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phthysis pulmonalis - I ! ' 1 I ! i I ; . SCHBNCK'S PULMONIC SYRUP. A...
I ! ' 1 I ! i I ; . SCHBNCK'S PULMONIC SYRUP. A P08ITIVB ODBB FOB CONSUMPTION. SCHENCK'S SEAWEED TONIO AND MANDRAKE PILLS, THE AUXILIARY REMEDIES. The proprietor of these medicines conscientiously aflfrs them to the publio as tho only safe, reliable and certain remedies for Pulmonary Cousumption. He recommends them, with equal confidence, as almoat a specific for those morbid conditions of tho body, which, if neglected, a.ra ap to terminate in dangerous or fatal diseaaca of tho lua - jt Liver Complaints und Dyspepsia arj generally regarded as forerunners of Consumption, and when those disaase monii'fcbt themselves thoy require the most prompt attention. attention. The value of Dr. Sch click's Pulmonic Syrup, Seatreod Tonic und Mandrake Pills has been tested ia inaameraule casts. My own personal experience gives mo tho best assurance assurance ot the eiticacy ot' thin medicine. Many years ago I was given up hy physicians as one who waa in tno lust stages of Consumption, and 1 was taken from my homo in Philadelphia Philadelphia to roy friends in Moorestown, N. J., to die. I was wasted away to a mere skeleton. 1 was conhned to my bed, and my physician (who had attended my father's family ) decUreu that I could not hvo a week, Tnon, litoa drown - iiiK man catching at straws, I heard of and obtained these preparations, which, to the astonishment or every spectator, soon made a per.eot euro. It soomod to ino that I :ould feel them penetrating my whole system. It soon ripened the matter in my lungs, and I would spit up more than a pint of offensive yellow matter every morning for more than a week. As Boon as the expectoration begun to subside, my cough, fever, pain and night sweats began to leave me, and my appetite became so great that it was with difficulty that I could refrain from eating too much, I soon reeovt rad my strength, and have been increasing in flesh ever since. It astonished all who knew mo, and alfbeliaved that 1 was too far gone to make my recovery possible. Many people who knew me then are now living, and occupy places of honor and trust in New Jersey anu fbiladelpnia, who can easily satisfy the most incredulous relative to the trutu of these statement. Aiy disease was hereditary; my father, father, mothtr, brothers and sister all died of Consumption, and I alone am left. Row I enjoy tho boat of health, and have for years v. o'ghed more than two hundred and ten pounds. Immediately altr my recovery 1 removed to Irlemington, N, J and for several years made the Pulmonic Syrup and givu it to tho afflicted. It made such wonderful cures that the phybiciaus of the place wero astonished at its effects, and advised me to turn my attention to the science of medicine, and especially to the study of this disease. In fact, I was driven tj it by tho application of great numbers of people who came or sent to me from all parts of the country, calling on mo to euro them, after all other human assistance was unavailable. Sine my recovery my medicines havo boeu extensively used for mere than twenty - live years ; and so well have they endured this long probation that their reputation and popularity popularity have constantly increased. In order to understand how these medicines effect the cures which are ascribed to their agency, it is necessary to have some acquaintance with the peculiarities of the disease. disease. Pulmonary Consumption (Phthisis Pulmonalts) is characterized characterized by emaciation, debility, cough, hectic fever, and purulent expectoration. This disease has always been the greatest scourge of the human race, and it has destroyed more Uvcb than famine, sword, and pestilence. An Engliaa writer, some years ago, computed that out oi a population of ll,Ot0,U0U in the Islo of Great Britain, 55,1 U annually die of consumption. The same fatality attends the disease in this 1 climate. One principal cause of the great mortality which attends Pulmonary Uon&umptiun is the talao theory thai it is incurable. This mischievous err jr causes many consumptive consumptive patieuu to despair as soon as the nature of their afllic - tion becomes maniie&t, and when they aro hopeless of a cure, they resign themselves to what they suppose to be thsir inevitable inevitable iatc, and die without makin any etfjrt to prolnnK their lives. ' Our doubts are traitors," says