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phw linger resorts 1905 - : KRAN(3SGQ; GALL, SUNDAY; .OCTOBER '; WILL ;'...
: KRAN(3SGQ; GALL, SUNDAY; .OCTOBER '; WILL ;' Will for Trophies Merit ELECTED Given Per Ceiit liispectioii Lauck-has issued lie returns in; chief composed that recently, national — ""\u25a0"',' shows the the different ' 600 yards, 340. 500 yards, second run, ... score per in teams. that the State, each - that year, will various or-sanlzatlocs brigades, this men shall what they -rules and contest' will "These-will yesterday,: will be the -merit Company ;H, Page-street . were of the company years: Lieutenant Regimental G. "Mo- Private A- Captain efflcient of the served what was U. S. -A. the vari-. the company credit to to. advance w Lieuten-' of the at present of one of of the in' the crack sli\)ts Harris is and too, has time and the members presided captain- in but before company "in men presented and An examination^of the fact '.attend to the paper election Captain been connected 1596. He enlisted war, remaining until it ;• was re-enlisted in in 1903. was position he " into , the it up to a ' -\ of the liivermore, at the,mus-^ those of Captains two commanding has had. r battalion was A most the armory,-after banquet - and delivered organizations the supervision chief of the ;of j this assistant \u25a0\u25a0; Inspector Guard States California report-gave per ; cent, l a attained was organized known as Congregational it became Presbyterian by which the Grays drilled organization, close attention perf ectness that honor. West^ Point first ; time , occa&ion " on ';\u25a0 Admission *to Pacific the Golden attracted t and ; won 'the : pa-^ marched his where Panjee, who 'i praise \of as follows: A. ; Moore,"' second the.; parade ; of t Paciflo the com-, attractive In evidence :. Block. -511 Seventh residing seriously Iwork " In ,a' street :\u25a0 Both a'": block MANY GUESTS LINGER AT THE SUMMER RESORTS >"-, These guests are sojourning at the fol-' lowing resorts: : r :.... •-'\u25a0' : AT BYRON* SPRINGS : From ; San Fran-" cisco-^-ilr.i'and Mrs." Ferris Hartman, ; Thomas BenefHt, Mr.* arid .Mrs.: J.:G.^Eagleson,iWilli3m Flnnl&an.^T. M.I Ferguson. 3 . Miss '.T.Scanlon, XRt-H. Spltzer.- D. Ferguson, Miss -Ella Masterson, Masterson, Mr. - and Mm.' Daniel . Sullivan, ; M.-. J. • Crothers, " Mrs. -E. C.'Croihers. J. J. -Haviilde,, Dr.' D -• L>- Lichy and wife," E. / A. ' Calder,- Julia Murphy. D. ,I. O'Neil, Mr.,; and Mrs. P.. H.. Johnson,* Mm. 1 Krltte.i Mrs.v E. 'Henrlx, Marshall Marshall C,* Harris, J. D.O'Connell, James Smith, I;Lleb€«. Leon Leibes, Arnold Llebes.-M.- Har-owitz. Har-owitz. Mrs. 'Donald. T. 'H.:Butz. George l B.) Howard, "Mr. and Mrs. »N. R. . Harris, W. H." Hammond, F. ; Kronnick, ' H.; ,T. Eber. . Mrs.' C. Abbott, Francis Currier, James -Malony, R:, R. Heiisei, W. H. Bushnell. Otto Willweber, H; . Bendit, Mr 3 .; Theodore : Salmon. John ', L. '-' Ai" Jaunet,. John Mark. C. -H. .' Sommer.-' From Madera— Louis CapeJle. \u25a0 From • Point *v Richmond—Mr. Richmond—Mr. and-ilrs. John J. Peres, - Dr. - and Mrs. C. L. - Abbott. From i Stockton— William Atwood."' ' From Oakland— William ; P. v MoKlermanj'-F. MoKlermanj'-F. 'D. Klerman.- V. <\u25a0 Gazsolo, Dr. 