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Francis Uleau - valediction - characteristic of the sons of old St. John's. A...
characteristic of the sons of old St. John's. A - pplausc.) The class oration, an able and eloquent effort, effort, was delivered by Francis J. Ulean, the valedictorian of the class of '95. His theme was "Leo XIII" and he said in part: In that long list of Roman pontiffs reaching from St. Peter down to our own time, in which are to found the illustrious names of a Gregory the Great, an Innoct - nt II, a SIxius V, a Gregory VII and a Leo X. it may be doubted whether there can be found one In whom there Is displayed a happier combination of holiness of life, of political sagacity and of profound philosophical and literary literary learning that that which is now exhibited to the world by our present, glorious pontiff, Leo XIII. As to his private virtues, little need here be said: it is not the place to introduce a catalogue of them; though being a public man, situated on the loftiest and most conspicuous throne of the world, they cannot escape observation and criticism, criticism, too. I would say, were there anything in his life to criticise. It is not our place to canonize him, but it is certain that there are few of those who know him intimately that would not venture the prediction that In due time his name will be added to that long list of canonized saints who have adorned the See of Rome. His chief characteristic as a statesman is. of course, his thorough honesty. In him there Is no deceit, no Machiavellian cunning, no Bismarck - Ian overbearing and cruelty. Ills ends are always just as are also the means by which be seeks to Obtain them. Then, tou, he is wise In discerning the time and method of attack, and sagacious in discovering the plan of his opponents. Above all, however, he ! bold and fearless. Nor has he been less successful in his dealings with the greater powers than with these of little Importance. We can all remember how he forced the haughty Bismarck to abolish the infamous May laws which deprived German Catholics of their rights as German citizens, and how - he brought the Czur of Russia to a more Just manner of dealing with his Catholic Polish subjects. His rank as a statesman Is tersely expressed in that common saying which points out Leo XIII, Gladstone and Blsmnn - k as the three grand old men of Europe. "Were this remark analyzed by comparing what each on - of the three has accomplished accomplished and what were the means at his disposal disposal the unanimous Judgment would be that of the three Pope Leo XIII lh facile princlpes. Everyone Everyone knows? Pope Leo XIII is a profound theologian and philosopher. Still more is it a matter of surprise surprise that he could have found either the time or the inclination to - woo the soft muse of poetry, both In his awn meliuiuous Italian tongue and In the language of Virgil and Horace, for everybody everybody knows that in the opinion of well qualified critics. Pope Leo XHl is no mean p.vt. Consid ering, therefore, the undoubted depth of his mind and his varied attainments, ther - is but little to be feared from a comparison with him and his most learned jircdecessors. Last of all some allusion should be made to our glorious pontlfl for the loving care which he lias always exercised for the church hi America and the admiration which he has so frequently shown for our government and fur American institutions In general. "We cannot but be aware of UU many Utterances, made 'fix various occasions, which should convince us of his esteem, both for our country at large and for the Catholic portion of it, and which should show us how he looks for grand progress among the C;tUmlles of the United btates, because we are under a government which is not opposed to our holy religion, but which, with a little prudence on our part, will actually aid us to make the church !n America the most faithful and most progressive portion of our one great mother church. Assemblyman Frank Gallagher delivered the alumni oration, a stirring and patriotic Did of set he No and his the the Hi be In to of to

Clipped from The Brooklyn Daily Eagle25 Jun 1895, TuePage 2

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)25 Jun 1895, TuePage 2
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