tmakespjare ; Consumptives are ofteu victimized by the foregone conclu - i sion that their oases are beyond the reach of medicine. Pulmonary Consumption is, in uit cis - jb, complicated 1 with disoraem ot : the fiver and stomach. ' Befors the at - 1 tack of thisdisease," says a French physician, "a change takes place in the condition of the blood, which becomes dtgraaod in quality, and endowed with a lower degree of vitality." This change is oaused by the imperfect action of the liver, lo ono oi tno offices of txat oran is to str.iiu and purify tho blood. Schonck's Mandrake Pills act on the liver more promptly and etloctually than any othjr modi - cine, llonce tney are of ten pr. - 'scribed by men in tha first. BtogeB of consumption, and in many other cases when the torpid or diseasu condition or tho liver requires tho use this unrivaled purgative. Concerning tho use of thesa pills more will bo said hereafter; in the present connection it may be observed that their operation corrects that morbid condition of the blood which always precedes an attack of consumption, and i therefore, presumed to be one of the principal causes of the attack. In the next place it is found that Dyspepsia, or a languid indigestion, is oiton a for.ruuner ot Consumption, and in numtrous instances it accompanies tho disease tnrough all its&tagts. Dyspepsia is regarded by many medical writ .rs as oue ol the prominent caui.'S of Consumption, and they have good reason for this supposition, for the absence of nutrition nutrition in the blood Lads to the formation of tubercles, and dyspeptic diseases deprivo the blood of its nutritive prop? rues. Vv hilo dyspepsia is present, it is almostor quite impossible forlkiiiBUniption to bo cured. For indig - btion pnduces a general debility of tho system, and this state of debility is mo&t unfavoruole to the re - establishment of a patient's hehlth; for how can ulcerous cavities in the lungs bo healed when the stomach has no power of digestion, aud th - i systum is, therefore, too weak to produce that reaction whioh is iu - cessary for a cure? .Nourishing food, after nil, is Uio material material which must bring about this great change. Mym.'di - cines only assist naturo to overpower thu disease and to produce produce healthy secretions, instead of the morbid mutter which vitiates the quality of the blood. From these cmiMcleratiuns it will appear that tonic or strengthening modicines aro re - Quirtd in tho treatment of Consumption, and especially such medicines as have an invigorating etloct on tne digestive organs. Schenck's Sea - ked Tonic is compounded with particular reference to these objects, and it wa first designed designed to be used in consumptive cases as aa aaxilnry to tne Pulmonic Syrup. It is applicable, however, to all cas - .s of dyspepsia, and it may be proved to demonstration that it is the ONLY medicine which will cure that disease. Many eminent eminent physicians have doubted whether Dyspepsia can be cured by ubugs; aud tho drug b which are gonerully employed employed for that purpose, though they may socm occasionally to afford temporary relief, finally produce aggravation of the symptome. The Sea - Weed Tonic, in its uuture, is totally different from such drugs. It contains no corrosive minerals minerals or acids ; in fact, it is so far from having any action hostile hostile to the animal economy, that it assists the regular operations operations of nature and supplies her deficiencies. This Tonic iu its nature so much resembles the gastric juice, that it ia almost almost identical with that fluid. The' gastric juice, as all physiologists know, is the natural solvcntwhich in a healthy condition of the body causes the food to be digested; aud when this juice is nut secreted in sufficient quantities, indigestion, indigestion, with all its distressing symptoms, follows. The Sa - Weea Tonic penonua thu duties of this gastric juice when the latter is aelioieut. It has likewise all the invigorating properties of iodide of potassium, iodide of iron, and iodine, remedios which ore often prescribed by physicians to strengthen the conffitutions ot consumptive patients. From what bos betn said it may be judged that Schencks1 Sea - Weed Tonic is a most important remedy in the treatment of pnhnunary diseases, and experience proves this to be a fact. One of the good elfccts of this Tonic is to enable the patient to digest such a diet as consumptive persons require. Physicians