"The Crime Confessed" 8 July 1881

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"The Crime Confessed" 8 July 1881 - THE CRIME CONFESSED. , The Mystery Surrounding,...
THE CRIME CONFESSED. , The Mystery Surrounding, the Murderer . Or." Talbott at Last Cleared . Away. Charles E. Talbott, the Younger Brother ' or the Two.' Confesses the Dla ' bollcal Deed. The Document Sworn to by the Boys Printed In Full Below.for Our Readers. (Prm the St. Joscpu tituettc, AVclnc.Jny.l The mystery surrounding I ho death of Dr. Talbott has at last been cleared up, us all who studied tho ease closely be lieved It would some tlmo bo. It has been done, too, by tho boys themselves, mid In a manner that leares but little doubt as to Its cntlro accuracy. Yes torday afternoon Charles E. Talbott madu a confession, in which ho admits that he killed his father, but assorts that it was done to protect Ins mother from Indignities heaped upon her by Dr. Talbott. This confession was written out and sworn to by Charles as being correct, Cireult Clerk Cowan nilininls-toring nilininls-toring tho oath. A statement was made by Albert P. Talbott, also published below, below, corroborating what his younger brother had said: CONFESSION' Of CIIAHI.KS TAI.I10TT. I have concluded to tell nil about tho kllllnirof Dr. Ponv II. Talbott. on thu nluht of tho 18th of Senteinber last. I ' llrod the fatal shot that sent him to his I iieatn. i tun it under the following cir cumstances Dr. Talbott returned from the fair at Maryvillo about dusk on thu ovenlng of tho 18th of September, 1880. Ho came In a caniiigo with his children. Mrs. Talbott, my mother camo to Arko on tho train, which Is near our home. I have heard that Dr. Talbott and .Mrs. Talbott bad a quarrel on tliu fairground bcfoio starting, but of this I know nothing nothing personally When the doctor arrived arrived home theru was a call for him to go to J.ightly's to attend a sick child. Ho ordered tho boys (lis ho called iw) to put up his tcsMi and bring out his saddlo mule. This we did and he rodo nway. About 0 o'clock, p. m. as thuv cay, ho returned. I and Henry Wyatt had retired to bed in an upstair room. Shortly wu heard mothm-crvIiiirfiii-luOii ! and wo ran downstairs and entered thu room where they woro. Thu sluht that I then beheld appallud me. Mother was lying on thu floor m front of the h'e.d; father was kicking her. How thev got down I cannot tell, but when Henry Wvatt and I entered tho room father called for his rovolror, which was laying laying on tho bureau near by, and L grabbed grabbed tho slmt-gitu and shot him in Tin: hack. Just alter firing tho shot mv brother Albert camo In from tho barn, where ho had been hs they say to put away tho mules, and he assisted father to tho bed. Henry Wyatt had nothing to do with tho killing and went out of tho room. Dr. Talbott then called lis to thu bed and told us that tho shot was fatal and ho must soon die ; that ho wanted to forgive forgive and he forgiven. Ho briefly recounted recounted the family troubles, nndtold us that wo must deny all Ho wanted thu public to think that tho national banks and public corporations had hin d an .assassin to kill him, becnuso of his denunciation denunciation of them in some of his speeches. speeches. Ho urged us to obey Instructions and keep suspicion off of thu family. This course ,vu have pursued until HEATH STAKED US IN THE FACE. Ho urged us to deny nil and Hand cm his denial, assaying us that It would carry us through ; that to make our do-fencc do-fencc sure ho would make his will and make us all equal distributees of his property and make mother tho execu trix of his will. Father was at tlmus very cruel to mother and to his children children ; was a man of desporato tompor with whom no ono could reason. I have withheld this statement, willing to undergo any punishment rather than expose tho faults of my father, or let the world know that I had killed him to to urotoct mv mother. Simnlulon snon centered upon tho family and wo were nrrested upon tho oath of J. V. 'Brighton. 'Brighton. 