Confession of the Talbot Boys The InterOcean (Chicago Illinois) 6 Jul 1881

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Confession of the Talbot Boys  The InterOcean (Chicago Illinois) 6 Jul 1881 - as soon a tbe neaitn or tbe other will permit....
as soon a tbe neaitn or tbe other will permit. COXVESfdOM OF TBS TALBOTT BOYS. St. Lou ik. Ma. July & The Hrnublican'a Maryville, Mo., special says: Chaa. E. and Albert 1. Talbott, the two young men sen tenced to be hanged at that place June 24. for the murder of their father. Dr. P. H. Talbott, Talbott, bnt who were respited by Governor Crittenden until Jniy xs. made a oonleaKlon to-day. to-day. to-day. After recounting the circum stance of Dr. Taibott's return home. from the fair at Maryville, and subsequent visiting of a patient on the night of the 18th of lsst September, Charles, the oldest of the boys, made the following statement: I and Henry Wyatt, the hired man, had retired to bed in an np-stairs np-stairs np-stairs raom. shortly we heard mother crying for help, and we ran down and entered tne room where they were. The signt tnat a men benela appaued me. Mother was . lying on the floor in front of the - bed . and father was kicking her. When Wyatt and I entered the room father called for bis r volver, which waa. lying on the bureau near by, and I grabbed the shot-gun shot-gun shot-gun and shot him in tne oacjc. J use arter nnng toe snot, my brother Albert came in from the barn, and he assisted father to the bed. Dr. Talbott then called us to the bed. and told us the shoe waa fatal, ana that he must soon die; that be wanted to forgive and be forgiven. He chiefly recounted recounted the family troubles, and told us that we must deny all. . He wanted the pub-lio pub-lio pub-lio to think that the national banks and public public corporations had hired an assassin to kill him because of his denunciation of them in some of his speeches. He urged us to obey his instructions, and keep suspicion off o'f the family. This course we have pursued pursued until death stared us in the face. He urged us to deny all and stand upon our denial, assuring us that it would carry us through, and that to make our defense sure, he would maxe his will, and make us equal distributors of his property, and make mother his executrix of his will. Father was at times very cruel to mother and to us children. He waa a man of desperate temper, with whom no one could reason, I have withheld this statement, statement, willing to undergo any punishment rather than expose the fault of my father or let tbe world know I killed him to protect my mother. - Suspicion soon centered upo n the family, and we were arrested upon the oath of J. V. Brighton. Much has been said and the censure of the publio waa terrible. Mitchell and Brighton have falsified from the beginning. If I go to my grave at the hands oi tne executioner l snau oie declaring declaring that both of them oommltted perjury. Mr. Wyatt is weak-minded weak-minded weak-minded and not reanonslble. Albert- Albert- the brother of Charles. corroborates the above,. and adds that after he bad helped to place- place- bis father on the bed, the latter told him to take the gun, run out doors, and shoot at any one he could see 'about the place, and to shoot anyway. This the boy did. He then, at the direction of his father, broke the window with the gun to carry the Impression that he, the father, had been shot by an assassin from the oauuas. -

Clipped from The Inter Ocean06 Jul 1881, WedPage 5

The Inter Ocean (Chicago, Illinois)06 Jul 1881, WedPage 5
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  • Confession of the Talbot Boys The InterOcean (Chicago Illinois) 6 Jul 1881

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