'and Mrs. H; D. Reynard, J.'D.OConneM, James Smith. J. E. Dnyer. From ' Lodi— A. J. Larson." Larson." From .Fresno— -Jacob \u25a0 Ho^kenburg. F. I W. Roman. From Honolulu, 11. I. — Mr. and Sirs.' Dartd Richards.* Mr., and Mrs. Clinton '- J.» Hutchins. From San Rafael — Mr. and -Mrs. J. 8. . Hammond. From Tonopah. Nev.— W. R. Dougherty. From -Nlles — Mrs. E." C. Croth-' ers. ; From Sacramento;— W. Err Young. .' From Brentwood — Mr. and Mrs. : George H. "Shafer and «on. •'. From ; Waterford — D. .. Swine. . From Merced— G. Steffanl. P. Steffanl. From Flori Flori — Homer Smith. From - Pleasanton — J.-;c. ' Mondonca, Manuel Cardoza. From Hanford — : P.-B. McGinnls. From San Ramon— Mrs.- M. H. Llewllyn. From- Chicago— O. A. Burke. From St. Paul— F, W. Wing. AT HOTEL EL CARMELO:- From San Francisco — H. C. Mcl!, E. " J. : Brown, . Oscar F. Hichenbach. George WV White. J.: P. Weir, G. Theusen,: R. H. • Roundtree, , F.- P.. Scully -and wife; E. E. Johnson.- wife and daughter; James i A. Keller, John T. Xourse, Thomae Hodge, wife and children; H. L.-Haehly. William Fisher" and wife, H. H. Martin, G. E.- Muller, G. H. Ehmann. T. :J. Moon and wife, William C. Poole.W.' Geary and wife, Rolla V. Watt and wife, Mrs. L. J. Watt. S.> A.; Miller and wife, G. U . Pearson and , wife, .F. H.^ Green, John .Fechter. Jr., D. A. Mendenhall and wife, CM. Bell, •E. J. Murphy. F. W. Corey, . Frederick J. Munson.' Miss F. . Whittier, C. M. Garrlsh." *Mrs.-T..0.: Lewis, ;Ml;s H. A.\ Danley, Louis P. McCarty,' Freeman D. uovard and wife, F. M. Larkin, B. A. Norris, ~E.. E. Kelley. and wife, Oeorga - B. ; Smyth and - wife, Charles >J. Kern, Mrs. Laura J. Sims, W. G.- French an<l wife, GeorgeW." White; F. I* Turpln wife and daughter; Mies H. C. Wlstrand.N. \V.*Trlpp. W. F.^Feader," E. R. Willis and wlfe.'Bertrand L." York, Mrs. Robert A.: Barnett, Mies Mesick. W. J. McPhee. F. M. Lougee, J. E. White and wife, Owen- HpUe, Ed Ernst, > George Hou?h and .wife, ; Mrs." Claphain, ; Miss- Sue. F, Abbott,: Mrs.; William Frenell. Robert Kendall, A.'.H. Leib and wire.. Misses Ethel and Myrtle Lelb, Paul • H; \u25a0\u25a0• Wagener, James. H. l Bradness, -Dr. Carl Wilson, B. M. Wright and'wife, Mrs. A. Odell.. A. H. McKenzie. J. H. McDonough, M. L. Hurlburt,' Robert ' McElroy, C. . A.. West»n-burg,.H. West»n-burg,.H. P.W ilson, CXB. Perklng.C. A;" Brand and wife,-, John | Endlcott Gardner, : John = Fechter, Fechter, F. Gtllett and wife, C. A. '\u25a0; Sheldon, W. C. Robblns. : W. .P.' Grant. E." A.';- Brown, >F. A. Keast and wife, John F. Clapham.- L. E." Foster Foster and wife. S. S. Stone. CM." Hunter, E. U. McCreary, John Klrby. John Coyn, Jay Lichtensteln Lichtensteln and wife, F. W. Corey. S. F. Fergus, ; Miss Bean . and maid, Howard C. Parrish. -- W.i H. King. J. \u25a0 E. .Mlllman, A. O. Selby. From San Jose— W. R. Gober, W." Lowe. J. H. Down. W. C. Lean and wifei S. L. Hutsinpiller and wife. J. R. Lewis'and wife. C. B. ArchibaM and wife, O. B. Fiiben. '. C. L. | Downing and wife. George C. Pearson. -Theodore Loire, Isaac Blngham.-, Dr. P. : A. Jordan,' George W. sHenning,W."L. sHenning,W."L. Woodrow and wife, Mrs. C. A. Sands.