Physicians now admit that a highly nutricious diet is most proper proper for such persons. Indeed, the food cannot be too nourishing nourishing far consumptives, if it can be made digestible. You may teed such a patient with articles rich and nutritive enough to produce gout in certain conditions of the system ; but ii the ira&tric powers of the patient ure sufficient to assimilate assimilate tnose articles in other words, if he is able to digest them his Inngs being thereby invigorated, will begin to exercise their l unctions in a normal and healthy manner, and if a cure is possible it must soon be effected. The Bea - Weea Tonic, by improving the power of tho stomach stomach and strengthening the whole system, prepares tne dyspeptic dyspeptic and enfeebled patient for the use of the Pulmonic Syrup. The operation of the latter is to increase tho vital energies, to ripen the ulcers, and to expel the morbid matter from the system. But as Consumption is often coupled with Dyspepsia or Liver Complaint, and as it frequently originates originates in those disorders, it is proper, in some cases, to begin with the use of the Tonic and Phis, or to use them simultaneously simultaneously with the Syrup. Schenck's Mandrake Pills relax the secretions and unlock the gall bladder quite aa welt as a dose of blue - mois, aud perhaps better, and these Pills are warranted not to contain a particle of calomel. Some physicians hv positively asserted asserted that calomel or mercury must outer into the composition composition of these Pills, for according to their theory, nothing , but oalomel could act on the liver aa these Pills oertainly do. But to prove that the doators are mistaken, it is merely necessary to notice the fact that Schenck's Mandrake Pius never produce salivation, whether they be used in large or small noses. Thousands are used weekly with the happiest ..effects. With calomel or bluo pill tne case is different. Large doses of this poison may aomo times act as a purgative and so pass off without any visible iniscnief, but small doses will salivate, and this is tho great difficulty whioh the "regular "regular faculty" have to contend with. Ono box of these Pills, valued at 25c, will prove the efficacy of tho medicine. No matter how costive or how bilious tao system may be, thu habit of the body is immediately corrected and regulated by these pills, and the organs aro brought to a healthy and natural activity. The Mandrake Pills arc likewise an infallible infallible remedy for sick headache - and piles. In many cases they havo brought away worms from grown persons, who had long suffered with many unpleasant symptoms, without suspecting tho real cause of their ailments. Consumptive persons aro earnestly exhorted to apply to me, in time, beioro the diseaso has reached its desperate stages. When the lungs ire destroyed, of coarse no medicine medicine can Create now ones; but 1 maintain that tho first stages of consumption are curable, and even when the lungs are comuutrably decayed 1 often succeed in nstorii g the patient to health. While ono Bound lung remains, I am certain of making a cure, if tho patient wiil takj proper care oi himslt, and strictly' follow my directions. 1 am the inventor of the instrument called "Schonck's Respiromettr," used in examination of tho lungs. It trans - mite tne sound ol rattling ot tnu lungs ao loudly and distinct ly that by exp.rieLO ,,it is tasj t cetermino hi w far ths lutij. o are d setiseu, and what portion of them is in vol ed. i'hua the operator can unerringly determine whether the disease be Tuberculous, Pleuritic, or Bronchi 1 Consumption, or whether it is merely an affection ol the bronchial tuoes, Bym. patnetic wnn me i.ver , r .no B.omacn, anu no can iurm a diagnosis diagnosis acc. rJingly. 