John Trella Released

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John Trella Released - TRELLA RELEASED. Full Particular, of tbe...
TRELLA RELEASED. Full Particular, of tbe Horrible Tragedy ar Broderick's Patch. Saturday afternoon at two o'clock John Trella, who was arrested on suspicion of having committed the awful crime at Broder ick's on Monday last, was given a further hearing. Trella was brought from the jail and taken before Squire Davidson. County Detective Phillips was present, as was also Distriot Attorney Alfred Dane, and Hon. W. H. Hines, representing the commonwealth, nnd James L. Lenahan, representing the de - fenoe.Robert Turner, the little child who saw Curley shoot bis wife, was called up, as were several unimportant witnesses, but their testimony was brief and incomplete. After a short time it was found that no more of the witnesses had come over from Broderick's, Broderick's, owing to a slight misunderstanding as to the hour of the hearing, and the case went over until five o'clook. At that hour. Dr. W. H. Fauld?, of Luzerne Luzerne Borough, was called. Dr. Faulds stated stated that he made the post mortem examination examination of all the bodies, und found that in the case of Mrs. Curley, the bait had entered the back of the head. In tho case of Hudok, the ball had taken almost precisely the same course, showing that he, too, had been shot from behind. The ball thut ended Mr. Curloy's life had entered almost directly in the middle of tho forehead, near the hair. ', On cross - examination by Mr. Hines, Dr. Faulds testified that there were no powder marks on the skis, or powder status on any part of tbe body, and that the revolver must nave Deen neld tully one foot away from air. Curley's head when the shot was fired. Thomas Bottoms, a teamster, was engaged in ualoudiug coal at Mrs. Shields, at the rear oi the Curley residence. Ho heard some thing that sounded like a rap on the bar but heard no pistol shots. Having previosly seen irena run out tne oack door evidently in state or great excitement, Mr. Bottoms sur mised that something was wrong and entered the house by way ol tne front door. He went in, and found Hudok and Curley lying dead on tne noor. Uhe witness picked up the r& volver, wbioli was "lying on Curley's breast with tbe butt near the left shoulder, and laid tne weapon on the counter. James Cauley, a brotber - in - law of Mr. Curley was next called. He was shown the revolver and stated that he knew that Curley Curley purchased a similar weapon about three mouins ago. un December 1, witnessed Dor rowed Mr. Curley's revolver, and took It home, keeping it there uotil the day before the murder, when he returned it. On New lears day ne was searching through a draw er in Mr. Curley's bar, and found several cartridges which, on being tried, were found to nt tne revolver. I hen the prisoner was oalled. His storv did nut differ from tho version which was printed on the day following his capture except as to minor details. (Jross - examina - Hon revealod the fact that Trella knew nothing of Mrs. Curley's death, nor thut of Curloy. The reason thut be gave for not staying nt Broderick's Instead ot going home tu Jermyn was that he was afraid thut Cuney would kill him. Mr. Hines tried in every way to break up the testimony and laid several traps to catch the prisoner, but was unable to do so. The witness acknowledged acknowledged that be was very muuu frightened, and was unable to say how mauy sbo:s Curley Curley fired a: him. After a great effort to break the testimony without avail, Mr. Hines declared himself satisfied, and the examination examination of the witness was declared over. Robert Turner, the little buy, was then recalled recalled and swore positively he saw Mrs. Cur.ey run out of the saloon, followed by her husband, who had a revolver. He fired and .Mrs, Curley leit dead ou the porch. There being almost no eviueuce on which to hold Treiiu be was discharged by the Squire. District Attorney Darte and James L. Lenahan, esq., agreed tnat the case was the siruugest in ihe experience ot eitneroi men). The general opinion seemed to be that Curiey was seiza with temporary insanity. The evidence yesterday lilted tne blame entirely from Ireila's sliouldors, and the Alderman could do nothing out discharge him.

Clipped from The Scranton Republican05 Jan 1891, MonPage 6

The Scranton Republican (Scranton, Pennsylvania)05 Jan 1891, MonPage 6
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