Marie involved in Decoration Day event 22 Apr 1883 as Mrs A R Basson

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Marie involved in Decoration Day event 22 Apr 1883 as Mrs A R Basson - ECOBi ATIOW DAT. Am lafereeiiaa- lafereeiiaa-...
ECOBi ATIOW DAT. Am lafereeiiaa- lafereeiiaa- eeaiats; of tbe - ajeaaaaltteew ' ' " Representatives of tbe G. A. B of Cincinnati and vicinity, and other military organisations, organisations, met ia the parlors of tbs Gibson House lsat evening, with Comrade Van Dyke In tbe ebalr, and Comrade Beggs seeing ss Secretary. Tbe Committee oa Orator aad Hall reported tbat tbey bad secured the Music Hall for the evening of May Krtb In wblcb to bold tbe memorial ceremonies, and to which tbs publie will be invited. ( . .. The Chair appointed tbe following committee: committee: Line of March Oomradee Henry Mareotte, Commodore Foots Poet: C B. Hunt. First Regiment Regiment O. N. G.; Robert L. Cromer. Veteran Regiment; J. L. GauL Fifth Ohio Volunteer Id (entry; F. W. Thomas, Cincinnati Artillery. Artillery. Ceremony at Spring Grove and Wesleyan Cemeteries Comrades Commanders F. W. iiruwne. Commodore Foots Fast: C H. Wenu sell. Israel Ludlow Poet: T. M. Secbel. George H. Thomas Post; J. W. Morgan. William Nelson Nelson Post. No. IM; M.C Parker. B M. Moore run; r. w. atannope, ueneral Lortlelost; K. P. Dostin. int. Wlllleh Poa : Dr. J. hi. afar. Nelson Post.- Post.- r Committee oa Lnneh for Children Com rades William litis end George Powell. Flower Committees Veteran Regiment: Mrs. Colonel Cromer, Mrs. Major Hopkins. Mrs. Lleu tenant-Colonel tenant-Colonel tenant-Colonel Cboate. Mrs. Msjor Heater, Mrs. Sargeoa May, Mrs. Capiaia Hsynes, Mrs. Captala Uilery, Mrs. Captain Mullen. Mrs. Captala Pbelffer. Mrs. Cantata Sullivan, Mra Lieetenaat Growlien, Mrs. lieutenant Kaney, Mrs. Llauanl Zieger, Mrs. Lieuteosnt Kruse. R. M. Moore Post Mm. Martha Rraltlaeee. Mrs. Naacy Hollenkamp, Mrs. Frauds Mowe. wnticn rest Mrs. ua plain jc. tr. Bustla. Mrs. Captaia A. W. Searen. wm. Nelson Post. No. UaV Mrs. T..P. Rabeta. stein, Mrs. Math Kerler. Mrs. Jobn Barnes. nvm Ltissie M. Agar. Alias Annie V swain, Mies Amelia Gaihardt, Miss Theresa Hober, Mrs. W. A. Seller. Mrs. Dr. Jobn Campbell. Mrs. Robert W. Wise. Mrs. Andrew Donald- Donald- eoo, Mrs. Moaes L. Andrew, Mrs. Milton Cook, ira. jam. u. farxer, sirs, jbu w. ae. Mrs. Marlon Hargrave, Mrs. L. Grlmmiager, Mrs. Loots Risaelt. Mm. Cantata John Barnes. Mrs. I J. D. Vsaoe. - I Flower Committee annotated bv Israel Lad. low Post to decorate at Weeleysu Cemetery: Mrs. o.N. Van Dyke, strati. W. Wblteiy, Mrs. William Davis. Mrs. William Teare. Mrs. I. H. Tamil. Mr. Thomas Dillon. Mrs. H. R. Hsy-ward. Hsy-ward. Hsy-ward. Mrs. M. 8. Sbaw, Mrs. Jsmee Johnson, Mrs. James t'araon. Mrs. J. Drain. Mrs. Janet Tnowpeoa, Mrs. Caleb Lingo. Mrs. H. B. Ban- Ban- a ing, Mrs. L. A. Davidson, Mrs. Jobn Keeler, Mrs. J. E. Wentsel, Mrs. A. R. Basson. Mrs. M. H. Kplllard, Mrs. H. R. Stoffregen, Mrs. J sooo Hoffner. Mrs. 8. M. Hewitt. Mrs. M. A. Me. Gaele, Mrs. George Bell. Mrs. C Sol I helm, Mrs. t uren, ears. tx. uonaieman, airs, aonn r . Meyers, Mrs. A-Spaeth. A-Spaeth. A-Spaeth. Mrs. J. Gosling, Mrs, unsawicK. airs, a- a- o. hoi i er. Mrs. j. Bald win, Mrs. C A. Miller, Mrs. W. M. Yeatmaa. Mies Aaale Knowltoo, Mies Jessie Ross. Miss MaeDonald, MIW4 Ene Blakeslie, Mrs. Lather-land, Lather-land, Lather-land, Mrs. P. Selbert, Mrs. W. Koops, Mrs. J. Forbes. Mr. L. A. Pommlll. Mrs. C. iL Weou set aad Mrs. David Brooks. Tbe iaviteuon of tbe State Forestry Aeso- Aeso- elatioa to the Greed Army of tbe Republic to participate la tbe eiereiaea in Kdea Park on Arbor Day, April 27th, and to take oharae of Koldiere' end Hail ore' Memorial Grove and plant irees to memory of deeeaeed comrades, wae unanimously accepted, r Comrade H. M. Van Dyke, of tbe Israel Lad lew Post, waa annotated Grand Marshal of -the -the Decoration Day parade. ' roe meeting aoiourned to meet at the par lor of the Gibson House asxt Saturday even ing.

Clipped from The Cincinnati Enquirer22 Apr 1883, SunPage 1

The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, Ohio)22 Apr 1883, SunPage 1
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  • Marie involved in Decoration Day event 22 Apr 1883 as Mrs A R Basson

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