'J hty who desire to have a thorough examination with the Respirometer will bo charged Five Uollurs for that service, but all advice will bo given gratis, aud i will usj my bes, ability to explain each case which may bj olftrjd to my con&idenitou, COUGHS AND COLDS. When there is any predisposition to consumption the disease disease in one or anotner oi its torm, v ill olten bo devolopad by "bad cold," or catarrh, the symptoms of which cannot be mistukLn. W hen a person takes cold easily the stomach or liver is generally diseased. In this state of thingsjthe fceb'e condition ol the eybtom cannot resist thu changes of weather weather and other external causes of disease, and so every exposure exposure brings on a catarrh, with its common symptoms, a bad cough, hourseness. chills, slight pains in tho bru.vst, etc. These signs should not bo neglected, and it is highly important important that the sufferer should know what to do. VY tien ouo cold is taken "on another," as the phrasa goes, tho bronchi al tubts or tile lungs become morj or Leas diseased. A lew bottltsut Scheuek's Pulmonic Syrup and Seawood Tonic and ix box oi Mandrake Pills would make a perfect cure ; out instead of resorting to these Bafu and efficacious remedies, patients olten consult a "regular phyEician 11 whoso regular, ny consists in prescribing calomel, opium, etc.. on all occasions. occasions. Thus, lor a cure of a cough or cold, morphia, black drop, paregoric, and still more objectionable articles are often often taken in compliance with thu doctor's advice. Tnesa medicines may mitigate the congh for a time, but the disease disease in the lungs goes on until the unmistakable symptoms ot consumption begin to appear. It may be seen, therefore, that tnu preparations f opium, etc., which are annually prescribed prescribed in b. d coldiliud incipK nt oonsun p.ions.inorjy Cor - ceal the disease by suppressing some of tho symptoms ; but on that very account they do harm by making tho maUdy more insidious, and therefore more dangerous. Let it be remembered that when the stomach and liver arc in good order there is little liability to tako cold, or. f one is taken, it generally passes off without producing any BeriouB or alarming effects. On the contrary, when persons are laboring under indigestion or any disorder of the liver, the least exposure may induce all Uie symptoms we have described above. Thu cold taken Mill maintain a firm hold on the system, and, if not properly treated, will be most likely to end m Consumption. My Seaweko Tonic and Mandeake pixe,are used as safeguards au.iinst colds; the first in cases of dyspepsia and all diseases of thodigee - tive organs; the latter in all affections of tho liver, for which they are proved to be an inf alii able remedy. Very often a dose or two of the Mandrake Pills perfectly cures a recent cold, without any other remedy. 1. BRONCHIAL CONSUMPTION. This disease is generally the result of neglected cold or catarrh. "Sometimes," says Dr. W, Beach, of New York, and Ira Warren, of Boston, "it is tho consequence ef mea - bIcb, of disorders of the liver or digestive organB." As I re marked (under the heads of ' Coughs and Colds"), while tho stomach and liver are in a h jalthy condition there ia but Uttlo Uttlo liability to take cold ; and If no cold la taken there can be no acute bronchitis, and of course none of its successor Bronchial Consumption. Therefore, as preventive, tha Seaweed Tonic and Mandrake Pills may be uajd with entire confidence when symptoms of indigestion and liver complaint complaint have appeared. No one who judiciously uaea these two medicines, or either of them, as circumstances may re quire, need apprehend an attack of Bronchial Consampiiou - butit the use of thes - j preventives have been n:'glcted,and the form of Cousumption has commenced, it will be necessary necessary to use the Pulmonic in addition to the other remedies. The commencement of Bronchial Consumption is inuic. - t - tcd by an obstinate and troublesome cough, attended with a copious expectoration of viscid and purulent, or a whitish fro toy matter. At first the symptoms resemble thoso of an ordinary cold or catarrh, the expectoration being tough, thick and opaque, but not yellow, containing small! grayish lumps, which amk in water. As the disease a - Jvances the cough increases, and this tough mucus or pnlegm becomes more and more mixed with a yellowish fluid resembling pus or matter, and often slightly streaked with blood. At first the pulse becomes slightly accelerated tenso toward evening; and the heat of the surface of the body varies in the course of the day, being cometimes above and sometimes below the natural standard. Partial sweats occur In the head and breast at night. The thirst is generally considerably considerably increased ; tho urine is highly colored, and deposits a copious, reddish Bediment. A sense of soreness in tho chest, with an occasional transient stitch in the side, occurs in the majority of instances, but there Is very rarely any fixed pain in the chest. The cough is usually severe, particularly particularly on rising out