AR listed as Republicans who want office, 26 Feb 1885 Enquirer

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AR listed as Republicans who want office, 26 Feb 1885 Enquirer - re-t re-t r -1 -1 Tia Republican Convention...
re-t re-t r -1 -1 Tia Republican Convention Probably en v Jttarcn 18m General Robert Ken- Ken- , ' : nedy Ken waa want Office. Tbe spring election takes plce oa April stn. being five weeks from next Monday. TUere is a tacit understanding among Republicans that tbelr convention will be held en Wednes day March 18th. three weeks hence. The Democracy, Jast at present, have more important important business oa hand. - On- On- their , return from the triumphal celebration, and Inauguration Inauguration tbey will calmly determine what dls-posltroa-io'mske dls-posltroa-io'mske dls-posltroa-io'mske dls-posltroa-io'mske dls-posltroa-io'mske f what still remains nn buried of the Republican corpse. The fall Gubernatorial campaign is a sort of lapping over Into tbe lap of the spring cam paign. Here is General "Bob" Kennedy Ir reverently Invading Foraker's own Cant hill. Oeneral Kennedy has been quietly very quietly calling on the leading Hamil ton County Republicans, lie arrived in tbe citv Tuesday morning, skirmished. about a good deal yesterday, and is to continue his rounds to-day. to-day. to-day. His mode of electioneering is lust as direct as on might expect from a statesman called "Bob" tor abort. Enoch T. Carson. Kingof the Persians, was towing bins around throngh the slush yesterday. The names of nearly all tbe prospective candidates candidates before tbe spring convention have been from tlioe to time announced la the ENariaER. The main Interest, of course, centers In the Mayoralty. Oa the Demo-cc Demo-cc Demo-cc ratio slde-lils slde-lils slde-lils Honor Stephen Banks desires a vindication. Senator William Caldwell is perhaps most frequently spoken Of in that connection. With such a reserve list ss Sol P. Kineon, Brenf Arnold. George K Duckworth, Duckworth, General Michael Ryan and Hugh CoJ vllle to draw from there is little danger of tbe convention makinga mlstuke. On the Republican side Fire Commissioner Cbfis Kleehler is tbe most prominent. The general feeling seems to be that be will get there. Mr. KlechTer Is in the tin-roofing tin-roofing tin-roofing business, business, and formerly served several terms in the Board of Education, from tbe Twentieth Ward. A. Q. Ross, who a few years sko was badly beaten for tbe Board of Public Worka, is also out for Mayor, and tbey are making nulut a nht for him In some localities. Sir A. T. Goshorn and Wm. Glenn, the wholesale grocer, ar "honorably mentioned" for the nomination, and with that honorable mention mention they must be content. The fact that Amor Smith received 297 out of 803 votes for Director of the Lincoln Club is eon elusive ,proof that that high-toned high-toned high-toned elusive orcanlzatlon has ellqued xor Prince Amor. Mr. George Weber seems to have fallen by the wayside. John Blmp- Blmp- klnson, of course, is a candidate, bnt with ih. M-rioiniY M-rioiniY M-rioiniY that verr trades unionist in luwn would vols a gut nut blm on account ! his advocacy of extreme measure aalnt the striking clEar-makers, clEar-makers, clEar-makers, his chances are re duced to nil. I'eter Striker is brtterly op posed by the Republican organ, which fact haa tended to improve hie prospect. Henry Varwle is making; the most active canvass at all. His tickets are to b rou tin on every oar- oar- mom enrd-rack. enrd-rack. enrd-rack. Conndentiaiiy. o inn duiiib. here is vour bacon. He is distinctively the boodlo candidate. Chnrley Jacob is a ean-rii.inufn.m ean-rii.inufn.m ean-rii.inufn.m force of habit, nis chances areO. Ren Harrison, present Assistant PoliPO Court Clerk, is a Republican candldaf for Hie Judgeship. Tboman P. Hnay, Kso,.. sny he is in the bands of his friends. As his friends are nnmerous it will be observed tht Tommy is Wldelv distributed, unonei iitim&y mi", who rendered the Democratic partyvcfficlent service last full, is also mentioned lor toe lemocratic nomination to thnt ofiinn, Ed lioyte Is said to have money, and what's more, tbe nerve to spend it for the Hoard of Public Works nomination. Hport Kd llson snvsnp is a candidate. 