-C. P. Barley,- J. i* Wheeler, ,J. L-. Clark, E. N. Richmond and wife. From Oakland—W. Oakland—W. S. Williams, r»iv.' F. *W. Hart and wife, ' Mrs. Marcus D. Hyde, Mlse Katherlne Hyde F. A. Webster. W. Kuntz and. wife, O. C. Chappell and wife. John Thompson, . J. D. Hammond. From Los Angeles — Henry B. Schwartz, S." Green- and wife. Laura G. Lewis. From. Berkeley— A. S. Cooley and wife, G.W. Shaw and wife, Mrs. R. C.Hart. W. 3. Matthaws, Matthaws, W. H. Bone ajid wife, Herbert B. John, son and wife.'-W.-F. McClure and wife, J. H. Williams and daughter, Mrs., B. M. de Leon, Miss A. I. da Leon. From Los ; Gatos — W. P. Johnson; Dr. R. P.- Gober,. wife » and children; W. DanieJ. Fromcther points In California — M. Beattle and .wife, Lodi: Rev. Lovejoy and wife. Eureka: Wllsle S. Martin and wife, Chlco: E. E. Pettis, lone; Herbert Slate, J. H. Brush, Santa: Rosa; Miss Lylllan Scott, Mrs. P. M. Uodell, Miss Bodell. San Mateo; L. E. Bassatt,-, Stanford Unlverelty; a: - H. Parker and wife. Nevada City: Mrs. ; M. -L.- Benedict and child,"-, Pleasanton: N. Leo McLean and vrlfe, Redlands; John A. B. Wilson and wife. Grass , Valley;. F. C.- Bechell. Santa Barbara; John Appleton and wife. Middletpn: H. Brace. E3calon'.:E.TJ. Bristow, \u25a0 Kelsejrvnie:' Thomas Murriahj; Dutch Flat; ' A. C. Frye and ; wife, Fred Sheldon" and ; wife. Marysville; ' Peter Behl..T. J. Clapp, A. A; Tyler. E." G. Keith and wife, Mrs. F. .E. • Bronkmlller. Santa. Rosa; Arnold Arnold F.'.Ne«dham. Joseph F. Fcrderer.and wlf*. J. G. Spence and wife.; C.W. Bronson.H.W. Lobb, Alameda; John Coop and. wife. Piedmont; Piedmont; J.' J; Morris and wife, Palo Alto; I.- M. Karshner. -Lincoln; Mrs.* W. Dcidge, Vanstant: Oscar Calfee.' Point Richmond;. W. C.'Dawson, Frultvale; Martin - Judy, Sonora; r X;, Myazakl and wife, M.' Kobyaski. , H. A".' Hyde/ Watsonvtlle; Watsonvtlle; Fred A. Treat, Salinas: James ;G. Zuck. Gilroy; H. C. Hog*.;G..W. Calkins and. wife. Saratoga:S. E. Bishop, : Boulder Creek; J. H.- Smith. F. C. . Lee, F. i M.' Franklin. Roy O. Snadlnger, Stockton; Joseph ;.Clegg and wlfcv Joseph P. Macaulay, Auburn ; J. ;, W. McAllister, McAllister, .' Roeeyille ; S. \u25a0. E. '< Morton, ; Rucker; B.' . H." Lake, Lester Hartman. W. L.' Sheldon, C.'P.' Rhodes. Greenville, Miss. ; Miss i Barr, . H. . B. 'Eastman, Chicago; C. A. s Carroll, ;S.; S. A.: Moore,' Freeport. 111.; Bishop Walden. Cincinnati, Ohio; Bishop J." P. Berry. Buffalo, N. • V. ; Thomas •H. Nichols, /-.Yerrlngton: A: A: " Chlsm \u25a0;' and son,' Mrs: E.- J: 6tubbs,'.MlsB Ruth and Master-John Stubbs. Reno. Nev. ; J. -N. Martin. J. D. Lowman Lowman and; wife, Seattle, v Wash.; ; E." B.^Brown and wife. Salt Lake, Utah; Mrs.-H.« X.' Hamw." and sen, Jacksonville: Walter Morley and wife, Salem.vOr: J. W. Mahoou. Sioux City. Iowa; Miss Nellie Brown,"'' Seaford. > Delaware." \u25a0 From ' San Francisco— S.- R. Richards,. S. L.Tomlln-" son and wife, S/9. Stona.'W.O.' Morgan, Otto Anderson.- E. -J. Brown,'- T. -; W. Corey, F. H. G>een, ;Thomaa FJlber, 'S. M. Crow, and- wife.; H. Opperhelmer, James Smith, C* M. Gerrish, W. F. Feader, ;W. , Stuart , /Webster, jA.- E. Roome. R. -Wellln and; wife, E. Muller.' Ed Ernst. \u25a0' Joseph ', M. f Bradbeer,'- John Bruckman and wife, .Mrs.* 8.