Political commentary about cronyism in US Revenue Service, 22 Jul 1881

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Political commentary about cronyism in US Revenue Service, 22 Jul 1881 - 'HdVfc l TVorka - in CinclnnatL 'The XWenna...
'HdVfc l TVorka - in CinclnnatL 'The XWenna Department a Orcan- , . ' tzed by Amor Smith To tack CoaTentlons. Hound Hta En-S En-S 9inl Reward Hi FrUnda. A short time since a well-knownUnited well-knownUnited well-knownUnited Btatee official said to an Ekqpiker reporter: "Why doeinfth EKacKR tell the people how Amor Smith bus organized and ia degrading tbe United State Revenue Service into dirty, personal, political machine? It la getting getting ko a man can not be a candidate in hia Ward for a delegate to any Convention with out first obtaining permission from Amor .Smith. lie in constantly, appointing men to places solely for their ability to aerve him a ward politicians. He baa hia men located located In every ward In town, and be move man from one ward to another when be wishes torauke a point. They go to Con veu-tiona veu-tiona na delegate, or select men to ko that will do : whatever Amor wanta done. He using;, bis: storekeepers, aauftent and clerks Bow to .help Luke fe-taley fe-taley fe-taley secure a re-nomlnnticn re-nomlnnticn for County Treasurer. If Were left " to the rank and file of the Republican party County Commissioner Zcmstetn could beat Luke Staley for-the for-the for-the nomination"; but that sang; of soft-heads soft-heads soft-heads no, I menu fcalber-be&ds fcalber-be&ds fcalber-be&ds in Lincoln Clob are trying to ran things by ignoring the masses. Amor's strikers, who draw a salary from the CioveruBient, always make themselves useful In Lincoln Clnb bv always working and voting voting to keep the Mr. Slicks on top. At the last organization of Lincoln Clnb any number of proxies were votMl by a little clique." The reporter concluded to look into the matter, nd found that all the offiolal said was true. He further louud that the Post-office Post-office Post-office employes, employes, from letter-carriers letter-carriers letter-carriers up. were being used to help Amor in all his projects. After Amor Smith wux appointed Collector, in 187H, be used all the tnatliinery of his office and those under his control to eleet Foster. Alter she election was over he assessed every Uaueer and -Store-keeper -Store-keeper -Store-keeper -Store-keeper from Su to .10, to make up, es- es- k claimed, for money be had spent in electoneerina for Foster. When fcberman- fcberman- oecaiue a candidate Tor President, President, a Sherman C-lub C-lub C-lub was organized, and Amor headed a Uirgr delegation to Chicago to yell lor the humfcn icem rg. They went, and aaw, and yelled, but yelled in vain. Alter their return AuorHmith, with great tinancinl hind-tnougbt, hind-tnougbt, notified all the Government employes in bis Itepartinent that a two-dollar two-dollar two-dollar bill from each man would bo very acceptable to settle The sundry expenses of the trip tu Clileago. The boys an tied up to save their places. Amor baa been claiming great ered it for the nutnberof soldiers that lie ha under him. It i notorious fact that be is com st an tly removing removing taem and putting men on who can Too made useful as ward strikers. The following is a complete list of all the soldiers in the revenue service in the Cincin nati District: W. X. Taggart, P. P. gtroufc, , "W. P. Eckto, J. P. Love, H. Becker, C H. talon, , IX iohla. C. P. Lingo, ; P. B. MarlKnd. -Phil -Phil UeiktcU, Q. H. Butter-worth, Butter-worth, Butter-worth, H. H. Tinker, Geo. Weitzel. J. 1. Via m ton, H. B. Tee tor, J. B. Wallace. . A. R. Basson, Tbe following is a been discharged to tlclans: Ji. Frlnta, . K. Moras n. P. K.Vay. "Ym. W Litems, O. F. Reid, Jacob Sindlinger, Hunter Brooke-, Brooke-, Brooke-, F. W. Buskirk. K. tt. F.wing. . A. Wirthwina. It. W. Pendergrast, J. Burgess, A. Korte. 1.. K. Keck, A. B. Frazer, J. B. Doan. T. S. Dewar, K. J. Tyrrell, W. H. Harper. W. H. Parka. FL B. Kimpson, A.J.White, C. W. Whiteley, U. W. Williams, list of soldiers who have make places for poli- 1?. O. Kennett. 'liarlea Davis, .Morgan Shaw, W. B. Richardson, v . B. Mlullito, l-.. l-.. l-.. C. I'rner, Chris Ktegner. d Evans, M. L. Snootier. Tbe follow in e Is a list of politicians and civilians under me great Amor W. B. Jones. Charles Smith. 8. Johnson, . A. Broad well. -Jacob -Jacob Best, H. Brock man, 'William bormin, Oeorae Crapsey, J. H. Weaver.-A. Weaver.-A. Weaver.-A. W. Wall. cJeorge Bauer, John K. Collins, (ieorgr Schatzmann, J. R. Wolf. J. S. Wetherby, . Bogen. Ii. H. Logan. "W. C Henderson, J. EL Cormany. Si. Smith ner. "V. A. Jenkins. Joseph A Dierlein, G. W.Ouysi, "W. M. Davis, O. L. Hagau, J. Smith, W. C. Htrickland, Alex Blerlein, A. M.Orose. -J. -J. Critchell. "W. H. Atkins, H. Dickmeyer, Fred Newuouse,' M. Neave, ieori;e C. Witt, . w. Crnry, L. Otlenlielmer, W. P. Cavender, J. E. Rois, O. A. Meyer, S. 11. Cook. Wallace Carr, .1. W. Tavlor, V. M. Roberts, J. V. Baker, T. J. Davis. .1. V. Hnnry, I.. Heilmau. I. H. Moorehead, 1.. T. Kotte, fc. 1). Evans. Foster," A. M. Hallev, W. P.O'Hara, B. Bncklev, 1. J. Lewis. .1. J. Taylor, teorge Draper, i. H.Brown. H. H-eman, H-eman, H-eman, A. Hildreth, J. 1oaan. .'. F. Patterson. J. t.. Alien Uato. Italian. Ttnw uiarkrtl with a star in this list were minors when af pointed. There has been cousKieralde howling about the Conk linn maoliiue in New York Slate, but Amor Kmitla's little machine in Cincinnati Cincinnati is not to be sneezed at, as some of tbe ambitious poiiin-iatis poiiin-iatis poiiin-iatis who are not in the ring will find out before the fail election. ON VICT LABOR.

Clipped from The Cincinnati Enquirer22 Jul 1881, FriPage 8

The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, Ohio)22 Jul 1881, FriPage 8
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  • Political commentary about cronyism in US Revenue Service, 22 Jul 1881

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