'Much has been said and the'eeii- suro of tho public was terrible. What my brother and I have said has been lnagnllicil and construed utrainst, u Mitchell and Urightou ' have falsified irom beginning, if ' I MUST 00 TO MV (HIAVE nt tho lianas of tho oxcuutioncr I shall i no declaiming that both of them havu commuted nerhirv. llenrv Wvutt vvo-i so frightened by' being nvicstod that ho did not know what to do, and swore. sunnosc. to what Ins attorney told him lie, I" weak-minded and not responsible Sherman' Shlnnobarger told tho truth lib was atouv houso when Albert and I woro niouldtii!r slues of lead in an an gnr holo nnd saw us shoot ono of them in. a ireo,. mis, however was a common occurrence' Father's houso had been and was for years an arsenal. We had boo1!! taught to 'shoot from early childhood, childhood, and learned how to mniihl thu thn slugs of lead by father himself. Ho formerly hunted deer and used thoso largo slugs of lead for that purpose. Tho fendo posts and boards about tho place aro perforated with lead whleh is the result of us and fathor at Unit; shoot-Ing shoot-Ing at marks. I did, not hear father to tell Albert to take tho gun and run out of tho house and shoot as though ha saw some ono running away, but Alborthas always told mo that ho did. I havo now told all that I know about this SAD HOMICIDE, which has blighted tho futuro of tho children of Dr. Talbott; whleh brought ruin and disgrace upon mo, mid If what I did is inurdor, I am guilty. Subscribed and sworn to bofnro mo, in thn jail of Duchanan county, Mo., this 6th day of July, 1881. I Ciiaui.es Kdwaiid Talbott. Sworn to beforo S. D. Cowan, clerk. H' nesses, 0. M, Spencer and Henry Ita t" oy. ' St. JosKfii, Mo., July 5. I havo carefully examined tho statement statement or cwtlfossiori of my brother, Chafles'KdWard Talbott. As to what occurred in tho house on tho night of tho' 18th, of .September during iny' nh-sencc, nh-sencc, I of, courso do pot know only ns Edward has told mo. I do know, however, however, whit fathor said. Ie wanted sus- plclon kept from tho family, and ho told we after I had assisted him to tho bed t take tho gun out and shout at any ono I cbi id soo about tho promises, and. to shoot 'ny. way. I, obeyed his order. Ho tllbil.'tulfced over' family troubles and tofdau to deny any'kriowledgb of how lie was shot oxeopt that ho was shot by an assassin through tho window. Tho window glass whore it has boon claimed ttjl) s,iot cavciu through was knocked out by me with tho brc2h of the shot gnn in tho presence of father nnd by his direction. I huvo denied everything for my brother Kdward's sake, tutd uvon swore before tho coroner's Inquest to that whleh I know to ho false. I wns willing to do anything help him out mid v 1 1 -ling to oven dio with hlni us long us hu preferred to keep It u secret, but he has cuucludud to confess, and nil that part of lit stutcmcmt of which l hare per sonal kiiowieugo is truu. Al.llKttT P. Tai.iiott. WE CELEBRATED. How tho Fourth Was Celobratcd In Molt County. At .Mound Oily. Tho lOMh anniversary of our Inde pendence was celebrated in a grand manner by tho people of Mound City and upper Holt, at this city, lo say tmi crowd was largo would not express it strong enough ; hut when wo say It was simply Immense, wo bellovo It would bo nearer correct. Wo do not bellovo that In tho hlstoiyof Holt county, u larger crowd of people wns over known to be congregated at any one place In a single day. Tliuro wero fully seven thousand peoplo there nearly half the population of Holt county. Wo did not see a slnglo Individual Intoxicated; not a single row or disturbance of any kind orclmrawtori not even u runaway or smash-un. Peo ple f i om nil over Holt wore thoro for ono common purpose to eo'ebrate, not only the glot Ions old Fourth of July, but also to Jollify over tho failure of thu red handed ttsnsiii to take from us our pure and noblu President. The various committees in whoso nanus the arrangements for tho celebration celebration certainly did their work nobly; for throughout thu entire program every thing wa carried out to thu letter, with but one exception, General Craig failed failed to make his appearance. Every citizen citizen seemed determined to mako tho day ono long to bo ronionibered by thoso present. It will doubtless bo stamped