profiont condition they liBi - oby ordain Ibd9o of the owner of City Worki is fdr doing .inch Tho fo. - eirolnji thn ftnid dnmman third day of . w Approved thla felfilot mHE luat It la nrcafl.hT. froutlnR upon Tenth andOrohard fincirinir tfhnm feet, for tho present condition they heroby ordain pense of the ownor of Olty 'Worka Is for doing such Tho foregoing tho aaid Oommon third da, ol proved miTK B of Brooklyn Thit it Is necessary iron tin, npon and Graham fnir whore not tor tbe purpose of ent oonuuiuu vi uami, uiuuu nanse of the owner of Olty Works la lur uuiu, .uuu the aaid Oommon , , Approvod thii feU 101

Clipped from The Brooklyn Daily Eagle21 Feb 1877, WedPage 4

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)21 Feb 1877, WedPage 4
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  • Brooklyn Eagle February 21, 1877

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