20 Aug 1908 - cowardly assault onan old veteran

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20 Aug 1908 - cowardly assault onan old veteran - Pink-ham's Pink-ham's The Sawtell Veteran of...
Pink-ham's Pink-ham's The Sawtell Veteran of Aug 8th contains contains a two column article on the cowardly cowardly assault of a home guard upon the ?erson of a feeble old veteran in the 'acific branch, of which the following is a part: "On Thursday night, of last week, Jacob Mulford, of Mome company K. was beaten until almost helpless by V m. A. Foy, a policeman on the Home force. The assault took place about 9 o'clock on the veranda of companv K and was, according to witnesses, most brutal and unjustified. Jacob Mulford is a quiet, peaceable old man, nearly 74 years old. He haa been down to the National theater in Sawtelle and walk ed from there to his barracks. It was a warm evening and he sat down, by himself, on the porch of company K to cool off before retiring. His comrades in company K had retired, so he took his shoes off in order that ie would not disturb them when he went in. He had sat there only a few moments when Foy, the policeman (who was off duty at the time) came up and ordered him to go to bed. He answered that he would go to bed when he got ready. Foy, he says, then struck with a loaded cane, knocking knocking him to the floor. A member of company company K corroborates this, and says he was only a few feet away when he heard the blow with the loaded cane. When the comrades, aroused from their sleep, rushed out on the porch they found Foy with his knees on the old man, raining sledge hammer blows on his face and head. Some of them at once protested. Foy was not on duty at this time, and haa absolutely no right to interfere with the old veteran. Two other policemen Geo. Bruce and J. V. Brighton were summoned. They found the victim helpless and each took him by the arms and dragged him down j the long flight of stairs to the ground leaving a stream 01 blood in their trial. ; Bitter condemntion is heard among the members of company K of the heartless manner in which these two policemen handled the injured man. He was dumped dumped into a rubbish cart, ,taken to the guard house and thrown in a cell. There he lay on the floor, it is said, covered with blood, helpless, and moaning in agony, until about 4 o'clock in the j morning, when his moans attracted the i attention of a guard, who placed him on a cot. About 8 o'clock the ambulance was summoned and the injured man taken to the Home hospital. He was barely conscious; saturated with blood; his face a black mass of bruises; a cut under the eye made by the loaded cane, he says a cut nose, and a terrible terrible sight to behold. Eh-. Eh-. Eh-. Elliott, a kind surgeon, summoned Dr. McXary, head surgeon, who telephoned for Gov. Cochrane. Cochrane. Foy was later summoned before Gov. Cochrane and the very mild punishment punishment of suspension from duty was meted out to him. Indignation among the members members of the Home was so high that threats of lynching Foy were heard. A member of the Home came to Sawtelle and asked Constable A. P Young to assist him in getting out a warrant for. tne arrest 01 Jtov. ine arrest of Fov took place Monday morning, and he was' placed in the county jail. He was later released on $500 bail, and is now at the Home.'

Clipped from The Leavenworth Times20 Aug 1908, ThuPage 3

The Leavenworth Times (Leavenworth, Kansas)20 Aug 1908, ThuPage 3
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  • 20 Aug 1908 - cowardly assault onan old veteran

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