-E-CWesterfaJl,, Carl'E. Ennls, Ennls, Charles de Brett and wife, Gus M. Marks,' Mrs. V.v B. Miller. .s Max • Meyers. Mrs. F. B. McFarland. . B. A.' Norrts.'.B. H. • Barber, Clem Armstrong,- F. C. ' Bechtel; 1 Thomaa IJ. 'Brooks,' wife ' and son. ,. From Los • Angeles— H. C. > Hoffman, Hoffman, wife and daughter.^ li. S. \u25a0Hoffman. From" Pasadena— C H.* Burton and wife. : Frjsm Oakland—vlames Oakland—vlames I. Dixon. -From San Jose — J. H. Lawrence, Arthur. J. Bond,*- Fred \u25a0; S. , Campbell.' Paul ; H; .Wagener. '\u25a0* From ; Sacramento— -G. W.< Locke . and wife. -\u25a0 Miss . J." Morlarlty, , John '\u25a0 H. Jenkins," 'Mrs. #J.'. H. McCune. From Centerviiie—J.-A.Conry Centerviiie—J.-A.Conry and" wife. From Riverside— C. \u25a0 F. ; Marcy, *L.\u25a0 H. 0 Brlggs ' and wife. From" Pleasanton — E.L. Benedict;; Mlas' Elsie' Grov^ Benedict. . From Berkeley — Mrs.V F. A. . Wrln- ' kl«.': From ' Mountain :,Vlew — Mrs. .a. D.*. WHllama, WHllama, Mrs. f : A: Greenla w/i Miss May . Greenlaw. ' From, Bowmansvllle.i Ont.— John H. H. ! Jury, wife and : daughter. From * Plato Center. 111. J. W. -Mock. C. S.- Sherwood. From Oklahoma Cl ty, O. T. — W. L. ,', Choat. From Lexington. Ky. — Misses ; Lillian and Alice .Headley. - From RUSH IS Eloquent \ A -to Musical - and Rosh 6566;. was the Jewish Practically population customary labors', synagogues worshipers. ; At the- preached immense charge" of Stewart officiated rendered ','Em Thee, O Sovereign soprano "Hallelujah" and V Dr. sermon, at was : cantor. : A- particularly .The great" accommodate all' sermon and ; Dr. '. Nleto . throng at "elaborate Cantor particularly ; Rev. Mr.' tended \u25a0 Cantor theftnusical fine.; Every crowded Additional Jewish Fort Dodge, From AT Sacrament — J. - Red ' Bluff — Uto Claude • Philip E .Hyland.'">- lira 'Charles NoeS From From"' Biggs— Mora Greln. Quaid. - From Mrs VWV A. Hanlon. Miss Grab.^M. AT- ADAMS' Francisco—Josephs Ferrari., Pi«ton» Wilson, Ahlert,"-R; J." Gus \u25a0"; Ferguson, WiUlamii Donohue. J. :• Dlckson.' • Sol wife,. T. Antonio -F. SgfSsSS'?;,- \u25a0;\u25a0\u25a0.\u25a0'.--\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0--- .".\u25a0"'^apßH • ' - Pure lisle 11 11 nP I) HIP A n FR ° M I 'ess s vests. • IN IrnWrfln f\ »\u25a0 J J«d lisle U ' Ul .Il"'"". Il "'" " \u25a0! Kft \ F O R. ' WOME N /\u25a0 , «l At I : lilk' w > \u25a0^\u25a0SS^BfIHB^EH^^B^HHBB^BWIBJBHBfI^EHttMBCMBaH|OMSMBJS*S{P^- Hn nir n ii ROM . / Gauze 'lisle. II V I- H V ftP I viole, U U I L II : I " I Wft \u25a0<\u25a0) value ever = \u25a0------\u25a0-• ' \u25a0- m ,- _ 1 : 1 _ \ ).; Fancy \u25a0*. Hsles,"; FOR WOMEN ""iW'U*/ ? lets.; all ( . '/..;\u25a0: fAIR \ price SWEATER \u25a0; fRO M '\u25a0•'\u25a0.'; ( Made of '\u25a0""'D rnilCC? Cft < colorB and Have HIGHEST WORLD'S to Have fited ? If Tooras will \Ve can aid the that in or less power... j. Call and learn what your can promise ; We. have i demonstrate treat by methods XOSE and We are cocci schrlft Catarrh. •\u25a0, This theric; Larned»of sician, who. to die the; serum' gence and profession." .-\u25a0\u25a0-'Visitors come." G. W. Rooms 121^ 6

Clipped from The San Francisco Call01 Oct 1905, SunPage 21

The San Francisco Call (San Francisco, California)01 Oct 1905, SunPage 21
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