of bed in the morning, at which time the breathing is more or less wheezing, and attended with a fe ling of tightness in the breast. If the disease continues unchecked in its coarse, the ex. pectoration becomes purulent and extremely copious. Debility Debility and emaciation increase rapidly; tho difficulty of breathing and sense of weight and tightness acrors the chest become more and more distressing. The pulse is now generally generally very frequent, being seldom under 130 per minute. In the early part of the day tho face is usually nale, but a aeep flush of one or both cheeks is commonly observed toward tho evening. The tongue becomes clear, and in many instances instances it assumes an alarming appearance, and is nKlder than in health. There are genr rally profuse and exhausting night - sweats at this advanced Btago of the disease, and unless unless relief is found, swelling of tho ankles and diarrhoea follow, follow, and death closes the scene. In many cases tho Pulmonic Syrup alone will Cure this form of Consumption; but when tne bowels are costive, tlie liver torpid, and a want of tone exista in tne digestive organs, organs, the Seaweed Tonio and Mandrake Pills aro necessary the lornier to stimulate and invigorate the organs of digestion, digestion, and the latter to regulate the liver and bowels. II. DYSPEPTIC CONSUMPTION. The complication of gastric and hepatic diseaso with Pub tnr.nary or Bronchial Consumption is of frequont occurrence; occurrence; and, as thia combination produced certain phenomena phenomena in addition to the usual consumptive symptoms, some physicians havo supposed that this is a distinct diseaso, which they call Dyspeptic Consumption. However, in some cases of this kind, tho lungs or bronchial tubes aro only sympathetically affected, the primary disorder being confined confined to the stomach or hver. But the transition from this disease to real Consumption ia sometimes very easy and rnpid ; and for thiB reason the premonitory symptoms ihint to be des ribed should meet with prompt : t - en tion. All disorders disorders oi tne stomach and liver produce moro or less ol that debility and at normal condition of the blood which we have noticed as the precursor of Consumption. "Dyspeptic Consumption" usually begins to manifest itself itself by a general weakness of the system and the common phenomena of indigestion, frequently accompanied with cough, difficulty of breathing, and other symptoms of pulmonary pulmonary disease. Bat very often fn Bach circumstances, if the bene of the stomach can be restored and tho system strengthened, the whole train of symptoms disappear, and the patient will be restored to health. For suoh cases as these my Seaweed Tonio is particularly designed, as the reader may judge from tho account of its medical properties properties given above. , t When Dyspeptic Consumption originates in disorder pr the liver, the following symptoms will appear : A d oil pain or tenderness in the right side, with Increased unosMnoss when lying on tho left side ; irregularity of the bowels, foul tongue, depression of spirits, a sallow hue of the sUn, yellowness yellowness of tho white of the eye, f u 7 d and brown to na nausea, and sometimes vomiting. My Mandr Pflused accoiding to direction, will remove all. wmptona by clearing away all obstructions from tho liver and restoring restoring its healthy action. xj,,,, nf lha nature of in ormr to nave a cii - nr y.,. - "IL - ZZ, v. .im. thellveria inflamed or torpid iU work boot wonporformol, ana the bipod becomes surcharged with Tdrtous Irapnrltiaj, S5!. mS1 lw d'PosTted on somo of the vital or - fES AtlQ J80 nwy bo aggravated by ItAUgestlon, as nv,?Rlr5Srfnd!lI,OTillato thoqusllty of the Wood. .2 ft? irako PHlvas mentioned above, fffoct&ally cbar ?i.KTx ulons frm Jhe and bUiaty dtfcU, and S - f1 - iJ5y " ' th u - ich prevents the deMJlbcd cnab - - stliatoran to strain and EI?.7ihi,v!,in n coar Pr""tttIiow morbid do posi s which lead to Co.isnrui tion nd other drnicrois - n.UadiCB. As wi - rernrraed bvW. tfa u of the siiweo'i Topic is f dvwablo trfaca i the ; w - rjgics of the stomach are im - PSired ard symptoms of indlg. - rtinn re present. The purification purification of tho blood cannot be immediately effoctod bv an medicines. The Seawefd Tonic and Mandrake Pills attain thlsobject byactlng on the stomach anl liver, and thus producing vigorous and hoiMhy ditim,, ftnd promoting the operations by which