nJelllbly upon their momory, never to bo oi used from its shrine. the ritoci:r.i)iNs of tlio day opened at stiu-rlso with thu u ual cannonading and ringing of bells, and at ten o'clock precisely, thu grand Marshal, J. II. Hart, and his assistant, formed the procession, which was tho largest wo have over witnessed in thu county. Thoro wero fully two hundred teams nnd horsemen In lino, Including the floats used for the industrial display by the oiiergetio business men of Iho city. Tho lino was headed by tho Mound City Hand, after which camo the National Chariot upon which woro seated children representing THE UNION, all of whom were neatly and tastefully attired, bearing upon their heads a neat cap upon whleh was printed tho name ot tho Statu, and was as follows: lioddess of Liberty bnvlo Carson. Uncle B.im-Ma.ster Scott I'attln. Arkansas Alice Combs. Ala'iiaui 1--I. him M N'ufty. , Connecticut Dully Oflmrne. C'ulor.ido Cora Smith. Cnllfnrnln-ICtta Clurl;. Delaware l'aiiulu ltaimlstcr. l'torlda-Jennln.Sllcott. lleorglii-Sudlo Clurlc. lima Ik'itrnde Phillips. Illlnols-flusle Flkc. Indiana May Klni. Kansas Maud Phillips. Kentucky Zchtiiv Hall. bonlsluim-Dcbbls (Hills. Missouri Ella Carson. ' ' " Maine lillcn lluterlek. Maryland Mlnnlu MeCauu. Mlcldgaa-Klvlra lluterlek. Minnesota ninnclio Wade. Massachusetts Sarah Hlpes. New Humpslitiu Kva Slioush, Now Vurk Ella Statey. Keliralkn-Clnra llenuett. North Carolina, IVaiicis Combs, Orenoa-llcrtha Witt. Ohio Sarah Juekson. Peiisylvanla Elizabeth Kipc.i. lthodu Islaad-Nelllo Palm. S,uth Carolina Mnud lllnmun. Tennessee Delia Itlce, Texas Ulta Htanstiury. Vest Virginia Ida Lewis. Wisconsin .Veitlij Stewart, Vlrchila Flora Combs, Speakers la carriages, etc, . Then lollowed tho Industrial display by tlio business men of Mound City. It was a display In truth, and would havu reflected credit on cities whleh put on more metropolitan nlrs than this city. Float No. 1 was in charge of Mil. MUX 1,0 W who represents thu restaurant business, He was feeding tho veterans of thu Humid Clly Extension Co., upon this Boat, and Judging from tho way they ate, we wero led to believe that It was the first mpiru meal that had been spread out tr. them since tho organisation of that company i Wo wero astonished at W. W. Fraicr's ppetlt, Thu veterans nro i W. W. Prater, Lovl Dodge, John P. Davis, Cleorgo (Hills, Whigate King and -loliu II, (llean. Ploat No. 2 was ptuced Into lino by COllSAUT & SlKVKll who aro lu tho dry goods mid general merchandising merchandising biisllies.s,iind tho general gut up of this float was t:uty and neat, No. 3 was by OKOltOK & Ml 1. 1. lilt, those live hardware iiicrchautH, on whoso float cilutd bu en anything hi their line from a darning darning jiecdbi to a No, s cook stovo. No. 4 was by Messrs, ' ' IIIIINK & Sl-KNCKll who are proprietors of tho Mound City A'eim, ilioyJweni In 11 no with their press. Flout No. D was trimmed up by S. II. CAltl'I'NTini. whodlsplnjcd nn excellent assortment of Har ness, saddles, whips, etu, C1IKSWKU. Hi (iOllI)O.V took possession of noat No. tl and told tho nco pie thoy wero deallug m groceries unit piovls- ions, s, & .1. M. AUSTIN told the gay crowd what they had In stock la a very odd manner. Ploat No. 8 was by 0I.IN it: IIKNNMT the druggists, who told of tlier stock of goods. .1, n. nr.h'V who ts also la tho drug business wa retire scnted oa float No. V, W, M, UAMHIU'.K& CO, made a flao display of their gods oa float No, 10, which consisted of dry goods, groceries and general merchandise, II. C, (1LKNN & CO, asedlthu eloveuth tloat. These gentlemen ren resunt furniture, nnd drug business. The slum making Interest was represented on tlio 1 1th by T. K, COOI'KII. A grand showing was madu by thoso prominent iiierciiaius rt'iirroeoutiK iiie Kuiierui merciiau. dlslngon float No. I:, wo refer o smith & I'Jiri i'S Next came the grain buyer on tloat-13 and was represented ny A

Clipped from The Holt County Sentinel08 Jul 1881, FriPage 8

The Holt County Sentinel (Oregon, Missouri)08 Jul 1881, FriPage 8
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  • "The Crime Confessed" 8 July 1881

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