'There's mire money," says Wilson, "u inai omoe, muu in mo Mayontltv. Heard Ed lioyco was worth minus a fortune when be look the office: now, by closo economy. Judicious investrneuU and busineKS shrewdness, he is worth several fortune. That's tbe office for rue." John hllKltlPi:, Fehrenbatcii litis the support of John Zum-steln Zum-steln Zum-steln and the Court-house Court-house Court-house gang. He is being piloted about by that shining Mark Lewis. Bill Jp'oruts is a man of wealth, and a wllllna-niss wllllna-niss wllllna-niss tivspend It. James Morgan. Geoige Uobrecht and U. B. Eckeltnan have also entered tho race. .... Thus far Domocratio candidates are scarce. Mike llyan, the contractor, and Wni. T. Marshall Marshall are nmktn the most spirited canvass. George Hritton. eushler in Dan Dulton's office, is another candidRtu. Jus. Qulnton. Gaufer, formerly General TiKktt Aimnt for John Robinson's Show, is eoing to innke a r!d hot fight for tbe Repub lican t liy treasurer noiumution. nn uu a ,1. At tho recent Llneoln Club election Mr. Onlnton received every vote cast. He is prooaniy tut tnoni gonerai lavur-Ite lavur-Ite lavur-Ite In tno club. Other candidates are Wm. Uoettger, Ioc Draper, Mr. Basson, stamp t-icrk t-icrk t-icrk at the Poxt-otilce, Poxt-otilce, Poxt-otilce, Richard Zeldler, Al Bohn-r Bohn-r Bohn-r and Jake Trout. Mr. fieorife lieraucourt seems to have no competitor oa the , Democratic aide of the bDonMncneale, Esq., has withdrawn from the raCH for Citv Solicitor. Dwlglit Huntington Huntington has popped np In bis stead, ltwight is an artful dodger. Once upon a time he was an honorable member of the Legislature, and his German constituency have not forgotten that when the Pond law was put on Its pnss-ua pnss-ua pnss-ua Mr. Huntington was fouud mysteriously wanting, lie dodgi-d dodgi-d dodgi-d a vote by purposely absenting absenting himself at the time. Alf illll, who has practiced law since he left a desk In Hnm Ramp's office Just two years ano. wanta to be City Solicitor, or, more properly, properly, he Is asklnir for the City Kolicvorhfp with t rie hope of dropping Into an assistant-ship assistant-ship assistant-ship on a compromise. ! rank Cop pock, Asa Waters, Kruhk Goodhue and J. J. Muir are alo candidate. ' Republicans for some time after tho resnlt in this county last fall was known felt confident confident of victory this spring. This feeling soon gave way to one of doubt. Now the German phalanx Is wavering and the Republicans are beginning to despair. The Republican legislative legislative action on the proposed liquor license amendment has practicnlly resulted in a de feat of that measure. Thiscoinmunlty is substantially substantially unanimous In favor of a reasonable license law. and when the voters realize that the Republican party, for partisan reasons sololv. has defeated license a cyclone of pub-lift' pub-lift' pub-lift' wrath will knock the .Republican hulk endways. Thomas Doherty, who has been employed about the public wharf for loin years. is a candidate for WharXinaster. .

Clipped from The Cincinnati Enquirer26 Feb 1885, ThuPage 4

The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, Ohio)26 Feb 1885, ThuPage 4
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  • AR listed as Republicans who want office, 26 Feb 1885 Enquirer

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