the blood Is strinoa and pnriiled in the mr.nncr just decenbed. And when the blood is thus restored to a normal and healthy e. the formation of Pnlmonarv and Bronchial Consumption is absolutely impossible. impossible. If, by neglect, the disorders hero described hTD bjn allowed to debilitate Ihe system to snub a di - m;e as to deteriorate deteriorate the blood, bo that the first bad cold which ihu p - Lii. - nt takes fastens on the lungs and bronchi - 1 tub;?, and tUus produce s the unmistakable signs of Bronchial or Ptihnoniry Consumption, tho Pulmonic Syr'ip mnat be twed, togiuhr. - r with one or both of the other remedies, as circumstances may require. " I'm - tho cure of that complicated disorder known as "Dyspeptic "Dyspeptic Consumption," tho Pulmonic Syrup cannot bo too highly recommended, as from its altr - rativo effects it produces produces healthy secretions, and in conjunction with tho "Seaweed "Seaweed tonic," which restores tone to the stomach and ena - SlflV1..1? V"?1"1 tne fd nd the M andhake t ILLS," to bring about a healthy action of the livfr, a euro certain. Thn directions which accompany tho Syrup ex - arake Pil to Uke 1110 So - Wecd Tonic and III. PULMONARY CONSUMPTION. Tni9 M, the most dangerous form of consumption. The causes which produce it are very namiTotw. such as her - jdi - tary disposition, a particular formation of the body, certain diseases, as catarrh, smaH - pox, measles, liver complaint. dyspepsia, etc., particular employments, grief or disappointment, disappointment, and in short, any cause which disturbs tho healthful operations of naturo produces tho diminution oy the VITAL TONE, which always precedes an attack of this disease. disease. Pulmonary consumption commences with a feebniz of lassitude, lassitude, Blight aching pains, with a aense of Ughtn s in so ue parts of the chest, and a short, dry cough, which Is rer.d Iv excited by muscular emotion. Tba breathing is shorter aa l more frequent. These symptoms gradually become mora conspicuous, and at length alight fever occurs toward uron - ing, and the respiration and palse continue to be somewhat accelerated through tho whole day. A fit of coughing usually usually occurs in tho morning, and the patient rises out of hud in a relaxed and feeble condition. There is an extreme liability to tako cold on tho slightest e pose re. Fy degrees the cough becomes mure frequent ana troublesome, particularly in the evening and morning, or at night on awakening from sleep. As the disease advances, advances, the skin, lips, tongues and fauces become dry in ths afternoon, slight chills regularly occur toward evening, followed followed by fever, daring which one or both cheeks become 8000830 with a circumscribed flash ; a dry, burning heat is felt in the palms of the hnds and soles of the feet, tho breathing is very quick a d short, and the poise very frequent, frequent, sma'l, quick and i nse. These feeble paroxysms continue continue till towards midnkut, when they terminate in mora or lees profuse perspiration, which continues until morning, leaving t le suilerer exhausted, languid, and depressed. Frequently, previous to tho cccurrence of this train of symptoms, symptoms, the expectoration becomos thicker, and not unfre - unently mixed with blood. Tho feeling of a load in the ch: tand imiciation, increase, attended with increasing failure of strength. Toward the unfavorable termination of the disease, swelling swelling of the feet and diarrhea aim st invariably come on, accompanied accompanied with a week and hoarse voice, diniculty of swallowing swallowing and sometimes ulcerated throat, until death relieves the toi ercr. It Is generally admitted by medical men of every school that this form of consumption cannot bo cured by any application application of their art. However, some 'of the most liber! and enlightened physicians in Kurope and America have thought otherwise, and as a testimony of expebiexck m more reliable than any hypothecs tod authority, I am en. anted to declare and to prove that Pulmonary Consumption can be cured, and that it has been cured in very many instances instances ; and that even when it has advanced to some of ita last stages, one of the tirst indications of cure is to strengthen strengthen the system, and this may be dono by the means pointed out above. For that debility which marks tne commencement commencement of the diaeass my Sea - Weed Tonic and a highly nulr - tious diet are the best remedies. When tha system is strengthened and tho digestive organs are restored to their healthful tone, the most alarming symptoms nil! some times disappear. But should it prove otherwise, and if appearances appearances make It evident that the lungs are beginning to decay, my Pulmonic Syrup will arrest the progress of thd dfs?ate, sometimes almost immediately when the circumstances aro favorable, and sometimee whim the cas?, by neglect or de - by, has become almost hopeless, and quite so in the estima. tion of physicians generally. The Syrup promotes expectoration, expectoration, and thUB enables the system to throw off the disease. No one denies that wnen the patient cannot dischinre morliid n att - 'r by expectoration deati speedily ensues. The Syrup, by Kteping tno phlegm loose, enables the nm'ni to raise it easily, ana the diseased matter which obstructs the lungs is removed, the ulceration ia healed, and tho suiferer is gent rally restored to health. Dr. Scnenck is professionally at his principal offlce.No, 15 North Sixth at, coraer)ofr Commi rco, Philadelphia, every Saturday, where all letters for advice mnat be addressed. Dr. bebenck will also be prof s'ionauy at his rooms. No. 82 Bond st.. New York, r.n Tuesday, Sept. 39: and at his rooms, No. 35 Hanover st Boston, on Wednesday, Sept. 80. He gives advice free, but for thorough examin itlon with his Respirometer, the price is $5. Office hours fiou 9 A.M. to 3 P. M. Price of the Pulmonic Syrnp and Seaweed Tonic each 41.50 per bottle, or 50 a half dozen. Mend rake Pill, a ) ctntalper box. A lull supply of Dr. Schenck's medicine for sale at all times at his rooms. Also by all druggists and dealers. THE BEST FLOUR IN THE COUNTRY, JAMES S. WELCH (brand), FOR SALE AT NEW YORK PRICES. ALSO, THE BEST BRANDS OF FAMILY FLOUR AT LOW RATES. For sale by JOSEPH H. MUM BY, successor to W, D. Jones t Co., Dealer in Flour, Grain and Feed, 'M Pulton it, adjoining the Eagle office. bq19 lin HENRY WARD BEE CHER'S SERMONS. 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HOUSEKEEPING AND WHITE GOODS, HOUSEKEEPING BLANKETS, QUDLTS, FLANNELS, SHEETING, LINENS, DAMASK, FAMILY LINENS. TOW EM TOWELINGS, TABLE CLOTHS, NAPKINS AND LO'LIES. HOSIERY. CHILDBEDS'", LAD1E.V AND GENTLEMEN'S1 UNDERGARMENTS. FAA'CY SCARFS, TIES, AND CRAVATS. SHAWLS. A complete assortment, single and double. PAISLEY AND BROCHE. Single and Douolo HUnkcts from 1 00 up. COURVOISIEKS KID GLOVES, LUPINS KID GLOVES, $1 S GAS FIXTURES. NEW DESIGNS Dt OCiASS, BRONZE AND ORMULU. ov FRENCH, ENGLISH axn AMERICAN MANUFACTURE. ALSO, FBENCH CHINA, GLASSWARE, BRONZES, CLOCKS. SILVER WARE, FINE PLATED WARE, CUTLERY AND FANCY GOODS. K. V. HAUGHWOUT A CO Noa. 468, 490 and 493 Broadway, corner Broome st. seeoteod . CLOAKS I OlOAHS? We will open on Monday, Sept. 21st, with a chotco and we libelee tod stock of ELEGANT CLOAKS, Comprising all the latest Parisian Novel ties in VELVET, ASTRAKHAN, PLUSH, BEAVER AND CLOTH CLOAKS. Together with a large and rich assortment of CAMEL'S HAIR, , B ROCHE AND CASHMERE SQUARE AND LONG SHAWLS. LYONS VELVEtT80 ' Cl ASTRAKHAN, PLUSH, Ac, by the yard, Trimmings, Laces, Fringes, Buttons, Ac, ia every style and variety. WE8CHLEB A OPPENHEIM. sel6 4t WF8AM 251 Fulton st, opposite Clinton A VERY LARGE AND FINE STOCK OF MODERN GAS FIXTURES, ARE OFFERED AT VERY LOW PRICES, BT ARMSTRONG A H LAC KLIN, ao261m Corner of Court and Union streets. LaITEST LADIES! LAI) IKS ! You are Invited to call and examine tho EUGENIE. OR LADY'S COMPANION. The most useful article ever invented, to bo worn by you. Salesrooms 148 Fulton st,N.Y67t Broadway, N. Y.. and ia Fulton st, Brooklyn. auT7 SX2dp USE JEWELL BROTHER'S Favorite Brands of FAMILY FLOUR, "PA8TRV" AND "NASSAU;" Also their PREPARED FLOUR, Flour guaranteed and delivered to any part of tho City. lor sale by mil Grocers. BROOKLYN CITY MILLS, satlm t. 4 and 6 Fulton st. BATCHELOR'S HAIR DYE. This splendid Hair Dye Is the best in tha wedd ; the only true and perfect Dye; harmless, reliable, InstanUDOoos ; disappointment ; no ridiculous tints ; rome4Jos,tbe ill effeo ts of bad dyes ; invigorates and leaves tho heir soft and boau t J - ful black or brown. Sold by all DruiMiits and Perfumers and properly applied at BATCHE&ORS Wig Factory, Bond street. New York. TuThASt(

Clipped from
  1. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle,
  2. 19 Sep 1868, Sat,
  3. Page 2

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